Who do you support for Governor in Pe...
D Cheney

West Mifflin, PA

#53401 Oct 8, 2013
tea baggers are losing ......obamacare is the law of the land. the tea bags would rather shut down the government and let the country go into default so disabled vets, disabled senior citizens,old folks that depend on their monthly checks wont get their money. They would rather throw these people out into the streets and go after obamacare. they will lose seats in 2014 and hillary will win in 2016......

Louisville, KY

#53402 Oct 8, 2013
Still no talks with the great divider and Americans still wake up without the sky falling. Makes me wonder if we truly need the non essentials.

Tear down the baracades, move over WW2 vets and build a stage, the illegals are coming to town !

Why doesn't Harry Reid like kids with cancer. He should have signed his resignation while he apologized. I find Harry to be non essential.

Portland, OR

#53403 Oct 8, 2013
Racial hating tea bags can only watch there racist congressional tea bags cave in and eventually throw in the towel of surrender too no drama president Obama. They sent these idiots to congress, not any patriotic American as we know better. The congressional drunk Johnny Boner will be sloshed the day in 2014 as he hands the gavel back to nancy polosy. Tea bags, limbaugh nut juice going on sell soon enough so don't worry.
Rush Limpnuts

Washington, DC

#53404 Oct 8, 2013
G Bush wrote:
LOL! Teabagger Benghazi Rally Expecting 5000, Less Than 100 Show Up
Yesterday was to have been a red letter day for the conspiracy theorists, who are determined to prove that the President and Hillary Clinton were, if not directly responsible for the attack on the “consulate” in Benghazi and the death of Ambassador Stevens and three others, at least derelict in the performance of their duties. They had big plans for a large rally that they had predicted would draw as many as 5,000 attendees. What they got was fewer than 100 dedicated detractors of the administration- the sort of people who would crawl over ten miles of broken glass to disparage the President for curing cancer.
The rally, dubbed “Justice for Benghazi,” was organized by Patriots4America and Special Operations Speaks. Special Operations Speaks is responsible for a series of ads and petitions demanding that Speaker John Boehner create a special committee to investigate the President’s involvement in the attack and the ensuing “cover up” and had predicted that there would be a large turnout to “demand justice.” As the 12:30 start time approached, the lawn where the rally was to take place was virtually empty with the few people who had shown up seeking relief from the oppressive heat wherever they could find a bit of shade.
You mean the Benghazi 5000 Not Rally and
now they're leading their idiot lemmings off the edge of the cliff....hahaha
just follow me all my illogical inbred racist retard friends...just follow me to Tea Baggers nirvanna a place where logic and reason have no meaning....ahhh paradise

the fake patriots strike again...

Benghazi, their last hope from the Hillary 2016 landslide, the Benghazi rhetoric paid for Koch Brother and brought to by the Heritage Foundation (headed by the brilliant mind of jimmy D-mint) stink tank rhetoric getting weaker all the time and just look at the tremendous approval rating for those mindless dolts....they're through the floor. good work D-minty....

Lehighton, PA

#53407 Oct 9, 2013
Trump has it right ... O'Bumbles will go down as the worst president America has ever had ... he's the best thing that could have happened to Carter and probably Fillmore. LOL

Lehighton, PA

#53408 Oct 9, 2013
That's not an immigration march on the mall; it's a Dem recruitment drive. Notice the truckloads of freebies waiting to greet the new Dems - health care, access cards, obamafones, housing ... mmm - mmm - mmm. Why it's Tammany Hall Shitcago style!
welfare rewlz

Hazleton, PA

#53409 Oct 9, 2013
I haven't worked since Clinton came into office and switched from regular welfare to SSD in 1997. I am not dumb enough to work a job that is going to get sent to China.
Roger the Man LOL

Clearfield, PA

#53413 Oct 10, 2013
New polls show 28% approval rating for my beloved GOP. Media conspiracy! What bullshit!

Hazleton, PA

#53417 Oct 10, 2013
My approval rating for toilet paper is pretty low. I think I need a wirebrush now.
Roger the Man LOL

Clearfield, PA

#53422 Oct 10, 2013
Fire them all! Majority want to toss entire Congress, NBC News/WSJ poll finds


More teabagger conspiracies!
Condi Rice

West Mifflin, PA

#53424 Oct 10, 2013
we have the tea baggers right where we want them ........on their knees where they love to be when slurping up that limbaugh nut juice.
obamacare stays tea baggers lose again just like in 2008 and 2012. obama beat 2 old white guys by a landslide next up will be hillary to beat down another tea bagger. then they will be bringing up benghazi and monica lewinski haaaaaaaaaa!
did you know hillary swings both ways,.the daily caller says so HAAAAAAAAA!
Jimmy D-Mint

Philadelphia, PA

#53425 Oct 11, 2013
Oh oh, I've been a bad boy.
It looks like the Almighty Koch brothers want thier money back. They invested millions upon million to get these losers elected in order to overturn Obamacare but now look. So, can anyone please protect me because I went and spent all their hard earned money on these friggin dolts. Now I think they want me out of the way and I'm terrified. I told them all about the guy with that huge forehead that looks like Tweedy. I told them that he's from Erie and he's king of the dumbass Tea Partiers But they paid no heed to my warning that stupidity is coming whether you like it or nor Mr Kochs.
rightwing nut

West Mifflin, PA

#53427 Oct 11, 2013
All this money wasted on an empty suit in the loser Mutt.

Dark Money: Bombshell Report Exposes the Koch Brothers’“Secret Bank”

Thought you knew all about the many tentacles the Koch brothers’ have around American politics? Politico’s Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen have the story of a heretofore unknown pot of cash that they and other deep-pocketed donors spread around in 2012…

An Arlington, Va.-based conservative group, whose existence until now was unknown to almost everyone in politics, raised and spent $250 million in 2012 to shape political and policy debate nationwide.

The group, Freedom Partners, and its president, Marc Short, serve as an outlet for the ideas and funds of the mysterious Koch brothers, cutting checks as large as $63 million to groups promoting conservative causes, according to an IRS document to be filed shortly.
The 38-page IRS filing amounts to the Rosetta Stone of the vast web of conservative groups — some prominent, some obscure — that spend time, money and resources to influence public debate, especially over Obamacare.

The group has about 200 donors, each paying at least $100,000 in annual dues. It raised $256 million in the year after its creation in November 2011, the document shows. And it made grants of $236 million — meaning a totally unknown group was the largest sugar daddy for conservative groups in the last election, second in total spending only to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, which together spent about $300 million.

Jimmy D-Mint

Washington, DC

#53428 Oct 11, 2013
You can lead a horse to the nut juice but you can't make him drink the nut juice unless of course they watch Fox News and Rush Limpnuts and Sean Hannity. Some people's fiction filters just do not work.

Hey...just because they tell you this nonsense on TV doesnt make it true, even though Laurie Dhue was quite mezmerizing. However that's when the fiction filter has to work.
rightwing nut

West Mifflin, PA

#53429 Oct 11, 2013
Koch Brothers Want to Know Why Their Money Was Wasted

The massive amount of outside political spending unleashed by Citizens United did not, as feared, make it easier for rich people to buy an election. Instead, it showed that rich people are pretty dumb about politics. Take the billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch who are spending their 2013 figuring out why they the money they spent in 2012 was such a waste. They have already fired most of their 100 staffers at Americans for Prosperity, and they're now conducting an audit.

Like American Crossroads and the Republican National Committee, the Koch brothers are trying to figure out why they couldn't beat President Obama -- and several Democratic Senate candidates in red states. The Kochs have delayed their twice-a-year meetings with big conservative donors until they've finished their audit, Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel reports. The results of the audit will be presented at an April seminar, Vogel writes, adding, "Early indications suggest that they'll continue playing in politics but will tweak their approach to reflect 2012 lessons."

Earlier reports indicate they need a pretty significant tweak. BuzzFeed reported in September that GOP political people were annoyed by the how poorly outside money was being spent money in the most intense part of the campaign season:

take a peek here:

Jimmy D-Mint

Washington, DC

#53431 Oct 11, 2013
Ahh...the Beck juice is rarified juice and only the most vulnerable simpletons can drink from that fountain.

are you talking about Hillary, Hillary Clinton? the Hillary thats going to win the 2014 presidential by a landslide margin?

NO, i honestly havn't...
Jimmy D-Mint

Washington, DC

#53432 Oct 11, 2013
ok 2016

Newtown Square, PA

#53433 Oct 11, 2013
Bobby6969fatwhiteboy wrote:
Monkey face Muslim pres. Is going to lose. The real hard working American people don't want Obamacare.
Agreed though people are so stupid they voted this monkey back in. I think we should cage the whole family before they wreck everything.
Jimmy D-Mint

Philadelphia, PA

#53435 Oct 11, 2013
Bobby6969fatwhiteboy wrote:
You don't no we're the fountain of nut juice cums from do u jimmy d. Even tho I no your not a fellow tea bagger like me, ill tell u any way.......... Chuck Norris. Now tell me what u like about Hillary. What will Sssshee I mean IT do for America. Can I receive Nut juice from her? Does it have a penis, and is it black.
The fountain of which you speak belongs to the Reverend Rush Limpnuts...
He spews your beloved juice sir.
Ron Reagan

West Mifflin, PA

#53436 Oct 11, 2013
Steve Pearce Tells Furloughed Workers To Take Out Loans To Pay Bills

That's right folks while this tea bagger gets paid while thousands of federal workers are laid off and cant pay their bills, he tells them to take out a loan !!

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) has a suggestion for any of the hundreds of thousands of furloughed government workers worried about being able to pay their bills: take out a loan!

In a post on his personal Facebook page that was later deleted, Pearce urged government workers to call their banks and take out a short-term loan if money is tight.

"If you are a furloughed government employee, we encourage you to reach out to your financial institution as soon as you worry you may miss a paycheck," read the post. "Don't wait until you are behind on a bill; call now and explore your options."

ProgressNow New Mexico, a nonprofit group that advocates progressive principles in the state, circulated a screenshot of Pearce's Facebook post on Friday, before it was taken down.


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