Anti Union wrote:
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Scroo you. I took taxpayer money for 25 years because I provided a necessary service to the public, all the while enjoying my job immensely. A service that is necessary to the safety and security of the general public. I have no doubt there are radio personalities who decry unions while at the same time paying their fees and reaping their benefits, a la Bill Handel, as well as Auto workers in the UAW, lawyers in prosecutors offices, etc. Not everyone does their jobs for the benefits package at the end of the road. We do it because we like our jobs. It doesn't make us hypocrites or any other derogatory name you want to throw around, it makes us dedicated employees who happen to work within a certain system designed and run by others.
......and you're still going to claim unions are bad?

noun \&#712;hi-p&#601;- &#716;krit\
: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings