the company ( Hertz Corporation) really dictates what there going to pay you by the bonus plan.

My salary is 38,000.00 per year but with bonuses I have made as much as 70,000.00 in a year and as little as 47,000.00 in a year. it all depends on how the company decide to pay us for the year.

it makes it really dificult to budget and plan your finaces.

the first year I worked for herts I was not a manager I was in the management training program I made 44,000.00 that year.

1) 44k
2) 50k
3) 54k
4) 58k
5) 70k
6) 50k
7) 47k

I have worked for the company for 7 years and this was the lowest I ever got paid as a manager

those number are real that is what I really made