Why did Lake Sheriff Borders cover up...

Why did Lake Sheriff Borders cover up the Green Isle Rapes?

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#2 Dec 15, 2012
Victims of sex abuse may contact the below link for help both in criminal prosecution of their abusers as well as civil actions.


Lives are just to important to waste at the hands of those who abuse you over and over.

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#3 Dec 15, 2012
Let me see if I understand what I read on this Green Isle Rapist thing.

First Sheriff Borders has been involved with Green Isle Boys Ranch ever since he moved here from Osceola County and maybe even in the planning of it before that but most people didn’t know that. In fact the jail captain who reported directly to major Borders for 15 years never head of Borders Green Isle Boys Ranch involvement. Why is that? Why wouldn’t someone be proud of the fact they were volunteering to help young boys from shattered homes?

I have seen all the reports of rapes and even the state DCF saying the children were being sexually abused and having sex between themselves for years and nothing was ever done about that.

I have seen one suit around 2000 that was settled against them for sexual abuse of a 9 year old boy both by fellow students and Green Isle employee’s as well, but seen nothing about any arrests or convictions.

Sometime around 2008 there was a complaint about the boys being fed bad food and even frozen maggots. I have seen the news release from Brad King’s office saying the complainant was a disgruntled employee and he found nothing wrong.
Some time in early 2009 the ranch reopened. I see in all this paperwork the guy that raped the kids was featured in April 2009 as having been at the school when it closed over the food incident and now returning for the second time. Does this mean he was friends with Borders from his previous days?
Tyler Anthony Jackson is pictured in the summer 2009 ranch paper with Sheriff Borders. Jackson is later reported to have been sexually abusing these five little boys about that same time over the summer.

For some unknown reason Tyler Anthony Jackson leaves Green isle and goes back to Crystal River High School as a junior. By November 21, 2009 the five little boys get up the nerve to report to school administrator Rev. Zepp that Tyler Jackson had been sexually abusing them over the summer and even threatened their lives if they told. Rev Zepp dialed 911 and reported the rapes to the LCSO immediately.

Within two days Zepp was gone from Green Isle because the school management didn’t like him reporting the rapes. He demanded school management get the victims some help and they refused.
LCSO deputy who responded done a good job , even contacted the state abuse hotline.

The case was assigned to Detective Poitevent on November 23, 2009. She claims she took one of the victims to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg for a forensic interview on November 25, 2009. On that same day the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson is pictured living it up with his Jr. Class friends from Crystal River High School at Wet and Wild!

Poitevent does nothing else until December 16, 2009 when she claims she took the other four victims to the Children’s Advocacy Center for a forensic interview. Her investigation ends here!
From that date on she does nothing on this case until February 4, 2010. Why?

On the afternoon of February 3, 2010 at 4:07 PM the new Green Isle administrator Paula Whetro (whom Poitevent states in her report of Feb 8, 2010 she is surprised to find is the new administrator) called the LCSO to report a disgruntled employee is making harassing, emails, texts and phone calls to her. She does not disclose the contents or issues. Yet and still this response by Deputy Walker regarding this disgruntled employee was not given a new case number it was made a part of case (#09 191988) the rapes report of November 21, 2009. The report identifies the former employee as Clayton Berkey, but no where in the report does it state what the contents of his messages and concerns were.

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#4 Dec 15, 2012
Later that night and the next day both Clayton Berkey and his wife Angie were breaking news on every television channel in the Metro Orlando area outlining the stores of the rapes of the five little boys by an older student that was reported back in November and nothing hade been done for them.

Berkey even said some of the little victims had attempted suicide and officials had been called to the ranch on those matters as well. Still nothing was being done for these victims!

On February 4, 2010; Detective Poitevent and Detective Yoho claim they interviewed suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson at the Crystal River High School. Two other Detectives Fawn Tomon and Mike Miller claim they interviewed Jackson on that same date at his home in Beverly Hills. Why?

On February 8, 2010 Detective Poitevent claims she took this case to the State Attorney Round Table meeting for the second time (she must have forgot to enter the first time in her report)
By February 9, 2010 she’s surprised to find out Paula Whetro is the new Green Isle administrator and she’s trying to get contact information for the victims parents and other witnesses.(You would think she would have that if she took all five of these kids for forensic interviews) She writes up a supplemental report naming the suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson and the charges [four] counts of sexual battery [1] count of lewd and lascivious and [1] battery; touch or strike. But the supplement does not show an arrest of him on the report.

Tyler Anthony Jackson is obviously ut and about on the streets of Citrus County, Florida because;

In April 2010 Tyler Anthony Jackson meets juvenile female in Citrus County and starts a relationship with her. Obviously he did not meet her while on “community control.”

On May 13, 2010 Tyler Anthony Jackson is pictured with this young lady and others living the good life and having a good time!
On May 20, 2010 The FDLE report claims on this date “the juvenile” who was identified by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in public records requests as Tyler Anthony Jackson pled “no contest” to the above charges.

On May 26, 2010 courthouse insiders later blogged the case number (2010-CJ-000185) and said he was sentenced by Judge Takac to probation “community control” and defendant was not required to register as a sex offender.
In October 2010, just five short months later the parents of his girlfriend got a call from her at 2 AM that she was scared and asked them to come to Jackson’s home to pick her up. According to a petition for injunction for protection from dating violence filed in March 2011 – Tyler Anthony Jackson came around the corner in his truck and sideswiped the vehicle driven by his girl friends parents who had come at her request to pick her up. Why didn’t his act of violence violate his probation that was supposed to be only five months old at the time?

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#5 Dec 15, 2012
On October 27, 2010 Tyler Jackson got a speeding ticket from Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Chris Dearden. Why didn’t his violate his probation?
On February 16, 2011 when taking his girl friend to work at Charlie’s Fish House; according to eye witnesses as well as the statement from his girlfriend, one again Tyler Anthony Jackson became physically violent on the parking lot at her workplace. This incident brought about the petition for injunction against dating violence by the father of his juvenile girl friend. Also Jackson become verbally abusive with relatives of the business owner who has deputies trespass warn Jackson from their properties. The girlfriends parents also had him trespassed from their home as well.
Still nothing was done with Tyler Anthony Jackson about his temper tantrums and violence against persons.

On March 3, 2011 the father of his girl friend filed a petition for injunction against dating violence against Tyler Anthony Jackson on behalf of his juvenile daughter regarding the above acts of violence. According to public records the petition was denied. Why? Why didn’t it at least violate his probation?

On November 16, 2011 Tyler Anthony Jackson received a careless driving citation from Citrus County Deputy Sheriff Howard Russell for an accident involving $4000.(Four-thousand) dollars in damages.

This citation simply goes to prove that nine months to the day after citrus County Deputies were called to report his violent actions at Charlie’s Fish House, Tyler Anthony Jackson was still not on “community control” but was in fact out riding the streets, reeking havoc on people and continuing to act in a careless and reckless manner obviously under no supervision of any government agency at any time since he was reported by the little victims of Green Isle Boys Ranch as the Green Isle rapist!

Some people wonder if Tyler Anthony Jackson even knows he was arrested by Gary Borders Detectives. Prosecuted by Brad King’s prosecutors and sentenced by Judge Takac to “community control?”
Since there is no record of it maybe it didn’t happen. Maybe they just hoped it would all go away.
The horrors of the almost top secret Green Isle Boys Ranch covered up by Gary Borders and his friends for many years are bubbling to the surface daily. The victims of Green Isle and their families should never have to wait the decades for closure that the now elderly living victims and families of the deceased victims of the Florida White House Boys have continued to suffer all these years.

All of the victims of sex abuse at the hands of the powerful who are so powerful they can in fact control and manipulate the media coverage are actually continually victimized daily by these powerful people.

Power allows these abusers to continue to lie and cover up their crimes every day. Child abuse victims encourage everyone to demand answers. To follow up on reports of child abuse made to the state hotline under the new state child abuse laws. These reports on individuals are redirected to the county Sheriff’s for investigation. We already know reports of child sex abuse has been made to the state hotline since the new law took effect and Gary Borders detectives are sitting on them and doing nothing regarding those reports while the victims continue to suffer daily.

When will someone demand that Gary Borders stop covering up sexual crimes in this county and start really investigating these crimes and arresting the violators? His failure to act on these crimes simply gives more credence to the information available regarding his involvement in inmate jail sex, plus years of hanging around the little boys at Green Isle and the Osceola County Boys Clubs.

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#6 Dec 15, 2012
Victims of sexual abuse in group homes have legal rights to hold these institutions accountable for abuse within the facility.

These facilities and agencies can be responsible for failing to protect their residents from sexual predators under the following legal theories:
Negligent Hiring: The organization fails to conduct a reasonable background check or hires and retains an employee with a prior criminal history
Negligent Supervision: The organization fails to monitor the employees who have contact with children or disabled adults, or fails to follow its own procedures to prevent harm to residents and clients

Failure to report incidents of suspected sexual abuse to authorities as required by state law. In the case of Lake Sheriff Borders he is liable for failure to act on the reports of sexual abuse reported to his agency!

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports Leagues-

Between practice, team-building events, and overnight trips, the adults involved in youth sports spends a tremendous time alone with kids. Because they have so much unsupervised access to children, coaches and team administrators have a greater responsibility to take care of the kids entrusted to their care. Unfortunately, they often miss the red flags that lead to abuse: a coach who shares a hotel room with young players even though he has no children on the team, the team manager who buys pay-per-view pornography for his U-14 soccer team, or the baseball coach who discourages parents from attending team practices and offers to drive his "star players" home every day.

When these red flags are ignored, kids can be sexually abused. What complicates the matter is the team mentality that coaches preach to players: protect our team at all costs. Children as young as 5 and as old as 17 are often afraid to report sexual abuse by their coaches for fear of the stigma and repercussions from teammates.

It is the abusers who are wrong. It is the abusers who must be brought to justice so the victims can begin their healing process. Victims of Child Sex abuse at the hands of anyone powerful or not requires an immediate report to authorities. Some abusers like Lake Sheriff Gary Borders will fail to act on reports in those cases victims must build a support base who will monitor and follow up on those who suppress the investigations and arrests and prosecution of the aggressors. Never take no for an answer! Keep right on complaining until someone listens and takes positive actions on your case. Always sue the bastards, they deserve it. If they are government affiliated or regulated their employer’s have deep pockets

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#8 Jan 2, 2013
does this guy that got the restraining order against the guy that was beating up his daughter know this guy should be in jail or registered for his crimes instead of out partying it up with his friends?

something is bad wrong here. what if he had hurt this girl really bad or even worse killed her? the sheriff and state attorney should be on the hook for this one.
Richard D

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#11 Feb 24, 2013
victims of pedophiles need to watch this movie and get them a lawyer

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#14 Mar 29, 2013
everyone around here knows this sheriff is a homo pedophile. a lot of people think this tyler boy was one of his boy toys. they believe that is why this sheriff let him get away with raping all these boys. sure as hell dont want him dating my daughter.

why didnt he go to jail when he committed dating violence on this girl and assault with a vehicle when he ran into he folks vehicle?

there has got to be a lot more to this story than has ever leaked out.
another sicko caught

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#16 Apr 7, 2013
one more pedophile down and thousands more to go.


Interesting this guy is labeled a serial sex offender. As the article says by the time they catch these sicko's there is always multi victims that come forward.

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#17 Apr 7, 2013
we still want justice.

it is not right that tyler got away with all this

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#21 May 26, 2013
victims coming forth from the 1970-1990's
for justice from their abuser who has also lived in Nevada, California, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Michigan and Connecticut.

http://www.hermanlaw.com/blog/2013/05/21/form ...

Isn't it great how when one victim comes forth on a rapist more are always encouraged to follow !!!!!

Let's get to work encouraging the victims of that Green Isle Ranch to come forth. There is no statute of limitations anymore!

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#22 Jul 11, 2013
what's up now???

Tyler in jail where he belongs yet?

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#23 Aug 5, 2013
No but Jeff Herman is filing lawsuits against child predators going all the way to back to 1983.


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#25 Oct 1, 2013
Billy Graham's grandson says Christians too cover up the sex abuse of children in the schools like sheriff Borders Green Isle Boys Ranch.

All victims should be encouraged to contact Jeff Herman. There is not stature of limitations for child sex abuse in the state of Florida and every one of these institutions even the ones like Green Isle who closed to avoid lawsuits still have deep pockets. If you have been sexually abused or know someone else who has been please contact Jeff Herman for help. The powerful like Bridges of America do not own him!


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#33 Dec 14, 2013
GIR Children’s Rights link to 44 page summary

Green Isle

Annapolis, MD

#34 Dec 25, 2013
I was one of the campers that witnessed Tyler arriving at the camp and committing his offenses. I lived in the house with him for 6 months until it was shut down. I was the oldest one at the time and was interviewed by the police in the food scandal that shut it down 5 years ago. I was never part of the lawsuit but the pain and memories still haunt me of this "jesus camp." Those people are of the devil himself. I am glad I stumbled upon this feed. anything I can do to expose this institution.
just wondering

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#36 Apr 18, 2014
Green Isle wrote:
I was one of the campers that witnessed Tyler arriving at the camp and committing his offenses.
If you really are interested in helping to expose the devil himself and the goings on at this "jesus camp" first no one will ever be able to do anything criminally like putting this sheriff and his powerful friends in the system in jail where they belong about the cover ups of the crimes.

But, you can never give up until you find a lawyer that will take your case and sue the whole bunch of them. I saw just recently where this Miami lawyer Jeff Herman got a kid over $5 million who was sexually abused at a Miami Charter School by an older student. Recently juries have been awarding big millions to victims many who were victimized again by the system covering up the crimes committed against them.

In the Green Isle case a possible suit would include defendants like; Don Brown who owned the Green Isle Ranch through his subsidiary Bridges of America. Green Isle had insurance at the time and they are liable. Sheriff Gary Borders the present Lake County Sheriff was pictured right next to Tyler on the 2009 summer Islander flyer so it is obvious they knew each other. Were they good friends? Some say yes!

The sheriff's report and the 911 call prove that on Nov 21, 2009 when one of the five victims told Rev Zepp what Tyler had done over the last six month - Zepp called the Sheriff's Office and reported there was five victims. A Lake Deputy Sheriff come out that evening and made a report including getting hand written reports form Zepp and the FIVE victims. That Deputy done his job! then two days later Rev Zepp says he left because of a falling out with the owner. On that same day Nov. 23, 2009 the Sheriff;s Office assigned Det Marcie Poitevent to the case. In her report she says she had one victim interviewed by Children's Services (owned by Lake County) on Nov. 25th and the other four on Dec. 16th 2009. Her report stops dead in its tracks on that date and does not start again until 4:07 PM on the afternoon of Feb 3, 2010 when the new Adm Paula Whetro called 911 claiming Clayton Berkey and his wife was harassing them with texts, emails and phone calls.

By Orlando local news time that evening Berkey was on every local channel telling the horrors and plight of the five boys saying nothing had been dome for them and channel 6 reported some of the boys had attempted to commit suicide and the sheriff's office had responded to those calls and done nothing as well.

The next morning her report claims Sheriff Borders sent two detective teams to Crystal River to talk to Tyler - then they claim they arrested him on Feb 9th and in May 2010 he pled no contest and they put him on community control.

the trouble is Citrus County records prove he was out and about getting traffic tickets and beating up a girlfriend and getting a dating violence injunction and all. So if he was really on probation all that should have violated his probation and he should have gone to jail.

Just wondering what the truth is here? After ZEPP called 911 and the deputy come out and took the report what happened next? Did Det Poitevent come out and take all four victims for an interview on the two dates above? Yes or No?

Did some of the victims try to kill themselves and did the sheriff's office come out and do nothing? Yes or No?

If they really arrested Tyler and he plead "no contest" like they said he did the law requires the victims be notified of their pea dealings and the victims have the right to agree or disagree with those dealings. Did anyone ever contact you about the sentencing of Tyler and give you an opportunity for input? Yes or No?

Do you have any personal knowledge of what happened and or who protected Tyler and why he was not immediately arrested after the 911 call? Do you have any personal knowledge about the involvement with Sheriff Borders and Green Isle and the boys that attended Green Isle?
just wondering

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#37 Apr 18, 2014
there is a large group of people who have been following the horrors of Green Isle Boys Ranch for years.

It opened under another name with new owners and the same thing happened again and DFC closed it down again recently.

Based on all the evidence collected by researches on the five boys from 2009 they all have major lawsuits against the sheriff, lake county government, Bridges of America and its owner don brown. And, most likely DCF and the state of Florida because both governor Rick Scott and Charlie Crist were involved in the FDLE cover ups of the crimes by sheriff Borders as well. Along with the 5th circuit state attorney and judge involved in the fake prosecution and sentencing of Tyler Jackson.

Some victims have reportedly already got lawyers involved in their cases and we have no recent update on those cases.

The most important thing for every victim to remember is the only recourse you have is civil lawsuits- and in the 2009 case of Green Isle the defendants list will be a very long one because not only did sheriff Borders fail to make an arrest originally but a lot of the system conspired to keep this secret and keep Tyler Jackson a free man.

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#38 May 13, 2014
While most of the official documents and pictures of evidence at Green Isle Boys Ranch have been effectively blown off the internet by the criminals who covered up their dirty work. He is a couple of very good articles still available.


From the White House boys Website:


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#39 May 29, 2014
November 21, 2009 – Green Isle Ranch Executive Director Stephen Zepp calls (911) Lake Sheriff’s Office to report five boys aged 12-15 years have just told him they were sexually abused by an older male student over the summer. The attacker had threatened their lives if they told on him and he had only recently left the school and they felt safe to report the rapes now. In their hand written statements all five victim identified their attacker as “Tyler” Anthony Jackson.

November 23, 2009- Report was turned over to Detective Marselien Poitevent for further investigation. And, Executive Director Stephen Zepp leaves the ranch over what he says was a disagreement with management. Insiders said that dispute was over him reporting the rapes.

November 25, 2009- Poitevent’s report states she had one victim forensic interviewed by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg. Also on this date pictures appeared on “Tyler’s” MySpace account showing him partying with junior class friends at “Wet & wild”

December 16, 2009- Poitevent’s report states she had the other four victims forensic interviewed by the Lake County Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg. No arrest has been made and no further action is taken on this case until;

February 3, 2010-4:07 PM - Poitevent’s report states a disgruntled Green Isle house parent Clayton Berkey is making threatening phone calls, emails and texts to Green Isle management.
Later on this date Clayton Berkey and his wife Angie are on major Orlando TV networks exposing the facts that five little boys at Green Isle Ranch had been brutally raped by an older student over the summer of 2009. He states some of the boys have attempted suicide and Green Isle owned by Bridges of America and sheriff’s officials have done nothing for them.

February 4, 2010- LCSO goes back to work on this case with two sex crimes Detective teams! At 10 AM- Detective Poitevent and Detective Yoho interview the rape suspect at the Crystal River High School. And, at unknown Time- Detective Fawn Tomon and Detective Mike Miller interview the rape suspect at his residence in Beverly Hills, Florida.

February 9, 2010- Detective Poitevent prepared and filed with the State Attorney's Office a supplemental report naming the suspect as one Tyler Anthony Jackson DOB: 11/06/1992. She scratched out [CBA}[cleared by arrest] on the document. Both Poitevent and her supervisor Lt. Linda Green initialed the document at the bottom which indicated the case was closed on that date “NPC” for [No Probable Cause] It was simply a paper trail - FDLE states the juvenile suspect was arrested by LCSO on this date.

March 5, 2010- Management of the Green isle Ranch announces the ranch is closing. Insiders at the ranch posted a summer July 2009 ranch flyer proving Lake Sheriff Gary Borders has been an advisory board member and “helping the ranchers” since it opened in 1989. Pictured next to Borders is the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson around the time the rapes started. Three other LCSO employee’s are also pictured; Jail Cook Baby Ann; Sgt. Chip Ray and Captain Steve Moss.

May 13, 2010-“Tyler’s” MySpace account showing him partying with friends at a pool party. Not something a person would be doing just one week before pleading “no contest” to five violent sexual felonies!

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