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#63 May 9, 2013
I live in Mac in 1997 it wasn't that bad and some people say I rather of been in Max in some stupid group home they did a lot of nice things for the kids. like have celebrities come tare you on field trips all kinds of things like that dances. yes of course be restrained you when you misbehave but a lot of those kids acting really stupid in there what were the Staff supposed to do with children that were misbehaving out of control all I gotta say is that place wasn't as bad as people make it seem

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#64 May 9, 2013
Kylleen wrote:
I spent many years in and out of Maclaren Hall as a 10 year old, the last time when I was 16.. When I was put into a group home where I remained till I was emancipated. I was in the the first time in 1984 and the last time in 1990. The place was set up into "cottages" I was in Jr. Girls and Sr. Girls.. Although I remember disliking Maclaren and thinking about Awoling a lot for a kid like me there were not many places willing to take a "damaged" child. I was restrained and put into a timeout room..(a locked room with bare walls and floors) Now with the ability to look back I know that was done to protect myself and others. I was angry for the abuse that I suffered that put me there so I acted out terribly. As did most the people I was there with. Once I reliezed fighting and acting tough were not gonna help me get out, I changed.. Then the program went smoothly I enjoyed things that most people did, went on outings.. Met many celebrities (once a year they had a celebrity day) I watched Run DMC do a private concert inside the walls, they also would have tons of activities. They even took poloroid pictures of you with the different celebrities.. Some I still have to this day. The system may not have been perfect but I was not burned with coffee or ciggerettes, or beaten or touched when I went to sleep. So from where I came from it was "safe". Being a kid in the system for many years a total of 12 years.. This was not the worst place that I was. When I emancipated I got a full ride to college (With the help of my social worker) and I made something of me. I think life is what you make of it, I choose not let the circumstances of my childhood define who I am, this includes Maclaren Hall... I think everyone there was just trying to survive including the staff members who had to deal with such abused children, I could not imagine how hard that might be. I am 37 years old and I would not change who I am today.. I am married to my best friend, have great kids, and have a great career. I think this experience shaped me into the person that I am. I came on this form to connect with some of the great people I met while I was there.. If you were there during this time and story sounds familiar please reply.. Thanks Kylleen
I had went there in 1997 it wasn't so bad like you said I have met many celebrities and went on many outings I was in there for like a year and never not once have I been mistreated in there

Camarillo, CA

#65 May 10, 2013
Anthony Rodrigues wrote:
<quoted text>
I was also at Mac Hall I beleive around 1984, it was the year they had the actor who played in the Movie Buck Rogers... Too bad it was not RUN DMC....LOL I was and still am a big fan of theirs.... is my email if you ever check up on this post.

I was there in the 90s too. I'm 37 now. Anyone recall the in and out truck. Saw Punkie Bruster there. I often think about what happened to some of the girls I meet there. Ended up in a group home project 6, Rosemary's cottages and Florence criterion. Ran from them all. Someday I hope to make a real difference in a foster child's life. For now I thank God I saw the light and broke the ugly cycle of abuse.

Camarillo, CA

#66 May 10, 2013
I often think about this place and many other I was in like Florence criterion, Rosemary's cottage and project 6 to ame a few. What a sad childhood we all had. Thank God I turned I around and broke the cycle. I'm 37 now was there in 90s I think about the other kids I met long the way. Wishing I could find them now but my memorie for last names was never good. I hope one day I will get to make a real difference in a foster child's life. For now however, I thank God for the strength he gave me.
Joseph Kinner

Washington, DC

#67 May 23, 2013
My brother and I spent some time in MH in the 1940s. I would love to know if there are any records that go back that far and if they are accessible now.
A couple of memories stand out about MH during the time we were there: it was where I learned to roller skate; it was where I heard Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue for the first time. That said, it was definitely not a place I wanted to be (no choice in that matter), but the various places my brother and I passed through during the ensuing 15 years were even more daunting. One day soon I hope to write in some detail about my experiences in those other places.
Mac Hall Abuse

Lakeland, FL

#68 May 29, 2013
You can order your records via the following form located at this link:

I understand that there is a class-action lawsuit getting started against the County of Los Angeles and John F Krattli County Counsel for violating the rights of MacLaren Hall - MacLaren Children's Center survivors to obtain records.

Personally, I have been waiting since the end of November 2012 and they received it via U.S. Certified Mail the first week of December 2012. It is now almost SIX MONTHS LATER AND NOT ONE WORD FROM THEM!

The lawsuit against John F Krattli and Los Angeles County I believe is going to claim emotional distress and psychological abuse on the part of the county and obstruction of the right to access records.

Abusers never stop abusing, do they?
cedric johnson

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#69 Jun 5, 2013
I was there around 1994 im probley one the reason they shut down.sorry for the ones who tryed to help. But i started it off
cedric johnson

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#70 Jun 5, 2013
G cottage jr boys. I remember good grooming the n& out burgers. Wow memorys
cedric johnson

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#71 Jun 5, 2013
Yes i remember those day crazy as it is.
Manuel Villalobos

Fairfield, CA

#72 Jun 9, 2013
Theresa Pina wrote:
<quoted text> That is awesome. I am glad that you have made and stayed strong. I know what it feels like to grow up in the system into adulthood as a female. I am 7 years sober and working with dual diagnosis..go with what I know.:)
Thank you. It sounds as though you are doing well for yourself also. Congratulations on your 7yrs. sober I am we'll aware of the accomplishment that is every day. Hope you will keep in touch from time to time.
Joe Wilson

Redondo Beach, CA

#73 Jun 12, 2013
Crazy story's , I was in Mac from 12/89 until 1/90, I was one of the crazy ones. I was the one that escaped through the front doors right after gym time. Damn lmao that security guy was to slow to catch me. I was gone , until they caught me in San Diego around 1/28/90. Then back to Mac until 2/6/90. Hit me up.

Dallas, TX

#74 Jun 17, 2013
I completely agree with you Kylleen. I was in around 1986 with my sister. I had to be tough to not get hurt by the other girls but once we established that I wasn't going to take any BS things were better. I remember the bars in the rooms, the checking-in on us every night, the working for points to use in the canteen, the "get togethers" with the boys cottage...scared me, the rumors of AWOL, the ridiculous excuse for education. I think the rest I blocked out along with most of my childhood. BUT LIKE YOU I do not let my childhood define me. I still deal with my crazy parents and my sister that has truly been affacted by it. At 17 I had no choice but to move into my car because of the "last" incident with my father. I went to the gym to shower and went to school every morning. Worked two jobs and eventually got a slum of an apartment but it was mine. I graduated college and moved to Texas. I have a wonderful carrer in the IT field, married a wonderful man, have 3 gorgeous boys and live in a mini mansion that I worked hard to pay for. My life is pretty terrific except for the occassion carziness from my family. We make our own paths. the past is the past and the future is whatever we want it to be.
Out of no where I googled maclaren Hall after speaking to a friend a remembering my childhood on yesterday which was Father's Day. I don't have fond memories of the place or of most of my childhood and the way I pay forward is when I throw birthday parties for my kids I take most of thier pefectly sealed gifts stash it away and we give it to the local childrens shelter in our area.
I hope you inspire others with your stories and express that we are as strong as we want to be and just like we made it through the past we can overcome any obstacle in our way!

Hermosa Beach, CA

#75 Jun 26, 2013
Lizzie wrote:
Does anyone rememeber Romeo the counselor? My first time there I was a pixie and keeped coming back, next thing I new I was a senior girl.
romeo was shot dead no one knows who dod it

Hermosa Beach, CA

#76 Jun 26, 2013
I was in mac in 94 95 96 97 anyone remembers me hit me up junior amrikhas
I knew alot of people soo hit me up
Joseph Kinner

Washington, DC

#77 Jun 27, 2013
As I mentioned a while ago my brother and I spent some time at MH in the 1940s. I'm an historian now and teaching at a university in Washington, D.C. I've been reading these postings with great interest and am wondering if there might be any interest in putting together a kind of oral history of the place at the various times individuals posting in this forum lived there. It wouldn't be easy but I definitely believe it would be worthwhile. Just wondering out loud.

Dr K

Las Vegas, NV

#78 Jul 14, 2013
I was there in the late 70's.

"You're in Mclaren Hall, you're stuck behind a wall...". Anyone remember that little diddy the kids used to sing?

Every time I hear that tune ("You're in the Army Now") I want to find a couple of those counselors and see how they like getting their arm twisted so hard it's in a sling for two weeks. Beat downs from bigger kids while not a good thing, are a least understandable. Abuse from moronic troglodyte civil servants who make it a regular habit of hurting the children they are in charge of is quite another.

I hope the fuck their lives have been hard.
Regna Garci

Oceanside, CA

#79 Jul 20, 2013
I was at Maclarn Hall in 1972 when I was 6 months old along with my siblng. I was put in foster care and was lucky enough to be adopted by them. I wanted to know, can you get records from there if you were adopted?
james o

Yuma, AZ

#80 Jul 25, 2013
Monica Valencia wrote:
I was also a resident at McClaren Hall in 1995 for about 3 moths, I believe. I was removed from my home at the age of 15 for being a victim not a troublemaker. I do remember feeling scared and petrified but mostly from other kids., the staff seemed mean and cold hearted. I remember being reprimanded for small issues, kids awoling and lots of fights. I am now thankful for being placed on foster care., I wish I could connect with others who "went through the system"!
I may have been there with you ur name is very familiar if u remember James Ortega emsil me at
Amy D

Fontana, CA

#81 Jul 30, 2013
I was in Mac several times between 1993 and 1996. In 96' I was there for 8 months straight because they couldn't place me. I entered the system in 1987 and exited from CYA in 2003. My childhood was ruined, courtesy of DCFS and places like Mac. I never knew what it was like to be a child. It's a chapter in my life I like to keep closed but my heart aches for those children in the system today. May they have the strength to endure...
Amy D

Fontana, CA

#82 Jul 30, 2013
Mr. Frazier, Ms. Bean, Jackie Johnson, Jackie Turner, Ms. Olivia(she was crazy as hell), Papa Smurf... I still remember those names, can still recall faces. I remember a lot of the girls... not too many boys although my brothers were there too. I was there when that boy from Childs Play was in there, not visiting either! I was in Pixies and then later Jr. girls. I often think of the girls I met in there... I met my best friend K. Kessler in there and we are still BF's til this day. I also kept in contact with a few other girls and have seen some that are, unfortunately, not doing very well. I think Mac was full of lost, misguided, and discarded kids who deserved so much more. I hope everyone found a better world in their adult lives.

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