Man faces trial for Whittier fatal sh...

Man faces trial for Whittier fatal shooting

There are 22 comments on the San Gabriel Valley Tribune story from Oct 16, 2012, titled Man faces trial for Whittier fatal shooting. In it, San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports that:

A Whittier Superior Court Commissioner ruled Tuesday that there was enough evidence to try a 19-year-old gang member for the murder of a Whittier teen.

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Justice for michael

Long Beach, CA

#1 Oct 17, 2012
Michael soto deserves justice , how dare this low life coward take his life. Now you will pay for what you did , you are a worthless peice of garbage that doesn't deserve to be alive today. You shot the wrong kid, he didn't do anything to you all he was doing was minding his own business like everyone else and you Eddie Lopez came from behind him like a coward, and you claim to be from whittier 13 , how pathetic of you and your loser gang. You think you have balls think twice because you are going to rot in hell and it ain't going to go well for you once you hit prison. You messed up by messing with a innocent kid. What a loser of you , too bad your mother raised you to be a low life loser with no morals .....

Long Beach, CA

#2 Oct 17, 2012
Sitting in the same court room as my sons murder, made me wanna do something to him so badly, but I said to myself let it go god has a plan for him and he will not leave him unpunished as the bible says... Listening to all the details how he took my sons life was so heartbreaking, he had no right to do this to my son. He was a good and smart kid hehad good grades , had goals in life almost graduated . I never in my life thought it would be my son never, all because he told Eddie Lopez I don't give a F...... After they told him they were from Whittier 13. How pathetic of him and the other accomplise to do this all from behind not giving my son a chance, you are a peice of shit and I wish you nothing but the worst everyday of your life. You took my son from me and now you will pay for your actions.

Van Nuys, CA

#3 Oct 17, 2012
I'm a strong believer in Karma,
I believe your days have come...if we still lived in the days of "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" justice would have already been served on you on the day you cowardly decided to take my nephew's life in front of over 30 witness's! Your life would have been taken that very same day!!! My sister would not have to endure the pain of having to see you get what you deserve through these courts, and have to hear in sick, disgusting and pathetic detail, how you cowardly took her son's life!!!! You will pay every day in jail!!! That I know!! But its not enough!!! It's not fair that we have to share the same air with you!!! You took my nephew's last breaths !!!!! & you don't deserve yours!!!! You are a waste of a life!!! My nephew deserved to live his to the fullest!!! He had a good heart and mind!!! He had goals and the best
intentions!!!! And you cowardly took that from him!!! Now we wait to see you get
what you dederve!!!!
justice will be served

United States

#4 Oct 17, 2012
I don't understand how pathetic minds such as Eudiel Lopez' and the rest of the disgusting roaches of "whittier 13" works. What was this all for? Where do you expect to get in life with stupidity like this? If/when you ever see the light of day outside of prison, who do you expect to be there for you? You're job, no ambition, no intelligence, and now no freedom. Great life you've chosen! Im sure your family is proud. Such ignorance. People like Eddie Lopez and the rest of this pathetic gang will ALWAYS end up like they all do, dead, homeless, worthless, or all of the above. Where else does this lifestyle lead to? Heaven? WRONG! That's where people like Michael Soto are meant to be. People that have goals, DON'T murder, don't steal, dont gang bang and have good intentions. Enjoy prison you sick f***! Your going to be there a longggg time. This is your new life. Hell on earth, and when u only gets worse.

Moreno Valley, CA

#5 Oct 17, 2012
WTF! This guy plead not guilty to committing MURDER, with a GUN, in the MIDDLE of the day in front of DOZENS of ppl, and pleads not guilty? O.j. days are over bro. Must be some stupid ppl in the world to think u can get away with some shit like that. This guy deserves the death penalty for sure

Corona, CA

#6 Oct 17, 2012
He deserves the death penalty, according to what I heard in the court room it was intense and cold of Eddie Lopez doing what he did. Michael was a great kid , everyone knew him to be laid back and calm that loved to play basketball. He was a smart kid and had dreams that he wanted to accomplish , like go to the marines and become somebody and buy his parents a house. That's what a good kid with good morals do. How wrong for this to happen to him the least person. He was a brave boy for standing up for himself because it didn't matter to him if Eddie was from whittier 13. Just because of michaels response that bastard did that. And how dare his mother show up at court to support her loser son, she looked like a worthless peice of shit herself with no class or education, drug addict how pathetic of her. Ignorant gang mentality these people have they deserve to be wiped out from this earth.

Corona, CA

#7 Oct 17, 2012
All you pathetic losers from Whittier 13 think your crazy, you ain't nobody behind that gun you carry. You all should be ashamed of yourselves and for your homeboy Eddie Lopez, he deserves what he has comming to him along with all of you, karma
You and Eddie Lopez are cowards , he proved himself to be a coward doing that to a teenager from behind, people like that will get the worst in prison. Daniel stopani you are pathetic, and just because your mom works for the police don't think that you can get away with it for long. You punk you are just as responsible for this too. You both made the worst mistake and you will be punished some way or another. You're lucky you are still walking these streets you peice of shit. Karma is the word how would you like it if someone took your son from you, where is your conscious vandal. You're a loser just like the rest....

Los Angeles, CA

#8 Oct 17, 2012
I hope all involved die a a slow panic filled death. I hope your life's are taken. No respect amongst cowards. Your a God forsaken thief. You stole my cousins life, you will pay with your own. I can only hope you you suffer to the fullest before you take your last breath.
As for "Weakest 13" band of boys who could never stand alone. Thats what a gang is now a days. Children manipulated by lazy ass og's.....All of you stand for nothing! WTF happen to our people. Bunch of lost lil boys boasting with guns and knives. Marching around talking about respect and being a man. Almost all of you are spun out, homeless, alcoholic, haha closet homosexuals, or living in a motel with a trash bag full of clothes and a worn out hag. NO RESPECT GIVEN, NO HONOR EARNED, NO FUTURE FORESEEN. YOUR ALL A CULTURAL CUL DE SAC. A DEAD END. YOUR DAYS ARE COUNTED.
Cowards like eddie

Corona, CA

#9 Oct 18, 2012
This mothe f....... deserves the death penalty, like a coward from Whittier 13, lets see how tuff he is when he hits prison. Nobody had the right to take this teens life especially over something so ignorant. You messed up Eddie, what a coward doing it from behind michaels back shooting him. Your a punk because if you thought you were crazy you would had fought with him rather than pull out a gun you coward. I have no tolerance for arrogant bullshit like this. You would had been dead that very same day. All of you from Whittier 13 you messed up. You are punks and always will be and you all need to be doubt with for letting this happen to Michael soto.....

Perris, CA

#10 Oct 28, 2012
Death penalty for Eddie Lopez
Daniel stopani you are responsible as well

Phoenix, AZ

#11 Oct 30, 2012
Today was court, and this coward had the nerve to plea not guilty for the second time. He definitely is a worthless peice of shit with no respect for life. Let him rot in hell and feel the pain he has caused.

Corona, CA

#12 Nov 6, 2012
This goes to the family of Michael, sorry for this all happening to your son. There will never be an answer as to why this happened. Nobody will ever feel the pain as you do. People will judge about parenting, but in this case it wasn't an issue. I know Michael came from a good home and that his parents loved him so much. I know that they gave him the best they could as far as putting him in private schools and in sports. You parents are an example of what parents should be. You never have up on him reguardless what the circumstances were. Good parents will never give up on their kids. You showed him what the value of life is and to have good morals for himself. Sometimes people in this society will never understand the situation but to easily criticize one another. As long as you know deep in your hearts that you raised your son to be the best he could be. Being a parent is one of the most difficult thing to be. We are faced with situations in life as a test to see if we can handle it. Michael is in heaven and that is guaranteed, because he was still a child. Nobody had the right to take him away like that. Eddie has already been punished as you can see it in his eyes that he made the biggest mistake of his life and reality is settling in for him. Too bad his mother raised him to be the person he is today, good job mother you raised yourself a cold hearted murder that will never be released.. And every day that he sits in his cell the pain will stab him in his heart and know how it feels. He will have to live with the conscious each night of 3/26/12 for the rest of his life.
Stop violence

Corona, CA

#13 Nov 6, 2012
Michael will always be remembered by many, he touched so many hearts. He was a good person with a good heart. He always was so encouraging when things got tough. He loved to play basketball at palm park , the majority of his time was there when he was not in school. He was the truest friend you will ever know. It's heartbreaking to know he is gone. It still is something that I will never get over that his life was taken so horribly all for the wrong reasons. There is no reason as to why he did it simple as that. Michael was respected by many because he respected back. He was smart and funny, it's sad that this all happened to him.

Hawthorne, CA

#14 Feb 2, 2013
Michael Soto was not the kid everyones sayin he was he did drugs and shot people too he was future SSW gang violence is gang violence it sucks but it is what is is FREE EDDIE

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Feb 22, 2013
Michael Soto was not the kid everyones sayin he was he did drugs and shot people too he was future SSW gang violence is gang violence it sucks but it is what is is FREE EDDIE
stop the lies, dont make excuses for him. how dare you say this about michael, we know for a fact that eddie is and always will be a coward
michael soto

Los Angeles, CA

#16 Feb 22, 2013
Its so ignorant to post false things about michael soto, i know for a fact that you are obviously uneducated as your friend eddie. Dont have the education or morals.

Los Angeles, CA

#17 Feb 23, 2013
First of all , how disrespectful of you to make these accusations about Michael . First of all I'm not going to foot your arrogant level. Just want to get the facts straight. Michael did not shoot anybody as you recall, you are a worthless , and waste of life like your friend to Make Eddie look like he is innocent. And who in the f..,, cares if he has a son. He took somebody's sons life so now he should pay for that.. Nobody deserves to die, reguardless if he was from s gang or not. Cowards will be cowards. Now and days you losers from Whittier think your crazy by pulling out a gun, it just makes you look like a straight punk. Things did not have to get this far. So your friend will pay for taking somebody's life away for something so worthless. Too bad you guys lack the morals and principles of life. Show no respect what so for the community. You can lie and make false statements , go take your sorry ass somewhere else for that.. It was all planned, so whatever you need to say will never matter because reality is that Michael soto will get justice ...:)

Los Angeles, CA

#18 Feb 23, 2013
Michael soto was loved , he had parents who loved him., he was smart and kind hearted. And for you to say he did drugs like that's so dumb of you. Don't try to make Michael look bad . Rumors will be rumors so get your facts straight Moran
How pathetic of you, grow up. Your friend is going to pay with everyday of his life. His mother lost her son because of Eddie. All because of the arrogant mentality you all carry. Eddie made a bi big big mistake , and that should never had been done to Michael. What ever the situation was it just goes to show that he was not man enough to stand up for himself the right way, so he did what he did. Now you want to praise this animal.. A cold hearted murder with a criminal past yeah ok, he's innocent . Yeah fricken right . Go look at his public records , he's a gang member and has committed several crimes in Whittier. So if you want to make him look like he's the victim , go else where with your sorry ass lies..Michael soto will get justice ..

United States

#19 Feb 23, 2013
We know its u writing this stuff jonathan hernandez we are coming for uou
Family Friend

United States

#20 Jun 8, 2013
Michael Soto was not the kid everyones sayin he was he did drugs and shot people too he was future SSW gang violence is gang violence it sucks but it is what is is FREE EDDIE
If Mikey as i knew him was a part of a gang how come the other two are still living, the gang he was from would have killed the both of them by now and Eddy will be taken care of in Prision oh wait thats becasue Mickey was not part of a gang, he was always a happy kid always smiling joking, full of life, the way it went down was imature and sloppy, Whittier 13 og had any class and respect for society they would have killed EDDIE LOPEZ themselves, I grow up in it, I have seen it all my life and I escaped it but EDDIE you deserve the DEATH PENALTY 10,000 TIMES over and it still would not be enough, shooting someone in the back, for what, you didnt take is money, its not like he killed someone from your gang so no retaliation so for what because you a homeless punk with nothing better do to, the system ****** when they let you out early, RIP MIKEY Never to be forgotten

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