Glendora's Planning Commissioners DO ...

Glendora's Planning Commissioners DO what?

Created by SOS Glendora on Jul 2, 2008

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SOS Glendora

United States

#1 Jul 2, 2008
WOW last nights Planning Commissioners meeting was another sham, little genie an hamboner were in their glory of showing what half-whits and bafoons they are!
07.01.2008 at Glendora's City Hall Council Chambers.

Of course there will be plenty of nasty replys to this posting, but who cares the more they scream an rant only means all the facts are true!
Glendora Happens

United States

#2 Jul 8, 2008
If you own the property or land in the City of Glendora then does that give you the right to build any thing you want?
That would explain John Gordon's redevelopment of the foothills than wouldn't it?

If thats the case then why has Glendora STOPPED other land owners from developing their land as they see fit?

anonymous and south hills destruction. I agree with your dislike of building in the south hills, but if it is privately owned property, how are you going to keep someone from building on land that they own.

They have rights too.

There seems to be a double standard applied to certain applicants who wish to receive permission to build, maybe it's because they went through the front door of City Hall? Would they have fared better if they entered through the backdoor / Glendora Country Club, golf course where the BS flows and money changes hands faster than a NEW YORK MINUTE!
Boyer unHappy

United States

#3 Jul 10, 2008
My name is Boyer an I am unhappy with the parking in the historic Village of Glendora, California!

I moved in an bought some property an businesses on the EAST side of Glendora Ave. and I don't like my neighbors either so I bought some City Council people an had PARKING LIMIT SIGN placed on light poles and painted parking limit signs on curbs in front of other business owners store fronts.

I moved in three years ago an just love what money can buy in this town! Also took redevelopment money to make sure I had a voice in City Hall and Chamber of Commerce.

I'm taking all the money I can for my self an my friends!
Who is Mark Gullick

Englewood, CO

#4 Jul 10, 2008
Ever wonder who caused the RV problem in Glendora

This Recalled Mayor John Harrold Supporter was running a junk yard at Bonnie Cove Ave.

Mark Smith (A.K.A., Mark Gullick)

From the Web Site of Mark Gullick AKA Mark Smith"

As of 3/7/08 the city Of Glendora has succeeded in eliminating 37 cars from my property that I own. I have lost now over $200,000.00. I now have two large sections of property that I am not allowed to use for anything. Thus the City has actually lowered my property value because I can’t use these two sections for anything. One section is very large at 150 FT X 150 FT and the other at 100 FT X 20 FT. That is a lot of space that I could use and did use for cars. I have slowly built up my car collection and have rebuilt my collection to over 20 hearses/ambulances and 11 cars.

The still city bothers me about my little partial gravel driveway saying I can’t park my Ambulance and Mustang on it. Yet they give me no reason as to why. They come by and take pictures of my house. I take pictures of them taking pictures of the house. I have caught them trespassing several times without my permission or knowledge. I have since installed 13 security cameras and audio to record 24/7/365. So if they come to the house even once without my knowledge or permission they are cooked.

Some have said I’m paranoid. Most say I’m right for doing so. To the others I say to them how would you like to lose 30+ cars,$200,000.00 and years of work? All for something that turned out to be something I was by law allowed to have.

As soon as I’m strong enough, maybe this year I will be filing a full throttle law suite against the city of Glendora for $250,000.00. I have a high powered lawyer doing it pro bono who found my situation very disconcerting that a city would do such a thing. The strange thing about this is that there are several people in the city that have car collections at their house like I had when all this started today. Yet the city did nothing to them. And still have their cars to this day and park them the same way I did.

Mark Gullick
1539 Bonnie Cove
Glendora, CA 91740
Boyer unHappy

United States

#5 Jul 11, 2008
When ever this poster #4 has some really facts to being to this forum by all means go for it, but this malarky comes start from the GOB's an GOG's
propaganda machine that hides in the basement of City Hall of Glendora, California.

There must be some deep dark secret that the GOB's an GOG's are trying to keep hidden? So to distract the public from asking to many questions these people will create any big story to keep their backsides protected.
Boyers Revenge

United States

#6 Jul 11, 2008
Has anyone bothered to drive by the ugly building that built too close to Route 66 an Forestdale?
The name of this boondoggle is "Glendora Park Place" since Douglas "F" Tessitor owns a two story office building across the street from Glendora Park Place the name on this three story monster of a building should be called "Glendora Doug Place."

All this because Douglas could force the plan through while he was Mayor of Glendora, California and he would reap the rewards of have this monster building next to his, only one big or bigger problem ever since Glendora Park Place was built - two years+ the first floor retail has NEVER been rented out to anyone.

Retail on the bottom floor was the selling point for Douglas to keep his promise to his development buddies an to fatten his wallet! Do you think our council would have learned from this costly mistake? NO not really!

This current city council ha their own drummer to march too and it's not from any average Glendora resident who thinks logicaly.

Covina, CA

#7 Jul 13, 2008
Athens Contract is a clear a present danger to the residents of Glendora!
But Douglas an crew didn't care to hear any facts and figures as to how this exclusive contract with the City of Glendora residents was really going to effect their lives.
The reality was this City has been in the RED for so many years, to balance the cities budget they in turn stole from the General Fund.
Sad but True

United States

#8 Jul 15, 2008
Cecil bows (as he should) to the very facts that have been presented for all to see here on this forum:

It amazes me how the City Council of Glendora, California and upper City Hall mamagement can profess their love for this town then turn around and trash it. To admit they actually want this town to fail is truly sad. Cecil on July 14, 2008.

To those who thought Cecil was a dolt as you see his words are very harsh againist the City Council too!
Sad but True

United States

#9 Jul 16, 2008
How can these stooges face themselves in the mirror each morning knowwing that they ahve been part of setting in motion the distruction of Glendora, California with each passing of a NEW destructive development with in the boundries of Glendora?

To sit at the dias an allow the friends of City Hall and the City Council to ruin the very nature and historic setting of Glendora and act as if it will not, is shear nuts.
Another day in Glendora

United States

#10 Jul 18, 2008
Why pay for a bunch of YES - BOYS on the Planning Commission in the first place, is it a waste of Glendora's Tax Dollars?

YEP! these folks are just rubber stamps in the first place. They snap an spit out nasty comments to anyone that has a diferent view or real facts to present at these Planning Commissioners meeting in the first place!

Enough with these rubba-dubba fools in a bath tub.
City Watch

United States

#11 Jul 23, 2008
Word has come my way to indicte that Douglas "F" Tessitor was at on his high horse in the Council chambers after the cameras were turned off he let loose a rant of "B" words directed at a female resident of Glendora, California.

With the City Attorney and City Clerk as well as FEMALE City MAYOR and other city council persons in the room - non of them stood up to the NASTY BULLY that Douglas "F" Tessitor is in reality!

Even KEN HERMAN admitted that he "TOOK ATHENS MONEY."

We have a bunch of crooks and sexists in our local government - thats like having sexual perverts running our communities affairs!

In fact Glendora has had a very POOR record of dealing with SEXUAL PERVERTS it could be said this problem reaches deep in to our current city council of Glendora, California.
Rapid Ronnie

Covina, CA

#12 Aug 6, 2008
Use this web address to report abuse by Glendora's local government officals:
Parisi awarded gadfly

Englewood, CO

#13 Aug 6, 2008
Rapid Ronnie wrote:
Use this web address to report abuse: john harrold public /messageboard.html
Only if you want to give your, First name, Last name, and Email address to the harroldites will you even be allowed to post to that abusive site.

With the village Idiot running around town can't think of anyone giving that information.
Rapid Ronnie

Covina, CA

#14 Aug 6, 2008
Don't ya just love a hate monger like this poster has been posting over an over again?

When ever these little creeps are asked to come out of the shadows or basement they become very up set, could they be on some kind of wanted list based out of Sacramento. Ca.

Non the less here is where the truth and justice can be found by logging on to these web pages:
Welcome to Glendora

Glendora, CA

#15 Aug 17, 2008
Current Observations concerning the US economy, not the ones kenny pulls out of thin air:

But even low-price operators like Wal-Mart have their own challenges. The company raised its full-year earnings forecast after second-quarter profit rose more than expected, helped by tight inventory controls and a renewed focus on low prices that is attracting financially squeezed shoppers around the world. Expexted sales at established U.S. stores during the current quarter would grow just 1 percent to 2 percent, a sharp decline from the second-quarter's 4.5 percent increase as the benefits of the federal stimulus checks dry up. Same-store sales are considered a key indicator of a retailer's health.
Goldline Station Needed

Covina, CA

#16 Aug 18, 2008
Today in the L.A. Times newspaper an article pertaining to Ligh Rail transportation was featured in the California section page B2, August 18, 2008.

This article clearly shows the faults in Los Angeles Counties attempt at standing around an waiting for the Gold Line to be completed and where Portland Oregon has won out through PLANNING an sticking to the orginial plans.

Glendora has a chance at becoming a creative planner for it's future an a power house in alternative transportation that will surly make it a shining example of PLANNING, if they build a Goldline train station in the Market place where the defunct Hyundai dealership once stood!

But Glendora is saddled with a City Council that thinks backwards an will not change unless enough public pressure is applied, so I ask that this be put to the VOTE for the residents of Glendora, California to decide not a small group of behind the times people to let Glendora fall behind in guiding it's future and grandchildrens future.

These City Council members will be long gone an forgotten when the transportation crunch settles in an people will be asking who was asleep at the wheel when true thinkers and planners had a chance to make a change for progress. Either thay have no backbone or are to afraid to put aside politicial friends an money to do something for the people rather than for redevelopment friends and money doners.
Think Again

Covina, CA

#17 Aug 22, 2008
Egos - well it appears yours is pretty well spun up already did you do yourself or did you ask for help or better yet did you pay someone? What a low life!

Look at all the different names for the Glendoran posting from Covina. Everything you touch turns to crap doesn't it? Calling people names is all you can do.

Scream all you want, but you know they won't post here because they're sacred and you're known wherever you post as not counting, you're just too over the edge. John's 15 minutes are so over and you've never had even a minute.

Now go ahead and call some more names showing people once again what you're all about.

Votes John Harrold out

Englewood, CO

#18 Aug 22, 2008
A little background on John Harrold Recalled Glendora Mayor

John Harrold is a sick man. He is a clinical Paranoid personality. Look at his history and the crap he allows on his web site.

Harrold’s number one enemies are those that in his sick mind have taken away his “rightful” place leading this city.
It was these actions that were the catalyst for Harrold’s obsession

Harrold, went insane and fired the commissioners, the city attorney and the city manager in a 90 day period of time after achieving a council majority. 90 days later the recall was launched.

Harrold’s followers have embellished the fantasy that he created and created myths of epic proportions to fit Harrold’s imaginings.

The Harroldites should be pitied. Their dreams of revenge will destroy them - not the people that have done so much for this community. I’m sure that bothers Harrold more than anything
Tug Boat

Covina, CA

#19 Aug 22, 2008
Haven't you heard enough about back ground?

I;m sure this poster hasn't so they have made up more horse-apples than a tree could produce or the propaganda horse that is kept in Glendora's City Hall basement right along with the RED COMMIE flag they all bow to each morning they receive there marching order from Peking!

If you need more information ask local residents what they think about how this current City Council has destroyed there town and watched the Councils friends enRICH themselves.

Laws and codes don't matter to the Councils friends because this Council will change them or look the other way until the job is done, but if they get caught RED handed then the City Attorney and City Staff will defend them in Court or with other Gov't agency's.

Thats the way the cookie crumbles, here in Glendora, California.
North End

San Dimas, CA

#20 Sep 3, 2008
After watching last nights (rubber stamp) planning Commissioners meeting it became all to apparent they can only watch an hand stamp almost anything placed in fron to them.

In other words GET THNE MONEY for the city as fast as possible before this city goes broke. Most if not all the topics placed before the Commission are already a done deal and they make it legal by flapping thier lips an move the item on to the City Council.

What a waste of tax payers dollars!

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