Hacienda La Puente Pop Warner accepti...

Hacienda La Puente Pop Warner accepting sign-ups

There are 537 comments on the Pasadena Star-News story from May 27, 2008, titled Hacienda La Puente Pop Warner accepting sign-ups. In it, Pasadena Star-News reports that:

Hacienda Heights La Puente Pop Warner youth football and cheer, open to children ages 5-15, are accepting sign-ups at Wal-Mart, located on the corner of Azusa and Gale avenues in Industry.

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mad parent

United States

#27 Apr 23, 2009
Now the team is all his and i hope for hlp he is what he claims. keep track on how many kids go play for HH. anyone backin him must be part of the "new board". that board wont come close to what the last one did. The old board and coach's ran HLP right. Keep your head up coach "T". u made my son a better player.. we go where u go
Speaking of cowards

Riverside, CA

#28 Apr 23, 2009
"Ding Dong MS is gone" is Dave "The Metro" Rios Your new HLP President (only by default) way to go. This is your new leader HLP, a kid with a beard with insecurity issues
For Dave

United States

#29 Apr 23, 2009
NLB Coach wrote:
<quoted text>
Anyone can teach the Double Wing, We have two National Championship teams in two years. Both teams are running the double wing. That last team HLP sent to the National Championships ran the double wing. What offense do you run, o yea I heard all about your offense "one play at a time, we will decide what to call it latter on."
NLB will kick your a** running the DW. they run it to a T.. and Dave u dont know the first thing about the DW. only thing u know is that u cant stop it..p.s he does get punked by his G/F

Los Angeles, CA

#30 Apr 23, 2009
no one and i mean NO ONE talks about my dad like that and gets away with it!!!! ooooh yea you best trust and believe i am burns' daughter no not denise im the youngest... "mad parent" can shove it and take a big bite of it!! lets not forget now that my dad used to coach jr all american when my sibblings were young and had the SAME disciplne rules and way as he does now. yes he did do this for my nephew duh! if he didnt have my nephew in anything i dont think he would be doing this at all!!! and please lets not forget what he did at la puente high school or for what he did while coaching jr all american. kids need to be yelled at too. you get baby them for the rest of their lifes!!! what do expect for the the high school football coaches to be liek "oh you werent yelled at when you were younger in football so i wont yell at you now" uh no! before you open your shtupid fucken mouth about shit you dont know about "mad parent" i'd suggest you get your damn facts straight then talk shit! do i have to tell you old ass fucken immature parents who hate on the new board because they are not in your favoritism to talk shit when you see there is no improvemtn or hlpp worsens??? oh yea this is me being furious dont even come up to me at a ptractice or a game if your the "mad parent" unless you want to be made a fool in front of everyone. and if your child cant handle someone yelling at then there then cheer is on the other side... but then that just might be too much too
X-Board Member

United States

#31 Apr 24, 2009
As we can all see TAMMIE and David have already started up the rumor mill. Just advising all with TAMMIE and David running things WATCH YOUR BACK. As everyone can see by reading this blog they are all about them.

As noted this is your NEW BOARD, To date four board members have quit over the last few months directly because of TAMMIE and David, that I am aware of. Two other board members personally told me they maybe quiting also, it is going to be a real tuff year. Parents get involved, stick together make the board accountable (TAMMIE & DAVID), you are the check and balance. This is your league not TAMMIE and Davids. It is all about the kids, ALL the kids TAMMIE. I advise parents to start showing up at the board meeting, ask questions, get involved.


New Board Member

Gwynn Oak, MD

#32 Apr 24, 2009
It’s disturbing on how immature people can get over issues they are no longer apart of. It’s neither ones place to speak badly about the former board members nor the new ones. Many of you have forgotten WE ALL DONATE MANY MANY HOURS to this League and your children as well as ours. Every board member past and present has treated each child as there own. To say as board members we choose to help because of our “Own Personal Interest” is a FALSE statement, because Very few rolled up there sleeves to help and DONATE Hundreds of hours away from there own families to keep FOOTBALL Alive for all these Boys! BUT WE ARE. I have been with HLP for 3 three years I might have not agreed with how it was ran in the past but I always appreciated all the sacrifice The past Board Members made for the boys, so I dare not to speak negative about them. But to hear all these negative remarks from former members and angry x-coaches is wrong! I strive in setting examples for my kids and you all have set an example on how not to behave and how immature adults can be. To all you X Board Members, X-Coaches, New Board Members, New Coaches and staff THANK YOU for everything you have and will continue to do for not only my son but every child out there, because you care enough to offer your time you will make a difference in someone’s LIFE!
Internal Investigation

Pleasanton, CA

#33 Apr 24, 2009
I’m not a parent nor do I know anything about your league but I am a private investigator and I was asked my sister to do background checks on the coaches so that my nephew plays in a safe environment. I went to the HLP website and noticed that there was no coaches name posted but I have however been looking into the new board members. I don’t’ know what kind of background checks are being implied but you have at least one Convicted Felon possibly two. I suggest these board members resign (you know you are) or I will personally send my reports to Pop Warner headquarters. These individuals have not committed a crime against minors, but they have made bad choices at one point in there lives, and I don’t feel they should be involved in youth sports.

Concerned Uncle
X-Board Member

United States

#34 Apr 24, 2009
Interesting comment, from what I recall the new board started attacking the old board. So now the old board comes on this blog and defends themself and the new board has a problem with it, real mature. If the new board would worry about tomorrow and stop attacking yesterday they would not have all the issues they have today.
New Board

Ontario, CA

#35 Apr 24, 2009
that new board was put together by all the people on the pee wee team from last. atleast 5 from that team..board members should take care of all the teams, not just there team..parents of the new HLP involved.. im going to be all up on that board to make sure they do whats best for the kids and HLP..also they wont post the names of the coaches because they want to keep all us parents in the dark..
New Board Member

Gwynn Oak, MD

#36 Apr 24, 2009
Thank you for your concerns "Internal Investigation" as board members we would appreciate to hear from you, please contact us at your earliest convenience with your information. We are also parents and would never jeopardize any of the boys. Unfortunately in this society many have a past history which they can never run away from, we are not here to judge anyone without the facts, but never the less we are always looking into the BEST INTREST OF ALL THE BOYS before anything else. We appreciate your concerns and would like to speak with you.
Internal Investigation

Pleasanton, CA

#37 Apr 24, 2009
A simple background check will give the answers, you should have the names and SS#
X-Board Member

United States

#38 Apr 24, 2009
Internal Investigation wrote:
A simple background check will give the answers, you should have the names and SS#
These two board members in question would pass the pop warner back ground check. Since the crimes don't have to due with sex or minor children. I personally know the two board members in question, one for a few years now and the other from last season only. When it comes to the kids and the way they act around the kids I have never seen or heard of any negative comments about these two board members. They both have been on the board for almost a year now and have been involved with the league at the coaching level for multi years. They are also involved in other local sports at the coaching and board level in these sports also.
x parent

United States

#39 Apr 24, 2009
HLP get your sh*t together. It's only been a few years and already it's going down hill. Hacienda Heights Cougars are looking really good next to u. Parents don't wait until it's too late. GET OUT NOW
X-Board Member

United States

#40 Apr 24, 2009
The issues that are being discussed here are also issues within the Cougars and the Warriors programs, lets be honest with each other. The only difference is at HLP we have a very inexperience board (TAMMIE & DAVID). Instead of moving forward, they start the new season with comments like;

“2009 Change is finally here!! You asked we listened, NEW BOARD - NEW DIRECTION!! NEW WEBSITE www.haciendalapuentepopwarner.org

So they start the season off attacking the old board, instead of basically keeping their personal feelings to them self and doing what is best for HLP. HLP, the most successful youth football program in the area, by far, 13 championships in four years.

So instead of this new board using our success to grow on they attempt to attack our old board with nothing to gain except TAMMIE & David’s personal agenda.

You know what they say “People, who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.” David Rios with your questionable manhood issues and TAMMIE Barboza should just stop blogging before it gets worse.

Los Angeles, CA

#41 Apr 24, 2009
you haters are stupid! the jr peewees didn't start winning until coach burns took over defense & i seem to remember the kids dumping water on him not "coach t" when they finally started winning, obviously they appreciated some one who knew something. "mad parent" & who ever else is crying cuz you say he yells too much, i think i heard the YMCA is taking sign ups for ballet & tap dance. THIS IS FOOTBALL PEOPLE, PANSIES DO NOT BELONG ON A FOOTBALL FIELD UNLESS THEY'RE BAND DORKS!!!
To Amen

United States

#42 Apr 24, 2009
sorry but coach burns gave up more points per game after he took over the "D"..and its not about yelling, its about talking down to the players and what about that lil fit he had the last game. he went all crazy, bad words and kicking the ground. is that what the team has to look forward to..im sure im not the only parent that was there..i was sitting there enjoying the game and that lil fit just killed it. and the worst part,,the team was up 2 touchdowns..
wait a minute

Los Angeles, CA

#43 Apr 24, 2009
hey "PI" where the hell where you when MS was around?? that's the one you should of did some looking into
Mad Parent

United States

#44 Apr 24, 2009
One last thing befor I quit this, for the past 2 years I've had to hear Mr. Burns talk bad about the coaches. First jose and than tony.my son loves playing with his team mates and so he will play again this year. But now it's my turn to speak up when and if he can't get the job done. I'm going to sit back and talk all the same crap he did. It's going to be fun!!!!

Pico Rivera, CA

#45 Apr 24, 2009
Why was only this post removed? " www.haciendalapuentepopwarner.org has correct sign-up dates and locations."

You can cuss bash and threaten just don't give accurate and correct information. Jump to a new site to blog people they obviously only want half truths,false information, bashing, cussing, and people miserable on here.
Loyal HLP Parent

El Monte, CA

#46 Apr 25, 2009
I have been involved in this league from the start. This new board was run out of Whittier, and asked not to come back. The old board built this league from zero and this new board starts up by talking crap about all those board members that put thousands of hours into this league, get a life.

Toward the end of last season Tamara and David started up with all the negative comments and JA and BP. Many parents were sick and tired of hearing all the negative comments last year and now reading this blog they are still up to no good. The only difference is now they put MS on their shit list. I have known MS for going on ten years now that is one person they don't want to mess with. I have never seen him lose a battle, and he won't back down to anyone. For them to question his ethics, they obviously don't know much about him or what he does for a living. Piece of advice you don’t want to go to war with MS, you will lose.

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