Pathetic Excuses for Republican Party

Pathetic Excuses for Republican Party

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GPC residue

Covina, CA

#1 Sep 25, 2011
The Republican Party is about the most pathetic excuse for a political party I've seen.

They can't control the Senate and White House but act like they are in the minority. They have made almost no attempt to promote their political goals, engage their base, counter Democratic criticism or, God forbid, actually go on offense.

The Republican Party is non-functional that Sara Palin is doing their job for them. If this is the best Republicnas can offer, it is not the tea party that will disappear, but the Republican Party.

Covina, CA

#2 Sep 25, 2011
You in the Republican,GOP, RNC and Tea Party have taught your children well, it's as bad as it gets coming from the parents of racists!

Campus Republicans at the University of California Berkeley have cooked up a storm of controversy with their plans for a bake sale.

They've developed a sliding scale where the price of the cookie or brownie depends on your gender and the color of your skin.

During the sale, scheduled for Tuesdaybaked goods will be sold to:

1.) white men for $2.00

2.) Asian men for $1.50

3.) Latino men for $1.00

4.) black men for $0.75

5.) Native American men for $0.25

6.) All women will get $0.25 off those prices.

Campus Republican President Shawn Lewis, who planned the event, told CNN-affiliate KGO. "But it's really there to cause people to think more critically about what this kind of policy would do in university admissions."
Remove the Students

La Puente, CA

#3 Sep 27, 2011
As the demographics shift in the state, state GOP officials have said the party needs to do a better job of communicating its policy goals directly to Latino voters.

The first-ever GOP Latino Town Hall meeting at its fall convention in Los Angeles recently, new efforts by the California Republican Party will include more town-hall meetings and candidate recruitment.

The California GOP party tends to communicate with only a small portion of California.

State Sen. Bob Huff, R-Walnut, said the town-hall event was a "a good start" but that more work needs to be done to find common ground.

The only problem with R-Huff is.he tends to forget himself and makes politically incorrect remarks about ethnic people an groups.

Much like the "bake Sale" lead by the GOP students in Northern California! These students need to be hauled in to court and charged.

Who ever allwed these "terrorist" GOP students lose on campus anyway, time to remove this type of negative element from the other law abising student body.
Ban GOPea

Covina, CA

#5 Sep 29, 2011
Déjà vu.

The House Republicans again drove America towards a government shutdown, this time holding hostage the victims of floods, wildfires, and hurricanes.

After the Senate declared this DOA, the House GOP split town, these Republicans clearly have one interest in their governing. Destroy everything in their path.

The Boehner-Cantor ideology is wrong for America and the rest of the world has seen this for themselves too.
President Poll

Covina, CA

#6 Sep 29, 2011
President's Poll Data month of September 2011


Approve 39 Disapprove 51

Rasmussen Reports
Approve 45 Disapprove 53

CNN/Opinion Research
Approve 45 Disapprove 52

Approve 39 Disapprove 52

CBS News/NY Times
Approve 43 Disapprove 50

Approve 45 Disapprove 49
Poke em Again

Covina, CA

#7 Sep 29, 2011
Hoping to revive his flagging bid for the Republican presidential nomination, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling for an overhaul of the way Americans pay taxes and buy health care and would allow young people to opt out of the Social Security system.

Gingrich said the 10-point plan he mapped out in a speech at a Des Moines insurance company would form the core of his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Key elements include repealing President Barack Obama's health care plan and giving taxpayers the option of paying a flat tax.

He says voters this election are so worried about the condition of the country that they are demanding detailed solutions about how candidates would deal with those problems.
Jump Crusies

San Dimas, CA

#8 Sep 30, 2011
The housing crisis (and the economic downturn it triggered) has affected everyone. But it's hit Black people and Latinos particularly hard. Subprime lending, foreclosures, and plummeting home values have totally devastated Black wealth. The racial wealth gap is now bigger than it has ever been since the Census Bureau started measuring it in 1984. According to a recent study, between 2005 and 2009 median wealth fell by 53% for Black households and 66% for Latino households, while falling only 16% for White households. Black folks have a lot to gain and a lot to lose in a potential deal between government authorities and the banks.

Earlier this year, attorneys general from all 50 states began an investigation into some of the biggest banks centering on the practice of "robo-signing." The notorious robo-signing scandal is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wrongdoing by the mortgage industry. Through congressional hearings, court cases and investigative reporting, we know of numerous stories of big financial firms engaging in shady mortgage practices, many of which seem on their face to violate various laws and regulations. Some institutions specifically targeted Black people with these practices. Wells Fargo, for example, was sued for specifically steering African Americans towards high cost subprime loans, even though they qualified for better loans.

But there has been a big push to reach a settlement before these issues have been investigated in any meaningful way. A settlement could short-circuit future attempts to get to the bottom of this mess, hold banks accountable, and force them to change their practices to help borrowers and homeowners.

The good news is that attorneys general from New York, Minnesota, Nevada, Delaware, and Kentucky are saying "no" to this deal. It's putting pressure on the committee leading the negotiations to push for a better deal. But unless more attorneys general join them, the banks could still get off easy and avoid compensating homeowners properly.

We supported Kamala Harris when she ran for California Attorney General because of her vision for a fair criminal justice system and her tough stance against corporate criminals. Since taking office, she's been a powerful advocate on important issues — she's fighting the proposed AT&T / T-Mobile merger, and she has defended the federal health care law. Harris has said that she'll be listening closely to what the public has to say about this issue, so it's very important that she hear from us.
Roger Pfohma

La Puente, CA

#9 Oct 1, 2011
Today's congressmen and senators particularly on the tea-party-infused Republican side of the aisle are more fearful of primary than general election challenges. Growing numbers of federal elected officials are more worried about tending to a political base screaming for radical change than appealing to independent or crossover voters.

San Dimas, CA

#10 Oct 4, 2011
The first of I believe many manifestations protesting the current sorry state of the country is taking place now in New York and now here in Los Angeles.

They are protesting Wall Street greed, which Forbes reports includes incomes of a billion dollars a year for some Wall Street moguls and huge bonuses for crimes against the people of the United States of America.

It is sad to say that Republican, GOP, RNC and Tea Party leaders do not know how to solve our problems.

They should all step aside and get out of the way!
Not Nice

La Puente, CA

#11 Oct 6, 2011
The political parties are not federal organizations.

They are private clubs that hunger for members.

As private clubs, the national organization that controls all the 50 chapters can and does set the rules.

If a chapter (ie: Florida) breaks the rules, the national organization officers can suspend said chapter and till it any contest not done within the clubs rules will be strictly a beauty contest, and no state representatives will be seated at the national convention.

This still allows each chapter to decide if it will play by the club rules or not.

And I believe it would end the date game.

La Puente, CA

#12 Oct 7, 2011
The Republican party along with RNC, GOP and theTea Party are ALL acting like "Spoiled Brats" and only thinking for themselves and not whats in the best interest of the American People.

A dispute Thursday night revealed long simmering divisions between the two parties over the increasing use of delaying tactics – such as filibusters that need 60 votes to overcome - which Republicans use to ensure their rights but that frustrate the ability of the majority Democrats to pass legislation.

San Dimas, CA

#13 Oct 9, 2011
It's obvious that these people are the paid puppets of the Gramms and Kochs of the world. This woman couldn't hold an intelligent discussion of public service issues to save her life, but comes out in the national press talking "class warfare." Her droogs are just that - simpletons who either jump when told to jump or jump when not told to jump.

All citizens are frustrated with the economy but these people obfuscate and bluster to hide the real cause: a handful of execs gamed the system, are doing very well for themselves, and are following a strategy of blockage for another year-and-a-half trying to get their simpleton GOP thugs back in the White House.

To try and get things done and try to restore the middle class is not "class warfare" as the tanman and turtle claim, it's patriotism. If there were true justice, this woman would be forced to meet with 100 skilled, unemployed families and report what SHE would do to help them. not a chance - her philosophy is like Herman Cain's - just blame them for their problems and wait for the next check to come in from above.

San Francisco, CA

#14 Oct 9, 2011
There is not a dime's worth of difference it the "parties". They are all sold out WHORES
They have all SOLD US OUT.
Their agenda is NOT in our interest.
Their agenda is the AGENDA OF THE CFR.
NO change in defense sec Gates with Barry Sotoro.
NO change in Treasury dept Goldman Sacs with Barry.
RON PAUL is the last hope.
I Pray enough waken in time
God Bless you all.

San Dimas, CA

#15 Oct 9, 2011
The HIGH visibility of the Occupy Wall Street's movement should bring renewed attention to a political and economic issue the majority of Americans on Main Street agree upon—something's not quite right on Wall Street (like skunks they are) and something has got to be done about it.

Time to thin out the herd of GREEDY, blood sucking leaches on Wall Street.
New lows

Monrovia, CA

#16 Oct 14, 2011
Is this another example of a Republican, GOP, RNC and Tea Party member's.

An official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality.

Police arrested Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44, in DeKalb County, also charged Lindsey's live-in boyfriend, Thomas Joseph Westerman, 42, with two counts of child molestation.

The two are accused of "immoral and indecent" sexual acts involving a 6-year-old, according to information from DeKalb County Magistrate Court and an arrest warrant.

The bestiality charge says Lindsey did unlawfully perform or submit to any sexual act with an animal.

La Puente, CA

#17 Oct 16, 2011
This is another example of what stupid Republican, GOP, RNC and Tea Party folks are up to. They will give the right to vote to companies but NOT citizens of the United States of America who also pay taxes.

Mrs. Cooper has always honored this past by voting. In 70 years, she has missed only one election, in 1960, because a move made her miss the registration deadline. Despite living through an era when African-Americans were routinely turned away from the ballot box -- and worse -- Mrs. Cooper said she "never had any problems" exercising her rights. Even before the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965.

Until now.

Last week Tennessee effectively prohibited her from voting because of the state's new photo ID requirement.

In 2011, Republicans in Tennessee passed a law requiring all voters to show current, government-issued photo identification before voting in person. Mrs. Cooper has a Social Security card and a photo ID issued by the Chattanooga Police Department for seniors in her housing complex.
Scheming Repubs

La Puente, CA

#18 Oct 16, 2011
In Pennsylvania, where Republicans are currently pushing a photo ID mandate, new legislation could prevent 340,000 older Pennsylvanians from voting -- more than the total population of Pittsburgh.

If this is how Republicans thank the Greatest Generation, elderly veterans and amazing women like Dorothy Cooper, I sure hope they don't try to take care of me when I'm older
Straw Flutterings

San Dimas, CA

#19 Oct 23, 2011
State Sen. Ed Hernandez, D-West Covina;

Explains the referendum as an initiative of desperate move from a faltering party whose members, largely supported creating an independent redistricting commission when it was on the ballot.

The purpose of the commission was to draw lines without regard to incumbents or party, and now the Republicans are grasping at straws because many of them will be lossing their seats.

The truth is that there just aren't as many registered Republicans left in California and only a gerrymandered process will give them the number of seats they want in the Senate.
GOPers Pigs

Covina, CA

#20 Oct 29, 2011
Those teachers, firefighters, and police who would be retained and rehired by the Obama jobs bill are members of unions.

So you are opposed to teachers, firefighters, and police because you don't know what you are talking about.

Walker in Wisconsin signed a law repealing collective bargaining for all public employee unions -- EXCEPT for firefighters and police.

But, not being you -- not being stupid -- the firefighters and police OPPOSED Walker because they realize THEY ARE NEXT.

Now ask yourself, professional moron: why do we lay off and fire teachers, when nothing is more important than education?

Might it be because that is as those who want us to be stupid want it?

And why would they want us to be stupid?

So, like you, we'll watch FOX's fantasyand and believe the anti-99 per cent hate-speech they would continue to feed us.

Unions are your friend, fool. The views you espouse against them are those of your enemy.

But, right: the educated are "elitists"; and we can't have eleitists -- people who know what they're talking about. We can't have teachers, as that would result in the possibility of upward mobility, instead of an enforced fake-democratic horizontal communism imposed by corporations.

The FOX agenda: let's not only keep them stupid; let's get them to spread the propaganda that is against their interests.

Let's get them to hate education so they agree to willingly be and remain stupid.
Lame Chops

La Puente, CA

#21 Oct 31, 2011
Big Oil just posted multibillion-dollar profits – AGAIN – and what are Republicans doing?

Filibustering a jobs bill.

Refusing to make billionaires pay their fair share.

Basically anything they can do for the benefit of their wealthy buddies in the top 1%-- and at the expense of the middle class.

This is whats hurting America, No taxes for the Republican, GOP, RNC and Tea Party friends.

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