U Trashy Sprocket

United States

#1 Jul 10, 2018
She should without a doubt!

He's so obsessed with her still, that just the other day he busted his own self out for playing two clueless women at the same time, yet again!!!!! By bringing in yet another woman he has tricked with his lies, to try and troll UT to try and run her off the only forum she posts in now!!!!!

He was so distraught and mad at the same time because he saw UT posting here all happy like she does because the one clueless woman he tricked and played, that he had already brought in to this forum, failed at running her off for him!!!!! That he ended up bringing in the other clueless woman in which he has been flirting with all over Topix behind the other clueless woman's back, to try and run her off for him too.

Sprocket has yet again been tricking and playing two more women and yet again talked them into trolling women like UT for him. He's so stupid and so obsessed with UT that he got the two women he has been trying to hide from each other to meet by bringing them both here to try and fight his battles for him, that he started his self.

So now that those women have finally found out what a piece of shit he is, he will start cyber stalking and cyber bullying them too. Just like all the others on his long list of women he harasses daily!!!!!
U Trashy Sprocket

United States

#2 Jul 10, 2018
Sprocket is so stupid and obsessed with UT that he fell for this here today!!!!!! The other thread, Give UT A New Forum, was made to prove yet again that Sprocket is here in the Circleville forum nonstop for the soul purpose of harassing UT!!!!!!!

What took place here today straight up proves that Sprocket is constantly watching this Circleville forum and all the threads in it for the soul purpose of harassing UT!!!!!!!

Within minutes of that thread being posted he showed up and did his usual crap with disliking all the positive comments about UT more than ten times!!!!!!!

Within ten hours of that thread being made SPROCKET showed up and made a thread here too, to post nothing but lies that have all been proven to be lies with actual facts and proof!!!!!!

Everything posted here on this thread and the other thread is one hundred percent factual and there is tons of proof available to back it all up!!!!!!

Sprocket has today alone proven that he watches this forum nonstop to harass UT!!!

Sprocket has today alone proven that he posts nothing but lies about UT nonstop!!!!!

Sprocket has today alone proven that he uses the forum he got taken from UT just to try and harass UT more!!!!!!

Sprocket has today alone proven that he won't let UT or anyone who posts good things about UT, to post anywhere without him showing up and harassing them!!!!!

And so on!!!

Right here today straight up proves that Sprocket is a creep who will not leave UT alone even though she has repeatedly told him to leave her alone!!!!!!

He is all over the only forum she posts in, not the other way around!!!!!!

He needs to back the hell off and grow up and be a man and stop harassing UT and all of the other poor women he keeps victimizing!!!!!!!

He's so obsessed with UT that he actually just tricked and played and used two more women for the soul purpose of getting them to come here to the only forum UT posts in now, to bully her and to try and run her off!!!!!!!

No grown man of Sprockets age should be online all day harassing a woman who has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with him!!!!!!!

United States

#3 Jul 10, 2018
I made this thread to demonstrate how, Sprocket, and a few other trolls literally show right up as soOn as I post no matter when or where...


Of course...

They all did show right up and started their usual crap!!!

They showed up within minutes of me making the other thread and disliked my comments more than ten times within two minutes...

Then made a thread of their own right here in this forum to post nothing but immature and pathetic lies about me... Even though everything I posted was all true!!!

Then they showed up with their sock accounts and grayboxes because they are cowards and hide because they know what they are doing is wrong and against the law!!!

Then they tried to accuse me of making the thread to, ""bait,"" Sprocket... Even though I clearly stated why I made the thread!!!

So by them accusing me of making that thread to, ""bait,"" Sprocket. Is them basically admitting to making that thread they made here today to try and, ""bait,"" me so they could get me to post there to harass me further!!!

Then they tried to accuse me of stalking, Sprocket. Even though they are the ones who showed up on my thread!!! So yet again they basically admitted to stalking me yet again!!!


That's how dumb and obsessed they are with me!!!


Yes!!! I probably should press charges!!!

United States

#4 Jul 10, 2018






They are so dumb and obsessed they literally just proved that they are on here 24/7 watching for me to harass me as soOn as I post no matter when!!!


Elkview, WV

#5 Jul 11, 2018

United States

#6 Jul 11, 2018
UTrashy wrote:


I bet you'd just love that, if I would!!!


I'm not!!! I'm not gonna, ""STFU!""

Why doesn't your cowardly little b itch ass come on over here and try to make me, ""STFU!""


Better yet...

Why doesn't your cowardly little b itch ass just fcking leave!!!

If you want me to, ""STFU,"" so badly and don't want to see me post anymore...


Why would you cyber stalk me and cyber bully me on,(EVERY SINGLE FCKING THREAD I POST ON,) if you don't want to see me post!?!?


You dumb!!! You dumb as shit!!!

Creeps and Creepers

United States

#7 Jul 11, 2018
Why is this even a question ?? She should have done it years ago ! He never posted here in this forum before but he has been here for two whole days now posting to himself to post dumb lies on that thread he made to bait her and posting lies on every other thread in this forum also !! I've never seen anything like this crap before and its out of this world !!! There is more creeps doing the same crap as sprocket here too !! They all should be locked up!!!!

Elkview, WV

#8 Jul 11, 2018
u xant b that specail

United States

#9 Jul 11, 2018
cornbread wrote:
u xant b that specail
Yes I am, Sprocket!!!

You wouldn't be here if I wasn't!!!

What!?!? You're not gonna use your, Cornbread Mafia, sock account!?!? Did you think I forgot about that!?!?

You have used so many screen names that you can't even remember which ones I know about!!!

Ever since I posted here yesterday you have been here nonstop!!!

You have been posting here nonstop in hopes of getting my ATTENTION!!!

Well you've been wasting your own retarded time!!!

I haven't read any of the shit you have posted on the threads you have made here!!!

Just like I don't read any of the dumbass shit you post in your dead ass forums in hopes of getting my ATTENTION!!!

You're so fcking obsessed with me and so fcking stupid that you clearly don't realise that all you're doing is incriminating yourself by proving that you're indeed cyber stalking and cyber bullying me everyday!!!

Now this is the last little bit of attention you'll get from me!!!

If you really want my attention and time so fcking badly, then come at me with your fcking main account!!!

Stop being a cowardly little b itch!!!

Stop fcking bothering me actually!!!

I don't fcking want you!!!

I keep trying to get you to leave me alone!!!

I'm not going to stop posting in my own hometown forum!!!

I shouldn't have to put up with you and your retarded childish bullshit every single time I post no matter when or where!!!

United States

#11 Jul 11, 2018

ToO fcking funny!!!

The dirty mod aka Maverick, is here removing my comments before they even show on the thread...

Cause he's scared!!!

He knows what he and the other two stalker creeps have done are still doing is against the law and I could easily press charges on all of them!!!

All I was make one little thread in an old abandoned user forum that no one has posted in for months...



All three of the creeps who keep cyber stalking and cyber bullying me instantly showing up and started their usual bullshit and have yet to stop!!!

Check mate!!!


United States

#12 Jul 11, 2018
Rstar aka PrisonBitch, keeps going around acting like, Sprocket, to get him blamed for things he didn't do causing his PI to get posted!!!

He has been here nonstop for over two days now posting lies about, Sprocket and I!!!

Sprocket, has also been here posting dumb and retarded lies toO!!!


So has the dirty mod aka Maverick!!!

It's a fcking stalker reunion or some shit up in here!!!

Men are dogs

United States

#13 Jul 12, 2018
Something should definitely be done about the guys following her around posting nasty things about her all the time. I feel bad for her because I've seen them doing it for so long now. I have seen lots of men turn real nasty and treat women poorly after they get turned down by the women before and it's not right. How can a man go from saying how hot and beautiful a woman is to calling them nasty things and calling them fat and ugly just because the woman isn't interested in them like they are in the woman? Those men should feel ashamed of themselves for what they keep doing to her and other women!!!
No More

United States

#14 Jul 12, 2018
A judge should order all 3 of her stalkers to stay off Topix or be sent to prison!!!!!!

United States

#16 Jul 12, 2018
Yes yes and yes !! Not only sprocket but the others who are still messing with her too!!!! How are they still able to get away with what they have been doing for way too long now?? Doesn't this website have moderators to handle situations like that ????

Mount Vernon, OH

#17 Jul 12, 2018
We just wish she would ingest poison, then set herself on fire. No one cares.

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