Bruce and Whitney Dobbins poisoning C...
oldest daughter

Odenville, AL

#25 Nov 14, 2012
yeah i agree lil sis lmfao people obviously DONT want to accept the fact that is all true!!! so yeah obviously she tells people her side of the story and they are too damn dumb to believe her over her family and OWN KIDS
The Aunt

Logan, OH

#26 Nov 14, 2012
Other people cannot ruin your life if you don't allow them to; and you had nothing to do with where your mother is so you shouldn't be ashamed of that. One thing you can do is ask yourself why a mother pits her children against each other, sister against sister, sisters against brothers. You wouldn't want that for your own children, and your mother shouldn't have wanted that for you. I've known your mother her whole life and know many things that shouldn't have happened to you and your siblings. I only wish it could have been different.

San Francisco, CA

#27 Nov 14, 2012
some body just shoot the junkie wh*re

“Displaced Denizen”

Since: Aug 12

Powell Ohio

#31 Nov 14, 2012
Sharon Peedurs wrote:
^^^my bad THINGS not thongs..I'm typing this as I shop in Victoria's Secret. Lmao.
Why didn't you ask me along? I could have helped you pick out a few outfits :)

San Francisco, CA

#32 Nov 14, 2012
i like fredericks of hollywood so much more
dobbins wife

Columbus, OH

#33 Nov 15, 2012
I am really glad you wrote all that bout isabella cause she admitted she lied we took dna test and lie detectors test and my lawyer said anyone harasses me or bruce or slanders our names thats prison time for them thanks for the evidence its what ive been waiting for. and i am clean away from circleville starting my life over waiting for my husband to come home next month so he can start over again yeah we screwed up but who dont. we learn from our mistakes. i believe everyone deserves a second chance. and its people like you that make people like me relapse. you should feel real good about yourself bitch.
Chuck Norris

Columbus, OH

#34 Nov 15, 2012
This is a forum. Freedom of speech. Ever heard of it.? Harassment doesn't apply here. If you don't
like reading about the truth than don't. Its your choice. Guess you need to stay off of topic.
oldest daughter

Odenville, AL

#35 Nov 15, 2012
mom...listen im proud of u if you really are staying clean i dont know just going by what you say ok? jimmy called me the other day and said he would call me the next day cause you wanted to talk to me and i didnt get off work until 11 that night i told him to tell you my cell phone number and tell you to call me when you could and he never answered me back so i didnt know..but yes me and casey have been over for like 2 months now maybe a lil less but still and anthony has been taking care of me and helpin me and he does not put his hands on me mom so that is good i was jus saying mom that i wish we could have the mother/daughter relationship we are suppose to have thats all..i do love you you are my mother just a bunch of shit has happened everywhere and drama gets started and im getting so sick of it..anthony almost called the cops on me the other day because everything thats been going on and i dont know why but i swallowed some bleach and anthony smelled it on my breath and freaked ive been doing okay since then but sometimes i just wish casey wouldve finished me off when he had the chance to it would've been alot easier that way..but if you are clean im proud of u because i dont want to wake up one day and read where my own mother is dead because of drugs or someone putting their hands on her ya know mom? i love you and i hope your doing a whole lot better and you stay that way.
oldest daughter

Odenville, AL

#36 Nov 15, 2012
@ chuck norris...i dont know who ur talking about when you say harassment doesnt apply here..can you please inform me i would just like to know just having a conversation with my mother and i would like to know whos being pointed at for harassment. thanks
lil sis lmfao

Demotte, IN

#39 Nov 15, 2012
To "aunt" and my niece and i arent ashamed..whitney has had this long time coming...! whitneys my sister by blood thats it! shes nothing to me and hasnt been for yrs..i dont condone the life she leads and dont want the influence around my daughters. this is personal between her and i...this bitch is part of the reason i dont have my 3 older ones the other half is my ex..see i was 25 yrs old going through a bad divorce when them 2 decided to help each other out their the ones who plotted to set mom up on the charges she got...along with whitney going into court saying my kids were better off with my ex cause i keep them to clean and dont let them be kids like duh their girls i want them to know how to take care of themselves but that doesnt make a person a bad mother! then lets see since she wants to put my name out ex knew the system and knew how to work it cause he done it to his other ex when he took her kids too...he brought me up on charges of domestic...and this bitch on her
lil sis lmfao

Demotte, IN

#40 Nov 15, 2012
Here goes and files aggravated mennecing charges on me to help my ex keep my kids through our cutody battle..then i get told by the magestery i got to take care of all the charges before getting my kids back so my lawyer and i plead guilty me being young and dumb and just wanting my kids back just to find out after i did that not along do i have it on my record but now he got to keep the kids cause i do have it on my record...what i say is true..dont believe me look it up..hocking county! look at the dates while whitney wants to run her mouth..which i found not asshamed of my background whitney im not the druggy..also my kids deal with their step kids love being with me and want to be with me and pretty soon u or my ex wont be able to stand in their way...i am a damn good mother to my kids and anyone whose around me knows it..on another note cracked out shitney i dont sleep with parents thats all in your sexual fantacys..nasty bitch..and on the topic of my daughters dad and i yes weve had
lil sis lmfao

Demotte, IN

#41 Nov 15, 2012
Our share of problems but know weve always worked them out and as for him being at your place bitch he dont even like u or the troll you call your husband and wouldnt hang out with u if his life depended on it..he hates you guys and what you helped cause his step kids to go through at such young ages so try again dumbass...well enough said i have a life and baby to take care of so im getting off here for now...
oldest daughter

Odenville, AL

#42 Nov 15, 2012
@ lil sis lmfao hey isabella has been texting me all day she gave me her cell phone number and shes been talking to me bout everything thats been being said on here..she just told me she was never going to anyone's house EVERYDAY like whats being claimed on here and i guess she told me her husband has been telling her that she needs to talk to a lawyer or somebody about what happened because i guess they told her she can still get help for what happened to her..she said shes going to try to talk to her husband about coming down here to alabama with me and getting a place and she asked me if i would help her with what happened in circleville and i told her i would she ask me about u and i told her i talk to u just about everyday almost and she says she hasnt talked to any of the family except me in a while that she didnt want to and that she never told anybody that she was having sex with a boy from school that it was what she said happened i guess. i just thought you should know about what was being said and what isabella just told me love ya talk to ya later
dobbins wife

Columbus, OH

#44 Nov 16, 2012
shows how much u know she just aint living with a man like your slut ass does she is married to the man she got married around halloween lastyear now who is lieing now izzyb just like she did with the accusations we never had visits with her while case was going on before. so the bitch saying we did and we coached her into saying she lied dont know where u got ure story but u dont know shit. we can all tell who the real grown up is here me. guess ure life will never mine sure as hell is.

United States

#47 Nov 16, 2012
Oldest daughter.. You are still wanted in circleville btw... And dobbins wife, HOW DARE YOU CALL YOUR MENTALLY CHALLENGED DAUGHTER A BITCH! I'm so sorry any of those kids were born to you!

Columbus, OH

#48 Nov 16, 2012
lil sis lmfao wrote: the "aunt" im not ashamed where my mother is or the false charges shes got..i know the truth! as i was standing there listening to my ex and his family and the bitch thats so called my sister saying how they were going to set both of them up on the charges! so am i ashamed to blast the one person whose ruined my life and everyones life she comes in contact with hell no...everyone deserves to know the truth! if ppl cant handle the truth then dont read not putting names out there other then hers....! im not being desrespectful to anyone on here just for once telling ppl what she has done and who she is!
Those are not false charges. They were just snitched on. They were selling drugs out of that house. If there was no evidence, there wouldn't be any charges.

Chillicothe, OH

#49 Nov 16, 2012
Where on Ohio St?
lil sis lmfao

Huntington, IN

#51 Nov 16, 2012
to sharon...thank u for clearing that up for some ppl on here..some ppl need to read the comments before and after before posting a reply to one cause god knows i wouldnt say the charges on whitney were false!

Columbus, OH

#52 Nov 16, 2012
My bad, guess I read it
she is a tramp

Westland, MI

#53 Nov 16, 2012
dobbins wife wrote:
shows how much u know she just aint living with a man like your slut ass does she is married to the man she got married around halloween lastyear now who is lieing now izzyb just like she did with the accusations we never had visits with her while case was going on before. so the bitch saying we did and we coached her into saying she lied dont know where u got ure story but u dont know shit. we can all tell who the real grown up is here me. guess ure life will never mine sure as hell is.
You are as much of a grown up as bruce is a minister. Whitney... you don't have to act like you are sober. Everyone knows you aren't. You are a piece of shit drug addict and a drain on society. You have about as much hope for changing you life as you do finding the fountain of youth. Do the world a favor and drown yourself in a bucket of piss. You are by far the ugliest woman I have ever seen with your greasey hair and abcess infested skin. Go back to bed, cuddle with the cockroaches and bedbugs and wait for the prison bus to haul you where you belong. Nasty bitch

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