Columbus, OH

#43 Oct 29, 2012
Michelle Lintz and Johnny Blevins are her parents..
Grow up

Taylor, MI

#44 Oct 29, 2012
Her last name isn't lintz idiots its GAINS

Garden City, MI

#45 Oct 29, 2012
Hey "idiots".. It's Gaines, not Gains. I was referring to her maiden name, you pompous jackass. She's no longer with Mr. Gaines and I highly doubt she would choose that last name if she wasn't too busy dealing and prostituting herself out. So, that being said. Her parents are Michelle LINTZ and John Blevins. For you "idiots", anyways!
Grow up

Taylor, MI

#46 Oct 30, 2012
Your the idiot she still goes by gaines!!:) so maybe you shouldn't say anything unless you know! I spelled out wrong my bad..but your still the idiot!

Portage, MI

#47 Oct 30, 2012
Sadly wrote:
Hey "idiots".. It's Gaines, not Gains. I was referring to her maiden name, you pompous jackass. She's no longer with Mr. Gaines and I highly doubt she would choose that last name if she wasn't too busy dealing and prostituting herself out. So, that being said. Her parents are Michelle LINTZ and John Blevins. For you "idiots", anyways!
ok so does anyone know who their really talking about. My question was simple. Is the mothers name as i knew her Michelle or Shelly Lintz? Blonde skanky hoe that would screw anything with legs. Total hoe bag. Just curious..

Powell, OH

#48 Oct 30, 2012
Her mom is Shelly Lintz/Gaines a worthless prostitute junkie who is an embarrassment to her family just like shanda

Columbus, OH

#49 Oct 30, 2012
Growup, please...please...PLEASE refrain from calling someone an idiot when you don't know the difference between your and you're. Also, please learn the definition of a comma... and use it. You are the epitomy of idiot, idiot. SMH. Damn shame.
Stupid people

West Portsmouth, OH

#50 Nov 13, 2012
You guys are all p**y a** mother f****rs!!!! Too much of a bitch to get on here & post your real name!!! Punk bitches.. I guarantee half you dumb a***s on here talking sh*t about my mom and sister are drug addicts yourself!!!! Obviously you've never been in their shoes.. I don't agree with what they do either but i also don't talk sh*t!!! They may be drug addicts but I guarantee they would f**k up any of you dumb b*****s writting these comments!! Get a f***ing life.. You aren't any better by talking shit about people on this fucked up web site!!! Dumb f***s..
Dylan or kaleb

Logan, OH

#51 Nov 14, 2012
I know all of you were taught better by your grandma Jo and the rest of your family your mom and sister chose this life style of drugs stealing and prostitution sometimes the truth will set you free and your mom and sister needs to read this to see what people really think of them because I personally know all of you and your past and your mom and sister need tons of help and need to be locked away they are spreading disease and bringing children into this world addicted to drugs and they can t afford to take care of them hoping you guys do better for yourselves and don't follow in their footsteps
Not long now

Buchtel, OH

#52 Nov 27, 2012
It won't be to long now until this nasty drug addicted wh0re has that baby and the state comes in and rips it away from her so when she goes into labor call Columbus child protective services and let them know they have been informed and are waiting for the call they pulled her record from Franklin and pickaway counties and her mom and dads and the baby's dad so they are just waiting for a call
this girl

Van Wert, OH

#53 Nov 27, 2012
This breaks my heart.. I went to middle school with Shanda. We both used to argue a lot then we started becoming what I might call friends and she dissapeared. Three years ago I heard rumors about her home life. Things started to click then. The girl was always angry and seemed like she was constantly waiting for something bad to happen. I feel sorry for her. She grew up getting pimped out by her mother.. I just cant wrap my mind around that. How twisted that is. It is no wonder for how deranged she must be. Im praying for her. No joke I almost want to cry this is so sad..

Wilmington, OH

#54 Dec 6, 2012
Hurry and call Columbus cps and children's maternity ward she went into labor I just called both left a message for cps and talked to nursing supervisor at children's this baby needs a chance I hope the system works
Thank god

Wilmington, OH

#55 Dec 7, 2012
It worked they took the baby she can not see it until she can pass a drug test for a complete year have a job for 6 months have her own place along with tons of other stipulations she has herion in her system and so did the baby

United States

#56 Dec 7, 2012
Actually that's not true nothing like that happend

United States

#57 Dec 7, 2012
Yes the baby had drugs in her system but as far as all that other stuff that's false someone doesn't Know whatsgoing on if that's what they told u not being rude because I hope the baby can go with someone else I was just saying

Columbus, OH

#58 Dec 8, 2012
Sadly wrote:
CPS wont take the baby away from her immediately. Be logical here.. It'll take awhile. At least a few months of everyone complaining and calling in.. Horrible situation and I hope the best for the baby, not Shanda...
Actually if you want to know whats happening, she had the baby, weighed 5lbs 2 oz. Tested positive for heroin. Children Services took the child into temporary custody and she is not permitted to get custody until she completes a drug intervention program, stay clean for 180 days and have a job for 180 days.

Children services can take a child if it tests positive for drugs.

Columbus, OH

#59 Dec 8, 2012
false wrote:
Actually that's not true nothing like that happend
You are wrong thats exactly what happened.

United States

#60 Dec 8, 2012
If u say so I'm not on there side at all n I'm not arguing but there really has not been anything set at all. By cs idk who is telling u that but idk..
Dylan lintz

Chillicothe, OH

#61 Dec 17, 2012
You guys are cool to talk about someone that drugs have taken over!!! You guys obviously never knew anyone personally that was addicted to drugs, she can't quit on her own!!! I agree with most of you B*tches running your mouth but she has to want to quit to quit! She's ruined her life & I don't see her coming back!! But that doesn't mean you hide behind a computer screen & talk crap about her'! You guys probably aren't any better! & about the baby, she has a gorgeous daughter which is my niece! Stop talking sh*t though unless you're gonna tell us who you really are! A bunch of f*cking cowards! Lame

Ray, OH

#62 Jan 22, 2013
The state needs to keep her nasty butt away from that baby before she gives it one of the many diseases she has from sleeping with every dirty black man in Columbus and using dirty needles god will punish u shanda and u get what u deserve

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