Door to door magazine sales scam

Door to door magazine sales scam

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Katy, TX

#1 Jan 25, 2012
My family and I have recently moved into the Meadow Place section of Cinco Ranch and last night had a man come to the door claiming to be a college student selling magazine subscriptions in order to help finance a trip to London for an internship to the BBC. The man said his name was Josh Selby, he is about 5' 10' with dark brown hair and narrow, dark rimmed glasses. He looks a bit old to be a college student. He was increasingly insistent that we sign on. My husband and I had fallen victim to a very similar scam in Boston once before and did finally ask the man to leave (which he did). No real harm done, but with small children at home it's left us feeling a bit wary about our new surroundings.

Katy, TX

#2 Jan 27, 2012
Wow. How interesting. I found your post by looking up "Josh Selby, Katy, TX" online. We also live in Meadow Place, Cinco Ranch, Katy, TX. Josh, or whoever he really is, also visited our house. I usually make obvious solicitors fairly angry by scowling and reminding them they had to pass one or the other sign posted at either end of our neighborhood, which clearly say "No Soliciting". But in Josh's case, when I opened the door he began with, "Don't shoot, I'm a neighbor." He then went on to explain that he was selling magazine subscriptions to help fund his soccer team's trip to Florida. A different story from the one he gave you. He said he lived nearby so I asked where he lives. He hestitated and then gave me an address on Irish Mist. The hesitation was odd, and he knew it so he went on to say, "you probably know my parents, Frank and Donna, who walk the golden retrievers around here." I said, "Look, I'll do some due diligence and check you out, Josh, and if your'e legitimate, I'll give you a call and help you out by buying a subscription that you can have delivered somewhere because I don't want them. But that's the best I can do." He said, "Really? You're the first person to EVER say that." He was obviously frustrated, but he didn't have a good come-back for that. He gave me a phone number he sid I could reach hm at, and showed me that number on his phone to try and prove it was his. I doubt that it was. Funny that he didn't offer to let me call his parents ;-) Anyway, as you'd expect, nothing the guy said checked out. There's no Frank and Donna Selby around here and certainly not at the address he gave. His claimed team, the "Houstons Leones" was indeed a franchise that used to play in Richmond, TX, but they folded in 2010. And their final roster had no Josh Selby. So, if anyone ever sees the tent-haired dweeb again, I'd encourage them to call the law. He's breaking Cinco Ranch rules by soliciting, but more importantly he's mis-representing himself to get your money. One has to wonder if his patter was something he learned during on-boarding with his fine company - assuming there's even an actual commpany.

Katy, TX

#3 Feb 22, 2012
we had the same type of visitor here except this was a young lady who looked to be around 28,she spoke to someone else in the home then went on around the neighbor hood,as i stepped out of the front door she came up to me,thought it was strange she ask if she could borrow a cigerette,i then started asking her question and she gave me a mans name and number she claimed to be her boss.figured i would save the number incase something came up on them.
Scammed in New Jersey

Hillsborough, NJ

#4 Apr 23, 2012
A young looking man and woman posing as homeschoolers just practising communication skills approached me as I gardened in my yard. After winning my confidence, they proceeded to sell me magazines to donate to veterans at VA hospitals (and by the way be sure I take a deduction on my income taxes for charity)... Oh, and there's a sales contest--if I buy 10 subscriptions and they win a trip to Australia! Oh, and by the way, could I go to an ATM and get cash because they get more points if I'll do that. Rockstar Subscriptions. Kiss my money goodbye and welcome to the club of scammed by professional con artists.

Jacksonville, FL

#5 May 10, 2012
hello everyone i use to do the door to door thing the truth is you can only buy your self a magazine the troops canvass is fake they asked use to stop sending them magaxines they was getting to many of them and the childrens hospital as well but the real canvass is hi my name is such an such im doing this years nca contest have you heard about it im selling magazines inoreder to win a trip to london paris rome or whatever is the real canvass each magazine or kids books gives differents in points so please dont blame the company for hireing a bad egg that wants to go around lieing abut what the are doing please

Renton, WA

#6 May 10, 2012
everyones gotta make money the truth is if there honest its okay

Prescott Valley, AZ

#7 May 12, 2012
I live in a small Arizona town with a prestigious aeronautical university. I consider myself very cautious with solicitors at my door. However when a very earnest-looking young man appeared at my door claiming to be a university student selling magazines in order to earn money to travel to Boeing to restore a vintage aircraft, I fell for his scam hook-line and sinker. The charming young man says he lives with his grandparents several streets over from my house. He even had managed to get the neighbors name (who sent him away) and told me that the neighbor sent him over to my house had basically challenged me to meet his purchase of books to send to a children's hospital in Phoenix. The company The Experience, LLC has an F rating with BBB, the hospital denies any charitable donation of childrens books, and the university denies any such fundraising project. I'm the last person who thought they would fall for a scam but this young fellow was GOOD!
Conned in Cordova

Cordova, TN

#8 Jun 30, 2012
I fell for it too. I always thought I was too cynical to fall for something like this. But this guy was good. Came to my door, said his name was Adam Heath and he lived on the next block. Claimed to be selling magazines to be donated to LeBonheur Children's hospital oncology department. He was trying to fund his trip to England with the Ole Miss Orchestra. I'm a sucker for music majors and also have a son at Ole Miss and know a young child with cancer, so he hit all three of my buttons. I wrote him a check, but then started to doubt his story after he left. Googled The Experience LLC only to find multiple reports of it being a scam. Then called Ole Miss and found out they're not going to England and there is no Adam Heath in the orchestra. So I stopped payment on the check and the next day I went to the bank and closed my checking account and opened a new one.

This young man has now ruined it for every legitimate person coming to my door with a fundraiser. The tip off should have been his tattoos....Ole Miss isn't the tattoo kind of school.

Since: Nov 11

Location hidden

#9 Jul 9, 2012


Winterville, NC

#10 Jan 8, 2013
I get the NCA kids every year I don't think they are an outright nefarious scam but they must deceive the kids that are doing it and make no mistake it's a sales pitch with top seller getting a prize. It's really just best to say "I'm not interested in magazines." and close the door.

United States

#11 Jan 9, 2013
yal just got suckered into buying crap yal didnt want know yal mad at the world

Katy, TX

#12 Jan 9, 2013
SamG - I think you meant Yall, which is short for You All. But no, we didn't 'all' get suckered or buy anything we don't need. But scams are scams, so this is a place to share experiences and help others know if they've actually been scammed. That's why people post here. Apparently that wasn't helpful to you. So if you don't have anything helpful to say, then the best thing to do is say nothing.

Bellflower, CA

#13 Mar 5, 2013
I live in Fullerton, California. Teens from a company called Explorer Communications have been soliciting around my neighborhood for weeks. I fell pray to them last week. IT IS A SCAM!! Cancel your check right away! I have proof. They have no permit, no business card, no information...I have called the police twice on them, and unfortunately they get by with warnings. Explorer Communications is a nationwide scam. If you wrote them a check, cancel it right away and go to your bank to get a new account, because they now have your account number and routing number. Some of them might say its for charity, some might say other things. But the consistent story is that its for a communication program, to win a trip to Italy, and they sell magazine subscriptions. They usually come in pairs but not always. You can find the company name on every receipt that they write up. Do not believe them when they say that you can cancel your transaction within 3 days. They are lying!!!
scam in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA

#14 Mar 23, 2013
I was suckered in yesterday, by Explorer Communications. Gave him a donation for books to go to local children's hospital. He left and forgot his wallet! I left a note, on the website about it, but of course the company was bogus. Well at least I got some of my money back (he had $5 in the wallet).

Abilene, TX

#15 Mar 26, 2013
We've had 4 of the "nca contest" people ring our doorbell or knock in the last two days. I don't care what you're selling, we don't want it. But regardless, we don't need the bombardment when we've already said no. There is now a very clearly stated "no soliciting" sign taped to the inside of our screen door. It's right at eye level, so they can't miss it.

Sacramento, CA

#16 Apr 13, 2013
OMG I just fell for it today which is why I started googling it. NCAA internship BBC London blah blah blah. Felt bad for the kid so gave him a donation instead coz I said I didn't need the books for my kids. Well had I ordered, are the books going to be delivered at least if anyone knows?

Louisville, CO

#17 Apr 23, 2013
Arvada, CO:

Just got the visit from a girl claiming to to get points for various occupations that I or my husband did. The higher up your occupation [doctor, lawyer, firefighter, etc.], the higher points they get, which ultimately wins them a trip to Hawaii if they win.

I thought this was a scam, as she handed me a ton of pamphlets that did not look very professional.

She proceeded to ask for a magazine subscription to be sent to the troops, or donations to their cause, all of which contributes to points, which helps them win.

On her card, it said her name, "Not a weirdo" and "I'm winning"

Be careful!

Schererville, IN

#18 May 17, 2013
they are all over. Look up Midwest Circulation - topix. Thats only 1 of the companies out there scamming people with door to door mag sales. There are so many more and they have crews in every state. Also, all these people are over 18 yrs old, druggies, and criminals. The ones that arent are fooled by job postings telling them to become a sales agent and they can make a ton of money. What they dont know is once they get to this cult of mag agents if they dont sell what they are told they will get beaten if not worse. I have heard of rape, beatings, drugs, stealing, jail. You name it! Dont let them in and call the COPS.

Naga City, Philippines

#19 May 22, 2013
Many people who are selling things door-to-door are perfectly honest and have a tough job. However, not all are, and some want to do more than just to get you hopelessly addicted to infernally scrumptious cookies. Numerous door-to-door cons are being documented nationwide, so the number of them active in many areas might be growing. Article m

Mission Viejo, CA

#20 May 25, 2013
A couple kids doing this "Communication Contest" / trip to Italy thing are working my neighborhood right now, in Lake Forest, CA. Luckily they didn't come in past my fence and my dog rushed out barking which kept them there. These are always a scam. There is no contest, you will not get your magazines. They try to convince you to "donate" a book, meaning you give them money but they'll give the book to some organization. Which is convenient because you never wonder why you never got anything. They also try to convince you to give them cash instead of a check. My sister got mixed up with a magazine crew when she was just out of high school, so I know how they operate. I feel bad for the kids because something lead them to it, whether it's financial need, low self esteem, bad homelife or whatever. However they are now being trained to engage in crime - they steal your money and case your house. Don't give them anything and tell your neighbors.

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