Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City eyes ne...

Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City eyes new map

There are 35 comments on the story from Jun 17, 2011, titled Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City eyes new map. In it, reports that:

In a move already upsetting a few parents, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District unveiled options to rezone attendance boundaries for the junior highs and high schools at a board meeting Thursday night.

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Steele parent

El Paso, TX

#1 Jun 18, 2011
Cibolo is being underserved by the SCUCISD. Why are we allowing our Cibolo students to be bussed to Schertz schools when we are the faster growing tax base.

According to their own whacky numbers Cibolo is 70% of the growth, so why is bussing those students to Schertz an apt solution?

This proposal is going to have an adverse impact on Cibolo students. The parents and elected officials from Cibolo need to act to stop the SCUCISD from treating our kids like second class citizens, when we are the tax base subsidizing the declining tax base from the aging neighborhoods in Schertz and UC.

Cibolo needs our own facilities. SCUCISD needs to serve our citizens way better then this.
SCUCISD agenda

El Paso, TX

#2 Jun 18, 2011
Why did they build Steele to only hold 1500 students? What happened to the third high school and additional Jr High School outlined in the district master plan? Why did they build Corbett so far away?
State football champions and we have a borrowed stadium from Schertz.
Why does the SCUCISD appear to be reluctant to spend any money outside of Schertz when the growth is all in Cibolo?
Where are the Cibolo elected officials to protect and represent us?
750 of our cibolo kids are going to be disenfranchised because of SCUCISDs poor planning and Schertz bias.
This is unacceptable.
Sk all day

El Paso, TX

#3 Jun 18, 2011
How do we complain or get them to grandfather the kids?

San Antonio, TX

#4 Jun 18, 2011
@SCUCISD agenda

Who gives a crap about winning the State Football Championship. That has nothing to do with this! Borrowed stadium?? Really? The SCUCISD Stadium is located on the HS goungs of Clemens HS. It is NOT Clemens HS Football Stadium. Many school districts have only one or two stadiums for all of their HS's to use during football season. Take North East ISD for example. They have 2 stadiums for 7 schools. Northside ISD has 2 stadiums for 10 schools. It doesn't make financial sense to have 2 stadiums in a district for 2 schools.

So the school district is trying to relieve overcrowding of Steele and Dobie. How else do you expect them to fix this?? I guess you expect them to build a 3rd HS and 3rd JH next week? Then, once SCUCISD announces their redistricting for the new schools, you will complaing that your poor baby will have to go to the new school and use a borrowed stadium...UGH! Parents like you piss me off!!

This is not a long term solution. I am sure the district knows that. They are ONLY trying to alleviate the overcrowding at this time. The district master plan is still in effect but building schools cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you think if the district called for a bond in these economic times, that it would pass? No way in hell!! It would raise taxes for thousands of homeowners, many of which do not have kids in school! When the uncertainity of education finance calms down, then they will talk about the district plan and go forward.

El Paso, TX

#5 Jun 18, 2011
A) you havent addressed the piss poor planning that has us in this situation.
B) you havent addressed the fact that it is primarily Cibolo residents being impacted by poor SCUCISD decisions and planning.

Cibolo is footing the bill, we're paying the taxes, yet all of the facilities are in Schertz. Schertz realizes the economic gain from that, they have the employment and the local businesses profit from it.

Cibolo High School students are going to lose scholarships because the district cannot figure out a phase in plan.

Additionally, this rezoning is not in the master plan, the master plan explicitly instructs new buildings being built.

750 students ALL from Cibolo are going to be adversely impacted, none from Schertz.

Its greedy parents like you that piss me off. I have every right to be pissed off because the schertz school district is using my tax money to build facilities that serve Schertz while my Cibolo kid is going to be bussed to a foreign school and forfeit a well earned scholarship.

Heads need to roll at scucisd, or cibolo needs to go it alone.

You rail on football, but it is an important part of the high school experience in Texas- Cibolon has more then paid for top notch facilities, yet we have to play in that rundown sewer in Schertz.

Cibolo is paying for more then we are receiving out of the SCUCISD, and this is just one more indignity. Our Cibolo kids are going to be bussed like mississippi burning and they will have a worse high school experience then us parents have paid for.

The mayor and city council of Cibolo need to intervene here and demand the service we are paying for from SCUCISD.

Yur comments about building facilities next week are ignorant, the master plan calls for a contruction schedule that clearly is not being followed. The implementation of this rezoning without grandfathering high school students is unnecessary, kids will lose scholarships and forfeit college opportunities becsuse of a hatchet job (cibolo kids, not schertz kids)

This isnt an overcrowding issue, this is an issue of SCUCISD screwing Cibolo over through incompetance. Schertz kids are not going to be impacted at all.

The master plan called for immediate construction to begin, why have a master plan that is whimsical and unrealistic. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

San Antonio, TX

#6 Jun 18, 2011
BOO FREAKING HOO!! Move to another city.
Boo yoo

El Paso, TX

#7 Jun 18, 2011
Dont need to move. Ive got money. If anyone cares we can get a lawyer and make this rezoning plan painful enough for the district to reconsider grandfathering the students disenfrachised- which is the right thing to do.
LOL at all of you

San Antonio, TX

#8 Jun 18, 2011
Ok! Who cares if you have money. We all do, including me (who lives in Cibolo). I think the SCUCISD administration is trying to do the best for the kids at this time and in the immediate future. I don't think that keeping your kids at an overcrowded HS is a solution either.

Now about taxes....Do you seriously think that Cibolo families are the only ones that pay taxes to SCUCISD? There are almost 15,000 more people in Schertz than Cibolo. I would say that they foot the bill as well.

As for facilities:

Elementary Schools - There are 4 in Schertz, 2 in Cibolo and one in UC.

Intermediate Schools - There are 2 in Cibolo and 1 in Schertz.

Junior High Schools - There is 1 in Cibolo and 1 in Schertz.

High School - There is 1 in Cibolo and 1 in Schertz.

I would say that the facilities are pretty spread out.

Also, if you are rich and have money, then maybe you can help one of the poor unfortunate students that will lose a scholarship (sounds like bull shit to me).
Lol at you

El Paso, TX

#9 Jun 18, 2011
The district is doing the best it can? Then why are we in this situation?

They have a master plan, why is it being ignored?

Scholarships are BS? what planet are you on? The booster club scholarships require 4 year participation to be eligible for the scholarships.

To not be able to manage overcrowding when the tax base is increasing is respectively is mismanagement.

And for you information - i did pay for this, through my taxes. The district has squandered it. And i dont think Cibolo is the only tax base- but it is the growing tax base, 70% of the growth per the district. Cibolo is the source of new revenue but our kids are being bussed.

Consider plan B, virtually every student being moved from dobie is within walking distance to the school. Falcon ridge, thistle creek, they touch the school property. This is insanity to pay to bus kids 15 miles away, that can walk to school.

Who put corbett out in BFE? Who built Steele to be over capacity from day one? Wheres the new Jr High and High school in the Master plan? The district needs to grandfather these HS kids and stop screwing with their education.

El Paso, TX

#10 Jun 18, 2011
The district master plan has the demographics for the next several years, it has the schools attendance forecasted and addressed. What changed between 2010 and today? Nothing changed. The houses being built we permitted back then, growth is not a surprise- they know where the houses are going years in advance.

Why is grandfathering HS students a problem? Seems like the only way to treat these students fairly. Give them a choice, make them responsible for transportation.

Moving a Junior or a Senior is going to impact their college plans and opportunities. Junior year is when these kids need SAT scores, class rankings, GPAs, extra curricular scholarships are pffft gone.
Cibolo ISD

El Paso, TX

#11 Jun 18, 2011
Cibolo would be better off withdrawing from the Schertz school district and using their growing tax base to educate their own kids insteqd of paying schertz to treat their kids like Gypsies.

Schertz is clearly not going to invest in the infrastructure to accomodate the growth of Cibolo- we need to invest in ourselves.
Tax revenue

El Paso, TX

#12 Jun 18, 2011
I think schertz has 6-7k more people then Cibolo, not the 15k the other commentor mentioned, that said, the houses in much of Schertz are older and their are far more multi family houses. Cibolo will probably pass Schertz in tax revenue sometime soon.

Moving kids out of their High School is tragic. What a horrible thing to do to a kid.
Im with that other guy

El Paso, TX

#13 Jun 18, 2011
File a sut and make it costly for the district to ignore you. Any reasonable person would conclude that an adverse impact is being inflicted upon the Cibolo students being forced to change high schools. A compromise on grandfathering should be manageable.

And pressuring the City Council is a smart idea too. They need to voice our concern.

El Paso, TX

#14 Jun 18, 2011
According to city data website, the average home in Cibolo is valued 40k more then the average home in Schertz. With the growth rate in Cibolo and subdivisions in Schertz aging, Cibolo is the big dog on the block for taxes.

Of course treating our kids like trash might impact our home values.
Wendy meadow gal

El Paso, TX

#15 Jun 18, 2011
I rent a trailer in Schertz and I think its great that my kid is being treated better then those kids from those 350k houses in Cibolo. Hahaha.. Its redistribution of wealth.

El Paso, TX

#16 Jun 19, 2011
Sounds to me like the board is warming up the audience for a new Bond. To get voter approval they need the voters to be angry.

Why havent they discussed expanding Steele? They have ample land. They have $30 million in cash in the bank which ought to cover the cost. The school is only built for 1500, but the new school in the master plan calls for a school of 2900. They can double capacity at Steele now and solve the short term problem without incurring much more debt.

I guess the board thinks moving more trailers to the back lots is a better solution then building a proper facility. 1/3 of Steele is being taught in trailers now. Add-on, thats what my daddy would have done at my house.
I want data

El Paso, TX

#17 Jun 19, 2011
What does this cost? Plan B involves transportation for kids that previously walked, 10 busses, ten drivers...

United States

#18 Jun 19, 2011
Sounds like the parents need to organize quickly. The board has obviously already decided on a course and the community meetings are superfluous. If they will act in September we need to act asap.

Lots of questions to be answered

Probably this will hit court without some phased in implementation

Get ready for a nasty fight
Concerned parent

El Paso, TX

#19 Jun 19, 2011
At the junior year in High School a child needs to be focused on SAT's and college. The junior year is critical. Moving a child at that time unecessarily is just stupid.
Pro Schertz

San Antonio, TX

#20 Jun 20, 2011
It's sad to see how parents of Cibolo have tried to degrade the Schertz area. I think if they want to keep their kids doubled up in a classroom getting less of an education because they don't want to go to another school because it is not as "good" we should leave them there. This will only be better for my children that will benefit from the lower classroom numbers while the "Steele" kids cram into a room because of their parents have "money" and will get their lawyers! What a joke!

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