Getting to know Mitt R.
VeepAgainstMedic are

Opelousas, LA

#164 Aug 11, 2012
Americans First wrote:
I think it's hysterical that some hypocrites will judge Mitt for tax returns, but overlook the fact that Obama paid millions in attorneys fees to stop his birth certificate from being shown.
With billions upon billions being spent on illegal aliens in this country who pay not a penny of tax.
Oh Karma, will you ever catch up with the Anti-Christ Barack Hussein Obama?
Where is your proof that Obama paid attorneys so much money to hide his BC - Fox News???? If you would take a minute and remember, Obama PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR HIS ATTORNEY TO FLY TO HAWAII AND PICK UP A FULL LENGTH FORM to be published in the media (his own money)- not the other way around! Mitt R. will NOT release his tax returns (at least 12 years like his father - what is he hiding?) Members of his own party want him to release the returns because he keeps saying he has NOTHING to hide. I bet the tax returns will prove what everyone knows already: he didn't pay much in taxes, had offshore accounts for years and invested in other countries for a HUGE payday at the expense of MIDDLE CLASS jobs in America!!!!!

All welfare money paid is to children (American Born Citizens) of illegal immigrants. All parent(s), legal or illegal, use the benefits. We need to reform WELFARE! Stop blaming Obama for the lax changes W. made. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Mitt R. can't use the truth because it would be against him!

ALL intelligent people know Obama is a Christian. Muslims follow their religion alot closer than Catholics. Catholics are under the impression that the Bible offers a cafeteria plan - pick and chose beliefs according to your lifestyle. Catholics, like all Christian religions, follow a more MATERIALISTIC way of life. Before you say a word, stop and evaluate the way you live and your posts here.

If you would do a little Chritain based research, you would see that what you posted are lies. Are you proud of that???

What you should be most worried about is healthcare costs today. All these Corporate employers (mostly frachises) don't want to offer healthcare to their low wage employees. Maybe consumers need to rethink the need to support these employers! 99% need to stand together if we are to bring healthcare costs down and beable to go to the doctor on a regular basis before we get terminally ill! A healthy/educated America is a SUCCESSFUL America!

HwysBridgesMedic areSS

Opelousas, LA

#165 Aug 11, 2012
How many of you pay hwy taxes at the gas pump each any everytime to buy fuel??????? This isn't even counting the income tax money you pay on your EARNED income. How many think that this money goes to building/repairing hwys and bridges?

Mitt R. seems to think only corporations do pay for hwys/bridges. Mitt pays a smaller % on his UNEARNED income.

I guess it is like his tax plan. Independent economist said that the 1% would get richer from add'l tax breaks and the debt would increase by trillions. Don't worry Mitt said he would rework it in time for the election.

Paul Ryan wants to do away with Medicare and SS because based on the formula W.'s administration created fewer and fewer people will retire in the not so distant future. Good luck with purchasing healthcare at 65, 66, 67... not to mention getting/keeping a job and paying bills at 70, 71, 72...

Do you really hate Obama more than you care about your and your children's future?

Mitt R. and Paul Ryan are set for life so they are NOT worried. Do you really want these two making decisions about your future?

Opelousas, LA

#166 Aug 12, 2012
Mitt R. made a stop in Isreal last month and stirred up war talk.

Does he suggest that Jewish Americas sign up to go to war with Iran (and nuclear weapons) or your kids/siblings/spouses?

If my memory serves me, I think that there is a clause in military contracts that allow soldiers to be called into active duty (war situations) for a certain number of years after they signed up. Even if they are NOT still in the active service.

This would be something to look into.

Mitt R. made a statement that I think has turned on him (being he is NOT willing to send his boys off to war). He said Obama did not visit Isreal in the last 3-1/2 years.

With constant tensions between Isreal and their neighbors, Obama stayed neutral to keep the US ground troops out of their fight. Would you say this was the right thing to do?

Doesn't it make more sense to spend tax money on US infrastructure (building roads/bridges and jobs) rather than on other people's wars and rebuilding their countires?

Opelousas, LA

#167 Aug 13, 2012

Romney Campaign Falsely Accuses Obama Of Gutting Welfare In New Ad

If Mitt R. is willing to lie about this, what else?

Does he really think lying will stop people wanting to see his tax returns for the last twelve years?

He must be hiding something big!

Opelousas, LA

#168 Aug 13, 2012
Romney Campaign Falsely Accuses Obama Of Gutting Welfare In New Ad

Mitt Romney Defends Paul Ryan's Medicare Proposal

They are NOT in favor of closing loopholes in the law, stopping subsidies to highly profitable oil cos. nor raising taxes on the extreme rich; but look how happy they are to take away Medicare benefits!!!!

All those with chronic illnesses and out of work children now know how valuable Obamacare is for protecting their personal assets - Mitt and Paul want to end that too!

Who are they working for again?

Opelousas, LA

#169 Aug 15, 2012

The Welfare Card And The Post-Truth Campaign

"Romney proceeded straight from this into a retelling of Obama’s “you didn’t built that” line, but even that did not get the applause the welfare riff did. After the speech, several in the audience told me that their favorite part had been Romney’s calling out Obama for weakening welfare work requirements. Yes, one of the more depressing parts of the job of being a political reporter is watching an audience fully absorb a blatant and knowing lie. Which is, of course, what this is. Countless factcheckers—here is one of many—have unequivocally rejected the assertion that Obama has ended the work requirement. His administration has instead granted more leeway to states, including several with Republican governors, to explore new ways to get people onto welfare into jobs, with the proviso that their new approaches must increase the share of recipients with jobs."

WHY MUST MITT ROMNEY LIE? I guess the truth will sink him for sure. Makes these White Voters look stupid though! Hope the White Voters take time to research for themselves - they deserve to hear the truth.

Opelousas, LA

#170 Aug 16, 2012
If Romney is lying about "what he said about Obama and weakening the welfare work requiremnts", what do you suppose he is hiding in his previous years tax returns?

Shouldn't all people running for office have at least 7 years of their tax returns audited? Should be a law. If they want to serve the people, they have seven years to behave and get in the habit of following the law. What a wonderful world this would be!!!

Someone should ask Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to explain their Medicare Voucher program in detail. What is the old saying "DEVIL is in the details"! If they are able to screw over the ones under 55, they will go after the ones 55 and over, I have NO DOUBT.

Think about it. These two men are FILTHY FICH and OUT OF TOUCH!!!

Jena, LA

#172 Aug 16, 2012
WelfareLie wrote:
If Romney is lying about "what he said about Obama and weakening the welfare work requiremnts", what do you suppose he is hiding in his previous years tax returns?
Shouldn't all people running for office have at least 7 years of their tax returns audited? Should be a law. If they want to serve the people, they have seven years to behave and get in the habit of following the law. What a wonderful world this would be!!!
Someone should ask Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to explain their Medicare Voucher program in detail. What is the old saying "DEVIL is in the details"! If they are able to screw over the ones under 55, they will go after the ones 55 and over, I have NO DOUBT.
Think about it. These two men are FILTHY FICH and OUT OF TOUCH!!!
I dont care much about politicians,but do u have blinders on,dont u know that Obama,Harry Reid,Pelosi and Biden are also filthy rich....Check the facts on how they got rich,u may be very surprised!!!Ultimately we have to pick the lesser of two evils!!!!

Opelousas, LA

#173 Aug 16, 2012
There is achievable wealth and filthy rich unearned wealth.

Achievable rich is where you are not ASHAMED to show where you got your wealth - Obama did that (he wrote books); Mitt Romney DID NOT and per his little woman (who never worked at a paying job a day in her life said they will ONLY RELEASE WHAT THEY ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO RELEASE - unlike Mitt's father who released 12 years and said that should be the standard).

WHAT IS MITT ROMNEY HIDING? DO you want to find out after election day if he is elected (when he and Paul Ryan destroy Medicare as they are telling you they will now)? If Mitt R. cannot remember cutting off a schoolmate's hair, how will he remember his promises to the working poor and middle class of America???

REMINDER: his extreme wealth did NOT come from EARNED INCOME and the tax rate was lower than most working AMERICANS paid. HE did not find the cure cancer nor own/run a manfacturing company that hired/paid good wages with benefits; just the opposite (sent good jobs and his wealth overseas).

It seems that Mitt Romney keeps mis-quoting Obama - can he not find something Obama has done wrong?

As you have told your children when they were young - DON'T LIE MITT - your nose will grow!!
At the rate Mitt R. is going, his nose will not fit on the TV, iphone, ipad nor computer screens!


Opelousas, LA

#174 Aug 16, 2012

Bain Capital Crushed Pilots' Effort To Create Union At Key Airlines

Does anyone realize that Mitt R. got SO RICH from taking away the chance of SO MANY to make a good living with benefits and retirement?

Is this really what you want at this time? Just look where MOST of his campaign money is coming from - GLOBAL CORPORATE AMERICA - not the average worker!!! This says alot!!!!

Opelousas, LA

#175 Aug 17, 2012
Obama campaign offered Mitt Romney a way out of his tax return issue - turn over the last FIVE years and they will not ask for more.

Will he or won't he?

I read that Scot Walker said that the tax returns don't matter. This from someone who was cauht manipulating the new jobs numbers - What a weasle!
SavingTheOlympic s

Opelousas, LA

#176 Aug 18, 2012
Mitt R. takes FULL credit for "Saving the Olympics".

Didn't I read somewhere where he TRAVELED TO WASHINGTON for a whole lot of TAXPAYER MONEY. He told a group that he knew people there and how to get a whole lot of money.(How to work Washington - didn't he say he was an outsider?)

Knowing this, wouldn't you say "TAXPAYERS SAVED the OLYMPICS"? If the Olympics is a business and was successful, why didn't the taxpayers get their money back? Doesn't he criticize Obama about taxpayers helping to save the auto industry? What is different?

Average taxpayers are paying the bill now and their kids, grandkids...will for centuries. What did he say he would do different?(Economists looked at the plan he put forward a few weeks ago and said that by giving the 1% deeper tax cuts it would add TRILLIONS to the debt.)

Would he do away with Medicare as we know it (I guess it would not affect him - why care - I guess that is the Mormon way)?

How is giving the 1% a deeper tax cut going to change things (look all the cuts they got over the last 10 years - not so many good jobs with benefits in return)?

This man knows how to make a few (including himself) extremely wealthy - NOT how to create good jobs w/benefits - the two DO NOT go hand in hand.(The jobs he took credit for creating at Dominoes,Staples and Sport Authority, he now says he was NOT at Bain when they were created.- which is it?)

Working Class and Middle Class with good jobs can pay taxes to save Medicare/SS (after reforming it). That is the answer - NOT GOING TO ISREAL TO FIGHT THEIR NUCLEAR WAR WITH IRAN!!!!!!!
Loss of Life

Opelousas, LA

#177 Aug 22, 2012
Heard today that the number of soldiers that lost their life from Afghanistan was has reached 2,000.

A moment of thanks and rememberance.

In the Iraq war so many lives lost too and now the Iraq and Iran tribes (leaders) are the same and are working together.

What a tremendous loss of life. So many of them from poor families trying to make a living and hoping for a chance to further their education.
The trillion plus could have been used for healthcare to keep people alive in America and repair/build our infrastructure.

When you vote, I hope you remember the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - it's easy to mouth off and get involved in wars - it's proving to be nearly impossible to get out. Mitt R.'s idea of creating jobs seems to be by getting involved with Isreal's war with Iran; not the American peoples'.
TakeFromKidsGive ToRich

Opelousas, LA

#178 Aug 22, 2012
Read Entire Article

Romney-Ryan Medicaid Plan Would Endanger Health Care For Poor Children

Romney-Ryan plan would give a tax break to the 1%(themselves) and cut back on healthcare for poor children. They want to go the BLOCK MEDICARE payments. Alot of kids will not be covered in the future.(take from the POOR and give to the 1%)

Does this sound like men of God?

Repubs want to do away with PlanParenthood and abortion in ALL cases (including RAPE and INCEST).

Research before you vote. They are getting MILLIONS from the 1% in campaign contributions, WHY? Their plan is to shrink Gov't (taxpayer participation) and give control to Corporate America (no regs on WallStreet).

Middle Class is shrinking because they REFUSE to align themselves with the working poor. There is strength in numbers. Mitt R. wants to divide and conquer!
TakeFromKidsGive ToRich

Opelousas, LA

#179 Aug 22, 2012
Keep in mind, your kids may not need healthcare now, but it may not be there in the future if you vote the wrong way.

How many people around the country have said since 2007 that they would have NEVER seen themselves down and out - were doing so well - good education, good job w/benefits, home and poof all gone! They thank God everyday for welfare to include food and healthcare.

Think about it, especially if you have kids. Mitt R. and Paul R.'s kids are taken care of FOR LIFE! They want tax breaks!!!

Jena, LA

#180 Aug 22, 2012
I just heard Romney had secret ties to Anton Lavey! Wow!
Must Read

Opelousas, LA

#181 Aug 23, 2012

Unintended Consequences – Louisiana State Sponsored Christian Schools Open Door For ALL Religions

After you read this, you will scratch your head HARD!!!! How could this happen? Not only did they NOT take school/student accountability into consideration when they came up with the voucher program, but they didn't even think about this!!!

All people in favor of the school voucher program thought they would be sending their kids to Catholic Schools - did you ever think this would have happened. Still think John White and Bobby Jindal did the right thing?

Church and State were separate for a reason!

Lafayette, LA

#182 Aug 23, 2012
Must Read

Opelousas, LA

#183 Aug 23, 2012
Nobama wrote: okout/texas-judge-warns-possib le-civil-war-president-obama-2 30545603.html
HaHa! He knows!!!
As far as the "Civil War" comment; one is on its way if the earning field is not leveled soon. Obama has done alot in that direction. You are just to loyal to your cult to realize it!

Don't you want to use your brain and vote for your own good?

You keep throwing out simple minded and on some level, stupid posts.

This is a very important issue.

Mitt R. never created good jobs w/benefits - just the opposite; sent middle class jobs overseas so he could make millions. He doesn't want to release more tax returns because if everyone saw how complicated his returns are and how little (%) he paid in taxes, he would lose hands down. He much rathers misquoting Pres. Obama and misguiding the Repubs. He said they had to close plants because they could NOT make a profit - HELLO, that is what is going on NOW - he would/could do nothing to help it - too many 1% are giving millions to his campaign for their interest to be PURE!

Mitt R. wants to take away affordable healthcare. He isn't worried because of all of his "MILLIONS". What you you think will happen to a small town like CP? Before you say something stupid, think, this is WHERE YOU LIVE!!!

Mitt R.(and Paul Ryan) wants to give the 1% more tax breaks - who will pay the bills and pay down the debt? That would be you - poor working and middle class.

Mitt R.'s main source of income is "UNEARNED" at a lower tax rate which explains why he is OUT OF TOUCH. Since when is UNEARNED INCOME more honorable than EARNED?

Mitt R. went to Isreal and stirred up WAR TALK for votes - do you want to enter a NEW WAR? We are still not out of the last one. He WILL NOT send his sons; they are too precious to him! How about your love ones?

Mitt R. says he has an Energy plan that will make the US independent by 2020 - that is because he is building on Obama's plan (what is in place and working and future steps). Has NO PROBLEM taking credit for others WORK (remember he makes most of his money by UNEARNED means).

I still cannot believe those who HATE Obama more than they LOVE themselves and their future.

GOOD LUCK. Mitt R. only wants your VOTE - HE WILL NOT HELP LA. He has lied about his time/efforts at BAIN; what makes you think he is telling the truth NOW? HE IS SLEAZY SLEAZY SLEAZY!
Must Read

Opelousas, LA

#184 Aug 23, 2012
Obama has been working for a level earning field for the last 3 1/2 years:

1. Affordable healthcare
2. EPA reg. protection
3. More energy production here
4. Reduced energy use (more efficient autos)
5. Protecting Medicare and SS for seniors
6. Working with states on getting people back to work.
7. Keeping student loan rates low
8. Working toward a greener USA (just like other industrialized nations.
9. Working for Small Business
10. Gave more choices to women about their health...

Keep in mind, the US is behind other industrialized nations in education and green energy. IS IT ABOUT MONEY for the 1% or saving the planet for future generations?

The 1% keep saying that USA students aren't as smart as foreign students. Is it they are smarter or cheaper? Do you really want to put a 1% in office with that attitude?

Pres. Obama and his wife paid for their education - Mitt R.'s father paid for his and SS helped Paul Ryan go to college (now he is against SS).

WE NEED THE JOBS PROMISED IN 2010 BY THE REPUBs when the Bush era taxes were extended or do you just want to make the 1% richer.

When poor people have enough, I guess they will revolt; just like in other countries like Egyt, Libya...

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