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Illegal Sex and Money

Hosston, LA

#1 May 31, 2012

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan Allegedly Paid Suspected Pedophile Priests To Leave Ministry While Head Of Archdiocese Of Milwaukee

Rumor has it, this man is in line to become Pope.

This is SO WRONG!

Looks like they are going after the nuns to take the glaring light of guilt off of the Vatican. SHAMEFUL!

A new slogan to welcome Catholics home: We have so much to offer; illegal sex payoffs, banking issues, lies and pushing around hard working nuns! There has got to be something for you!
Not Natural

Hosston, LA

#2 Jun 1, 2012
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Convicted pedophile priest kept detailed diary

The priest always started his favorite "game" by having the young boy remove his underwear and put on loose-fitting shorts so he could fondle him more easily. Then, the Rev. Robert Van Handel would run his hands up and down the child's body as he stretched across his lap, Walkman headphones on his ears, pretending to be asleep.

The recollection appears in a 27-page "sexual history" written by Van Handel, a defrocked Franciscan cleric who is accused of molesting at least 17 boys, including his own 5-year-old nephew, local children in his boys' choir and students at the seminary boarding school where he taught.

The essay, penned for a therapy assignment and kept secret for years, provides a shockingly candid and detailed window into the troubled mind of a notorious pedophile priest. The narrative is believed to be the first of its kind to be publicly revealed through civil litigation despite years of lawsuits targeting sexually abusive priests.

DOES IT SEEM normal to have religious men not following the natural way of life; man marrying or being with women?

Was/is the Catholic Church a safe haven for crimes against mankind? Are you really defending this behavior? Do you really believe it is limited to a few locations?
Loop T Loop

Kinder, LA

#3 Jun 1, 2012
I think pedophiles and homosexuals have been flocking to the catholic seminars for years.It was a dirty secret amongst these sinners,something likened to a secret society and used this as a cover for there crimes.Lets hope that once and for all they rid the churches and seminars of these sickos.
SexEd Book Ban

Church Point, LA

#4 Jun 5, 2012 Read entire article

Vatican attacks popular US nun over sexuality book

The Vatican criticized a popular American nun on Monday, saying her book on sexual ethics, including topics such as masturbation and homosexuality, contradicted Catholic teaching and must not be used by Catholic educators.

NOW GO OUT and buy the book.
Radical Nuns

Ville Platte, LA

#5 Jun 12, 2012

Clash of the titans: Vatican takes on reforming US nuns
Must Read

Opelousas, LA

#6 Aug 23, 2012

Pope's butler, second layman face trial in theft case

When too much money is involved, religion changes from God to the devil.

Charity begins at home. Help your family and neighbors - that is what God would want! Make a strong good community and a happy life will follow!!!

Opelousas, LA

#7 Aug 26, 2012
Everyone wants choice in the US. A woman has the right to choose what she does with her body and will answer for her choices at the time of her death.

The role of religion in the "abortion issue" is to provide options to the parents (mother in particular).

Wouldn't it be great if, as a nation, we stop saying Obama kills babies and start supporting children? Would doing something "POSITIVE" win over something mean and negative?

If more women chose to have babies (felt support rather than judgement), the law (choice to abort) would be a moot point not holding any water.

Welfare/Medicaid is a safety net for these children of God. Jesus said: "let the little children come to me". Changing welfare to help parents get on their feet on a temp basis (not lifestyle), is the way to go. If the parents cannot support (or choose not to) the kids, then they are NOT parents and the kids should be placed with real loving caring parents. Bio parents would provide child support (we must be held accountable for our actions).

Shouldn't we put the kids first?
Easy A

Eunice, LA

#8 Jul 5, 2013

Pope Francis clears John Paul II for sainthood

This for a pope that looked the other way when priests abused children. Really????

This is equal to a 'EASY A'. The test for sainthood must have a VERY LOW bar!
Coming Around

Branch, LA

#9 Jul 9, 2013

Catholic hospitals accept birth control rule

If Catholic hospitals only hired Catholics, this would be a non-issue.

Who am I kidding. With so many Catholic families consisting of fewer than 5 kids; birth control pills are as mainstay as milk. 98% of Catholics buy/use birth control pills. Much cheaper than raising a large family!

The Catholic church needs to focus on the REAL issue; 'child abuse at the hands of priests'.

The other thing I would think needs addressing is 'where did all that money come from that those priests were caught with the other week? Sounds a little criminal to me. Would really like to know the truth. Maybe the NSA can bug the Vatican for answers.
Most Religious

Ponchatoula, LA

#10 Jul 23, 2013

Most Religious Countries And Most Atheist Countries

I found this very interesting.

I guess you pray for money and when you get it, you stop praying.

Or is it "money is the root of all evil"?

something to think about.

Ponchatoula, LA

#11 Jul 29, 2013

Pope Francis On Gays: Who Am I To Judge Them?

This is a true breakthrough!

Now if he can just like and treat women with respect (rather than second class citizens), a true miracle will happen and put him in the running for Sainthood!!!!

Can he bite his tongue and do it?

Stay tuned.

United States

#12 Jul 30, 2013
It is NOT so much a breakthrough as the Pope NOT wanting to be a hypocrite. Just look at the last Pope. He had files and files of claims where priests sexually abused children. Priests went to rehab; children left to deal with it on their own.

It is reported on a regular basis that there are a good number of gay priests and cardinals (heard where there are gay prostitutes going to the Vatican to do business under the cloak of darkness).

He would be a hypocrite to continue the 'Gay Bashing', don't you think?

Just don't understand why he is SO against women. Is he jealous of women?

God gave women the most important job on earth, birthing babies.

United States

#13 Jul 30, 2013
Breakthrough wrote: 2013/07/29/pope-francis-gays_n _3669635.html
Pope Francis On Gays: Who Am I To Judge Them?
This is a true breakthrough!
Now if he can just like and treat women with respect (rather than second class citizens), a true miracle will happen and put him in the running for Sainthood!!!!
Can he bite his tongue and do it?
Stay tuned.
A true breakthrough would have been the pope confronting the issue of possible heterosexual relationships of priests and the prospect of marriage.
Not trying to sway the flock into believing something that is forbidden by church doctrine.

I attended a catholic school.
There was always the occasional preacher teacher thing. Never bothered me.
It seemed pretty natural. It's unrealistic to require a human being to remain celibate.
Herein lies the issue.
If celibacy is a requirement, the whole point of hetero or homo sexual orientation is null and void.
If a homosexual priest were to have consensual sex with another adult homosexual, I would probably have the same view as the preacher/teacher scenario. However, as the coverups and scandals have shown us homosexuality in the priesthood is a preying mantis for sexual abuse of minors.
When is the last time you heard of a priest abusing a young girl?
It almost never happens because the opportunity rarely presents itself.
It's an attempt to temper anger and loss of the flock and the flocks contributions, while limiting the billions in settlement money through manipulation.
IMHO this pope is downright nuts!
Between this rediculous statement and the last one he made where if you tweet the pope, he will reduce your time in purgatory, methinx hethinx himself

Branch, LA

#14 Jul 31, 2013
@ Mitchell

It was reported the other day that the Pope says he cannot stay alone in the Pope quarters (alone with his thoughts). He may have a chemical imbalance; who knows?

I think the non-statement-statement was meant to stir things up and get attention for himself. Or he wants Catholics to rise up and demand things of the Church. It would sure save them a boat load of money if they would just accept gays and turn abusive priests over to the criminal system. After all they are just human beings that committed crimes (which by their cover up actions seem to add to the list of crimes).

He doesn't seem to have a focused message other than "women are second class citizens". Weird!

Branch, LA

#15 Jul 31, 2013

Openly Gay Priest Hopes The Pope's Words Will Encourage Other Clergy To Come Out (VIDEO)

Gay or not gay doesn't make a difference to me just as long as they leave the kids alone! Those that don't get put in jail in Mexico.

Seems like people would be happier if they were more accepting; less to fight about.

Most Catholics don't follow the rules of the Church/Religion (thinks there is a cafeteria plan). So why be so adamant about being against gay people (we are all God's children, right?)? Weird.

Branch, LA

#16 Jul 31, 2013
One other thing to consider about Pope's statement.

Accepting of the gay community would open a new lucrative revenue source.

At the end of the day, isn't it ALL about money?

Branch, LA

#17 Sep 18, 2013
About two weeks ago, someone posted "bibles are not allowed in schools, but given out in prisons; if allowed in schools, wouldn't need so many prisons", or something like that, on Facebook.

First: There is prayer/bibles allowed in schools; religious instruction classes of your choice at least once a week.

Second: What about religion taught in the home? Turn off the TV and read the bible as a family.

Third: What about church? Attend at least once a week as a family.

Fourth: The Middle East has been in Holy Wars for years because of people NOT respecting each others religious beliefs, why would you want that in school?

Fifth: Teachers have enough to do with teaching their lesson plans.

LAST: When will Parents take responsibility for their children's religious instruction? The Gov't has given you 100% control over this. If the kids don't listen to their parents (whom they love), what makes you think a stranger will get through?

Covington, LA

#18 Sep 19, 2013

Pope Francis: Gays, Abortion Too Much Of Catholic Church's Obsession

Pope Francis faulted the Roman Catholic church for focusing too much on gays, abortion and contraception, saying the church has become "obsessed" with those issues to the detriment of its larger mission to be "home for all," according to an extensive new interview published Thursday.

Covington, LA

#19 Sep 23, 2013
Pope's new message, "good jobs for all".

There is dignity in earning one's way in life.

I take from this, "urging the corporate world to create good jobs w/benefits before profits".

Where have I heard this before?
WorstStateFor Women

United States

#20 Sep 25, 2013

Louisiana Rated Worst State For Women

Women in the United States earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar that men make, face many barriers to reproductive health care and are significantly underrepresented in leadership roles. But the worst state for women by far is Louisiana, according to a state-by-state examination of these issues released Wednesday by the Center for American Progress.

In terms of economic security, health and leadership representation, the analysis rates Louisiana the lowest. Full-time working women in Louisiana earn only 67 percent of what men earn, on average, and more than one in five women and girls in Louisiana are currently living in poverty.

Click on link for the rest.
I know, the truth hurts!

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