it's only just begun!!!!
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#1 Jun 21, 2013
For those who are unaware its illegal to run an electric account in a deceased persons name and for those of you who thought that no one would notice you are wrong.

Ballwin, MO

#2 Jun 21, 2013
For those who are unaware its illegal to run an electric account in a deceased persons name and for those of you who thought that no one would notice you are wrong.
Is someone using your bro's name?

United States

#3 Jun 25, 2013
What the fck are you talking ab billy????
Wahburger n french cries

Murphysboro, IL

#4 Jun 26, 2013
Wow, this Hurst Topix site sure does have a lot of crybabies on it haha!

Steeleville, IL

#5 Jul 3, 2013
Billy Joe, You should be ashamed of yourself!!! If your dad was alive he would have stuck a foot in your ass for the way you disrespected and treated your mom when she was alive and the way you are treating your sisters now. Shame on you and shame on that b*tch of a wife of yours for making matters worse. You both should be embarrassed for even putting something like this on here.

Murphysboro, IL

#6 Jul 3, 2013
Wow Observer I am impressed a meth head can use a computer!! You no nothing about Billy Joe and his wife. I am sure you are hearing only one side of the story and it is probably in a meth induced haze. I am sure if his dad was alive he would never allow "certain people" to take advantage of his wife. YOU DO NOT KNOW THE WHOLE STORY! GO BUY SOME MORE PILLS AT WALGREENS AND LET THEM WORK IT OUT!!!!

Carbondale, IL

#7 Jul 4, 2013
everybody is hurst is taking donations to try to find out who the father is of meth head who is living off a dead womens accounts there is to many canidates and as you know it costs alot to dna test one person so please if you care drop off yoour chairity donations set up at every stop sign in hurst please help amber
Oh dear

Newport, KY

#8 Jul 4, 2013
I hit a deer!:(
Stars and bars

Mount Vernon, MO

#9 Jul 4, 2013
Oh dear wrote:
I hit a deer!:(
Lol that is funny shit right there.
Debbie Taitt Kirk

Marion, IL

#10 Jul 5, 2013
Since Billy Joe wants to air our dirty laundry in public, let's air it all.

Billy Joe cut mom out of his life over 20 years ago when he and mom got into an argument over Amber. He had always been jealous that mom had adopted Amber.

During that 20 plus year period, Billy Joe did not go see mom because Amber lived there. Mom did go to his house on occasion, but said he did not make her feel welcome most of the time. Billy Joe did work on her house after it burned, but he was paid by the contractor to do so. He refused to let his boys see mom either.

Mom was diagnosed with cancer in November of 2011, and given 6 months to 1 year to live. In July of 2012 mom and I sat down and discussed the things we needed to do. We put the house back into my name and she signed her car title over to Amber. She asked that I keep the house in my name to make sure Amber always had a place to live. I do not believe there is a person in the world who could look into their dying mother's face and refuse her requests. At least I couldn't.

Mom spent most of the last 3 months of her life in the hospital. And, Billy Joe did spend a lot of time with her in the hospital, which made her extremely happy as she loved Billy Joe very much. In fact, he was the last person she said I Love You to.

Mom did not have any money. The life insurance which had been in my name since dad died was just enough to bury her.

The only thing left was a few personal items. Billy Joe took what there was of dad's things and Dennis' things. Kim, Amber and I plan on each taking one of mom's rings. Kim is getting copies made of the family photos and we will each get a set.

I am sorry that Billy Joe is so eaten up with anger and jealousy over Amber. I'm sure he and Donna have spread most of the rumors going around about her. I am also sorry he feels that Kim and I, especially me, have ruined his life because I did what mom asked me to. But, it is done and he needs to let it go as much for his sake as every one else.

Yes, I am the awful person who had not yet had the CIPS account changed from mom's name, and yes he did have it disconnected. The good news is that it is no longer in mom's name and it did not cost anything to change it over.

I did what my dying mom ask me to do and I am not sorry I did it.
Kim Taitt Ramsey

United States

#11 Jul 5, 2013
This is to asdf. Whoever you are, you are a piece of shit. That dead woman has a name and how dare you disrespect her. She was a good woman and you have no business mentioning anything about her on here or anywhere else. If you have anything to say sign your name on here and I'll be more than happy to contact you and you can say it to my face. If you can't sign your real name then keep your mouth shut, especially when you don't know what your talking about.

Murphysboro, IL

#12 Jul 5, 2013
Deb you weren't much of a daughter when I told you Amber was shacked up in Colp and black men were driving moms car through the liquor store you didn't have the back bone to stand up and do anything. When Amber brought in drug dealer after drug dealer in moms house and you let mom support them and you didn't say a word.

Amber ran every night with gas money, cigarette money and drug money while mom sit there broke and couldn't even buy her cigarettes. You did nothing. Deb there was times mother would call me to come over get money and go get her cigarettes because Amber didn't have the time.

Deb know that you are being so good to Amber maybe she will pay Dave back the Hundreds of dollars she stole from him when he took her to get a job but me and Dennis wasn't suppose to tell you that.

Deb the only reason I haven't done anything is out of love and respect but if you are going to defend her and talk to me like that then it is over now and after. I want my insurance mailed to me immediately and the next time we see each other it will be in court.


Murphysboro, IL

#13 Jul 5, 2013
I didn't air out any dirty laundry but you want to we can.

Deb you are a liar. Mom could not have adopted Amber because I was the one who had to talk Kim into allowing mom to adopt her. Mm adopted her after dad died and she needed the Social Security from our father to raise her. Instead Amber got to take the check and spend it at will stead of mom using it to raise her. I wasn't jealous of her. Dennis and I knew what she was.

You are correct over that 20 yrs I didn't go to her house to see her and neither did Dennis. She was always welcomed at my house she just knew she couldn't bring Amber with her. Yes I did work on her house but if you remember we had to stop because meth was found in Amber's closet and the contractor stopped the job until I cleaned the meth out. Don't you remember mom blamed the boy in prison and he had been gone for a year. And don't you remember you worked on the house to and when Amber found out there was going to be $1700 left over Amber had mom kick you off the job and took the $1700 for herself.

Deb your a liar my boys have always been allowed to go to moms. Travis stopped by regularly and seen her. Joey would not go over there because he knew the things Amber was doing. So don't bring my boys into this because they may tell you a few things you don't want to hear.

Yes your right mom was diagnosed around November but if you recall when she was hospitalized in January the doctor talked to her about her cancer and she didn't remember she had cancer.

Deb you are a liar you told mom 3 years ago to make up a will that you were not going to fight with Dennis and Billy over anything. And she did not do it. Now you work for a lawyer why didn't you type the will and have her sign it? The year before she died she told Kim she didn't want Amber to get that house she did not deserve it. You say you couldn't look your dying mother in the face and tell her no but at that time we had to remind mother what was wrong with her and what was happening day after day.

And you are right I was the last one she asked for and told she loved. She didn't ask for you, Kim or Amber.

The insurance was put in your name and Dennis because I told mom I didn't want it in my name. And you lied again you received the remaining balance after the funeral was paid and you used it to pay off over a $1000 of bad checks that Amber wrote the month mom died.

I didn't get anything of dad's stuff and I got Dennis ring that you didn't want me to have. Mom bought jewelry over the years from QVC what happened to all of that? Your photos that Kim is getting copies of better not have that drug using b*tch in them.

My life is not ruined you took everything and hid it and didn't tell me. I sure as hell am not jealous of that b*tch. Deb you haven't lived in Hurst for over 30 yrs. there are no rumors to be spread about her everyone in town knows her but you don't. But this year or next year you will find out the hard way. Leave my wife out of this she has nothing to do with this. This is all my doing.

Our dying mother was in the hospital and didn't know what was going on day after day. I don't believe she was capable of knowing what she wanted the last year of her life. Especially after telling Kim the year before she didn't deserve the house and you see who she asked for on her last day Billy.

Deb you are defending a person who stole moms credit card and run it up to $2200 at Sears and mom said it was stolen and reviewed the tape of the person using it and it was Amber.
billy joe taitt jr

Ballwin, MO

#15 Jul 5, 2013
Just heard about this bs but if "us boys" are brought up again then ill be calling you deb kirk Mildred use to baby sit us boys and still wouldn't have much to do with us she favored the fuck up instead are grand pa made up for that plus more so we didn't need her I only went over out of respect for my father get over it and I saport the guy trin to help amber find her dad so then shell stop passing her self off as a taitt you take your dads last name when your born we don't want need or have a use for that kind of person in this family
Amber Taitt

Murphysboro, IL

#16 Jul 7, 2013
What kind of person is that Joey??? Maybe all of us grandkids should take a DNA test. You want to act like you and your famlily are better than me, it wasn't that long ago that you were hitting a crack pipe was it??? And Billy Joe as soon as your sober enough to drive to the hospital let me know and I'll meet you there for a drug test

Ballwin, MO

#17 Jul 7, 2013
Ok u take ur fathers last name when ur born idiot u don't know who that is so you got to keep the maiden name that's what the other guy was saying that I agreed with ive been employed since before I graduated so that rules out the drug problem u say I had ur source of income past away so that explains why u have gotten fat u had to lay of the dope to get a job I'm half ur age and farther in life than u so call me out again and make ur self look even more retarded my dad raised his kids what's your excuse

Zeigler, IL

#18 Jul 7, 2013
Way to go

Ballwin, MO

#19 Jul 7, 2013
Really must be grabbing at strawls now to keep this going I can tell get over it how many guys have went to jail because of u that's what I thought give it up ur a joke its embarrassing what your try'in to do I am high and mighty I have no record no drug problem I'm a worker I am God as far as your concerend tho I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no meth head
Stars and Bars

United States

#20 Jul 7, 2013
Lol that's great

Zeigler, IL

#21 Jul 7, 2013
That was great Joey. But she won't get it she never made it past the tenth grade.

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