The same problems in EMS

Corpus Christi, TX

#1 Jan 7, 2008
I understand first hand how those unpaid employees feel. Your out doing what you attended college for, spent your time, money, effort to go work for someone that dont give a rats butt about you or ur co-workers. Why would someone stay and put up with this kind of treatment. One reason and one reason only, its the same no matter who you work for. I worked in the Great state of TEXAS. For a person that probably came from Hell. Star of Texas EMS or S.T.E.M.S. This was the name of this mans company. IN business since 2003,with a fleet of about 12 ambi's and 4 wheelchair vans, numerous employees from dipatchers,mech,B,I,P, Billing Receptiones so on..... If business was great and your making money why are you going to shut-down? From one day to the next it felt like, but over time you see it coming. Running trucks with expired inspection stickers. TDH licences expired, no insurance. No supplies thats a fine in its self. Bills not getting paid, gas for the trucks, oxygen, BFI not getting empty. Trucks had no A/C for pt or crew. But if you needed your hours(who doesn't) you had to sweat in that unit. And at the end checks were bouncing x3 times i think. Then not getting paid on payday after Thanksgiving. But in our meeting not a word was mentioned. Just poking your eyes, he would say "Yes the rumors are true, we are thinking about getting a Helicopter and a fixed wing jet. A jet you cant even pay for your crew to have a tire changed cuz you did not pay your bill. Then open up another station in Beevile, and send your best supplies over there. And leave your major fleet without any thing. This is not the last thing, far from it, but having your employees change their run reports to meet your needs. And if a employee refused, he or she was fired, threatened, or the boss would just change it them self. Altering a legal document that is illegal. I noticed it on my computerized reports. But how else are you suppost to pay for your new '07 Chevy Suburbon, and your house you brag to your employees about, when we can't even pay our light bills. You have an elevator in your house. By the way thats a nice ROLEX on your wrist there boss and you fiance has a nice rock on the finger. By all means this is just a scratch among an avolusion. I hope that I never treat our employees this way. Communication is the way, Education is the path, and Your mind is your wheels. Your Dreams are the map of where you want to go. But if you become greedy and think that you cant be touched. The man is watching and the man is able to touch you and will bring you down. So far that not even your elevator can raise you up. And not even your Helicoptor can carry you to your dreams again. Thanks.

United States

#2 Jan 11, 2008
I don't know who this Mike G is, as I worked for this same company but apparently not in the same time fram as he did. Star of Texas was an excellent company. I can't believe that you are going to say the boss changed your computer reports. Did you even use a computer? If you did you would know that there isn't a copmuter assisted report writing system out there that allows someone else to change your reports. Maybe where you took your patient or something like that but as far as the "legal info" can't be least not any system I have ever seen or used. I never had problems with gtting equipment or vehicles fixed. The company even had a process as to how you reported this. Now, I don't know how long you have been in EMS...obviously not long. You can't continue to operated without ins. or TDH inspection. Maybe you just never asked for the renewal cards. When in EMS insurance companies must report to local agencies when a companys ins has expired and they are still in operation..the same goes with TDH. They will not aloow you to still operate. It sounds to me that you are looking at the surface because you have no idea of the EMS system. You may know how to be a crew member on a truck but you don't know anything beyond that. You also mentioned his personal life...why does it matter what he has in his prsonal life? Another thing you aren't aware of. In a corporation you can just mix the personal assets with the business. It is amazing to me how littlepoeple truly know when it comes to business. I can say this...I know that the company was having a rough time< even though the business was there>>>what caused the money issues I don't know. Anytime you are dealing primarily with the government you take this risk. I would just hope that you and anyone else our there who wants to bad mouth any company would really think about it first. As an employee you really never know the entire story. It is easy for us to sit back and complain but we don't know what "the boss" may really be going through. So I advise, be careful of the trash you talk and of the bridges you burn...EMS is a small world.In closing I would like to add that my experience at Star of Texas was one of the best. I did my job and did it well and I have seen the ones who don't do it well..they are the ones who always had the problems and then wanted to blame the owner. So many want to bad mouth owners but does anyone ever say....this medic he never restocked his unit, didn't follow protocols, didn't provide pt care in his scope of practice, didn't show up everday on time, he never came in when he was called in....? Owners don't trash talk their bad employes...Thank God for that! I guess it just bothers me that you would have the nerve to post such an ugly post when you don't know the entire story..and I know the report thing just isn't true. The software doesn't allow it. Others can't change anything other than the billing info and maybe where you pick your patient up or drop off. On top of that if you noticed this you should have asked the owner of this. You are just as much at fault for not.

Alice, TX

#3 Jun 15, 2008
I worked for STEMS also for about a year. Yes, I also had reports altered, and was threatened. STEMS went out of business for one reason and one reason owner that couldn't even manage himself. He overspent, and under paid. I personally had checks from STEMS bounce three months in a row. I did know a lot of the "story" behind the owner. Something like this, ran two prior companies into the ground, left his wife and kids because he cheated on her with the director of operations, overspent his own money...took out an extra million dollar loan to cover salaries...Not only that, but sexually harassed, and some cases assaulted, female employees. I have to agree with Mike...STEMS was a pretty shabby company to work for.

United States

#4 Jun 30, 2008
I worked for STEMS for maybe 6 months. The owner was something else. We were not allowed overtime. I had 6 24s in one pay period and he almost had a stroke when handing me my check.
The equipment was shabby. He always talked to my breasts instead of me. I never had reports changed that i know of, but I worked in the 911 area they had for a while. He dumped that contract at the suggestion of the county judge because he insulted an official.
I do know that he lost one contract cause he was drinking and told someone off.
Hes not a saint by any means and him and his business partner tried to micromanage the crews in the field.

Los Angeles, CA

#5 Mar 31, 2009
Anyone else think that the KCD guy above is really DOUG? LOL
That Guy

Spring Hill, FL

#6 Sep 23, 2009
I'm not sure it's Doug... The spelling is too good... Not perfect, but Doug's writing was worse than a 3 year old.

I watched some of the people change run reports, so KCD's assertion is right out.

All in all, he really screwed the pooch and got away with a lot of bad stuff from what I understand. It's a shame that a company that had good potential had to be screwed into the ground by the owner.

Laredo, TX

#7 Oct 10, 2010
Let it be know by all that Star of Texas EMS investigation has been Completed and All Money owed plus interest have been Paid.

Fact OIG Found No wrong doing by the Company.
No Criminal Charges filed.
No Civil Charges Filed
No Admin Penalty’s assessed.
Case Closed
Total amount 2.7 million dollars paid.

United States

#8 Jan 7, 2014
Arthur wrote:
Anyone else think that the KCD guy above is really DOUG? LOL
Absolutely !!!! It is Doug and Cabernet !

Waynesville, NC

#9 Apr 16, 2014
Oh, He was such a swell guy...His face was plastered on the news for pulling a gun out on a customer in his little cell phone shop...

Houston, TX

#10 Jun 6, 2014
He's a wife beater. That I do know. He's such a p$&&@

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