Atheists are stupid!!!!!
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#223 Jan 28, 2013
Crom is laughing at all of you from atop his mountain.


#224 Apr 12, 2013
roflmfao wrote:
You all are just lazy! It is way easier to say ''hey I'm an atheist'', rather than taking the time to learn and the struggle to keep faith. If you would actually sit down and read the bible you would have faith too. Having faith and believing something is not easy at all, it takes work. And it isn't about having proof, it is about knowing in your heart that God is real, and that there is a heaven and a hell. I know I will have people bashing this comment, but to save you the trouble I won't be getting back on this particular thread. I have said what I want to say, without bashing anyone or anything. Hope you all have a great day, and God bless!
Do I need to read up on unicorns and mermaids before establish they don't exist as well? Idiot


#225 Apr 12, 2013
Theists always use the same arguments, heres a good one. Instead of finding ways to prove the existence of deities, you try instead to find floors in the arguments of the atheist, which is ridiculous. "Atheism is illogical because the Greek word "this" and the Greek word "that" and the inclusion of an uncaused-cause, and have you considered the fact god is omnipotent and is omniscient and is omnipresent" these FEEBLE arguments answer and sway nobody, except the minds of the ignorant, let's make it as simple as possible, because the arguments really are that simple
1, why do I not believe in god? WITHOUT going into English literature jargon of whether the way I explain my lack of faith leads in some theists, turning what I say round to make it seem illogical. This IS a literal answer!!!! I DO NOT believe in ANYTHING religious, scientific, geographical, mathematical, or ANY other theory or hypothesis in any field, in any subject, that cannot be backed up with at least the notion of evidence. And as religion has failed, in over 2000 years of trying, of producing ANY evidence supporting their "hypothesis" I refuse to believe in god, especially on the basis of blind faith.
2, what reasons do I give to come to this conclusion?
What other reasons do I need to give, or even should I give. The theist is the one with the extraordinary claim that an invisible, inaudible, Yet omnipotent magic man in the sky created the universe in 6 days and has since controlled or supervised its route through time, with only the interest of the moral decisions of men, he created, in an imperfect way, to judge whether or not they go to heaven or hell????? And the you have the audacity to tell me to provide evidence as to why it's not true?? It's impossible, just as if I was to ask you to prove in the same way, the existence of any invisible, inaudible made up magic creatures, unicorns? Mermaids? Leprechauns? Zeus? Thor? Santa? I could go on and on and on, and no one will ever be able to disprove anyone of their existence for sure. The person making the extraordinary claim needs to provide the extraordinary evidence.
An investigator may accuse a person of murder, but will get nowhere without evidence, even though he/she didn't see the murder take place, he/she can collect the evidence that renders the answer "beyond all reasonable doubt" good enough to convict murderers, but amazingly, not good enough for the ignorance and arrogance of the bone minded theist.
To finish, we will hypothesis that the existence of your god Yahweh is true, it is quite clear from scripture that he is an evil, genocidal, misogynistic, homophobic, filacidal, jealous, sadistic bastard (literal), and anyone in their right mind, for their love of humanity would rather go to hell, and spend time with the more sensible and loving lucifer, than spend a second worshipping such a sadistic moron !!!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!!!


#226 Apr 12, 2013
everyday wrote:
I have met people like you, and I can tell you from reading your post that you are from a broken family, and the negative influences have caused hatred and your misguided rant is heart breaking. God doesn't force Himself on anyone, the time for salvation is now, but it is up to you. It is about choices, and the forces of evil are against every person who lives, but you don't have to be broken. Jesus came to heal the sick, physically and spiritually. He gave us His life, so we can have eternal peace and a mansion, that His Father built. Don't buy into this macho "I will be this and that in the afterlife." The truth is, in the afterlife, there are two destinations. The thing is, everyone born is a sinner. When we accept Jesus as our Savior, God will forgive our past, and He will look upon us, even though we don't deserve it, as Holy and Perfect. It is not what we do, but it is what Jesus did on the Cross. Don't leave this life without accepting Jesus, otherwise, it is ETERNITY in a dungeon, lonely, and always wishing you accepting Jesus. That is the truth. There is no way anyone can dispute that, if they do, they do on their own accord. The truth is God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for us, so who ever believes in Jesus will have eternal life. For Jesus did not come into this world to condemn it, but to save it. Don't listen to your family and friend influence of anything other that what I just said, because it is confusion. The Bible says the author of confusion is satan. Don't be hoodwinked by satan. For the one the Son sets free is free indeed. Good luck to you on working out your salvation. God bless.
That was touching mate, and obviously heartfelt but its complete bollocks. There's no Broken home here mate, no divorce, just love in our household, without a magical man to "guide" us all to salvation. Another wonderful Christian gesture, damning non-believers to an eternity of pain, what a religion of love a? Well I hope you find peace, happiness and salvation in your faith, but don't try and push it on to anyone, there's enough brainwashed freaks in this world without you trying to recruit more

Carbondale, IL

#227 Apr 27, 2013
Why are some "Christians"so rude, ridiculing, judgemental, and hypocritical ? Genuine Christians stay true to and live by their own faith and words and would refrain from name calling and atheist and even I know how to respect others beliefs, and not because I read it in the bible.

Carbondale, IL

#228 Apr 27, 2013
And being atheist does not mean without faith. Sad what people think they understand

Since: Apr 13

Tecumseh, KS

#229 Apr 27, 2013
what an interesting conversation, I have just spent the last hour reading each of the 186 comments. Some of them are very good and some of them not so good. To each his or her own on his or her own belief. May I ask one question though?? I do believe in god. the bible says thou shall not kill correct??? How many millions and millions of people have been slain in the name of GOD????

Herrin, IL

#230 May 1, 2013
Im an agnostic.
I had a NDE 9 years ago and I can tell you there is something after death.
I didnt see Jesus, or God. I did see what I can only describe to you as light/energy. The people or souls that I saw, were made of light. Its very hard to describe. I would compare death and the soul to water in a glass that is left out in the sun. It evaporates, the water changes form and even though you cant see it once it evaporates, its still there, just in another form. We have energy in our bodies, electrical circuits and a conscious. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. Thats the first law of Thermodynamics. Physical matter is a form of condensed energy. It can be described in Einstens theory of MC2. Everything is made up of energy, just different forms of it. There is an afterlife, just because religion nor science is advanced enough to prove it, doesnt mean it dont exist. Just because some people dont experience anything when they have a NDE, doesnt mean the rest of us didnt. I believe they dont experience it because, like the bible said of Jesus, it took 3 days for him to roll from his grave. To me, that says, we are all different and some of us pass quickly, and some of us take more time. I have no need to make anyone follow me, or believe me, because quite all will find out from your own experience and journey. I dont believe in any religion, they all have small pieces of the puzzle, but none are 100% accurate. Each person is here for their own reason, and should follow their own path in life, and trust what they learn from their own experiences. Science and religion are quite funny, as they both disprove and rule each other out, when in reality, they are the two sides of a coin, the samething. One is based on physical proof, and the other on philosophy and faith. Science has a long way to go, and so does religion. One day, science will prove what many of us have already experienced. So take it with a grain of salt, dont worry about it, its futile to fight over it and just live your life and learn as much as you can.

Murphysboro, IL

#231 May 19, 2013
having faith is believing in something that can not be proven like God for instance..lots say they talk to him i e the gospel song: I'm gonna have a little talk with Geezsus...Gonna tell him bout all my troubles, and of course. Theres a lotta folk who claim Gee talks to them and they be the ones its best to avoid cause chances or good they are at best schizophrenic meaning the have mental illness , and one of the symptoms is hearing voices another is their experiencing disillusions some times making them think they are God himself. Sound like yer preacher?

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