Voice of the People

Shingletown, CA

#1 Sep 10, 2010
Look Close Before Signing

I worked for the Lake County Circuit Court for 21 years before retiring in 2007. I’ve known David Schutt professionally for seven of those years. David works with cases that are brought to him by law enforcement.

Felony cases are brought before the grand jury.

The district attorney, at his discretion, may have a case heard at a Preliminary Hearing before the judge instead of a grand jury and the judge decides whether to indict or dismiss a case.

However, all cases, misdemeanors or felonies, once filed, it’s then up to a jury or judge to decide whether an individual is innocent or guilty. For many cases, a plea agreement is worked out. Obviously, not everyone is going to walk away feeling vindicated.

When Edward Quedado of the Lake County Examiner wrote ...“David Schutt is expected to be charged in the near future with malfeasance, abuse of power and targeted malice,” it is my opinion that he was quoting one of the petitioners,(or the recall petition) and not the Attorney General’s office. If so, that quote was a misleading statement to say the least and should be recanted or reworded.

I’ve always known David to be hard working, honest, and most importantly for the citizens of Lake County, intelligent, with an excellent knowledge of criminal law. I’ve seen David Schutt go up against some of the best criminal attorneys in the state of Oregon and win those cases. If Lake County loses David Schutt as District Attorney, I believe you will have truly lost one of the best District Attorneys in the state.

Before signing the petition, take a close look at the petitioners responsible for the recall, and ask yourself who are these people and is this vindication for their perceived injustices.

Teri Beachler, New Pine Creek

I'm really getting ill of these people writing letters to the paper, gushing over David Schutt, when everyone else knows the exact opposite to be true.

What kind of person steps out on his wife, exposing her to public humiliation? A person like David Schutt, that's who. What kind of person uses his position of power as DA to seek out his vindictive fantasies? David Schutt that's who. We all know what he has done in this community and Lake County as a whole. For years he has caused great discourse and mistrust between the resident's of Lake County. He has set people up and coerced people to lie and testify against others. He has pitted emotions and belief systems against one another.

There are a slew of suspicious deaths that fall at his doorstep.

He has committed felonies within the office of District Attorney, yet no one is brave enough to go after him? There has been incidences in the past where other County employees have taken things into their own hands (literally) yet to no avail.

Soon though, Lake County will have their chance, at the polls, to rid ourselves of this blight. I urge you to sign the petition and vote to recall Schutt in November.

“Truth is Power”

Since: Aug 09

NO Tinfoil Hatery!

#2 Sep 10, 2010
This is misinformation "When Edward Quedado of the Lake County Examiner wrote ...“David Schutt is expected to be charged in the near future with malfeasance, abuse of power and targeted malice,” it is my opinion that he was quoting one of the petitioners,(or the recall petition) and not the Attorney General’s office".

FYI, ms. Beachler, The Attorney General of the State of Oregon defends public officials and does not prosecute them. Perhaps that is why John Kroegor was in Lakeview a few weeks ago, he was preparing Schutts defense. Every defendant in the U.S. is guaranteed adequate defense when they are charged with a crime. This is in accordance with the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions.

We do not know who the special prosecutor that has been appointed in this case, nor shall we until he/she seeks an indictment, and perhaps not even then. Oregon is the only State in the Union that allows secret indictments, something that David Schutt abuses quite frequently. If we get an indictment and his trial shows that he has abused secret grand juries, then perhaps it is time for the Oregon Legislature to consider a change.

Ordinarily when a public figure is indicted, especially a DA, no pleas are offered until the case goes to trial. Then, depending on the merits of the case it is brought before a jury, in order too set an example. Of course if Schutt resigns before the case goes to trial, then in all likely hood a plea would be offered.

Without public support for a recall, cases like this have been known to drag on, with the offensive person remaining in office, wielding their power in a reckless and revengeful way. Knowing all about Schutts overinflated ego and poisonous nature, he will most likely follow this path if we let him.

That is why it is essential for all registered voters to get out and sign the petition to recall Lake County District Attorney, David Schutt.

“Tell it like it is”

Since: Feb 10

Ft Rock Oregon

#3 Sep 19, 2010
The latest from the peanut gallery of blubber-butt Schutt lovers:

Still no beef

I read Lee Hite’s letter to the editor and I had the same questions he did.

Why didn’t Ken Hamlington run for Lake County Sheriff in May with the others? Is he even qualified to be a candidate for sheriff? After reading Ken Hamlington’s statements in the article attempting to recall our district attorney and his letter response to Lee Hite, there is only one thing that has been made clear to me. Ken Hamlington can’t seem to answer a direct question. Is this the type of man we want as our sheriff?

In the article about the district attorney, when directly asked to give any example of his allegations, Hamlington wasn’t able to give even one. Lee Hite’s letter asked Hamlington if he were even qualified to be a candidate for sheriff. For a question that calls for a one-word answer, Ken Hamlington’s 288 word response still didn’t answer the question asked. Why won’t he answer the question? After printing ads calling him a write-in candidate for sheriff, why hasn’t the paper asked him the question? So, let’s ask it again. Mr. Hamlington, under Oregon Law, are you even qualified to be a candidate for sheriff? A man who wants to remove this country’s top two elected public safety officials should be able to answer a straightforward question.

Jimmy D. Robison, Lakeview

Quite telling, is the rent-o-cop biz is trying to get a boost... eh jimbo?

Shingletown, CA

#4 Sep 21, 2010
This guy hits em like he see's em:

Crimes against the People

Regarding my (Supreme Court) Case, legally, there are 3 United States, 2 Oregons, 2 Lake Countys, 2 citizenships and 2 ‘people.’ The LAKE COUNTY now in power is not the original Lake County. Mr. Simpson and Mr. Schutt are not Officers of the Union State of Oregon or its Lake County. All three refused to rebut my corruption claims against them in the case and none have capacity to tell the truth.

Both Simpson and Schutt administer a fictional and religious kingdom called “this state”(ORS 131.205) owned by the American Bar Association for the benefit of the Federal Reserve. Because they have no jurisdiction over the People, they must bring false charges against its United State trust, that looks and sounds like your name, i.e. JOHN DOE. None protect your Constitutional Rights.

I am not a party to the D.A. recall, but assure it is meritorious. Claims against the D.A. could instantly be mitigated by his submission to a polygraph (lie detector) test. I will take the test if he will.

I have known (write in for Sheriff) Mr. Hamlington for approximately 5 years and have found him to be honest, incorruptible and a knowledgeable advocate of our Constitutional Rights. I believe him capable of cleaning out the ‘rat’s nest’ in the Court House and facilitating the Constitutional County Court required in my case – which will try aforesaid for numerous crimes against the People.

To get a copy of my case, send to hankalbertson@yahoo.com with “S.Ct.” in the subject line.

Hank Albertson, Lakeview
Court Watch

Shingletown, CA

#5 Sep 22, 2010
Questions Schutt’s Actions

David Schutt and “ethics”? Hmmm! I seem to recall the notorious trial of Dr. Phil Corcoran on sexual molestation charges brought by one of Schutt’s female friends and a fellow board member for the so-called “Crisis” center some years back.

Because of his relationship with this plaintiff, one would have thought that,“ethically” Schutt would have recused himself. He didn’t!

Schutt and the then Lakeview Police Chief went through gyrations worthy of Wiley Coyote trying to trap the Roadrunner in an attempt to build a case against Dr. Corcoran, allegedly including a hilarious attempt to trap him by recording a “set-up” phone conversation with a woman suspected of being beholden to the DA himself for her own drug charges.(Circus clown with Law Degree?) Unsuccessful!

Meanwhile, the Crisis Center plaintiff apparently used her position to solicit additional charges against Dr. Corcoran whenever she found a client who also happened to be one of Dr. Corcoran’s patients. At least two of these clients were allegedly told of possible “big rewards” by suing Dr. Corcoran’s malpractice insurance, if he was convicted.

A couple of Schutt’s star witnesses both filed civil suits against Dr. Corcoran’s insurance using the same charges that Schutt filed in the criminal case. Their hope supposedly was that if he was convicted in the criminal case, they would automatically win their civil case. They were ultimately forced to drop the suits.

When the first Grand Jury refused to indict Dr. Corcoran, Schutt waited until a new Grand Jury was empaneled and brought the charges again. Apparently he can be very persistent in the Law when one of his female friends is involved. He even had the State Police soliciting complaints against Dr. Corcoran in newspaper ads!

“Ethical”? Not a word I would use to describe David Schutt!

Jules Gilpatrick, Lakeview
Concern Troll

Shingletown, CA

#6 Sep 30, 2010
So whats all this about Schutt getting recalled? Are you serious?

...don't the Voters have anything better to do than recall Schutt??!!

.....like vote "yes" for a Medicinal Cannabis Club?

Schutt Watch

Mcarthur, CA

#7 Oct 5, 2010
Latest News from Lakeview has David Schutt threatening anyone that signs the petition to recall him. When will you people stand up to this punk and shut him down!?
OLama bin Laughin

Mcarthur, CA

#8 Oct 6, 2010
What about the BJ to look the other way? How come this never gets discussed? Perhaps the graphic image of that gross, unnatural act is too much for most.
Anyone that would do such a thing, ought to be institutionalized. As for Schutt, he ought to be charged under the Federal Statute.
Schutt is a pig, whoever brought this cretin into the Courthouse should be stripped of their citizenship and sent to Israel
Had Enough

Mcarthur, CA

#9 Oct 8, 2010
What is it going to take to remove this Kazarian Jew from his position of power?

He is the criminals shield, always cutting a deal with the guilty and when prosecuting the innocent, is hell bent on condemning them and destroying their humanity.
Freakin Frank

Mcarthur, CA

#10 Oct 9, 2010
Oh my god!!!!! Schutts gotta GO!!
Schutt Watch

Montgomery Creek, CA

#11 Oct 14, 2010
Article in Lake County Examiner:

Lake County District Attorney David Schutt avoided a recall election by 22 votes.

The effort to oust Lake County District Attorney David Schutt fell short of the required number of signatures to move ahead with a recall election.

The chief petitioner of the recall, Ken Hamlington, needed 467 signatures to move ahead with the process which would have seen Schutt either step down from office or challenge the vote, resulting in a county wide recall election. The group organizing the recall ended up accumulating 445 signatures. Summer Davis, Oregon Department of State compliance specialist, said Hamlington turned in 549 total signatures. After validating each person, 59 were said to be unregistered voters, three registered after signing the petition, one signature was deemed illegible and 19 names failed to match the voter registration on file. Hamlington was unavailable for comment.

Having been provided a list of the petition, the district attorney said roughly half of those who signed were people who had been prosecuted or were family members of those who had been prosecuted by him.

“It’s just a normal reaction. I think people who were prosecuted for various crimes were unhappy to be in that situation,” Schutt said.

“This is a democratic process that’s allowed, the entire initiative process but they never gave out a reason for the recall,” Schutt said.“I’d imagine since there is no additional reason, the people who’d be driven or feel the need to sign this were people who had been prosecuted.

“I don’t think people are out to get me out of office. I just think those without any additional stated reasons for a recall would be prompted or likely to sign it.”

Hamlington cannot challenge the results of the validation. His only recourse, if he chose to, would be to begin the process anew.

The state gave the recall 90 days to meet the threshold.

“It has obviously been a stressful summer,” Schutt said.“My wife and I appreciate the outpouring of support from community leaders and citizens throughout Lake County. It didn’t cause much of a delay in the process. We’ll be getting back to the job of prosecutions which we’ve been doing all along.”
Schutt Watch

Montgomery Creek, CA

#12 Oct 14, 2010
Well, we have to see if smutty schutty follows through with his threat to crush all those who signed the petition!
covert action

Palo Cedro, CA

#13 Oct 19, 2010
“I don’t think people are out to get me out of office. I just think those without any additional stated reasons for a recall would be prompted or likely to sign it.”

Sounds like he is insulting the intelligence of your average Lake County voter. Or that we all cannot stand him and need no other reason to recall him from office.

Gig Harbor, WA

#14 Jun 5, 2013
It's all fun and games until someone lies bleeding out on the street. Mr. Schutt has pissed off some VERY DANGEROUS people including one that lives in town.

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