Sunny Hills/ Oak Hill Advisory Committee
Red Dawn

Jacksonville, FL

#82 Nov 25, 2012
rainmaker wrote:
<quoted text>
Earl Stewart passed out copies of the paper just before he stormed out of the MSBU Advisory Committee meeting, vowing to bring a class action lawsuit against the Washington County Board of County Commissioners for four million dollars? My question is : if Stewart and Zanetic win a class action lawsuit against Washington County, Who gets the four million dollars? Second question is ? who pays Zanetic and Stewart the four million dollars. Sorry , I already know that "Us Washington County Taxpayers.
If Zanetic and Earl Stewart think they are going to screw us Washington County taxpayers like that they need to wake up, there would we rioting at the Court House. Its not going to happen. What do you think folks?
It is time to come together. Do not wait until we are all behind fences. I know I am being looked at right now, but remember that everyone thought Noah was crazy too. If you want to know more ask KC and we will all meet? If you do not believe I understand. Just ask about KC.
question 3

Panama City, FL

#83 Nov 26, 2012
Who or what is KC?

Graceville, FL

#84 Nov 26, 2012
Kentucky Fried Chicken???? KC?? whoisit???
question 3

Panama City Beach, FL

#85 Nov 26, 2012
Where is F?Don't use bad word.
Fixit man

United States

#86 Nov 27, 2012
Just remember, when the solar lights don't work, someone has to be called to repair them. Who pays? YOU, MSBU Tax Payers. The average service call to repair privately owned solar lights is $1500.00. Gulf Power charges nothing. These solar lights were a bad idea, still are a bad idea, the worst thing anyone could have voted on when Gulf Power charges nothing but a small monthly fee, and they guarantee the construction. When private individuals that have no experience with solar lights constructs these fixtures, no one is responsible but the individuals that constructed them. If the break, you, the MSBU tax payer has to pay. It's like the Hostess situation with the useless unions, you , the small tax payer looses, the the big bosses lose nothing. The solar light is absolutely one of the dumbest ideas for a community that is trying to pay back a road debt. Go figure! It's nothing but POWER and CONTROL, and look at who is at the top!
.....+_+end of message)[email protected]
oh shush

Panama City Beach, FL

#87 Nov 27, 2012
Don't worry.At the start of whole mess with MSBU coordinator position supposed to be VOLONTARY.!!!!And we TAXPAYERS paid 40,000/y plus all trimmings,truck,gas,insurance, 17 unqualified & unecerified ff to be 24/t on duty,parks.The list goes on and on.Btw we paid close to 40,000$ for light on SH Blv.Seems to me you comment is one of the dumbest on Topix.What I remember GZ was the one who said NOBODY IS GOING TO TELL WHAT TO DO.It was nothing but POWER and CONTROL.And look who was at the top.
Fixit man

United States

#88 Nov 27, 2012
Show me the proof. Don't direct me to web sites, show me the truth. You have been spreading these lies for several years. If anyone has done wrong, it is you spreading lies and brainwashing SH residents with propaganda and you have nothing to back it all up. Lies, lies and more lies to gain control. We know you supported Obama, and have the same bs__ ideas to spread that he does. Sorry, but you have no truth, and nothing to back up your lies. Whoever you are.
oh shush

Panama City Beach, FL

#89 Nov 27, 2012
Don't have to proof anything.There are facts.And another dumbest thing was borrowing 2,5 mln $ for roads the county supposed to take care.Now we have cracked roads,2 mln to pay.
35yr in sh

Panama City, FL

#90 Nov 27, 2012
oh shush wrote:
Don't have to proof anything.There are facts.And another dumbest thing was borrowing 2,5 mln $ for roads the county supposed to take care.Now we have cracked roads,2 mln to pay. 4
five good old boys from the cm and gz started the Mcbu no input from the people of sh. Just like the bs.that we have in Washington today,
at meetings

Panama City Beach, FL

#91 Nov 28, 2012
heard it over & over to do away with msbu because of Bill Howell survey don't they do what people want?
oh shush

Chipley, FL

#92 Nov 28, 2012
First you have to pay the loan.The moment the loan is pay get away with MSBU.Bill Howell and Roger Hogan are responsible of wasting 17,000$ for survey nobody knows the results.
Better Off

Youngstown, FL

#94 Dec 5, 2012
oh shush wrote:
First you have to pay the loan.The moment the loan is pay get away with MSBU.Bill Howell and Roger Hogan are responsible of wasting 17,000$ for survey nobody knows the results.
I see you are ready for a revolution. Are you really willing to stand up or tell us oh shush. You have so many good points, but are you willing to stand up for what you really believe? If not, than you have no voice.

United States

#95 Dec 5, 2012
For years the grup in Sunny Hills said Get Rid Of The Coordinator...he is spending money....too much money...he stole 100,000.... let's get rid of him and pay off the debt and close down the MSBU...let's only spend money on paying off the debt! WELL, lordy, lordy look who's in charge on the committee now. This new committee is spending us into bankruptcy.....Sunny Hills owners could lose their homes and property to pay off the bankruptcy if this is where it goes....after all, each tax payer's name is on the loan. STOP THIS WASTEFUL SPENDING on solar lights, audits, hiring lawyers for $25,000 to sue, of all people, the friggin' Civic Association for God sakes. It sure is funny how people want spending stopped, but when they get control of the MONEY it is a different's like Obama lives in Sunny Hills.
get it right

Chipley, FL

#96 Dec 6, 2012
Not 25,000$ to sue civ ass but 10,000.Don't forget civ ass owns to MSBU 24,000$for improving BL,paving parking space and build some kiosk so Glen can sell junk sun glasses,sodas....Audits!!!! Let's say Glen did the same but nobody knew how much he spent,and we had to believe what he said not mention we don't know what second ccordinator appointed by the county did with OUR money.Solar lights!!!Let's say there are parts of SH,dark like hell and residents over there deserve to have some light too because right now they pay assessement + from their own pocket to light the streets.Be fair to these ppl.You are talking about spending MSBU money,well did you open your mouth when Glen had meeting in st.Theresa church considering the community shelter and the guy who presented the project counted on MSBU money?I was there ,nobody opened his mouth.MSBU meetings are open to the public,come and say what you just wrote on Topix.
Derick Adamand

United States

#97 Dec 6, 2012
Funny though how it's OK all of a sudden to have a SPENDING FREENZY with Tax payers money now that you have control of that money,,,oh, and by the way, what happened to putting all of the money to the road debt and shutting down MSBU. Again, now that you have control of ppls tax money, it's OK to have a spending frenzy. YOU need to be honest with the pple of Sunny Hills and answer the question, "When The MSBU Is Shut Down, Who Pays To Keep The Dark Areas Light?". Be honest with those people that you are taking their money and Frenzy Spending. If you can't be honest with these people, there are those that will. Get it!
get it right

Panama City, FL

#98 Dec 6, 2012
No, it is not OK to frenzy spending but WHO was talking about dark SH Blv when residents wanted to turned off some lights?WHO was talking about grass up to knees?WHO was talking about money for G's fire Inc?WHO spent 25,000$ for main entrance which looks terrible?WHY we did NOT KNOW HOW much we own to the bank?Suddenly you see the numbers and WHAT?One more you are changing your nickname over and over,don't care but the theme is the same:let's stir some s#$#$#,If you are such supporter of GZ,when we are going to hear about class action suit?And I repeat,MSBU meeting are open to the public not closed with a guy with a stick at the door Glen's MO..You want answers well I doubt if Glen will print any news not attacking MSBU in his crap,so the only way to get answers come every second Thursday to county annex.
Derick Adamand

Cape Coral, FL

#99 Dec 6, 2012
You still need to be honest with the people that you are frenzy spending with their tax dollars. When MSBU goes dark so do the solar lights because there will be no money for maintenance. Tell them the facts.
get it right

Panama City Beach, FL

#100 Dec 6, 2012
I hope you are not talking about "HONESTY" according to Glen.

Chipley, FL

#101 Dec 6, 2012
Do you have lights on I-10
Do you have lights on HWY 90
For that matter everyone uses their car lights
So why we need lights
Step Back

Panama City, FL

#102 Dec 6, 2012
I was here when "the spending frenzy" was going on the committee that is in charge of the MSBU is trying to hold on to money . The lights on the Blvd are paid for by the MSBU. Some of the problems with closing down the MSBU were the things like the lights being turned off because no one could pay for them. People complained they wanted to keep maintenance crews in here. At first the new group said they didn't need them and people complained about that so the work crews stayed. If the work crews weren't here the county said they would stop the bulk garabage pick up. So in the whole time this new group has been in they got solar lights (with a waranty),planters and added some trees and things to the annex to may it look better. The people in Sunny Hills used that building and it was ugly. I have to admit I don't like the planters all that much but they are trying.

Let's go back to frenzy buying- computers for everyone on the original MSBU board,cell phones being paid for by the MSBU - Furniture and repairs for the old Fire Department building which was taken over by an organization and no longer belongs/or can be used by the people of Sunny Hills. So the MSBU was funding private property not something that even belonged to Sunny Hills. Positions (not just one) that were supposed to and always had been volunteer changed to paid positions for unqualified ,not physicaly fit people.Everything was paid for by the MSBU go to the county pull old records I have not even touched on the edge of that spending frenzy

Yes, this group is spending money to keep the lights on and keep the grass mowed (so was the old MSBU), 2 payments were made to bring down the debt (spending frenzy) of roads put in way back in 2003. Yes they have put in solar lights. Look around there are lots of solar lights going up all over the places outside of Sunny Hills. We pay a fortune to keep the lights lit. Way it out - How much do we spend on lights what it actually costs for Solar lights- I believe you will find that the solar ligths in the long run will pay for themselves. Not like Gulf Power that we have to make payments to evey month. Planters (not so good) but they were trying not to spend a fortune and they can add to them and make them prettier.

P.S. the private organization that took the fire Department from the people of Sunny Hills is made up with old MSBU officers. So, yes they even took over what once was a part of Sunny Hills, funded the private organization, paid people, and bought equipment for a private organization. Check the facts

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