Review: Meadow Square Apartments
angry renter

Oceanside, CA

#22 Oct 30, 2011
These apartments BLOW!!!!!! it smells like shit here there are thousands and thousands of flies everywhere i have never opened my door without having to shut it because the horrible smell os shit. If they you plan to move here and they tell you the cows are moving soon dont believe it ive lived here 2 years and sick of this place.

Chino Hills, CA

#23 Dec 2, 2011
I have been a resident almost since it opened. It was beautiful to look at and I was happy to be the first person in my apartment. However, I was lied to from the begining with management. This whole income qualified, no one explained that to me. When I questioned it, and expressed my plan to look elsewhere I was threatened that my deposit would be kept and that it was illegal to make statments in regards to people based on income. I have 3 teenage boys, all good, honor roll sttudents. However, my oldest DID get involved with marijuana almost immediately after moving in, and he was getting it from a teenager in the complex the SAME age as him! We confronted the parents, who had a bong on their living room table, we spoke to management. Guess what?! No resolution, in fact I was told to follow these kids that were dealing at the west side barbeques to their apartments in order to get the apt #'s! WTF! I am a single mom and I am not following anyone. My sons are back to being honor roll students, however, they are not allowed outside. They don't even want to go outside! We have been here for almost 3 years now and we are prisoners in our own home. Our upstairs neighbors are so out of control with noise and we have complained through management, security and even the Chino Police for 3 YEARS! and not one complaint was ever noted! I have contacted the Management Team in OC and to this day have no response. I love how someone keeps posting that this is a great place, and I have a feeling you are an employee. Because I have spoken to many people that live her, did live here and are just moving in and EVERY ONE has at least one complaint. No DRUG Dealers! are you kidding, my sons pediatrician has a nephew in this complex that he tells me himself DEALS here! He has told me sons not to associate in any way with the kid, and you want to deny this is going on? Want the kids name? Apt #. I have both. I have given it to management. He still lives here. Since I am on the high side of the income, and my rent is crazy, I am stuck here until I can save enough to move. So we will keep complaining, and documenting and watch as the staff changes every 2 months or so. There is no peace of living here. And I have even more complaints than just what I have noted. Surveys, recently? JOKE no change no sign of change.

Chino Hills, CA

#24 Dec 2, 2011
Meadow Square Resident wrote:
<quoted text>
Thats new to me but I'll take your word for it I thought they didn't accept sec 8. I just want people to understand that this place is not BAD, I live here so I think I would know. Kids are always playing outside and trust me nobody bothers them its a very safe apartment complex. Honestly the worst part of living here is the flies, thats my opinion. The little gangsters will not bother you they just walk around because theres nothing for them to do, hell if i didn't want to work or go to school i know I'd be bored as shit. They wont rob you or try to beat you up, I know all of these guys you have my WORD that theres no gang activity going on or drug dealing, they just smoke their weed and drink their beers and they do not offer weed and beers to kids, theres no violence here AT ALL. The only reason they would cause harm is if you try to get confrontational with them, so as long as you don't start problems you and your family will be safe, these guys are not looking for trouble and don't want anything from you. The gym is nice and the pool and jacuzzi are well maintained. The BBQ grills are nice as well. Come see for yourself, take a walk around, talk to the residents and then make your choice, don't go by what management says your better off getting input from people who live here.
Seriously? The barbeques are nice? When? When you complain because the knobs are missing again? I have made that complaint 10 times in 3 years. I have documented it. I find it extremely hard to believe you are a resident with your statments. I have been here 3 years. Are we living in the same complex. This issue is not the appearance, it is undenyably beuatiful here. The issue is the management, some of the residents and the illigal acivity. You are absolutely blind if you are not aware of the bad kids in this complex. Many, many times I smell marijuana walking past a parked car with guys inside, even walking past the people at the 'barbeques' somking marjuana. Don't lie to people. Giving your opinion, is one thing but you are straight out lying. Hopefully she is not a single mom and moves in with vunerable children based on your lies. Be honest, let people make their own conclusions, based on honesty!
Interested in Residing

Chino, CA

#25 Dec 27, 2011
I am a little concerned for moving to Meadow Square. I have been there 3 times now to look a the place, and it seems beautiful. For the price, and the ammenities and everything, it seems like a wonderful deal. I am moving out on my own for the first time, and am now second guessing. Can someone honest, and realistic please give me their 100% feedback. I need to know, and I need help making a decision for my safety, peace of mind, and this 12 month life i am about to have. Thank You.
Time to relax

Chino, CA

#26 Jan 4, 2012
Just because a few crazy people have posted comments about cows and flies and gangbangers, this doesn't mean that all those things are true. Yes, the smell of cows is at times heavy, but HELLO, you are choosing to move/live by a dairy. I have lived in this area all my life and believe me, you will not notice the smell after a few weeks.
As for gangbangers, marijuana, and "bad kids" these are things that happen everywhere, but the general rule is "you don't bother me, I won't bother you"
Living on your own will be a new, exciting experience. Enjoy it, don't let others cloud what will be a fun, adventure for you.
thinking bout it

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#27 Jan 27, 2012
Was thinking about moving my fam here. Having second thoughts after reading this. I do like the current luxury of opening my windows for FRESH air. Going to visit soon to get the feel. I will keep following for new comments. RESIDENTS: Your input/comments serve as primary source information. Thank you.

Moreno Valley, CA

#28 Jan 30, 2012
i also think that all appartments have their ups and downs kids will find and do what they want come on people we were all kids and marijuana is the least of worries these days im 24 and know this ... i had a friend who lived here and it was honestly one of the nicer app. i have been too and you make it what you can for people to write and say half the stuff they do they should look into owning their own or renting a home so you dont have to deal w "real life " i mean others around you or the smell and i have lived in chino my whole life and cant even smell the cows only on rainy days and the smell smells like money $$ my cousin is moving from out of state and this is one of her recomandations

Los Angeles, CA

#29 Feb 26, 2012
The place is an ugly illegall alien infested anus hole.A little like Tijuana,but with more flies.I,m waiting for the cockfights to start and tamale sales carts to appear.if you like living among scum and turds ,then this is the dump for you. I think some of these rat- apts have 15 people living in them with broken out windows and corn stalks as potted plants.Nothing like the sound of accordions and bad trumpet playing to ruin your night TILL 3 O'Freakin o'clock in the a.m. Geeeeeeeeeeeeez I need an aspirin. Where's the ice agents when you need them?

Since: Apr 12

Los Angeles, CA

#30 Apr 22, 2012
People who have posted are sooo ignorant! First of all, how do you know that the "trashy" people are MEXICANS? You don't! Don't make generalizations that you can't prove. It just proves that there is reason you are living there. You are ignorant like those trashy people. There are people from Nicaragua, from Guatemala, from El Salvador, etc. Use a map people. Mexico is not the only hispanic country. Second of all, stop complaining and do more doing! What's the point of you complaining if YOU STILL LIVE THERE! Move! OR Get a petition together with all the residence who don't, according to your judgement, fall under the "trashy" category... Overall, shut it or do something about it. Have a wonderful day!
no thanks

San Bernardino, CA

#31 May 2, 2012
I cannot wait to move. Do not like how trashy some people are and how trashy some areas of this place look. Management is a joke. It has been for many years. Must be a training place...
Bad One!
Police are not here as much as they once were but...
the smell and the flies are just horrid.
I am worried about the broken car windows I have seen lately???
The wall are thin and the wall paint is a joke.
I would not move here.
Resident Rally

Redlands, CA

#32 May 24, 2012
I've been here for almost 3 yrs in Dec and can't wait till then to move the hell out of here Out of necessity I had to stay here this long. The cow smell is unbearable! The flies suck! The hand rails and stairs are full of webs, dirt and stains! The walls and ceiling and floor are so damn thin I feel the vibration in my floor when the bottom neighbors have the tv on and feel the ceiling rumble with the people upstairs and hear what sounds like an animal stampede everytime kids or women with heals go up and down the stairs, this goes on every single day! The reception for cell phones suck! There's tooo many kids! Almost forgot to mention last week i heard my next door neighbor chopping his vegetables (thats how sorry the building is made) Im glad to be moving out finally!!
Live here

San Bernardino, CA

#35 Sep 3, 2012
I am stuck here until the 1st of the year then moving. Between all the kids,so-called adults that yell or talk really loud,they have no respect for any of the people that live here,just plain rude and have no class! The spiders and spider webs all over.The stairs are stained and tacky to look at.Police here all the time! Drugs or gangs...stupid sad! Walls are paper thin. I have loss track on how many Managers and people in the front office.It changes every 4-6 months if that long!!
People break into cars/break car windows. People try to walk into your apt. LOCK YOUR DOORS!!!
People lets dogs run free around here. dangerous for the dogs. People lets cats run fights! Just stupid! Glad to be moving.

San Bernardino, CA

#36 Nov 27, 2012
Okay, the smell and flies we knew about but wow some times. The flies are so bad that you can only wash clothes at certain times. But what is worse are the SPIDERS we and a lot of other people here had this summer. I could not believe it.Very dangerous spiders they were. B/W and B/R are not good. Management did nothing.....what a surprise. Some of the low life people have low life kids.People are just talking and it sounds like they are yelling. The words that come out of the so called adults and the kids is really very sad. If you cannot afford kids do not have them! Very many people also have dogs. I feel so sorry for these animals. They are not cared for the correct way. Should be a law! Noise at times is unreal. From the idiots that play loud, horrible, insulting music in there cars from the animal killing business down the street on Pine playing loud Mexican music on Sat nights. It is just to much. We are looking to move the first of 2013. Cannot wait. Neighbors are just rude/nasty/even the kids. Just sad.
No way

Bloomington, CA

#37 Jun 2, 2013

Ontario, CA

#38 Sep 15, 2013
Lived here for five years. At first this place was ideal. Now, it stinks! Low non caring management with low maintence crew. Our neighbors are noisy. A lot of parties especially on weekends. It's like Spring Break here. Neighbors are very unfriendly and don't care about being a disturbance. We're on the second level and all we here is thunder from doors slamming and floors pounding. The top level is the place to be if you want some peace. We notice the more you complain the worst it gets. Hard to deal with people who party a lot and are on drugs. We're moving so good luck to you if Meadow Square Apartments becomes your home.
Seeking affordable housin

Long Beach, CA

#39 Jan 14, 2014
Well I was so excited to finally find somewhere my family could call home. Thank you for the feed back. I will not move my family there. I don't want to deal with loud noise or drug dealers. The looking continues....

Kapolei, HI

#40 Jan 19, 2014
Unless your black with many kids do not move here. The Management is all black and this place has changed a lot over the past year. Kids riding bikes of all kinds on sidewalks and streets. Parents do not care. Police are here all the time from drug bust to drunk driving to abuse of one person to another. It is horrible. Looking to move within a few months. Loud tacky people and kids that are not taught any manners. Problems with spiders in the summer time. Horrible smell from cows and flies all over during certain times/days/hours! NOT WORTH THE MONEY YOU MIGHT SAVE! Would not be a bad place if not for that and some people that are just loud and too. If your white, you are a minority.
Bad in every race. But, just not for me.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#41 Mar 24, 2014
Don't move here this place is horrible there is an old man who live here who slashes tire over 40 people have been victim to this police do nothing office staff sent no warning about this don't move here the money you save is no saving when you have to replace tires every other month this man was seen by eye witness and night guard and on video and he is still living here and they do nothing moving April 1 there are too many here that are very poor

Kapolei, HI

#42 Apr 3, 2014
If your Black you will fit in. Oh, and do not forget to bring your 3-5 kids from different men? and your boyfriend/husband that beats up on you. This place has gone to hell! In many ways. The management will do nothing for you except take money. The staff always changes. Never the same people in the office for more that 4-6 months. All horrible two faced people. Like a lot of the people here are. Just unreal! Karma will get these horrible people someday. Smells and the flies I will not miss. Most people here slam doors. Walls are paper thin. and the paint on the walls are one coat! Very Cheap! I have nothing good to say about this place. Glad to be moving like many of the white people are. This place is all black and full of nasty ,horrible people that out and out lie! You get your tires cut and things stolen all the time. Even the police say to move out of this place. Blacks welcome!!

Kapolei, HI

#43 Apr 3, 2014
Angry wrote:
Don't move here this place is horrible there is an old man who live here who slashes tire over 40 people have been victim to this police do nothing office staff sent no warning about this don't move here the money you save is no saving when you have to replace tires every other month this man was seen by eye witness and night guard and on video and he is still living here and they do nothing moving April 1 there are too many here that are very poor
I agree, unless you are black do not move here. All the black do here is yell and scream and some sound like they are screaming but it is a normal voice! Only two faced jerks live here. They spread lies and start trouble when they do not know the real truth. Oh, also, Mexicans are the same as the blacks. It is so unfair and wrong what some people have done to this man. I know who I am talking to and she is very two faced and beware because she will stab you in the back! Glad we are moving now. police told us to get out of this complex. Not a nice place to live. Police always here and will be here more. Your a sad to faced lonely person. You and all the people here that started such lies and have done such horrible things. Shame on you. Karma Sucks little girl. Oh, I agree the Management here does suck and will do nothing but take your $. Horrible place. Counting the days. Go to Hell for what you did.

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