Washington man killed in Kentucky

Washington man killed in Kentucky

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This is Sad

Youngstown, OH

#1 Aug 8, 2010

WURTLAND — A man from Washington was shot to death in Greenup County early Saturday morning, and a Raceland man was charged with his murder.

The Greenup County Sheriff’s Department identified the victim as Chad Miller, 27, of Chimacum.

Arrested and charged with Miller’s slaying was Beryl W. Smith, 33, of the 100 block of Ridge Road, the sheriff’s department said.

The incident occurred at a residence on Chinn Street behind the old Grubb’s Market in Wurtland city limits. According to the sheriff’s department, Greenup 911 received a call at 3:17 a.m. from a “frantic” woman who told dispatchers there’d been a shooting at her home.

When deputies arrived, they found Smith standing in the middle of the road in front of the house holding an unspecified type of firearm.

After detaining Smith, officers entered the house and found Miller in a back bedroom, dead of multiple gunshot wounds, the sheriff’s department said.

Smith was arrested on charges of first-degree murder, first-degree burglary and first-degree wanton endangerment. He was lodged in the Greenup County Detention Center.

The sheriff’s department didn’t say what the motive for the shooting might have been, or what the connection between the two men was.

The shooting remains under investigation by Deputy David Bocook. Bocook was assisted at the scene by officers from the Greenup, Wurtland, Flatwoods, Worthington and Raceland police departments.

Manama, Bahrain

#2 Aug 8, 2010
I am sorry Chad I wish this din't happen to you . you were a great person and I will never forget you.

Seattle, WA

#3 Aug 8, 2010
The motive was the stupid redneck killer Smith went to that house to kill the "frantic" woman and shot a good innocent man instead. It was a PREMEDITATED MURDER. Smith went there with INTENTIONS to kill someone. Hope the killer rots in prison for the rest of his miserable life, my friend didn't get to keep his. All over some worthless snatch.

Seattle, WA

#4 Aug 8, 2010
Chad was a wonderful friend who brought joy and happiness to this world and was taken out by a monster. Lock up the monster and throw away the key. Lets remember are friend Chad for the awesome man he was and forget about that pos!

Grand Rapids, MI

#5 Aug 8, 2010
well "huh" you must not have known your friend very well or you would have known that he loved her. she is my best friend and i really dont appreciate you talking about her like that. i know you are mad and hurt but she is too. she never wanted this to happen. so why dont you try to keep your angry words to a minimum. she loved him regardless of what you thought about there relationship and her. you didnt even know her and what a wonderful person she is and they made each other happy. i am deeply sorry for you all's loss and my prayers go out to his family, friends and his son... but please if your gonna bash something bash wes not her she doesnt deserve it.

Seattle, WA

#6 Aug 9, 2010
KYchick is right. It was not her friends fault by any streach. The guy that killed him should rot in hell. It sad that finally he found happiness and got out of this stupid ass state and tried to make something of himself. I am glad they were in love and happy. Fuck... How would you feel is someone just walked into your house and killed someone you loved. What would you do????? It's rough. I admit Chadd and I went off and on getting along but he was a great guy at heart. He was like a kid sometimes in an adult body. He knew how to make people laugh and be there for them. I think he will be remembered very well. This is tragic. No one ever deserves this. THe guy that shot him I hope he lives his whole life out remembering shotting a wonderful man.
A good friend of Chadd

United States

#7 Aug 11, 2010
If Westbay Auto would have given Chadd his job back, and not slandered his name around town.....He would have not moved! Chadd called me when he arived at Ambers house! However he was glad to be with someone he called a (Wonderful person inside and out). Im so angry about it all!!!! I dont know her, but he like her enough to tell me he would bring her up very soon! I cry everyday for Chadds. But he would want us all to remember our time with him, not this event!!!
Tonja and Julie

Tacoma, WA

#8 Aug 16, 2010
Last night while having cocktails on our boat with friends at Point Hudson marina in Port Townsend a bouquet of helium balloons landed on our boat with a card attached. The card is to Chadd Miller from Toni Austin. It is a birthday card. This morning we went to the Sea Marine store for a part and I brought the card. I asked the people there if they knew Chadd Miller because I wanted to give him the card. The guy in the store asked me how know him and I told him the story of the balloons. He said he knew but he had been murdered a few weeks ago. So, I will keep the card and the memory of Chadd alive. Toni, if you are reading this you can contact me at twortham@magloans.net. Chadd must have been a special man to be so loved by you.

Seattle, WA

#9 Aug 18, 2010
To KYChick: If your friend loved Chadd so much, then why the fuck did she have Chadd move down there when her psychotic piece of shit ex had threatened to kill Chadd? If she really loved Chadd, she would have told Chadd not to come because she feared for his life. She would not have sent him into the lion's den.
ky chick

Mason, MI

#10 Aug 22, 2010
for one crystol she didnt send him to the "lions den" her and chadd had a very long conversation about their past and present life. she didnt make him come to ky. he was a big boy and chose to come on his own. they loved each other and if you cant handle that im sorry. i know you all are hurt and we are too from all of this. and if you wanna blame her then i cant do anything to stop that. but in her defense she didnt know this would happen or she wouldnt have let him. but as far as her making him no she didnt. chadd is a hero and will forever be remembered as that and we all loved him. but as far as all the badmouthing like i said on the ky topix he's been laid to rest so the topic needs to be too. sorry for your loss i pray for his family and friends daily that you all will find peace and comfort in god.

Seattle, WA

#11 Sep 1, 2010
I have known Chadd for many years. We were in grade and high school together. His loss is something that was very tragic. He is missed by all of his friends and family here and far. The one thing he would not want is for people to be saying the things that are being said on here. He did love her very much, and I know that even if he knew the threat, that he would of gone anyway. He was looking for someone to love and for someone to love him. There is alot of hate from people in Washington to Kentucky. He would just want us all to be happy!!! I love you Chadd and will Miss You forever and Always!!!!!!!
ky chick

Little Rock, AR

#12 Sep 8, 2010
Yea there is hard feelings but we understand why. i hope hearts heal in time through the lord. god bless u guys!

Seattle, WA

#13 Sep 10, 2010
No shit she didn't make him go there. We have free will. Make logical arguments if you want to argue with me. I know it was his decision...HOWEVER...if she loved him she would have told him NOT to come because she feared for his life! Wouldn't you tell the "love of your life" to stay away if it was possible that he would be hurt if he came near you? It was his decision and I wish he had taken another path, but I also know that your friend was aware that her ex had threatened Chadd and your friend should have done the right thing and told Chadd to stay here until her psycho fuck ex calmed down.

If heaven exists...then Chadd is the lucky one. He is now free from this harsh world of death and destruction. I take comfort in that.

Seattle, WA

#14 Sep 13, 2010
Bwah. ROMANTIC LOVE is being tossed around so much in all this. Its hard to believe that he got to experience the real love a relationship can grow. I'm not just saying that about this specifically about the relationship in KY. I'm saying this about almost every relationship he ever had.

I feel that his moving choice was driven from lust for someone he never had, not having a job,(Westbay slandered him like small town assholes do when people leave jobs due to personal differences. Now they have the biggest collection boxes...feeling guilty much guys?)
He also didn't have his own house or car anymore, and all the drama that stemmed from the females he dated up here took a toll on him his last few months.
The whole mad guy ex situation wasn't something that Chadd was unfamiliar with. But one ever actually kills someone over this shit really, right?
He felt seriously confused about life, he felt he had nothing accomplished. He thought people were upset with him and he got an chance at a new place...just deal with a little drama right? No problem. It'll die down.

It's easy for her to say she loved him under the circumstances. He was taken suddenly, heroically, and all that is there to remember is fresh memories of flattery, sex, joy, good times, and myspace content exchange. He was only there 11 days. They never had the time to fight. Get to REALLY know each other. To disagree on normal relationship things. Never saw Chadd in his element. With his good friends. Around his ex's. She knew a part of Chadd...not the "Chaddawg" we knew and loved. There's a reason we call him "Chaddawg"...did she know what that was?

It just gets me the one time he took a huge leap for a female..he took his BIG opportunity...and he lost his life.
While it's not her fault...all of us back here are going WTF...this whole situation whether anyone wants to be honest with themselves, is over a girl. He never deserved to die from something so trivial as a redneck from KY with a gun and jealousy issues.

Chadd's idea of "romantic love" was skewed. So when I'm reading these shitty PDN newspaper articles about how "love" brought him to KY...It's hard to contain how offended I am that my friend is being made to look like a lovesick puppy rushing to her side in KY trying to be a hero, just to be shot down like a dog. Makes me so fuckin sick.
I feel no pity for this insane redneck who faces the death penalty. What real MAN would abandon his children in that way. For the rest of their lives they have to deal with the humiliation and shame that comes from their father being a killer. Small towns are cruel places in times like this were everyone knows each other.

He probably would have been back in WA in a matter of months. I'm so angry because I never get to hear his voice or laugh again. I never again get to sit up till the early AM's gossiping. He'll never pull another Chadd on us...He'll never see his kid grow...we will never dance to stupid songs, or drink rolling rock together anymore. It hurts.

I find no comfort in god because he does not exsist in my world. I take comfort in my memories of Chadd. I take comfort in the fact that he got to come home and I got to hold my dead friends hand and tell him goodbye in the very end. And I take comfort in the fact that my friends feel the same way I do so I don't feel ashamed of my feelings.

KYer's knew him for a few months, we've known him most our lives. We can't just..."LAY THE TOPIC TO REST CAUSE HE HAS BEEN LAID TO REST"...no...not that easy.
I feel rage. I want that man to feel the pain we all do. I want it all to come crashing down his retarded head so hard he can't stand it. But he obviously has no heart or brains left to be affected by what he did if he shot a innocent man he never knew over his mental issues having to do with the mother of his kids to begin with.
And its not fucking fair.

Grayson, KY

#15 Sep 13, 2010
well heaven does exist i have this wonderful book that tells me so its called THE BIBLE. you should read it sometime. i know chadds in heaven he was too good of a person not to be. yea its true we only knew him a few months but we loved him too. no not in the same way that you all did that had known him for most of your lives but we still had a relationship with him also. we have been to all the trials and we are hoping he gets the same thing he done to chadd. he was our friend. im sorry that you dont have the beliefs we do and the same comfort we have nothing i said was meant to offend anyone. take care.
washington state

Grayson, KY

#16 Sep 14, 2010
we know enough to spell it right CHADDOGG.. NOT CHADDAWG.
An Old Friend Who Cared

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Oct 3, 2010
I knew chadd for many years and he was a great person and never deserved this to happen to him. He went there becuase there was a woman he cared for and he needed to find out where they could go with it and no matter what anyones feelings on her or him neither of them deserved to have to have gone through this. Many of lives were touched by the caring nature of chadd and this girl he was seeing must have been something special to him or he would not have made the choice to go there, and people when some one dies you do not go around prosecuting the people who dint do anything wrong i am sure she is a great person and people need to look past the things she has done wrong in life and see the good, She wanted to be happy and so did he, my heart is with everyone who has been affected by this and the man who did this will get what he deserves he has been caught and will pay for his crime. my prayers are with his loved ones.
camo queen

Port Townsend, WA

#18 May 1, 2014
I just wanted to say that chadd is still missed, loved and we still think about him all the time. We miss you and wish you where here.

United States

#19 Dec 9, 2016
Oh my god, This post is so fucked up. People talking tons of shit without knowing the truth. I have set back quite on this for too long, reading this has just officially pissed me off! First Amber N, is a Goddamned slut face bitch. She coerced this poor fella into coming to this shit hole of a state to live with her in her in a house that was both her and her husbands! Wes "this piece of shit redneck murderer" was still married to Amber and had started staying with family to keep down on drama. Two days before Chad arrived, Amber was sucking on Wes's cock and begging him to go to Kings Island with her and his son (Mind you NONE of the other children belonged to Wes, just one.) She convinced him that there was still hope for their relationship. This girl was a total whore bag and would fuck anything with 2 legs. Like Kid rock said: 3 babies with 3 different dads, however in this case it was 4 babies and 3 different dads. None of this can defend Wes's actions, but to say he was the only one at fault here is just not true. Topix is a joke for gossip circle whores. Do not judge until you know the whole truth and then, you should still, out of respect keep your gossip trap shut. Wes did not "premeditate" the murder. He came home, tired of living with his family and caught some strange dude in bed with his wife, Amber NEVER told him that she was seeing someone else. Wes had a few emotional issues, Almost like Chad did mentioned in above posts (i did not know Chad). Several failed relationships with women JUST like Amber "slut face" Nolan. He was also given up by his parents and raised by his grandmother. His own mother never wanted anything to do with him. Wesley's idea of love was JUST like Chad's mentioned above it was without a doubt very skewed. Does this give him reprieve for murder, hell no! Just consider this, Wes was just trying to keep the relationship moving forward because he loved his son. If you really want to place blame you can blame Wes's brothers. One bought him the gun and the other had a chance to keep Wes with his family that night but just chose to say "fuck it" let him leave, and if he kills him, he kills him! I was there that night with Wes's youngest brother and I know the entire situation because my Wife was close friends with Amber and Wes's family. I did not know Chad but he had children as well, who the heck leaves there children in Washington state to be with some useless whores? Now what we are left with is a few children who will never see their father again, a man who will never see the light of day again (rightly so) and a man who was killed for just trying to get laid.

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