Goes to show you, the SM PIGS "fever for their life" when a dog is behind a fence, and it "growls" at them and THESE CORRUPT OFFICERS FEEL THEY HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO BLOW IT AWAY WITH A 45! Don't forget, this happened in like March 2009! The PIG who shot it, wanted to go into their yard...

Whatever living/breathing hole the SMPD can't have concentual sex with, they shoot to kill!

Go any Friday morning to the SM city hall and watch this is action. You'll see the SM City Prosecutor giving the SM judge a hand job behind the bar. This openly shows that the Judge allows corruption and you will NEVER EVER GET A FAIR AND HONEST COURT HEARING! When a Judge openly FAVORS THE PROSEUCTOR AND ALLOWS HIM TO SIT 5 feet away from him, being the so called "honest bar", shows you how this city is run!]

TOTAL CORRUPTION! Make sure your over 18, because you'll see the SM city attorney giving head and a hand job to the SM court judge!