Family Food Center
Wake Up

Ocean Park, WA

#1 Aug 30, 2009
Wow, Taylor Day has raised all the prices again. A bag of diapers for $18,00!Its time to stand up to this thief. Boycott his white A%$. Heard he doesn't like Chiloquin or the natives.Talked to his employees and he uses his outdated foods in the pizzas, sandwiches and stuff. Takes the white trays from the outdated meat and reuses them. What a cheap f. Why does anyone still shop there? Heard Sandy and them bad mouthing us natives.... Sales rotten milk I wouldn't feed to a pig. Boycott, Boycott, Boycott his little A$#.

Long Island, WA

#2 Aug 31, 2009
Xactly!! I bought a frozen meat pie that dripped inner juices at the checkout stand before. I only get pop, juice, and fresh cooked food from that store. He even goes through his garbage bins for thrown away pop cup lids and straws and disciplines employees for throwing away anything that hits the floor! YUCK!!

Scio, OR

#3 Sep 6, 2009
You preverted drunk

Long Island, WA

#4 Sep 14, 2009
Wake Up has it ALL TRUE!? Check Taylor Day's prices! Convencience Store Prices at whatever price he charges and they are past Due Daces! Taylor Day is trying to charge us for past date foods!! I'm not lying! I've talked to his former employees like Dion! That's why he works for WalMart and is doing better! I got a frozen dinner and it was melted when I got home! Taylor Day is charging over prices!!! Stand up against it!

Long Island, WA

#5 Sep 14, 2009
I may be a drunk, but I shop at Thunderbird in Klamath! You wanna feed your children old food??

Long Island, WA

#6 Sep 15, 2009
Flowers likes to shop at Clyde's and Food Center, because ..........I don't know why?.......Likes the higher prices because they're living at a poverty level and can't afford Taylor Day gas prices at the local Shell station? And I'm a perverted drunk? At least I know how to save up money to shop in KFalls just so dumbasses can call me a perverted drunk? HAHAHA!!! DumbA$$ Redneck-like Loser, Flowers!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!

Morton, WA

#7 Sep 22, 2009
You can definelty buy your gas and diesel at Zierkie's 27000 HWY 97 N approx. mile polepost 256 for less and b apprecied

Long Island, WA

#8 Sep 25, 2009
Flowers likes to shop at Family Food Center, because he/she likes tainted food that might dwindle down the Tribal populaton so he/she might end up with a fatter per cap check!! WOW!!! What a Sell-Out FLowers is!! SELL-OUT FLowers!!!

Long Island, WA

#9 Sep 25, 2009
Perverted Sell-Out, Flowers!!!

Scio, OR

#10 Sep 29, 2009
My 6 responses to your weak-a$$ 1 response, Flowers! C'mon!!! Challenge me with more than your Kindergarten Rhetoric!!! It's like Doc Holliday messing with Johnny Ringo's mindset!! I WIN!!!!!!!! Loser!!!!!!

Gig Harbor, WA

#11 Sep 29, 2009
so peanut. whats up with all these acusations these posters are saying about you.
i would like to hear your side.

Scio, OR

#12 Sep 30, 2009
Former Employees of the Family Food Center told me how Taylor Day would not let them throw away anything that got tainted or fell on the floor at the businesses that Taylor Day managed! Pop cup lids were removed from trash cans and washed and put back into place! I had a "Frozen" pot pie that leaked before I tried to put it in the microwave! Employees left and found new jobs, and the openly discuss all of the shortcuts that Taylor Day takes to take advantage of Chi-Town residents, because he thinks we're stupid Indians that aren't up to date with the rest of White America! Dirty Cup lids and re-frozen rotten dried products that we can buy for 1/3 of the price at Thunderbird in Klamath keeps me shopping at Thunderbird keeps me spouting off!!! I've had my own experiences with rotting food, that Taylor Day hopes to sell off of as Fresh to ChiTown peoples has me warning people just to buy soda pop and frozen popsicles and candy, before buying outdated foods that are 3x overpriced that you could buy at Thunderbird!!! Totino's pizzas can be bought for close to $1, rather than almost $3 in ChiTown! Don't belive me? Go to Thunderbird and see the price difference, and the freshness! I won't be poisoned! Chi Peeps shouldn't be either!!!!!

Long Island, WA

#13 Nov 1, 2009
Tribal Points

Gig Harbor, WA

#14 Nov 2, 2009
Yeah! Butter is Cheap, but Not in Chi-Town!! And Chi's highest paid don't see the difference since they are paid over $50,000 per year!! They can afford to shop in Chiloquin, but why isn't the Tribes finding a store to start so we can pay the same as, or less than everybody that shops in KFalls at Sherm's?

Salem, MO

#15 Nov 5, 2009
why do people always assume that the tribes should intervene in everything? there is such a thing as self reliance, and just because a person is tribal does not mean they are entitled to anything. Instead of crying around about what is owed to them, people should take charge of their own destinies and empower themselves to be self sufficient. become part of the solution, not the problem.

I do agree that taylor day is a tyrant who preys on the misfortunes of the poor people and that the family food center is a rip off, but it is a community problem, not a tribal problem. call the better business bureau or better yet call a reporter to write an article of how the family food center gouges this small town's citizens. shell oil announces on their website that they want to know when a business unnecessarily hikes up its gas prices, a call to shell should provoke an investigation

Vader, WA

#16 Nov 6, 2009
It isn't Shell Oil or Food Center's problem. The owner is an old, old white dude in Medford who doesn't want to comply with EPA and his gas tanks at Cascade Shell, and his old Republican votes keeps his rising prices to capitalize on what he thinks is being made in Native America with our little Indian Casino in Chiloquin!! He can't wake up to the fact, that he is hurting the Chiloquin area more than anyone else, but dollars cloud his vision and thoughts, and we all have to suffer, including him, because he has highway gasoline NOT Being sold, because he's ignorant to his hown business practices that dug his grave!!

Oakville, WA

#17 Nov 13, 2009
i worked for taylor day and didn't find any of these things to be true. i'm guessing that alot of the complaints that is on this web sight are from alot of the 200 plus people in chiloquin are that have open charge accounts at family food!! by the way, i made pizza's and EVERYTHING was fresh. good thing we all live in a free country!! shop where you want!!!

Long Island, WA

#19 Nov 13, 2009
well donna what about the strategicaly place price stickers place right over the exp date on that lunch meat? or how bout those eggs i bought from his 97 fas station that were ONE YEAR out of date? then there was his 50 cent candy he had at that 97 gas station it was almost pure white from age {was chokolate} it disintigrated in your hand!
as a side note what about his bullshit rule on taking his own dam cans back? in 5 years i have been sucsessful once in bringing cans back. you go in there and the girls will tell you its before 10am {that is only if it really is}i cant take them. you go back and they tell you well its after {whatever time ,they make it up}we cant take them. the times will change every time you go in. then someone must of called the state on him for the can issue. so he puts up a sign that says "due to a coplaint we only accept 50 cans at a time" also once i got gas at the downtown station my car holds 11.75 gallons dry, i had it filled and guess what?13 gallons, i drove the car in it was on empty, but i drove it in.also on that same fillup it was in the evening,on a cold night, the next morning my car would not start.i am a master auto mechanic so i know about cars. i took off the fuel filter and guess what?it was frozen solid and cracked from being filled with water!so donna {taylor}your post is unfounded.

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