baddest natives
saa maaks

Klamath Falls, OR

#43 Mar 2, 2010
how about from now on everyone quit runnin their mouth on the computer, i mean come on how tough can u be on the computer,also start postin stuff with your real names on it if your gonna act tuff,also im gonna stick to the topic..
The Real Peanut

Montesano, WA

#44 Mar 3, 2010
You all wanna face me? Meet me at City Park in Chi Town so all the fakers can be exposed. Why Would I challenge some of my closest cousins ever that I know could help me kick your white-employee loving asses? I'm not pretending to be someone that you are trying to pretend to be for your weak, white ass!! Why don't you name your stoopid face to me, so we can finally throw down face to face that you're afraid to post your real name, sister girl?! Gotta name my cousins to avoid having to fight me face to face, slutty gay guy!! F you and the mermaid you rode in on!! saa maaks is a Tribal Poser and don't threaten me! You better stop tryin to start shit. I'll say sh*t right to your stoopid bitch face as your keep pretending to be someone else, lil' bitch!! Come to my face and try to make me shut up, faggot ass bitch!! You'll probably call the cops because you're sissy scared!! Come at me then gay bitch!! I don't pretend to be someone else like you do, trying to scare me away!! I'm Me!! And I'll do whatever I'll do to deal with your stoopid redneck loving ass!! And I got a whole bunch of backers to help keep it one-on-one, stoopid fat fuc*!! Wanna take me outside, now, BOY?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Wait till me and my older brother have our day with you, after trying to take on our dad!! You'll be dialing 911 for the WHITE authorities to protect your sissy ass!!!

Pittsburgh, PA

#45 Mar 3, 2010
The Real Peanut

Montesano, WA

#46 Mar 4, 2010
Alvie's my bro and there is a poser trying to pose as ME!! Why don't the poser come face me, one on one, and see if he can live up to his words he's trying to pass on to Alvie?! Alvie's my bro for life, so you are just a poser and I will kick your phony white ass, because you try to pose as someone else, cuz you're scared to post your real name, sister girl!!! Throw blows with me, but you sister fists will make me laugh!!! Just as you did last weekend with your words at me, sissy bitch!! You can't and don't scare me, Fat fuckin' mouth!! All you are is belly and mouth!!! Meet me outside!! On my terms, this time, sister bitch!!! It's about time you taste defeat!! A Council Seat don't scare me from challenging your bitch ass!! Come at me lil' bitch!! Like you challenged my Pa!! I'll fight you!! F'n bitch!! Take Me outside, BOY!! Who you trying to scare by calling me "Boy"? Boy doesn't scare me, f'n sissy!! Gonna call the cops after I kick you white ass, sissy girl?! Gonna have Chairman Kirk call the cops on me after I kick your ass twice? Go back to KU and live on the KU blocks, white-ass-lover!!! Leave us tribal ChiTown real-lifers alone!!

Springfield, OR

#47 Mar 4, 2010
Paco Sampson
Big Steve Weiser
Ralph Weiser
Raleigh Weiser
Corky Gibbons
Punchy Jimenez
Glen Miller
Bobby Bjorkis (?)
peanutisgrossloo k

Dallas, OR

#48 Mar 5, 2010
The Real Peanut wrote:
The Real Peanut does not know me or my wannabe cousin ties with the Weasels and the Cranks, and Saluskinnys. Are you that f'n stoopid to challenge a family you know nothing about to gang bang me, but try to lick the rash rash around your stoopid ass? F'n whitey who wishes he/she was whiter than hell to try to claim a dominatrix and dildos over Indian people that TheRealPeanut believes in white blood cell counts rules over native bloods, no matter what!! Now come fist with me deep and hard at Chiloquin City Park, sister girl!! COME F_ck ME NOW, little pissy!!! I'm ready to lay down cheeks up, and I'm not ready to keep acting out your thoughts, f'n fag!!! Come F_ck Me Now!! I will beat your meat down until you can't f_ck no more!! I'm tired of all your stoopid threats you've never backed me up!!! I will silence you forever, and you WIll Bow To Me everytime you see me cumming towards your weak, puny ass!!! Or you can try to lick my ass, and have Your Way with me, you fuckin' white ass-kisser!!! just throw me down in the middle of City Park and see who is left standing,i'm your sissy girl!!
peanut is gross. dont be his friend.
The Real Peanut

Montesano, WA

#49 Mar 12, 2010
saa maaks knows you're a poser, and really knows peanut! Admit your real name, you freaking poser!!! Or just get outta town and shut your hole!!
Baddest Natives Are

Klamath Falls, OR

#50 Mar 15, 2010
Baddest Natives were Bean Sprouts and his sister Bernadine Cress RIP......... Still nobody as tough as them
real ndn

Mccleary, WA

#51 Apr 30, 2010
his name is elvin not alvin peanuts get it right or should i say weenuts
Jeff Mitchell

Klamath Falls, OR

#52 Apr 30, 2010
JEFF MITCHELL FOR SWINDLING THE WHOLE TRIBE, and them believing his lies looking stupid....

United States

#53 May 3, 2010
still hatin Hugh? Ha ha! is Jeff all you crybabies think about or what? I think your jealous becouse hes hotter n looks better and ur wives,girlfriends,sisters,cous ins,n maybe even ur mothers wanna bone him! They always have n always will so go ahead cry me a river you sickening ass haters because it doesn't change the facts that Jeff is just simply better at everything.

Montesano, WA

#54 May 3, 2010
thats why everybody hates him cause he is bonin all who bend over for him

Ocean Park, WA

#55 May 4, 2010
The Weisers are family!! Family is tightest-bonded!! The Weisers on down are my homies! I believe in everything all Weisers claim no matter what!! They're my fam and I back all their words!! I don't care if they agree with me, or not! They're my fam and I back them 100% with whatever they claim!!! Weisers and Schonchins stick Modoc together!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Wipe your nose

Klamath Falls, OR

#56 May 4, 2010
Peanut, wipe the brown off of your nose!!! What an a$$ kisser for real... BIG TIME ......
Believe me

Klamath Falls, OR

#57 May 4, 2010
Jeff Mitchell is no bragging matter!! I SHOULD KNOW.....

Montesano, WA

#58 May 5, 2010
Step up and try to wipe off what you see as brown on my nose! I'll wipe you out for the faker you are!! What a FAKER for sure!!!.....bigger time....FAKER!!! I don't kiss or lick a$$ like you do to gain your you'll probably show up with a bunch of sissies trying to throw down!!! HAHAHA!!! STEP UP THEN!!!

Montesano, WA

#59 May 5, 2010
Mario Sampson, Sr.!! Mario's a Native Machine!! I would NOT get on His Bad Side!! He's a Native Marvel Machine!! I would hate to tick Mario off!! I watched him and helped with a grave at Schonchin Cemetary with my Tribal Elder that is a Real Leader!!! Mario is a strongest Tribal Elder that I admire and could ONLY wish I had half his strength!! Mario is a Monster to me!!! He helped shovel during the entire grave filling!! The Entire Filling!! Mario NEVER took a break!! He's a Tribal Model and Hero that none of us could live up to!!! Mario's the strongest Tribal member I know!! THEE STRONGEST, EVER!!!!
nobodyz biznezz

Lebanon, OR

#60 May 5, 2010
...hear that sound? its the sound of Peanut's lips sucking on Mario's butt!

Montesano, WA

#61 May 6, 2010
Mario's my cousin, dumbass! He will outwork any ten of you in everything you challenge us to! Your lips on on Republican Klamath County Commissioners that keep you down in your life!! HAHAHA!!!
He is not

Klamath Falls, OR

#62 May 6, 2010
Mario is a clown !! Jr. is a fat one , and the old man is completely phony back-stabber!! Neither one of the clowns impress me or mine!! A lot of Tribal Peeps feel that way also.. His ex stephanie is a scarred face fat slob who sticks her nose in other's business.. When I seen them at pow-wow's they reminded me of the CLUMPS BA HA HA HA........

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