Employees at Adena Hospital
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#128 Oct 6, 2011
red heads wrote:
whats going on in housekeeping?
what is going on in Housekeeping?? I hear there are a least 3 walked off the job or fired within the last 2 or so weeks ? That sounds like a REAL PROBLEM NOW ! It dosent seem to get any better , maybe someone will start looking into what is going on sooner or later ?!
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#130 Oct 8, 2011
employee wrote:
<quoted text>yes the older employees
not just the OLDER ones, the YOUNG ones too ! It's varies w/ who you are or who you are related to!
emplloyee 2

Chillicothe, OH

#131 Oct 22, 2011
Has anyone heard about where the Housekeeping Director went off to ? Word has it Dionne Anderson has taken on Diretor at a Hospital in Reading, Pennsyvania ! IMAGINE THAT ONE ! Hopefully they find out about her before its too far gone there huh?!!??
emplloyee 2

Chillicothe, OH

#132 Oct 22, 2011
* Director
Mystery Machine

Fort Jennings, OH

#133 Oct 22, 2011
LPN4Life wrote:
They treat the hard working personal as slaves, though the staff who are lazy and just there to get a check are treated as if they were the cream of the crop. I guess there is some truth behind the "sayings" at Adena from the upper management in H.R., "Your outstanding in your field" and "You couldn't handle the truth." Maybe one day the truth will be showing in a new light as why Adena has fired and set up good hard working employees just so they can hire friends of friends. Then those who run Adena set back and wonder why the place has a bad reputation.
This sounds exactly like the VA. Must be something about a Healthcare organization where teh top management is out of control.
Mystery Machine

Fort Jennings, OH

#134 Oct 22, 2011
For some reason, Adena is attempting to divest itself of its own employees. They seem to prefer using contractors where ever possible. Adena employees are given first chance at jobs with the new contractor. The problem is seniority, pay and other benefits do not transfer from Adena to the Contractor. The contractor can treat you like any other new hire and than lay you off before the end of your probationary period. Now you are screwed because you would not even have unemployment benefits after you "resigned" from Adena. If you do stay with the contractor, the contractor could change in the future and the cycle starts over. Must be the new way to hold down wages and avoid paying benefits.

Continental, OH

#135 Oct 22, 2011
Contractor? Can you explain more?
columbus man

Millersport, OH

#136 Oct 30, 2011
Dionne Anderson is a Director at Reading Hospital in Pa. Looks like she is very happy in her new position. Hope they find out about her before she screws them like she did Adena. I hope she gets what is comming to her, and gets that smug look wiped off her face.

Jackson, OH

#137 Oct 30, 2011
Is there a news letter or anything of such,on which we can write comments?
Mystery machine

Fort Jennings, OH

#138 Oct 30, 2011
Patient wrote:
Contractor? Can you explain more?
YOUR Doctor is no longer allowed to practice medicine within the walls of Adena. They are now using "House Doctors" who don't work for Adena but a contractor. Most of the Emergency room staff recently changed because they went to a different contractor to manage the emergency room. Several other groups of employees are "under review" within Adena for possible contracting out. Housekeeping, Billing, Transcription and possibly others are at risk. Its easier to manage employees when they don't work directly for you. All you do is call the contractor and tell them to not send a particular employee or employees back to Adena. No disciplinary actions, no layoffs, no benefits to deal with, etc. of course the employees get screwed over because most Contractors are basically temporary service operators who will give you nothing.

For non-profit Adena it's now about making money. The more money they make the more money they can pay their Administrators. Administrators who I have heard want to change Adena over to a for-profit corporation which would eliminate the need for current Board of Directors and place all of the power into the CEO's hands who would no longer have any one looking over his shoulders. There has been little oversight recently but can you imagine having none?
Mystery Machine

Chillicothe, OH

#139 Nov 1, 2011
The other shoe dropped today for over a hundred employees of Adena Regional Medical Center. They were told that they are now former employees. Those employees who worked in Medical Records, Coding and Transcription were told that they would be employees of a contractor starting TOMORROW. In the process many will lose benefits, pay, vacation time, etc. Those employees were given no advance notice of this change and no options but to take the transfer to the contractor or resign. Every Adena employee should pay attention, ALL ARE AT RISK OF HAVING THEIR JOBS CONTRACTED OUT TO A CONTRACTOR.

When you arrive at Adena's ER, you will now be seen by Doctor, Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practioner who is a contractor, your personal and medical information will be dictated to a contractor, than that information will be coded (for billing purposes) by a contractor and finally be filed in your medical records by a contractor. Just like many other businesses today, some of these contractors could be any place in the world. The company's own website even states they subcontract their work to India.

This is not how a local company should be treating the citizens of this community. Yes, this might save Adena money but they are a non-profit. Where does the money go they are saving? Maybe into the pocket of those working in the business office?

Chillicothe, OH

#140 Nov 3, 2011
Get Rid of the C.E.O.
a employee

Chillicothe, OH

#141 Nov 3, 2011
oooo wrote:
Get Rid of the C.E.O.
I think the CEO knows he can pretty much do anything to the employees and still walk away with his pockets full of Gold ! Its NOT FAIR how the EMPLOYEES have to STRESS OUT, WONDERING WHAT'S NEXT !!!!!! Something needs to be done about the CEO!!! He dosen't care about the employees, and if you are one WATCH OUT !!!!
adena employee

Millersport, OH

#142 Nov 3, 2011
The C.E.O. needs to go right along with Dionne Anderson. He is runnig the hospital in the ground. He doesn't care about the employees.

Reading, PA

#143 Feb 25, 2012
emplloyee 2 wrote:
Has anyone heard about where the Housekeeping Director went off to ? Word has it Dionne Anderson has taken on Diretor at a Hospital in Reading, Pennsyvania ! IMAGINE THAT ONE ! Hopefully they find out about her before its too far gone there huh?!!??
She was fired from the Reading Hospital last week for reasons not given

Chillicothe, OH

#144 Feb 28, 2012
Shes all that wrote:
I know a girl works in radiology. She files the x-rays. All this girl ever wants to talk about is how all of her co-workers hate her because she's so gorgeous. She says that all of the male doctors want her and they hit on her right in front of her co-workers. She's so stressed out because these girls are so jealous of her.
LOL I know who you're talking about. Frankly, she'd like to think that men are falling all over her but that's not exactly the case. She's pretty enough, but to hear her talk every male within a mile of her was beside himself with lust.

United States

#145 Mar 1, 2012
smartgirl wrote:
ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYEES!!!! Mikki Doughty likes her co workers and their friends (male or female) married or not. She would bang a snake if it held still long enough.
Your last name wouldn't be martin would it??
Floyd Hauck

Chillicothe, OH

#146 Apr 19, 2012
I had a colonoscopy the morning of the 17Th, they pretended to give me a sedative, more than once. I complained of the pain and wanted them to stop but they wouldn't. They said the sedative didn't work because of my meds I took that morning? Well I didn't take any meds that morning? People were just comming in and out and through the room and it was very embarrassing, these people had no right in the room. My previous colonoscopy was totally professional and discreet! Also my wife worked for Adena many years, each raise she recieved, each step up the ladder she took, she grew farther away from our marriage. That job changed her!! Thanks Adena for brainwashing my wife and aiding in my marriage failure, when she left me in 2010, and then giving her the boot this year !!?? I'm confident the founders are continually rolling over in they're graves !! Also if anyone cares to know Adena is broke ! Everything you see is totally credit. It's so sad!

Chillicothe, OH

#147 Apr 19, 2012
That stephanie ER nurse, incredibly hot
Another Screwup

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#148 Apr 19, 2012
I met a young man in the ER waiting room recently. He had been brought in by squad, triaged and then sent to the waiting room. I know there was, at least a dozen beds open in the ER but the staffing looked pretty thin for some reason. He had a deep and painful cut and was covered by a hazardous material. Not only was this mateirial inside his wound but it was dripping from him in the waiting room. Good Job Adena. If the cut becomes infected, I hope he sues the crap out of the place.

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