Mother arrested after toddler found w...

Mother arrested after toddler found wandering again-Evelyn Bloomfield

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Chillicothe, OH

#1 Apr 4, 2013
CHILLICOTHE A Hickory Street woman has been charged with child endangering after her 2-year-old was found wandering alone for the second time in less than a week.

Chillicothe, OH

#2 Apr 4, 2013
Is it just me or are these things becoming more commonplace?

United States

#3 Apr 4, 2013
Thats our CPS && our CPD for you! Bet if the 2 yr old was HIDING DRUGS in his diaper walking around DEALING then the ignorant CPD would have done something the FIRST time... Smh, something needs to be done!! I cant wait until the day I move out of ohio!!!!

Chillicothe, OH

#4 Apr 4, 2013
Hickory Street, imagine that. Why was there a second time?

Chillicothe, OH

#5 Apr 4, 2013
Let the mother wander in HEAVY traffic!!!! Maybe soon since she snorts sleeping pills;), so sad, the kid needs good foster care until this mother gets it together!!!!

Chillicothe, OH

#6 Apr 4, 2013
Yeah, shouldn't CPS have done something the first time? But no, they have to wait 48 hours to give junkies a chance to look clean. They were still waiting their 48 when it happened again, LOL, WTH?
it doesnt matter

Napoleon, OH

#8 Apr 5, 2013
it really doesn't matter her mother will get em and then she will get them right back.. but let that be a mother who is cooking or cleaning and not on drugs and that kid been taken the first time...

Chillicothe, OH

#9 Apr 5, 2013
I saw the home on Plyleys Lane on the news. I can recall the same house has had issues before... Last summer there were helicopters,state highway Patrols, and CPD there looking for a toddler too. Is this the same woman?

Chillicothe, OH

#11 Apr 5, 2013
Uncle Cracker

Dublin, OH

#12 Apr 5, 2013
The kid was probably looking for his food stamps.

Chillicothe, OH

#14 Apr 16, 2013
im really suprised he wondered away from her house since she never has her kids. she pawns them off on anyone she can so she can run aroud with her boyfriend and do drugs

Chillicothe, OH

#15 Aug 29, 2013
and she just got hit AGAIN with child endangerment
Sarah J

Athens, OH

#17 Oct 29, 2014
Yea she dose always give her kids to other people..that was her three time with her having child service in her life..she put them kids lost a guy always come before them babies n always will.... she is about to lose them again bc of bigger drugs then pills...she beat them kids her older daughter try to kill her self bc her mother did it in front of her all the time... if evelyn don't get what she wants by her mother or anyone she act like she is going to kill her self just to get money to do H ...

Greensburg, PA

#18 Nov 6, 2014
First off Sarah J use ur real fuck n name instead of a fake one bitch I know who u all n I really think u need to look in the mirror shit is old happened almost 2 yrs ago n been clean since n as far as my daughter trying to kill herself get ur facts straight that never happened n as far as being on H don't think it was pain pills I had a problem with n I fucked but everybody does I've been clean. 2 yrs have my kids back my own house n a job can u say that fuck no u might have a house. But that's cause u live on ssi n welfare checks so bitch just stop last the past be the past unlike u I won't put u on blast Bc I'm grown unlike u goodbye n stfuastfoomb k bitch go ahead n hate haters cause just wanted to put that out there last comment I'll say but leave my kids out of it

Chillicothe, OH

#19 Nov 8, 2014
Sarah J wrote:
Yea she dose always give her kids to other people..that was her three time with her having child service in her life..she put them kids lost a guy always come before them babies n always will.... she is about to lose them again bc of bigger drugs then pills...she beat them kids her older daughter try to kill her self bc her mother did it in front of her all the time... if evelyn don't get what she wants by her mother or anyone she act like she is going to kill her self just to get money to do H ...
Jessica you really need to stop, Evelyn doesn't bother you at all and you just won't quit. You need mental help. Sis paid her dues and is working and picking her life up again so you need to leave her alone. She has learned from her mistakes which is something you will never do. You give meaning to a revolving door or should I say a door knob (EVERYONE GETS A TURN). For the last time I'm asking you to leave my daughter and my grandkids off your mind and out of your mouth, sis won't do anything to risk losing her kids again, but bet your sweet ass if you don't quit your going to get the ass beating your mother would give you if she were here. FROM ME

Chillicothe, OH

#20 Nov 9, 2014
i don't know why the fuck you say my name Sarah because i haven't said shit about Evelyn.. i don't have time to talk shit like she dose about me or my kids on texts... n yea who ever said this shit on here is bullshit bc no one should say shit about kids.. n it don't meant how much i don't like Evelyn ... but them babies means a lot to me n my kids no matter what.. just like Evelyn dose to Julia ... so Sarah before you being me into to this you need to think what the fuck your talking about.... i'm busy with college n meets n being a mother then worry about what the fuck is gonna on in some easy life .... or even try to start shit.. in if i was going to say something on here i would have said my fucking name just like last time n Evelyn knows i would n if you guys really think i would every say something about Jasmine then you need help... Tasha told me what was going on when i see Evelyn in the store the other day n Tasha told me about this so all of u need to stop always thinking when someone says something its me because like i said i would say my name bc im not scared n Evelyn knows that too... n No Sarah i don't need help but u do for real.. so u need to watch your month ... n if Evelyn has her shit together then that is great no matter how much i don' like her i am always glad when someone get clean in get they life together for they kids... so you need to leave my name out of this bc i don't have shit to do with it ...

Chillicothe, OH

#21 Nov 10, 2014
Its one of u guys its ethier u or sarah but heres the facts snice none of u guys seem to know the truth....I just know this shit is old n u all cant. keep my name out ur alls mouth i aint said shit about u..nor do i get. in ur life if my kids meant the world to u then u wouldnt say the shit u do...yeah i fucked up but so did u n so did sarah idc if ur scared of me or not im grown aint got time to fight n have all this drama in my life i work everyday take care of my kids pay my own bills yeah i get a lil help from the government. but so. do u n so does sarah...idk which one of u guys are talking this shit but damn its been 2 yrs n idc that u dont like me ive never done shit for u not to but hey u can have w e opinions. u guys want about me yeah i got children services involed in my life got my kids taken away. for 6 months but i did everything. i needed to do to get my kids back did it in 6 months passed every. drug test n still can so goes to show i love my kids more. then the drugs i fucked up im not perfect never claimed. to be n niether r u guys...Jessica just let it rest if it wasnt u then my bad but u havent let shit rest since it all happened u act like i forced u to do the drugs i did things im not proud of n i live with that everyday but r ur hands clean no they aint Julia doesnt even like me anymore n is scared to death to even come up to me bc of the things u have told her...n again idc that u dont like me but i never talked shit about u to my kids n i still let my kids talk to u when they see just sick of this old as drama and if it is sarah running her mouth she has no room to talk bc she just lost custody. Of her kids....N Duncan just running his mouth n starting. Shit bc i wont suck or fuck him hes a gross old man who only willing. To help if hes getting. Sucked or fucked n i didnt say anything. Bad about her kids except he can play gpa to them bc my kids dont need him n another thing children services. Has only been in involved. IN mine n my kids life once n thats when this all happened. Another fact u all seem to know nothing about ..n as far as my daughter trying. To kill herself thats another lie n as far as beating them dont think so my kids dont. Even get thier asses busted they get grounded not that i need to explain. My life to anybody but i mean if ur gonna talk shit aleast tell the truth n as far as u all saying im about to loose my kids bc im doing. Heroin. Is even funnier dont know where u all get ur info but id get better sources hell if u wanna know about me n my life or my kids ask my real friends n family. N even myself have nothing to hide so if u all wanna know something just ask. Damn its not that hard..well u all enjoy ur night n life bc no matter what lies u all spread. About me i know the truth. N so do the ones who really care Bout me n god knows,,but w e spread all the lies u want dont effect. My life any bc im still gonna do me n do it with my head held high n a smile on my face😀😄 😛😁 😄😝 😜😀 😊☺&# 128521;😅

Chillicothe, OH

#22 Nov 11, 2014
Evelyn i keep your name out of my month .. you the one that Duncan texts shit about me .. n i pay him back the money n i only ask for 10 if i need to get dippers for my son n he dose help u out with your kids too n Amy n whoever ask for help... i have the texts from u saying shit about me bc u was mad i don'y say nothing about u Evelyn so don't do it to me ...i haven't talk to any of u guys so i just want my name out of it ... n i haven't said shit about you ... like i told Tasha if your clean then that's great i am glad.. because them kids need they mother no matter what.. n Julia don't hate you Evelyn she is hurt that you broke in my house n take all of her things... it take me a year to get Julia all new toys n clothes n all that she didn't even play with yet... but other then that Julia still loves you .. i told her not to talk to you because i don't want my daughter getting hurt anymore in her life then what she has been hurt .. . Julia is my daughter i am not going to let no one broke my daughter heart again.... n we had our out so why in the hell would i start something that is old .. both of us is mothers now n just want the best for our kids... i don't say shit about you n i really don't care too my life is going good right now i don't need the BS in it .. n i never said u made me do drugs.. i am my on women i did them i said Yes i never said u made me so i don't know where u got that from... the past is the past is leave it in the past... but dont' say you don't start shit with no one bc when ur mad evelyn you say shit about someone just bc your mad ... i am done all i know is to leave the past in the past .. who ever said this dumb as hell n need to grow the fuck up n get a life..
Evelyn Bloomfield

United States

#24 Nov 23, 2014
Try it sometime im not aruging with u Jessica to give u What u want drama im not into fight n with ppl all im saying is take some damb responsabilty..for urself n ur life n quit blame n me damn it gets old...thats all im saying is that but cant make u stop if u still want to blame me for actions n everything that goes bad in ur life so be it or keep spread n lies about me I can't make u stop but u tell us ur grown n not on the drama but yet everytime something bad goes wrong in ur life my Name Is The One That Comes Out Ur Mouth...y is that??? But oh well fuck life is life ppl r gonna have thier opinions about me they always but im just gonna keep doing me with my head held high n a smile on my face bc my life is great n I have my kids my mom n my man n my true friends n family that know the real me . Unlike u all u know is the me on drugs but u dont know the clean me so all im asking is stop but cant make u...this will be my last post bc I am grown I just wanted u n everybody else I didnt break in ur house kinda hard to break into a persons house when u dont have a clue where they lived

Chillicothe, OH

#25 Nov 29, 2014
Evelyn i never blame you so you need to really need to stop saying that number two i am not fighting with you this would not be happened if u n Sarah can stop putting me n the dumb shit..and i don't say you name if you want i can put the texts on here when you said my name for no reason when we haven't talk to easy other you can tell you self that you didn't do no wrong and u don't say my name if it makes u feel good then go for it.. because i have nothing to lie about... i am 2 years clean going on 3 i am in college don't have time to think of you ... or start shit.. when i did drugs that was on me what i did when i was on them that is on me but we both know the truth about everything when we was friend's... so no honey i don't blame you i take 100 % of Responsibility for everything i did back then... if you clean and u got your life back on the right road then that's great i am glad you got you life back together..because it's not about you it's about them kids having they mother back ... just like Julia got her mother back...and you can say that u didn't take my daughter things because i know 100% u did but its over with and i have all the texts when you say shit about me.. if i have something to say to u i say it to you ... so u need to think before u lie about what u said about someone on texts... i am glad u got ur life together .. but all i am saying when u get piss off at someone don't texts n put my name in it when i have nothing to do with it and stop saying i said shit when i haven't ...if ur grown then don't texts shit about me because grown women's dont' say shit about people without saying it to they face... so keep my name out of your month ...

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