The Real Deal

Millersburg, OH

#97 Feb 14, 2013
It really doesn't matter who is snitching on who or who did what. It is over on Erie Avenue. It saddens me to watch young lives be ruined by dealing, using or both. Heroine is not just an epidemic in Chillicothe it is an epidemic across America. What are we going to do with all of these kids that are using, strung out, having children while they are using etc. What are we going to do to for all of these people that cannot get past this addiction? Please tune into Dr. Phil on February 22nd as he covers this very important topic of Heroine and Heroine Addiction. My heart goes out to the families of all these young men and the families of the people they were selling to. Heroine hurts everyone.
That Soft

Columbus, OH

#98 Feb 14, 2013
I'm really surprised they didn't get Jyo on that Yayo. He used to sell my friends coke all the time. To say he was just a weed dealer is slander in and of itself because every time I ever saw him at the bar, he always let me (and everyone else) know that he kept coke around.

Chillicothe, OH

#99 Feb 14, 2013
he was released on O.R wednesday at 3 pm until they searve him with a secret indictment.. they are probably hoping he goes back to what he knows so they can catch him with more

Chillicothe, OH

#100 Feb 14, 2013
thats what they do to build a case. His records on states that this is the first time he has ever been in trouble criminally besides a DUI and traffic violations. I know someone was in the paper not long ago who was O.R.ed after being caught manufacturing meth and the dummie went right back to it and they busted her with even more...

Chillicothe, OH

#101 Feb 14, 2013
Jayo used to be the man back in the day but he stopped messin wit shit when his daughter was born and he enrolled at OUC in 2008.. my only guess is he went back to what he knew once he graduated and couldnt find a job... sad too cuz he a good ass dude... everybody talkin shit.. look in the mirror and ask urself if u cool wit the reflection cuz i guarantee everybody on here got skeletons. Either you unfaithful to your wife, watch porn everyday, drink everyday, or sin somehow... aint nobody perfect real talk.
Justins friend

Chillicothe, OH

#102 Feb 14, 2013
i know my friend fucked up and so does he. He wrote me from jail and knows that there are people talking about him and he understands ppl will talk. But his true friends and his family know exactly what kind of man he is. He is a great friend who would give a stranger the shirt off his back. He raised his little sister from the time she was 12, he put hisself through college and tried to make a better future for him and his daughter. After 2 months of applying everywhere in chilli he made a mistake by going back to what he knows. The war on drugs is a huge waste of time and tax dollars, and if justin wasnt selling weed then there would be 20 others to take his place. He refuses to get on a gossip website to address the criticism and hateful words that are being said about him but he wanted me to make this one statement,

"to my friends and family, I love you all. No words can describe the disappointment I feel, knowing the pain and stress that ive caused. A man can admit his mistakes without excuses or reason, and I know that Ive made the biggest mistake of my life. God blessed me with a beautiful little girl that I would sacrifice my life just to see her future bright and full of happiness. I jeopardized that. A man can not provide for his child behind bars. To the people with perfect lives that feel the need to judge and downgrade me as a person, I hope you never have to encounter some of the trials and tribulations that i have had to overcome in my life, or know the feeling of not being able to provide for your child after putting yourself through 4 years of college. I was at a desperate place in my life and I did what I thought I had to do. I am ready to be punished for my crimes and have given my life to christ. I pray he will give my family and myself the strength to get through this and show me the way to a better future"

to all the ppl sayin hatefull things plzz take into account all of the good things that are bein said about this man and know his family is one of the strongest and nicest ppl ive evr met.

Chillicothe, OH

#103 Feb 14, 2013
i dont know wrote:
<quoted text>
have you tried finding employment recently?? im not taking up for this guy at all because he messed up but it really is hard finding work right now. This coming from a person who has worked for 20 years and just got laid off 3 months ago. I have applied everywhere including mcdonalds and burger king and still no call backs for interviews. I have over 15 online application confirmations to prove it. There's no work here, you have to relocate
i don't know, ok you are correct. i'm not gonna say that it is impossible "not" to find a job in ross county, but i am gonna say that is impossible "not" to find a job anywhere!!!! plenty of places within an hour's drive of here that would be more than willing to hire people for very good positions. like i said earlier, anyone that uses that as an excuse, it is only valid if you dont have reliable transportation to get back and forth to said job. i dont know your situation, so i can't and won't judge you. and i have not had to try to look for employment lately because i have been steadily employed for the past 18 years. not at the same job, but as i got older i have gradually moved up and on to bigger and better jobs. people can talk crap but one of the first jobs was actually at mcdonald's!! i stayed there until i got calls from better jobs and so on!! i am now at the point where my 3 children are taken very good care of, both of my cars are paid for, and my mortgage is paid on time every month. there are other ways of making money without just jumping straight into the drug game! go door to door raking leaves, shoveling snow, or mowing grass!! very good money in it and very fast at that. i did that on the side during the first few years of me working also!! so when i hear someone say that "he had to do what he had to do" to pay for child support and so on, it pisses me off!! what's wrong with mowing someone's lawn or shoveling a sidewalk to "do what you gotta do"??
when's the last time you read in the gazette that there was a drug raid and one of the people was taken in for a warrant of raking leaves??
i dont feel sorry for him or anyone else that gets busted for being lazy POS's!!! that includes my own relatives and friends that have been posted about on these very forums as well.

and by the way, to mike crick, you dont know who this is because i'm not using my real name, but i know you and used to work with you and your mom a few years ago. you guys were always cool peeps in my eyes. just my opinion, but i wouldn't read too much into what people like myself and a few others are posting on here about your friend! like someone posted earlier, these are our opinions and you know what they say about opinions.


i just noticed that one guy mike lane hasn't chimed in yet about how he has had 3143 experiences just like this in the past week and then he just pulled out his pistol and said "hey!! stop it!" and everyone stopped selling drugs in his neighborhood.^_^
C yo ha

Chillicothe, OH

#104 Feb 14, 2013
Gawkers frail RR wrote:
Damn gawker u sound like a stand up guy, from a stand up family lol, ur cuz is evidently a whore taken daddy longstrokes from jyos monster, and im really sure jyos lucky to have been caught (yea right), no ones worried about ur cousins cousins brother evidently ur frail bitch if u cant take on jyo ur self, he has far more to worry.about than ur bitch.ass or ur cuzs brothers
Jyo just got his college degree, atleast he was tryin, that more than I can say for the shit talkers on here with welfare and jobless
And dont all yall act all perfect, H is sweepin chilli.and I kno half the ppl talkin shit on here are addicted to pills or H, jyo got caught plain and simple just like all yall will to someday wether u have 1 bundle or 10
your right, he did all that hard work to get a degree...which is now useless....whos going to hire him as a drug and alcohol counseler after this?

Chillicothe, OH

#105 Feb 14, 2013
prolly why he ran. knew if he got caught his degrees would be worthless. kinda sad man i feel bad for his family

Chillicothe, OH

#106 Feb 14, 2013
If you cant find a job locally then do what normal people do go to Columbus and find a job, Its not doing his child any good with him locked up and not to mention how far behind on child support is he going to be behind now? And it is a fact that he got caught with Herion! And your right he has a 50,000$ Bond!
what about

Chillicothe, OH

#107 Feb 14, 2013
stephon and aj arent even being mentioned in this post and they were the heroin and cocaine dealers??? haha you all are a joke. u would rather slander justins name and downgrade a great person that made a mistake. shame on you all. speak about the real criminals that were selling the shit thats killing your kids!!!!!!!!!!
what about

Chillicothe, OH

#108 Feb 14, 2013
prohibition was a failure, the war on drugs is a failure, and having the highest numbers of inmates in the world is a failure. do yourself a failure and calculate how much a year you pay in taxes to house those nonviolent offenders. you ppl are brainwashed just like the rest of the older generations of americans. do us all a favor and die you old bastards. marijuana is safer then alcohol and its been legalized in 2 states. it just so happens the west figured it out before eastern usa. its only a matter of time before marijuana is legal everywhere

Chillicothe, OH

#109 Feb 14, 2013
Is this really a big suprise to everyone? He has been selling drugs for the past 8 years now. You people kill me! And another thing, Him saying he cant believe people are judging him well he has it coming to him, Him and his family judged people all the time and if you ask me what goes around comes around! Its like the pot calling the kettle black! just sayin!
Art Adam

Chillicothe, OH

#110 Feb 14, 2013
HE HAS been selling for years now everything possible just on the DL fo real

Chillicothe, OH

#111 Feb 14, 2013
sounds to me like he said he knows ppl are judging and he understands. nowhere did i read that "he cant believe he's being judged". I dont know him personally but he played football with my son at unioto and i knew he partied and was well liked but never wish this upon him. he sounds like a good kid from what everyone is sayin on facebook, just made a bad mistake.
What i want to know is why the other 2 whose house was raided that were selling cocaine and heroin are NOT being talked about? thats the stuff we need off the streets. weed is least of my worries. Noone knows anything about the heroin dealers Aj thomas and Stephon Cunninham, there records show they are repeat offenders. hopefully they throw the book at them. mr young has never been in trouble so maybe this was a one time deal/mistake. talk about the real criminals bcuz ive never heard of them. would like to know more

Chillicothe, OH

#112 Feb 14, 2013
just think of how many people he put in danger running from the law could of ran over kids or elderly.

Chillicothe, OH

#113 Feb 14, 2013
what about the stephon cunningam and aj thomas?? are they from out of town? does anyone know them? they were the ones whose home was raided for selling heroin and cocaine. everyone has lost focus of the whole reason why this happened

Chillicothe, OH

#114 Feb 14, 2013
dusty hoagland was at the house on erie when the raid happen. but he is knowhere to be found in tha paper. looks like some1 had sum info.

Chillicothe, OH

#115 Feb 14, 2013
you sir are correct
Dusty snitched out aj and stephon, the ppl who live on erie ave and young was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Dusty was caught with 6 caps and didnt get arrested and aj thomas ppl are saying he got charged for them so therefore dusty was the police

Chillicothe, OH

#116 Feb 14, 2013
i ment aj got charged for the 6 caps he sold dustys snitching ass

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