A Homeless Shelter for Chillicothe

Olathe, KS

#316 Jul 29, 2010
T Jones wrote:
I would like to say that I commend Jason Benson "Yellow Beanie" for his dedication toward opening an emergency mens homeless shelter. Jason has a very well thought out plan of action and has dedicated many hours to the research and the implementation of S.A.L.T.
Many people find it easy to sit at their computers and find fault with others and many people have been trying to discredit Jason for past mistakes (for which he is being held accountable for); yet, until you have taken the opportunity to meet,listen to and maybe even plunge in and work as hard as he does toward community projects then it is impossible to judge the character of a man.I have had the privelage of working with Jason and have listened to the proposal for the shelter and though I will be the first to admit that we do not always agree but I will give credit to those who deserve it and Jason is dedicated.
Funding and location are the two main issues that the future homeless shelter face to my knowledge. I think that the old Wal-Mart is definately a building that needs to be utilizes thought I do not think for this. Ideally the old prison would have been perfect for a One Stop Community resource facility with a homeless shelter for men and utilize space for homeless families because that too is a huge issue. Often families are forced to seperate in order to recieve temporary and supportive services when family should be a respected union and held together if abuse is not an issue. It seems such a waste not to use it in a positive and productive way that would benefit the community and surrounding areas with the implementation of many needed and already in place resources. Just a thought. Good job Jason...
T Jones

United States

#317 Jul 29, 2010
Chillicothe is a community that has many great people dedicated to helping others and many resources that assist with everything from emergency utility assistance and housing issues to clothing and help with school supplies. We are a blessed community that is supported and often manned by community volunteers who do what needs to be done because they care. So to all of those who dedicate their time to helping our community I for one am grateful because I know many programs could not operate without the assistance of those who are willing to help with the most valuable asset *TIME*...
Often as a person sits back and judges others for what they do or don't do they do not actually take the time to find out more (as I mentioned in previous post);or they form their thoughts based on someone elses opinion. To that I would just say that we are all guilty of judging others but often our STRONG and VOCAL opinions and comments are not based on true and accurate information, many people have commented and yet do not see or hear of positive and supportive actions a person does. The person who does or helps another does it because it is the right thing to do and in the hopes that somehow what they did will improve the persons life that was assisted; not to shout from the rooftops and demand attention for those actions. Quietly and sincerely given with no thought of laurals and applause is the service that was provided by a person who is good, kind and caring...
I am hoping that the homeless shelter for men will be able to be up and running before Christmas and I know that it will be a success. For those that are truly interested in making sure Chillicothe can get one up and running I am sure that there is a way to help.


Olathe, KS

#318 Jul 30, 2010
T Jones wrote:
The person who does or helps another does it because it is the right thing to do and in the hopes that somehow what they did will improve the persons life
that was assisted; not to shout from the rooftops and demand attention for those actions. Quietly and sincerely given with no thought of laurals and applause is the service that was provided by a person who is good, kind and caring...

“Take a chance or make one”

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#319 Aug 1, 2010
sin bad wrote:
how is this going boys?
We are making great progress. We have lots more to do, but you will be able to see us in person at our booth at Chautauqua. We've done a "point in time" survey census with Green Hills Community Action Agency and collected information on 27 individuals living in and around our area that are homeless. We didn't have the resources to find all of the homeless, but we are doing what we can to work together to give all of them the assistance they need to get back on their own two feet.
Cat Clipper

Huntsville, MO

#320 Aug 1, 2010
I think you are definately doing a great job. Just because you don't see the homeless doesn't mean that there are none. I have not been as supportive in the past as I should have been but I plan on stepping up and helping out. I think the survey was a great idea.

I pray for God's grace upon you in your attempt. God is good and loves you and it is only by his grace that this goal will be accomplished.

“Take a chance or make one”

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#321 Nov 11, 2010
Here's an oldie but a goodie "BUMP"

United States

#322 Dec 10, 2010
WTF!! I have been looking for you for 10 yrs. I had written you off as dead. Probably should have quit looking now that I hear all this. I hope you have gotten your life in order. I would have been there for you had you let me. You know I always had bail money and the bondsman on speed dial for you. xxoo
Ben Bolt

Chillicothe, MO

#323 Dec 11, 2010
Conserned Citizen wrote:
Nobody cares, who started this topic? I told you nobody cares about homeless in this town. I've never seen them, they probably don't even exist, or just are a few lazy knuckle heads. It is that same story like global warming. It is the same lies coming from the Obama people. Bunch of lying assholes.
You forgot to God Bless us after that one too. Good grief.
Bacon and eggs Bob

Blue Springs, MO

#324 Dec 11, 2010
papa wrote:
I have only known three homeless persons. One was my alcoholic uncle who died on the Bowery in New York City. Another was a young boy who lived on the streets of Los Angles becase of family problems. The third a man who had money for housing and food, but would not use it for that purpose, squandering it on other things instead.
I remember in KC in the 1950's when socially stimulated urban renewal tore down all the flop houses on the north end and made many alcoholics and mentally ill homeless. Then in the 1980's, the State turned out a lot of
people with mental illness from mental hospitals. But many of these people quit their medications and became homeless. Apparently things are different now. I must admit that I thought that most homelessness was a matter of choice, but now realize that there are many other reasons, although some
still stem from poor choices in their lives (substance abuse, persons with mental disease stopping their medications, not getting an education or learning a trade, not taking a job at minimal wage).
Below are a few of the published causes of homelessness.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homelessness (yes, I am too lazy to do more extensive research)
1. Substance abuse
2. Physical disabilities
3. Mental disorder
4. Unavailability of employment opportunities.
5. Poverty (unemployment and underemployment)
6. Lack of affordable healthcare.
7. Lack of affordable housing.
8. Domestic violence.
9. Prison release and re-entry into society.
10.Natural disaster
11.Property taxes.
12.Major traumatic events
13.Divorce and family disputes
What can be done in Chillicothe? The city is hell bent to increase "affordable housing" (120,000!). Why don't they establish at least a place where the homeless can go at nite. Maybe partner with charitable groups to provide a meal or two a day. The city could provide a place to stay warm, sleep, take a shower, and wash their clothes. If the opportunity came up, at least they would look more presentable to get a job.
The first thing that comes to mind is the old prison on Third street. Since they were used for housing in the past, this would seem to be ideal. Maybe there are other empty buildings in town that would be suitable. If the city has all that money, they could spend a token of it helping the homeless.
This is the best post I have read on Topix. Good job papa.

Since: Sep 10


#325 Dec 11, 2010
Bacon and Eggs Bob - So you think Papa's post is the best you've ever read on Topix? For what reason? Because he enumerated ways in which you can become homeless?

Or is it for some other reason? In what way did it give you a warm fuzzy?
What do you think

Grain Valley, MO

#326 Dec 12, 2010
Old Walmart?

Wheeling, MO

#327 Oct 9, 2011
Jack wrote:
Maybe I'm wrong but I thought that was what YMCA's was first started for?
YMCA was started to give someone in need a clean place to sleep.Now it is just for the well to do.Granted they do have classes for people at a price.Have to pay for everything that you want to do out there.Memberships are higher.Most regular folks can't afford it.It is just a business now to make money.Not to help tose in need like it was intented to do long ago.So sad.

Chillicothe, MO

#328 Oct 9, 2011
did the shelter ever really happen?

Hale, MO

#329 Oct 9, 2011
I saw yellow beanie Saturday hanging out with another ex-con.

For someone that does not have a job or income, he sure is packing on the pounds.

And who paid for those "SALT" shirts?

Chillicothe, MO

#330 Oct 9, 2011
what does 'salt' stand for?
T Jones

United States

#331 Oct 9, 2011
SALT stands for Simply Achieving Lifes Triumphs. There is a Emergency Overnight Shelter and has provided services to many since its first day of opening...and thanks to the hard work and dedication of one person *Jason* he has managed to build an organization without any personal financia gain...and he is currently working out details for a new location which will be a benefit to to the citizens of Chillicothe and surrounding area. It is not an easy thing to build relationships and gain trust but to do so and be successful in building an organization that is helping our community is something that I can support. Above "grandpa" said he saw "Yellow Beanie" hanging out with another "ex-con" the operative in that is EX and people are free to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and grow to become better and wiser people. There are many people who have committed crimes and yet either due to not being caught or not convicted due to having the money needed for a good lawyer to make it go away or for whatever reason and yet they are not stigmatized by their actions. If a person commits a crime...is held accountable according to a court of law...completed sentence...then that person should be given opportunity to learn and become a better person rather than referring to them in a negative manner and making judgements. To judge others and assume the worst about a person based on information that may or may not be the truth seems to me to be small minded and hypocritical. As humans we do form opinions and such but as humans we are too often products of our circumstances and some people can overcome all obstacles to achieve success and a positive and happy life others have never had to face some harsh realities of life and therefor it is hard to imagine anything other than the life they live and anything outside of that reality is seen as bad and corrupt. Nevertheless...I am proud of all that yellow beanie has accomplished and I am graateful for the support of the board members and other community foundations and organizations that have come together to ensure that we are providing services to those in need.
T Jones

United States

#332 Oct 9, 2011
Smiley wrote:
<quoted text>
YMCA was started to give someone in need a clean place to sleep.Now it is just for the well to do.Granted they do have classes for people at a price.Have to pay for everything that you want to do out there.Memberships are higher.Most regular folks can't afford it.It is just a business now to make money.Not to help tose in need like it was intented to do long ago.So sad.
I agree...that is something that has bothered me for a very long time because it seems to me that though the YMCA has some great prgrams and I realize funds are needed to sustain the building and employees I feel that the purpose of the YMCA has been lost and it is now really meant to simply be a business and provide a place for those that can afford it a place to work out. Too many families in our area cannot afford to send their children to the YMCA to get involved in the sports activities there because even with a scholarship they cannot afford the dues or the cost of the classes offered. I am unsure when they decided to stop providing a place for emergency shelter either but I wish the organization would do more to work with the kids that really need the opportunies they provide.

Bogard, MO

#333 Oct 12, 2011
They already have a place for all of the folks without jobs, that have lost all self respect, Substance abusers, Mental disorders, those with no education, and alcoholics.. It's called "Ludlow"

Chillicothe, MO

#334 Oct 13, 2011
I appologize for not reading all 318 posts first, but I'm going to go ahead and say it anyways. We complain that the government spends too much money on practically everything. We complain that they spend it on the wrong things. That they help out the wrong people. That we pay too many taxes, but there are still threads and comments like this cropping up everywhere.

If you want the government to no be this huge over weight in debt monster you have to start doing with out some things.... And this is where my post goes into the hated section sorry :( You have to do with out some socialist policies... Government aid for homeless... well we're a capitalist country sorry no thanks. I'm not saying you nor I should be discouraged from helping the homeless. I'm saying it should be your choice! Public healthcare once again I'm not saying it shouldn't be your option to help out, but it should be your choice.

What do we need from our government really?
Law, Order, Peace & Protection
We should be expected to meet our basic every day needs ourselves. If you can't well thats sucks. You need to pray/beg for charity. I think thats the bigest problem right there entititlement. The population of this country believes they are entititled to everything.

But if we take away all the social policies then people will die! Well um.. yes yes they will. People die every day. People are dying right now while I type this. Some of them you could have probably saved by not eating steak, owning a car with matching paint, putting new carpet in your house, or owning a pet. These are all things that every single last one of us could do. Some of us do, some of us don't. The point is if we really do value freedom it should be our choice to help save others from terrible situations or to let em die.

Ok well now you can tear my post apart. I'm sure I made all kinds of spelling mistakes, gramatical errors and rumpled a few feathers. I assure you I am not against charity or donating money, but I am against social policies. Have a great day!
cassie gillespie

United States

#335 Dec 1, 2012
Just want everyone out there to know that I was born and rasied in chillicothe I love this place this is my home. And I am becoming homeless but not at all by choice. There are freak things in life that can happen TO ANYONE. Instead of sitting around on your phones and computers and bad mouthing us who our less fornuate than you. Take a step.back and remember we did not choose this. And remember anything can happen in life. And if you where homeless youd want help and to.be treated with respect. Instead of saying we need to grow up and get a job why dont you start thanking god for what he has blessed you with and u can grow up. Because god dont like ugly.

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