Gay Bed and Breakfast
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Knoxville, TN

#22 Dec 14, 2012
notafan wrote:
The Bible not only describes homosexual behavior as detestable, but it also calls for the punishment of those involved (Leviticus 20:13). Their unrepentant attitude caused God to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:24-25).
Just as homosexual conduct has been punished in the past, so it will also be punished by God in the future.
“…Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortion ers will inherit the kingdom of God”(1 Corinthians 6:9-10).
However, there is hope for the homosexual. God forgives and cleanses a person who repents and turns from their sin, including the sin of homosexual behavior (1 Corinthians 6:11). As well as forgiveness, God's grace brings with it the power to live a life that is pleasing to God (Romans 6:6-7). If repentance and reform are genuine, prior homosexual actions should not be a bar to church membership or ministry, as all Christians are reformed sinners.
“Liberal” churches espouse tolerance of homosexual behavior in the name of “love.” They plug for the acceptance of homosexual conduct as normal,“because they can't help it.” They are not only wrong about the latter, but they are actually not being at all loving towards homosexuals, because, contrary to the Bible, they reduce the homosexual person to the level of an animal, driven by instinct. In removing moral responsibility from the person, they dehumanize them, whereas the Bible says we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27), with the power of moral choice.
Furthermore, the gospel proclaims liberation from the bondage of sin, including homosexual sin, whereas the “liberals” tell the homosexual that they cannot help it, and they can't help them either, so they will accept them as they are! However, many a person has been gloriously rescued from the bondage of homosexual sin (and other sin) by the power of the Holy Spirit, but only Bible-believing Christians can offer such hope.13
As with all moral issues, our beliefs about our origin determine our attitude. If we believe that we arose from slime by a combination of random chance events and the struggle for survival, it is understandable to say that there is no higher authority, and we can make our own rules. However, if there is a loving God who planned us and gave commands for us to follow, then we must do so. God has set forth His standards in the Bible, beginning with the foundational teaching in the book of Genesis.
I pray you find your way with GOD's help. I am praying for you. You don't have to like me it's okay but GOD let HIS SON stand up for me and my sins so I can go to Heaven. So I feel like as a Christian I don't need to judge just pray and give you all whoever may need it HIS info. Read the Bible it will help. I am no better or worse. Just human and we all have mistakes and sins we have to be forgiven for even after we get saved and baptized.
I guess what you do is okay because the sheep is the opposite sex
LaughsatVegasRed Necks

Charlottesville, VA

#23 Dec 15, 2012
Haha.. this is all to funny. It's so sad how little minded your brains are. Grow up!
in saltville

Elizabethton, TN

#24 Jan 2, 2013
We have a gay bed and breakfast?
big book of fiction

Bumpass, VA

#25 Jan 13, 2013
I don't care if people are gay or not. I don't think that who you sleep with makes you special like some of the gay people do. I know it says that being gay is wrong in that big book of fiction that was written and rewritten to suit those in power. I also thought you Christians were supposed to love everyone. Oh wiat I forgot you self righteous people never sin. Y'all are absolutely forgetting the morals behind all your fairy tales. I thought Jesus was a man of love and said judge not least ye be judged. You Christian scum piss me off just as much as the homosexuals that think their special for being gay. Both way of looking at things are just as stupid as the damn jihadist blowing themselves up for Allah. If gays wanna be gay at a bed and breakfast who cares. If they do it there you won't have to see it in town.
King Farouk

Stuart, VA

#26 Jan 14, 2013
When did queers stop being queer and started being gay? I thought being gay meant you were happy!
Shows what I know.
King Farouk

Stuart, VA

#27 Jan 14, 2013
In my kingdom, queers have their privates cut off, fried in oil, and fed to the queer for breakfast. No more queer!

Knoxville, TN

#28 Jan 18, 2013
This thread actually brought a smile to my face.I swear you people are NUTS! I love it...but the reality is if someone wants to live a certain way it’s no one's business. For those folks who want to push the bible and God down other’s throats...what makes you think you have a right? I mean I do not see the gay people running thru town declaring that all Christians will go to hell if they do not turn leave them alone! I commend those who have beliefs such as our Christian community and many have wonderful values but please stop trying to shove your thoughts and beliefs down the throats of others. Let people live and be who they want to be! In all honesty the bible continues to contradict itself all the time...think about it god loves everyone but you will be sent to hell and hated if you fall in love with someone from the opposite sex? Come on now what’s the truth? Does god really love everyone or only those perfect bible carriers? So in the end let us all hold on to what we believe and let live.
saltiville native

Farmville, VA

#29 Jan 31, 2013
I just wonder if Big Mike & his lover Gary Price will love the little ideal, lol dont really know which ones the man out of the situation and which is the bitch,though ive heard garys the bitch,he gets slaped around and spoke to like he is the woman, who knows, I dont think that little boy should be allowed to sleep in the bed between them two,just not right at all!!! Hell so much is going on at that house its awful, at first i thought this so called gay bed and breakfast thing was maybe at big mike home,lol hell people are in all hours and out too...noticed ole big mike lost a ton of wieght too, ewwww looks like shit, guess they doing there thing right,lol......sad story that bunch..........
Standing up against hate

Jonesborough, TN

#30 Nov 23, 2013
King Homophobe wrote:
I hate queers.. not the people but this addictive evil sin sent straight out of Hell. You know God calls it an abomination, meaning something he hates. I can't wait until the Lord comes back and destroys this nation and this world for this stuff. Our country is going to Hell fast, and if we are not careful the Christian population will go down with it. We have become to accepting of this vile spirit, and yes it is a spirit. It is a demonic spirit from the vile pits of Hell. If anyone agrees with homosexuality, then they too will face Hell's flames. I don't care if you don't believe me, then wait until the end and it will all come to pass. God hates this, Christian should. I personally know people who are Gay. I can't stand to be around them. Not because they are sinners, but because I know there is a demon spirit in them and I don't want to be associated with it. I actually feel sorry for these people.Why? I feel sorry that they have let Satan convince them to go this direction. And no people are not born that way. No other mammal in the world is gay. I mean i know dogs get a little happy and hump anything, but you let a female in heat come by and he will go nuts. Horses, goats, sheep, cats, etc. They will all go crazy for the opposite sex. It is simple biology. God put people here on this earth to worship him, and to repopulate the earth. Queers and Lesbo's can't do this. They can't worship God because they are vile sinners and they can't have babies with each other. I don't care if you like this post . I actually won't even check to see if you respond, but it is my place as a Christian to tell the truth about God and to stand up for the right. I pray that if you are gay and read this that you will repent of your sins and get right with God, and if you are a sinner in general that you will allow the Holy Ghost to convict your heart and pull you to the cross.
Ok, first of all, who are you to judge anyone? There are more scriptures that speak of judging than homosexuality. On judgment day, YOU will be the one judged as you have judged. You have no idea what's in my heart and between me and God. You have no way of knowing who will burn in hell and who won't. If you truly are a Christian, then I am your brother in Christ who also happens to be gay. Your fruits are not reinforcing the words you speak. If you don't love your fellow man then you don't love God-the Bible makes that clear. I serve God on a daily basis and am active in my church. I assist those in need and don't spread hate. That is what God requires. I believe you may need to check up on your own walk with God before speaking of anyone else's life.
baccer spit

Oxon Hill, MD

#31 Nov 24, 2013
Pulaski va fourm check it out they having a gay xmas parade.!!!!!

Elizabethton, TN

#32 Dec 11, 2013
Is the bed and breakfast not coming?

Manassas, VA

#33 Dec 22, 2014
I thought when Mr.Young became mayor he was going to get the Gay Bed & Breakfast up an running so himself an his in-laws from Buckeye could have a place to congregate?
Saltville girl

Johnson City, TN

#34 Jul 31, 2015
List the guys in Saltville you know!
Saltville girl

Johnson City, TN

#35 Jul 31, 2015
Saltville girl wrote:
List the guys in Saltville you know!
List the GUYS in Saltville you know!

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