Dave Clark and Hardeman County Memorial

Dave Clark and Hardeman County Memorial

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Delusional Dave

Fort Worth, TX

#1 Jul 23, 2013
The US Constitution does give us the right to freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press. That being said Dave Clark's most recent lengthy brag article was offensive and derogatory on so many levels. It is a good thing to promote your facility MR Clark but to compare it to Childress Regional is totally crazy. That comparison is like comparing a BMW to Yugo. Of course it is easy to improve the appearance of a facility when you have access to inmate labor, and when you have had equipment donated to you from other facilities it does save your facility money, however just be honest. If you must be critical of the facilities around you to make you and your hospital look good, that is totally unprofessional. You are right there are some good people employed at HCMH but there are good people employed everywhere. Please stop beating the public over the head with the greatness of your facility. There are enough patients to go around and people have the choice of where they want to go for their healthcare needs. I also understood from your article that you would like for there to be only one hospital in Hardeman County, which one would you propose to keep? How do you propose that it be determine which one stays and which one closes? I made the decision many years ago not use the facility at Quanah, although I do live here. If in the future I have to look for a different healthcare provider I will not look at Hardeman County Memorial. I am grateful that it is there for those who want to use it and the Emergency Department for the cardiac, stroke, and trauma patients.
Poor Patient

Grand Prairie, TX

#2 Jul 23, 2013
I was recently a patient in your facility and was told, "If you don't have insurance do not bother coming back to this facility." Is this the message you want to put out to the public, Mr. Clark? I didn't see anywhere in your article that Hardeman County only took patients with insurance.
Hank Hill

Rotan, TX

#3 Jul 23, 2013
Poor Patient wrote:
I was recently a patient in your facility and was told, "If you don't have insurance do not bother coming back to this facility." Is this the message you want to put out to the public, Mr. Clark? I didn't see anywhere in your article that Hardeman County only took patients with insurance.
I can't believe this. The law says they have to let people in.
Honest John

Fort Worth, TX

#4 Jul 23, 2013
The latest article the "Amazing Dave Clark" posted about HCMH is ridiculous and absurd. My goodness how this man does brag and steps on anyone he can to get his point across and tries to convince you that his view/way is the only way. I would hope the people of Hardeman County sees this man for what he is. He brags about his work history of 38 years in the healthcare field yet he evidently did not learn one thing about professional ethics. Shame on you Dave Clark for running your mouth and speaking unkindly about your neighboring hospitals. Have you once tried to work with them? You write almost weekly articles which are half page ads going on and on about what you have done and how wonderful you are...people are tired of hearing about you and your opinions. Get a life and go home. Stop shaming the citizens into using the HCMH or else. We are people who do have minds and we can think for ourselves. Stop trying to force feed us into thinking that you are the only way and that you know everything. The hospital has made mistakes and yes there have been many changes made but that does not change the fact that people have the right to decide what doctor or what hospital they use. We have the right to choose. Stop trying to manipulate us! We are not stupid. You have played the sympathy card a little too hard and need to back off a little. While you may think you are a savior you are not. Last I heard there still is a God in heaven. Your all about donations and if someone does not want to donate then you dont have time for them. Not only have you played the sympathy card you played the "Christian" card yet I am sure the "Christian" way does not mean talking ugly about others (hospitals that are near you, doctors that are in competetion with yours)so who are you really Dave? In my view you are merely a man who was hired to do a job, so stop trying to force feed us into following everything you say. Oh and I would be very careful when publishing facts about a patient who comes to the hospital and giving out enough information that the town could figure out exactly who you are referring to.....that breaks HIPAA, better be careful before you get another fine placed on HCMH or better yet, you! Your fact sheets are silly. You must think we can't think for outselves. HCMH was here way before you came and I am sure it will be there way after you leave or will they???? because evidently you think you are the only one with a brain. Whatever Hardeman County decides to do about two hospitals a few miles apart is our decision, not yours. While I may work at HCMH I do not appreciate you naming a few employees and leaving out the rest of us who have been there for years giving our time and loyalty, evidently we dont matter unless we are brown nosing you so hard we cant see daylight. I am not afraid of you "Dave" but I know that I can't put my own name out there or I would not have my job because we are not allowed to truly say what we think at this hospital. People please wake up so you dont fall into the "zombee" state before "Dave" convinces you of the words that come out of his mouth are fact. He is a blow hard and has the gift of gab. Nothing more nothing less.
honey bee

United States

#5 Jul 23, 2013
Amen honest john I also worked there for 17 yrs and was fired but he can't put people names out through town against law as u said loved what u wrote
more comics less BS

Quanah, TX

#6 Jul 23, 2013
cant wait to see what kind of loyal upstanding people are on the "citizens committee".
if diamond dave doesn't fit in with the rest of quanahs politicians then I don't know who would.
sure do wish we could get uplifting BS newspaper articles from the county and sheriffs office,it would make the newspaper even more comical.

Fort Worth, TX

#7 Jul 23, 2013
I agree with Honest John! I think its time that the people of Quanah quit listening to this man who is just talking to hear himself talk and brag I hope he doesn't think we are that stupid. I know it has been quiet on this site but that is not because we believe everything that the administrator is saying its because we were talking to a deaf ear. Its ashamed that it had to come to bankruptcy to save our hospital but at least we are hearing the truth for a change and not the load of lies that we heard for years. Remember citizens you still have voices and you need to keep an eye on this guy. He can lead you to water but he cant make you drink.

Fort Worth, TX

#8 Jul 23, 2013
hey more comics you are right. He is a silver tongue devil and what a politician! Wonder if he has to pay for those ads he is running or is the newspaper just letting him fill up space for free? I know when I have to place an ad in the newspaper they have always required money. Half page and full page ads should be coming at a pretty penny. I am sure he is getting that donated just like everything else. If every business got to write their own ads and publish what they wanted people to hear versus the truth all business would be smelling like roses but something tells me that good ole Dave smells a little like poop! I am not going to be manipulated so easily. Last time I checked this was a free country with free choices. You shouldn't be bullied or shamed into having to use the hospital or clinic. If the hospital were to close it is not because the town did something wrong other than put faith into people elected to watch over tax payers precious money. Dave Clark can spread his pitiful story and bag of woes to someone else, I am not buying it.
discused at dave

Wichita Falls, TX

#9 Jul 23, 2013
Dave you really need to read the HIPAA PRIVACY RULE to your er nurses...If they break it once Im sure it will happen again, only this time I will have a cameria to show you who they let in the room. Im discusted at you Dave!!!!Stop with the coverup or just find out whoses covering up what happened that day, cause what you told me is a flat out lie, I do have 3 people that saw who was in the room watching!!
Same old Quanah

Quanah, TX

#10 Jul 23, 2013
It tickles me to see quanahians get so fueled up with rage to only see them run out of gas when things start getting heated.You jokers aint going to diddly squat because anybody in Quanah knows what happens if you excersixe your right to free speech.Name one person who has stood up and publicly complained about something and didn't suffer the consequences.
As far as the hospital employees AND UPPER STAFF.I would trust most of the maids/maintenance with my life before I would have most of the great ones treat my cat for a hairball.
Honest John

Fort Worth, TX

#11 Jul 24, 2013
Same Old Quanah you are right about the fact that people who stand up and say something openly and publically have suffered consequences but how long do we just sit back and allow this pompous ass to keep putting out there his propaganda. He did what had to be done to save our hospital but anyone with a brain could have done that. It just took some hard decisions to me made and having to admit that wrong had been done, yet evidently it was not their fault. If the FBI had not been called in then nothing would have changed. You can see that the newspaper is allowing this man write his own articles. He can say what he wants because he gets to leave. He doesn't have to live here and feel the pressure of the towns backlash. Are other businesses getting the same advantage?
I just think it is time that someone says we are tired of you and that we are not idiots.
honey bee

United States

#12 Jul 24, 2013
Amen same stuff different day
Deborah Brownlow

Wichita Falls, TX

#13 Jul 25, 2013
Well, it is heartening to see people paying attention and no longer accepting the status quo, or the propagandist nonsense that is published to paint a rosy picture.

I would like to be able to encourage everyone to speak out, but I am well aware that to do so could have disastrous consequences if you are a hospital employee.

As for the last write-up in the paper, obviously HIPAA guidelines and PHI protection are a bit iffy - that alone would be enough to prevent my utilizing the hospital. Another suggestion is to go to the state websites and check the licensure status of those treating you. You can go to the texas board of nurses or the physician licensing website.
honey bee

Arlington, TX

#14 Jul 26, 2013
Yes u can u be surprised what u can find out about certain Dr at hospital

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