Grand jury determines police shooting...

Grand jury determines police shooting justified

There are 29 comments on the story from Jan 13, 2010, titled Grand jury determines police shooting justified. In it, reports that:

A Childress County grand jury determined today that two police officers who fatally shot a motorist in November were justified in their actions.

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praying for a change

Wichita Falls, TX

#22 Mar 11, 2010
incase it slipped yall's mind tabaris had a family just like the rest of us do. if you have nothing better to say about a man who can no longer speak for himself to tell us his side of the story then keep your racist comments to yourself and go about your business. your comments just show how truly ignorant and closed minded you are. tabaris' family needs peace right now just as anyone would when a tragedy like this happens. respect that and get a life.

United States

#23 Mar 16, 2010
Here ye, "praying for a change", here ye the edict of the ClownPuncher.

Tabaris was born from the loins of felons. Tabaris, when he could speak, was only able to utilize ebonics. The "popo" as he called them, could not understand his form of drunken ebonics.

Tabaris' side of the story was he was high, threatening people at a party, possessing a handgun illegally (as he was a felon), choosing to jump in a car, speed down a residential street running from the "popo", exiting the vehicle with the illegal weapon, then firing the illegal weapon.

So, how ignorant and close-minded you must be to not know of T's family of felons and his life of sin and crime come to an end in an intoxicatingly stupid decision.

A "tragedy" is when productive citizens are injured or killed by a parasite like T. Justice is what T got. Respect that and go to work.

United States

#24 Mar 19, 2010
Yo neede to pays us back for all thes slaves

Archer City, TX

#25 Mar 26, 2010
If he would of had less time on his hands and less times to do drugs. If he was such and innocent man he wouldn't of been runing from the cops cause innocent people don't run A. And B he wouldn't of had a gun in his car.Just shows you who the true innocent people where huh.

Childress, TX

#26 Mar 27, 2010
Disgusted with ignorance on BOTH sides. Officers NEVER want to fire their guns at another human being...however...they have sworn an oath to protect their community. Those men will have to live with the memory that they took anothers life. Could ANY of you do that? They grieve for Tiberias and his family as well. They did not join law enforcement to injure or hurt, but to protect. Making this a racist issue is just not right. The same thing would have happened no matter the color of his skin. Put yourself in those officers shoes...If someone stepped out of the car with a gun in hand...what would you do? Everyone's adrenaline was pumping that night...anything could have happened. Quit the hate on both sides! A man lost his life, mourn with his family. Two men have to deal with the pain of being the ones that took his life. Empathase with them. The more BLAME GAMEs you play the MORE likely that someone else will get hurt. GROW UP!!!!
Temeca Tester

United States

#27 Mar 30, 2010
Temeca, yes, all the white taxpayers in this country need to be paid back for our forefathers using slaves and not shipping them back to Africa once they were done.

Because of them, white taxpayers have to pay for blacks 70% out-of-wedlock births, 72% dependency on welfare, 74% dependency on Social Security and MedicAid, and 63% of incarcerations and prison population.

Yep, I believe it's high time the blacks start getting jobs, paying taxes, carrying their own freight, quit committing crimes, quit making babies, quit spreading AIDS,and start paying the white people back for carrying their dead weight for 150 years now, plus saving them from Africa.

Wichita Falls, TX

#28 Apr 9, 2010
Caramel Hughes wrote:
Cutmaster, if yo azz wood cut yo brain out yo head, then fill it wit crap, yo IQ wood improve by 2 points. Dat's wut u need to be masterin to cut out.
I still be wit Tony, Cutmaster is a hater fo sho. He dont even now how to spell amuzing.
Also, wy da hell wer u stuck in Childress fo a few days, when da ice around dis place don't last 1 day? Me and my girlfrends be belevin u some homeless cereal rapists, whose azz we don't be needin round here anyways.
And, if dat black homey dat be frontin wit u in da grocery stor thot it be so bad round here, wy don't his dumbazz leave town wit you?
We all know dat yo azz wer in United beggin fo wut da wite man wood hand u out, jus like u do ever day of da month. Jus so happened, only anotha brotha wood give yo worthless azz free cold-cuts, then talk smack bout those who be payin his azz too - da wite man. So, we got 2 brothas livin off da wite man's taxes and money, complainin about da wite man.
Dat's wy I be lovin Webbie's song INDEPENDENT, cuz black workin women needa start kickin yo lazy, black azzes to da curb.
We all be knowin dat T got lit up on rank skunkie and forties dat nite, so wy don't u fools let his dead azz just die, rather than drag T's final act of dumbazzedness up befo da public every dam day?
Yo azz dumber than Obama, but at leest he be half-wite.
first of all if u werent there and didnt c anything then y the hell u people open ur big ass mouths. i know the brown family well and u people need to get your stories right..!!!! all u people do on here is talk a lot of shit about poeple who have passed already and ya'll need to let it go and for the bitches that got all this shi started that night urs will come to you soon

Wichita Falls, TX

#29 Apr 9, 2010
i just think all of you people have a lot of bad things to say about T and i bet u dont know much about him ur just ignorant and stupid not knowing wat the hell went on that night how do u know if it wasnt a set up by someone at that party? no one knows but the officers and T wat went down that night and y they fired on him. some say he didnt have a gun somne say he did but who really knows none of u people were in the car or around 2 c a damn thing. wat nerve u have to be putting him down like that wat if it was one of ur family members u wouldnt like others to say ugly rude things about them would u? all i can say is let the man rest in peace and grow the fuck up
little farm big payments

Quanah, TX

#30 Apr 12, 2010
Temeca wrote:
Yo neede to pays us back for all thes slaves
are you serious?when is the last time you were a slave?black people owe me because when they abolished slavery my family lost the cotton plantation so where the hell is my reperations.your just mad that every morning while brushing your teeth you are forced to stare at a black person.therefore no matter how much money you get you will still be got you one of them there black presidents.when hes gone you will vote for the grand dragon of the kkk before you vote for another one of yo brothas.

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