1 person dead after Childersburg poli...

1 person dead after Childersburg police shooting

There are 22 comments on the ABC 33/40 story from Dec 3, 2012, titled 1 person dead after Childersburg police shooting. In it, ABC 33/40 reports that:

TV reports the gunfire occurred at a convenience store on U.S. 280 early Monday.

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Lady P

Birmingham, AL

#1 Dec 3, 2012
One unarmed black man killed in Childersburg Alabama pepper sprayed and in a seat belt..How did the officer fear for his life? Isn't that the cause for excessive for force/shot to kill?/Wasn't the pepper spray enough? If not why was it used? The sensely killings have to stop. It is becoming a crime to live in Childersburg as a Black Man. This is not the first time this has happened. Enough is Enough.
Retired Vet 82nd

Childersburg, AL

#2 Dec 5, 2012
Harpersville and Childersburg cops are just another reason Condoms were invented...There all Dicks
black man down

United States

#3 Dec 5, 2012
I know its hard being a black an live in childersburg or harpersville selling drugs an messing up peoples lives cause u dnt wanna get a forty hour a week job. It is hard huh. Cop are just useless huh what if we didnt have them when some1 breaks in ur rapes ur wife steals ur shit oh then its call the cops call the po po call 5. 0
black comunity

United States

#4 Dec 5, 2012
I think we should all pull together protest the street till somthing is done!! I heard they offered 150k to the familay!! Y? Rally tonight dwn town, at 8 if u think the cops where wrong!!! Let every1 know an lets pull togerher. That had to be a cop for black man down!!! They r wrong lets get justice please!!!!

Childersburg, AL

#5 Dec 5, 2012
You obviously cant read or write,troll or not your an idiot if you think your being protected,try and get out more or at least get all the facts.House and vehicle were broke into and barney fife shows up jacked up on steroids looking for clues..lol Racist COPS,Racist Police Chief.WHAT IF IT WAS YOU OR YOUR BROTHER OR MOTHER THAT WAS SHOT BY SOME TRIGGER HAPPY

Childersburg, AL

#6 Dec 5, 2012
Agreed @black community we need to fight scum and corruption call your mayors office dig deep and find the dirt on these scumbags hiding behind a badge..GUESS WHAT if you want to find a cop in Childersburg you have to go to the range where they all take there hookers..furthermore every cop needs to be tested for steroids and other illicit drugs.ACCOUNTABILITY NEEDS TO BE NOW.THIS MAN AND HIS FAMILY NEED JUSTICE AS WELL AS TONY MARTIN!!
black comunity

United States

#8 Dec 5, 2012
Please people help us this man unarmed an in his car with his seat belt on no guns or drugs in car ... if it is justified then produce the surveillance tapes!!!! Show us how it is justified ..!!!

Birmingham, AL

#9 Dec 5, 2012
To black man down I know u are a cop and you probably would shoot an unarmed person strapped in a seat belt and then say oh he was a threat let me guess he was strapped right.....strapped in a seat belt.....cops these days are useless and think just because they have have a badge they can do what they want to do and treat people bad.... I hope the state or somebody shuts childersburg police department down and takes their badges for good

Houston, TX

#10 Dec 5, 2012
i think its a shame that animals hav more rights than a black man living in america . It seem like thiers no end r hope for theblack man the most hated people on the planet. Why not give the blacks there on land some where in america so they can really be free of this in justice.Get minster farrahkan an ask him where will they like to have there place on earth.an just let them be

Childersburg, AL

#11 Dec 6, 2012
Demand the car cam video as well as the stores video before it goes missing.A massive cover up is being perpetrated as we speak. There is something really wrong when u realize these cops aren't trained or qualified and no other police dept will take these idiots.."We get all the rejects and retards"..was a quote from a Childersburg officer."For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear. This was a Homicide a cop committed murder...The Tony Martin case was swept under the rug, that officer was moved to Goodwater PD where then he shot himself in the stomach..The truth was too much to bare..let's bring this criminal to justice and show we will no longer be intimidated by racist gun toting badge wearing THUGS..SERVE AND PROTECT!!!

Birmingham, AL

#12 Dec 7, 2012
Just another reason to stay away from this terrible area. Looking for this story, I saw 4 separate stories of a total of 9 black folks getting shot. Two by police officers and 7 by other black men at a barber shop and in the projects. I understand why you all are upset- I would guess there is some racial tension in Childersburg. Judging from your ignorant comments and these stories I read, I would be trigger happy too if I were an officer in a tiny town where black men shoot each other in barber shops at lunch time. Just a sad place.

Laredo, TX

#13 Dec 8, 2012
would u feel the same way if it was one of your family members unarmed and in a seat belt, pepper sprayed and shoot twice in the chest. thats why your realy should think before u speak or make dum comments becouse if it was u, u would not be able to handle it so well.

United States

#14 Dec 9, 2012
Reply to 1dum11gud how is ignorant comments when everyone wants say racism when a white cop shot a black man. How many black men shoot cops. Maybe if we didnt give free housing they wouldn't have time to sell crack or dope. Who am i kidding easy money is easy money. Not saying the cop was right.. but why does is have to be a racial card. Maybe it just 1for dumb cop.

United States

#15 Dec 10, 2012
Im sorry to hear what happened. I live in childburg and its horrible even more cause I knew this person. I think everybody needs to step back though and quit playing the race card. It was a tragedy and i'm sorry for his family and daughter. Everybody needs too rally together for their sake. Pull together for all vicious cop violence. Doesn't matter what color you are there is always wrongful deaths. keep strong and supportive for! his daughter
So sad

Birmingham, AL

#16 Dec 14, 2012
We are slowly going backwards racially in this country!
Unknown 3

Birmingham, AL

#17 Dec 15, 2012
This is why I moved away from Childersburg. It was the most racially motivated place I have ever lived. The Police Department is under-staffed, under-trained and under-supported by the city's admistration. Even with the history that little city has with racism the city elects the same mayor again. Everyone wants something done but no one is willing to do anything about it. That place breeds trouble. It is full of parasites. I dont know what happened in the shooting and I feel bad for everyone involved but we need to look at the totality of what we do know for a fact, not speculation. We know that an officer killed a man in a parking lot of a gas station. From what Ive read he was unarmed, but I dont know that for a fact. We dont know what happened before the officer shot him. What was said? What did the victim do? What did the officer say or do? There are so many variables of this equation that we dont have. Each one, big or small is equally important. I would love to know these things as much as everyone else. Im not condoning the shooting either way but do you think that an officer that is going to shoot someone just for the color of their skin, would do it while they are at a gas station with the public close by and on camera? That sounds pretty far fecthced to me? That is just my opinion though. Also im not going to argue the fact that Childersburg has had some less than desirable officers in its past. I blame that on the public for keeping the same mayor around that continues to let it happen. You want something done? Move as I did or get the Mayor out office finally. The best way to kill a snake is cut off its head. Lastly, we will never get over the racism in this country as long as we blame everything on racism. Its so easy to blame any injustice on racism. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.
childersburg native

United States

#18 Dec 15, 2012
Yes why is everything a race war. Because the man was black an the cop was white would all this be said if the rolls was reversed? Everyone says Mr. Hamilton was a good man!!! Well let me shine the light... good man huh racism an issue ok he sold crack or dope whatever made him money he didnt care in color BLACK OR WHITE!! AS a matter of fact he use to work a man all day remolding his house an would give that man 20 dollar crack rock for a days pay!! Geuss what else that man was a black man!! He used that BLACK MAN as his slave cause he had a habit with the drugs that Mr. Hamilton sold.. does that sound like a good man?? That is a true story!!! Everyone wasnt there so how can we judge just on color?

Fort Huachuca, AZ

#19 Dec 15, 2012
i think u should of kelp that shit to yourself.what if his mama look on here a see that dum shit u worte. clearly u didnt have the nuts to talk about him when he was alive so dont do it no thats hes dead just be a man about it. AND FOR EVERYBODY ELSE IF IT NOT POSITIVE DONT WRITE ON HERE

Childersburg, AL

#20 Jul 1, 2013
I think the cops should be as aggressive as they need to be. Whatever it takes to clear these damn thugs off these small town streets of ours. Let them brag about this gang!! They got there rights now!!This one is cousins with this one, and that one is cousins with the other one... really, so what!! All I have too say is, "GOOD JOB" Childersburg Police Department!! Glad he was vendicated of all charges!!

Chicago, IL

#21 Aug 11, 2014
Truthhurts2013 wrote:
I think the cops should be as aggressive as they need to be. Whatever it takes to clear these damn thugs off these small town streets of ours. Let them brag about this gang!! They got there rights now!!This one is cousins with this one, and that one is cousins with the other one... really, so what!! All I have too say is, "GOOD JOB" Childersburg Police Department!! Glad he was vendicated of all charges!!
I know this is a dead thread, but I had to chime in. Talladega County is full of filth, both white and black. And nearly everybody there is racist as hell. Saying 'good job' for killing an unarmed civilian makes you part of the problem. I worked for the county. Lots of corruption, from black and white, and ant gay, like nearly every county/city law enforcement agency. But there are good officers. I don't know if this was justified, but the officer (whom I've met) did FEEL threatened. He's a veteran, and I seriously doubt he enjoys killing. Just because the city cleared him doesn't make it ok. CITIZENS OF TALLADEGA COUNTY, YOU ALL DID THIS. CLEAN UP THE COUNTY, THEN CLEAN UP YOUR POLICE. The good cops are struggling on their own.

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