Let's hear it for manlitudishness! Only sissies call it quits and shake hands. Shit!..we killed redskins from coast to coast, why quit now,(not that we're through with them yet), let's have a go at each othern, and may the best dude win, hands down (never up!). We can even set a good example for wimmin: Hell, it looks like Palin's gettin the hang of it.Whut's all this feminine stuff, ennyway? A rill woman has balls, right? And a big mouth as well, never mind hooking it up to a so-called brain, that's for them edyoukated city fellers and gurls. We're pie-an-ears, we don't need thet culture crap! That's for them French poofie-butts! Yahoo! Go Sairy! Let it awl hang out. I catch enny kid o' mine sayin' please and thanks, I'll slap shit otta him, or her. Goblessmerrika!