CUSD braces for cuts, possible layoffs

CUSD braces for cuts, possible layoffs

There are 30 comments on the Chico Enterprise-Record story from Jan 28, 2009, titled CUSD braces for cuts, possible layoffs. In it, Chico Enterprise-Record reports that:

With the state budget still up in the air, the Chico Unified School District is preparing for the worst.

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juanita sumner

Chico, CA

#1 Jan 28, 2009
Kelly Staley makes $180,000 plus a year. She has how many "assistant" superintendents making $130,000 plus a year?

It ought to be criminal to make that kind of money out of a district that is "strapped for cash." They are fiddling while our school district burns - tar and feathers are too good for these people. Show them the door, and well, you might have to show them how to use it too.
Same old story


#2 Jan 28, 2009
This is the same old story we've been hearing for years. They didn't lay off a single teacher last year, even though they put more than 200 of them on the list. The people who need to be laid off are the administrators. What they've done to so many people in this town is absolutely criminal.
Fire them

Chico, CA

#3 Jan 28, 2009
How can we get CUSD under control? Bring in state control!! The are really good at getting rid of dead weight like (the $100,000+ club), piss poor teachers, and the corrupted administration.

I watched a CUSD employee spend an hour BSing with another CUSD employee at my job in the middle of the day, and all I could think was there goes my tax dollars being WASTED.

The same thing will happen as it does every year. We'll here all these over-paid whiners cry about how hard there job is, and how much their pathetic job performance is needed. They will talk about our children's future and how they play an important role, when in reality the only future they care about is their own.

FIRE THEM!! Let's find a way to get our school district back!!!
Oh Please

United States

#4 Jan 28, 2009
I agree that things need to change at the top. The people in the district office make a ridiculous salary and they're the reason the district is in this mess. The money is there, it's just not managed properly. They waste so much money. There are some teachers in the district that make $70,000 or $80,000 a year, but they've also been teaching for 30 years. I don't think that is too much to pay someone that has been at a job for 30 years. I'm sure there are plenty of other jobs out there that make that much if not more for that long of service.
CUSD slave

Oroville, CA

#5 Jan 28, 2009
With these kind of money problems it is puzzling why CUSD would allow the hiring of another non essential supervisor by the maintenance deapartment to "supervise" evening custodians. There are already three supervisors that work out of the CUSD Maintenance department, these three already recieve 65,000+ to do this job. This position was eliminated several years ago and now its back again?
Concerned Parent

Berry Creek, CA

#6 Jan 28, 2009
I am so tired of hearing about cuts to our schools. California is going to end up with some of the worst educated students in this country. Students that cant get a job when they graduate (if they graduate because all the fun activities are gone why bother going to school ). I think its time Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger looks at taking the tax payers money away from paying for cars and fuel cards for our higher government, we are one of the only states that give cars, maintenance on those cars and pay for their gas. How much could we save there Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Community Member

Long Beach, CA

#7 Jan 28, 2009
Yes, I agree that state spending needs to be tightened. I also agree that revenues may need to be increased. Here's the part that I don't understand. California schools rank at 47th in regards to state funding. That means 46 states spend more on education and only 3 spend less. Clearly, at 47th, there is not much left to cut. I would hate to see California move even lower and, quite frankly, I am tired of students bearing the brunt of the state budget cutbacks. Why don't we value education as much as 46 other states?
CUSD Employee

Chico, CA

#8 Jan 28, 2009
Same old story wrote:
This is the same old story we've been hearing for years. They didn't lay off a single teacher last year, even though they put more than 200 of them on the list. The people who need to be laid off are the administrators. What they've done to so many people in this town is absolutely criminal.
As a matter of fact, they DID lay off several teachers and aides last year and there are a TON of vacancies right now. Students are falling behind because they are not getting the support they need, especially the special ed classes.

Laying off more teachers and aides will not improve our children's quality of education, it will worsen it so another solution needs to be figured out real quick.

Redding, CA

#9 Jan 28, 2009
Do you remember when the auto companies showed up in front of congress asking for bailout money and then admitted that they flew in their corporate jets to the meeting?

Our district wastes so much money and then takes it out on the teachers to tighten belts. Do you remember when they sent 150 teachers to Las Vegas for a PLC meeting? It was ridiculous. They don't have money but spent $200,000 on that! Now we have PLC meetings that we joke about because it's a time to fill out B.S. forms from the PLC company and the rest of the time we just B.S. Don't blame the teachers because every company has been through the same waste of time meetings and no one wants to admit it because someone made the decision to do it.

Someone mentioned special ed students not getting what they need. They are in much smaller classes than regular ed and they have full time aides. Cut the aides. The teachers teach fewer students, fewer periods, and have aides to correct papers. That's an easy cut. Why should they have slave labor but not the regular ed teachers who have more special ed students every period anyway?

We don't need someone in the district office in charge of staff development. We are better on our own. If Rosedale is empty, move the district office there and save money.

Does our superintendent have a car allowance on top of her $180,000 salary? Teachers drive more for games, school errands, visiting students than any administrator. Does any school need assistant principals in a time of crises?

Until we cut our own abuses, and we have many, the public has a legitimate right to criticize us just like Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler. Of course we could use more money in education, but we have to stop our own abuses first. We have many.

Seattle, WA

#10 Jan 28, 2009
Jenswold said the Legislature's inaction has created stress by putting people in a "holding pattern.
Well boo-hoo too. What kind of stupid statement is that?
Yes, get them out pf their "holding pattern" and get rid of them. CTA, please stop blaming the politicians. You own them! I heard your commercial on the radio today claiming that California raks 47th in the Nation in school funding. Care to provide some proof?

You people are dispicable, I swear. One half the state's budget goes into your greedy pockets in the name of the children. Most of the gambling money is grabbed by teachers.

Here is what needs to happen to fix your choke-hold over the students education. Lower the teaching standards and let more people compete for the very lucrative teaching jobs. Then the pool would be larger. More teachers and better teachers could be put into the classrooms.
Joe Sixpack

London, UK

#11 Jan 28, 2009
Cut education, build more prisons to put the future criminals in because they were uneducated and failed to get jobs. But my suggestion is to build the prisons on a contract basis in Arizona, which is a non-union state and the prison guards make a fraction of what they do here.

Courtland, CA

#12 Jan 28, 2009
joe fatpack have you ever ben to prision
Joe Sixpack

London, UK

#13 Jan 28, 2009
jordan wrote:
joe fatpack have you ever ben to prision
Have you ever been to school?

Courtland, CA

#14 Jan 28, 2009
Sick of CUSD

Rancho Cordova, CA

#15 Jan 28, 2009
We may have a better chance of balancing the school district's budget if the tenure system were eliminated -- something the VERY powerful Teacher's Union would vehemently fight.

Eliminating tenure would:

1. Get rid of the dead weight who are providing a minimum standard of service while waiting for retirement.

2. Allow salaries to be more in line with ability and productivity.

3. Create accountability by eliminating union protection for the ineffectual and unprofessional.

4. Establish a more competitive field so that our children are taught by the best qualified person, not the one who has been there the longest.
Buck Futts

United States

#16 Jan 28, 2009
Replace the teachers with Walmart workers. The teachers would rather get some fireman overtime salary, or some police officer overtime. Are there any teachers making 140k? or 190k?

There are plenty of teachers making 10k or 15k on a part time salary that the district will never make full time. We don't hear about those employees.

Plenty of tenured teachers get fired every year. If they are crappy teachers or if they have become burnt out.

As far as sending teachers to Las Vegas, the next move by the district was to hire a lousy vice prinicpal to be in charge of all teacher training, assign him to the district office, and pay him over 100k. In fact they seem to add another 100k salary every year at the district office.

But please just give up. The grand jury couldn't get a prosecution or arrest. The 3 small high schools will never materialize. A 40 million dollar bond that did not result in a high school. But whoopee we got new plaster in the Chico High Gym and a new Theater at PVHS...even though we may have no drama!

You lost Chico. Your children live in a mobile home park for most of their educational lives. The lesson that they learn is that the adults don't care to build them nice schools. The adults don't care about educating them, they just want grant money to talk about 'small communities' so they can send the kids home early. You loose Chico and your children loose respect.
hates teachers

United States

#17 Jan 28, 2009
Califoria ranks 47th in student spending, but significantly higher in spending for Teacher's salaries. All CUSD Teachers should take a 15% pay cut.

Gridley, CA

#18 Jan 28, 2009
employee wrote:
Someone mentioned special ed students not getting what they need. They are in much smaller classes than regular ed and they have full time aides. Cut the aides. The teachers teach fewer students, fewer periods, and have aides to correct papers. That's an easy cut. Why should they have slave labor but not the regular ed teachers who have more special ed students every period anyway?
You have no right to say this. Special Ed students need the extra accommodations. Hence, why they are in Special Education. The Special Ed teachers don't teach fewer periods. They teach just like mainstream teachers. The aides are there to support the students, both behaviorally and academically. They make a vital to a students progress in and out of the classroom. If you cut aides, you are cutting opportunities.

Redding, CA

#19 Jan 28, 2009
You need to come to our high school to see it first hand. Our resource teachers teach 4 periods a day, a regular ed teacher teachers 5. A resource teacher has a load of 25 students. A regular ed teacher has 175. Many of the regular teachers can have more special ed students in one class than the resource teacher has the same period. No one is attacked the value of aides, but can you only imagine the help it would be for the regular ed teacher to have one? Wherever you cut will cut services, but it is not equitable how the aides are placed now. Many of the teachers use the aides for secretarial duties. Wouldn't that be nice for all of us?
Regular ed teacher

Redding, CA

#20 Jan 28, 2009
In just one of my classes, I would say half my students are special ed or limited English, or completely non-English. I have no help, no aide, no assistance. One resource teacher at our school has four students that period and a full time aide. The aide sometimes is in the office getting coffee or running off papers. If we are going to cut programs before we cut abuses, I think some people above are correct. We can't always just give excuses about our plight. We have to also recognize that there are some things that have contributed to the budget mess. I know some aides and special ed teachers will be upset because of the need to protect turf, but this is not a criticism of individuals or the prospect of losing a job that is needed to put food on the table. I am only talking about places that we can cut. Ideally, we should be taking the same aides and distributing them to all the staff instead of just one teacher. I also agree that there can be administrative cuts without affecting us at all. I could give a hoot about the numbers the district gives us about percentages of administrators. Some are ineffective and we all know it. If you cut them, it could be years before anyone would notice. That would tell you that they can be cut. At least the aides do something worthwhile. At the site, you could probably cut all vice principals and tell us to handle our own discipline. I would rather do that than cut programs.

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