I do not have an opinion about all of the puppy mill stuff, but back in November of 2009 I walked into Pawsh Puppies to find a hypoallergenic , small dog. My daughter and I were so excited because we waited a long time for this (not the Paris Hilton dog, a pet) We will never forget the love we felt that day. I dedicated 100% of my heart and soul to my new little friend. At about 4 months of age he started aggressively biting people when they swung their feet while sitting at the kitchen table or reached down to pick up things. Within 3 months he bit everyone who entered my house, not as a means to protect, just over silly motions etc. I spent over 10,000$ in training and "behavioralists" they put him on Prozac and I altered my life and home to protect him(I am losing my mind) At 9 months of age he needed both knees operated on and Pawsh said "that's common". It is 2013 and i made every excuse as to why i am the problem. he would sit on my lap and if i pet him he would growl. on Easter, this little guy bit my brother like a pit bill when he went to pet him. I had to make a painful decision to give him up, but did not want him to be abused or hurt anyone. thankfully, Found Chicago rescues aggressive putt bulls and might be able to help him. He spent 2, 2 week seasons there before with some improvement, but all I kept hearing was he most likely was in-bred. I pray every day no one ever goes through that.