Hi, I have to do an in depth report about Chinatown and I've completed all of the parts except forgot to get an interview. So if anyone thinks they could answer any of these questions that'd be great

* Why is Chinatown important to Chinese people? Do you think Chinatown is important to others as well? Please provide specific examples.

* Can communities help keep people's dreams/hope/positiveness alive?

* How much of a sense of community do you feel in Chinatown?

* Do you think Chinatown is welcoming to outsiders?

* How often do you leave Chinatown and for what purpose(s)?

* Do you think ethnic communities fortify or break down language barriers? Can they do both simultaneously?

* How important is cultural identity in Chinatown? In your own life?

* Also if you could just give a little biographical / background information about yourself...

Any amount of effort in answering them will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!