Can we start a petition to fight scho...

Can we start a petition to fight school uniforms?

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#1 Feb 25, 2008
I don't think it is right the school board is making my kids wear clothing they don't like. Nobody is telling them what to wear. I have seen a lot of cleavage in some of the clothing some of the teachers are wearing! What about them? Especially bad when we have had 2 teachers in Beckham county convicted of sexually related crimes. My children are not the ones who are not dressing appropriately, yet they are being punished. I say if a kid shows up inappropriately dressed- SEND THEM HOME- EXPELL THEM, WHATEVER, but don't punish my kids. I also think it won't change kids- you will still have kids with spiked colored hair, nose piercings, etc. THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER. My kids dress very nicely and maybe it does set them apart, having to wear uniforms won't change anything. They will tear that stuff off the minute they get home. Go anywhere in town, it doesn't matter if they are school kids or 60 years old- people just dress differently. From Cowboys in chaps & hats to Bikers in leather- it is a part of who you are and the school is trying to strip that away from not only the offenders but every kid in school. What if the government decided there was too much crime in the nation- so they just locked up everyone??? Basically that is what you are doing. Taking away my kids freedom of choice. They should be ashamed.

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#2 Sep 14, 2009
have you ever been ridiculed for what you were wearing? i have, and it wasn't because what i was wearing was low-cut, or too short, or offensive in any way. it was because the clothes i wore were faded, old, and tattered. even the teachers made fun of me. if you've ever been made fun of because of what you were wearing, you would understand why they want to make the students wear uniforms. the first school i went to that enforced a uniform rule was the first year i got along with anyone. and yes, i do have kids, so don't try to play the "you don't have 'em, so you don't understand" card.

Holiday, FL

#3 Feb 24, 2010
my school has uniforms,u can"t even wear jeans!!!!!!!it just started this year and it is a public school not a private school!!!it is not like kids are walking in with booty shorts and shirts that r see through!!!!the principals do this becuz they want to see more structure in can wear what they want!sometimes they do this because they do not want children to get picked on for what they wear.but the parents have to spend more money on new uniforms!and if children get picked on just tell the principal,but this hardly ever happens!!i'm amy school sux,only because uniforms.we should be able to wear and express or attitudes through our clothes.

Holiday, FL

#4 Feb 24, 2010
i am starting a petition thx for the help.

Pharr, TX

#6 Apr 17, 2010
No Uniforms in Clinton: Surely there are other decisions to be made in your children's lives than what to wear. Save the outfits for the weekends or summer, or for after school. My own children wear uniforms, yet they and their classmates still get to express their personalities through other activities, such as the science fair and music. They don't feel they are being punished. And I hope that they never feel like their clothes make them "who they are." And school uniforms is far from "being locked up." Ask anyone who has been incarcerated. How about redirecting your energy into something positive for your children's school, such as being a mentor or volunteering in the library? As for the teachers who wear revealing clothing, why not complain to the principal? Maybe he or she is not aware that it is offensive to parents.

Schaumburg, IL

#7 Jun 8, 2010
In response to "Nobody tells them what to wear.", I would have to disagree with this statement. Yes, they are told what to wear. Maybe not as specific as Blue shirts and black slacks, but they do have a dress code. Are you going to tell your children to boycott work uniforms? By your post, it seems that you are telling them that if they can't express themselves, in appearance, to boycott and let me tell you, when they get out in the "real world" to get a job and there is a dress code, they will not keep their job long when they try to boycott it. When I was younger I didn't get uniforms, but now that I am older, it just seems that it is easier on everyone! Kids don't get picked on, parents know exactly what to buy, schools are safer (in my opinion), and everyone is on the same page. If I go to work out of uniform then I run the risk of being sent home, getting written up or even fired. So, I ask you, are you telling your kids that because the boss wants them to wear uniforms that they should fight it? It isn't as if they are trying to put your kids in a nuns gown or wear bikinis to school, right?

Schaumburg, IL

#8 Jun 8, 2010
As for Amy...really???? You think that structure is a bad thing? Have you seen the juvenile crime rate? Kids need more structure! So, if they get that structure at school only then so be it, but it seems that too many children get away with whatever they want, when they want and how they want to do it. Parents should be supportive of the schools. It isn't as if the school wants you to send them to school naked. The cost of uniforms is kind of crazy, because you can normally get them fairly cheap online or in discount stores or even find another parent that had a student that wore them. It just seems to me to be common sense.
i agree

Franklin, OH

#9 Jul 8, 2010
my school doesnt have uniforms but its dress code is so ridicules we might as well have them i want them to just let us wear what we want

La Porte, TX

#10 Aug 18, 2010
i don't get it they say that kids that wear uniform can 't get made fun of but we're not stupid we can tell if the uniform is new or old by just the color. why don't they let you wear what you want but still have some rules. for ex. how about not wearing gang stuff or for girls wearing short jackets with camisoles. also having people wear reasonable sized clothing like not excessively baggy or tight.

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#11 May 14, 2011
Cheyenne high school has a dictatorship running it's schools, and it still produces a bunch of shameful retards lately. I feel bad for your school system and the children trying to learn within it.

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#12 May 15, 2011
wutevr wrote:
i don't get it they say that kids that wear uniform can 't get made fun of but we're not stupid we can tell if the uniform is new or old by just the color. why don't they let you wear what you want but still have some rules. for ex. how about not wearing gang stuff or for girls wearing short jackets with camisoles. also having people wear reasonable sized clothing like not excessively baggy or tight.
i agree to a point. most kids/teens don't want to wear anything but what's in fashion right now, and what's in fashion now are things that are, in fact, baggy or tight. or short.
grilled cheese

Frisco, TX

#13 May 29, 2011
Kitten wrote:
Cheyenne high school has a dictatorship running it's schools, and it still produces a bunch of shameful retards lately. I feel bad for your school system and the children trying to learn within it.
Is Cheyenne being ran by a dictator? Really? I think he's done a great job. He just completed amazing roof project. This comment has nothing to do with this topic. So quit criticizing people for a job that you probably can't do.

Swansea, UK

#14 Aug 18, 2011
my school has recently been coming down hard on school uniform. I don't mind the uniform but when the head teacher who i have never spoken to before starts coming round the classes making sure everyone has their shirt buttoned to the very top and telling people if their shirt doesn't it's inappropriate I get quite annoyed. They sit and tell us how school isn't about what you wear yet they complain when we don't wear exactly what they want. School has just started back and everyone has bought all their new clothes and now they are telling us we cant even wear black jeans and that our skirts should touch the floor when we bend down! One girl in the year above me was even sent home to get changed because her shirt didn't have any sleeves! I personally got all ones for my standard grade results last year along with three of my friends who all wear black jeans and the rest of my friends got one or two's. Therefore i do not see how what you wear has anything to do with your education and so they should spend more time trying to help people to pass their exams than telling them their tie is too low down!

Avon, CT

#15 Apr 10, 2012
. While you have a good point this is a rare occurence in higher wealth school systems s my qustion is why would a system where people dont have faded cloths try to implment uniforms.

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#16 Apr 10, 2012
to establish structure and routine. i've found that kids actually need it, whether they know it or not. and of course they're going to fight it, just like they fight against almost everything that's put in place to help them grow.
None of your beezwax

Lakeville, MN

#17 Jul 1, 2012
         Whenever you go to school do you feel tired of wearing the same thing everyday?I know that feeling everyday and I am getting tired of it. Most schools around the world are changing their appearence and getting their students to wear uniforms. We shouldn't be told what to wear. We should wear what we want to wear. No uniforms! 
         Teenagers, these days, have such a great sense of their own unique style and they should be able to show this but, schools are making us wear uniforms. How are we, as students, going to express our style? Some of my friends say that the school uniforms make them uncomfortable and aggitated. Some of my friends say they look fat or the colors don't look so great on them. I mean if we have to wear uniforms at least let us have a vote on the colors for our uniforms.
         Another reason why I don't care for uniforms is, because you have to wear the same thing everyday. At my school, we have to wear a white polo shirt and a blue/green plaid skirt (for girls, guys wear baige pants). I mean, yes, we added a button up oxford shirt and a tie this year but, what girl wants to wear a tie? Plus, we have to wear certain color shoes. Why does it matter what kind of color shoes you wear. My friends are getting sick and tired of wearing the same clothing every year.
         Are there some students who like uniforms? Yes, some think it is faster in the morning. It is true, I agree but, should that mean that the school should tell us what to wear? I don't think so. If students have to wear uniforms, why don't teachers? Yes, they say they had their moments in high school but they work on campus, and they are part of the student body, so they should wear them.
         We, as students, shouldn't be forced to be anti-individualistic. It violates our first ammendment rights and it is communistic. We are doing our jobs as students by being forced to go to school and using the schools resources for learning materials. We should at least wear our own certain clothing. Uniforms are against our freedom of expression. It is said the way a person dresses reflects a way a person acts or speaks, by taking away our own rights of clothing is basically taking away our own freedom of speech (we had no matter in the saying). I know there are a many petitions out there going against schools banning uniforms and I completely agree with each and everyone of them.

Chatsworth, CA

#18 Sep 6, 2012
I am a kid, im in middle school, and let me say that uniforms are just stupid! Our school is saying that kids are now putting drugs in there hoodies and getting high, fine don't allow hoodies,i understand, but why UNIFORMS, it doesn't make sense to me and its not fair to us. if we wear uniforms then why don't the teachers? they get to wear whatever they want: makeup,high heels,revealing shirts.i mean come on uniforms don't change the fact that some kids r doing bad things but why punish all of us? i want to start a petition but im scared if i get suspended or even expelled! All of my friends and i are good people, we never do anything bad but someone had to come along and punish the rest of us. Plus we don't get to show are individuality or our style.I love the color purple but i cant wear it, well why not?Another excuse they're putting is that what if intruders come in the school. Problem solved, lets start a new rule like an ID rule. there should be someone in one gate where everyone goes in and they show a school ID to prove that they are from that school. see? its that easy except id no wat 2 do about this.

United States

#19 Aug 18, 2013
The school always says be yourself . When you put a little style on the uniform‚ they get mad at you cause that's not the way to dress. Then why should we have uniforms if we cant be ourselves. Uniforms can make you loose your creativity in life‚ because since you were little ‚ you've been told its wrong . If people couldn't be creative we wouldn't have what we have today. Uniforms don't change your intelligence‚ it could actually make it worse. The reason is that they make us feel uncomfortable and they could also make it harder to focus cause if toy do some thing wrong a teacher will get mad at you. Why do teachers have to wear uniforms‚ aren't they old enough to dress them self. Also students‚ they need to learn how to dress there own way. They aren't babies. They need to learn how to dress the way they are and not have a constant person telling them what to dress. Albert Enstien a creative person and now almost everyone knows who he is! And uniforms wont stop bullying. My school got in 6 fights during lunch break over random drama. And they wear uniforms. It doesn't make a difference in bullying cause nobody fights over clothes. They would just buy there own or work for it . Uniforms are expensive and including taxes. If the school board is reading his imagine how much money were wasting for scratchy clothes. This is a small reason i think we shouldn't have uniforms. Ps the person who came up with uniforms has no caring for what the children feel °^°

Mcloud, OK

#20 Sep 8, 2013
Children, same as adults and protected under the constitutional amendments. Nit to mention several federal mandate laws. Key word is Freedom. Many small town schools will try to justify their semi-nazi actions by saying its for the betterment of children. School is a place of learning. Free of religion and judgement. You cannot tell anyone what to wear, what to believe or whether they can have tatttoos or piercings. As long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others its harmless. Many parents were educated enough to battle this form of behavior and put a stop to it. If you fight it the school will not win! My suggestion is look into federal law on schools as well as constitutional amendments. You may also look into freedom act.
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Sioux City, IA

#21 Sep 13, 2013
Go to the site

Look up: Discontinuing Dress Code I Dyer County School Systems

Please sign this petitions and pas around. Share on Facebook. E-Mail it to whomever that will sign sowe can put an end to this Dress Code.

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