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Morrilton, AR

#62667 Feb 27, 2014
No possibility whatsoever that the 70-year old man had diminished hearing and thought the cop said "Get out of the car" and was getting his cane out to help him stand.

Morrilton, AR

#62668 Feb 27, 2014
I am also hard of hearing, that's what made me think of this. I know what you mean, I have brand new hearing aids, they're great but not perfect. I guess we both just have to keep our hands up!

Morrilton, AR

#62669 Feb 27, 2014
Thanks, NRA. Now that we can safely assume that every single individual is packing heat, thanks to your neverending "Second Amendment! Stand Your Ground!" laws, and the cops have even less reason to shoot or tase as a first resort. It gives cops permission to shoot before looking closely.
Packing Heat

Morrilton, AR

#62670 Feb 27, 2014
I think the police officer was in the right, he is employed by the government, and by default is a more superior person. I'm happy to see more and more government workers in positions of authority, the more our government grows, the more prosperous we all are.

Morrilton, AR

#62671 Feb 27, 2014
Apparently, cops are free to shoot anyone for any reason. Any time.

Morrilton, AR

#62672 Feb 27, 2014
The reason they want you to stay in the car is that they realized that you are potentially more dangerous outside, walking around, with complete freedom of movement, than inside, with limited range of movement, even if you have a gun under the seat of the car.

Morrilton, AR

#62673 Feb 27, 2014
Executed for expired tags. If he needed a cane then there's a good chance he also had hearing issues. A 70 year old man is highly unlikely to pull a gun on you over a traffic violation.

Morrilton, AR

#62674 Feb 27, 2014
Police in Indianapolis will now be required to allow members of the public to film them while they are performing their duties, as part of a settlement in a federal civil rights lawsuit against them, the Indiana Lawyer reported on Thursday.

The settlement also awards $200,000 to Willie King, who accused police of false arrest and malicious prosecution after forcefully arresting him during a February 2011 encounter. At the time, King was filming police with his phone from a neighbor’s front porch after spotting them handcuffing another man.

An officer then ordered King to hand the phone over. When King refused, the officer tackled him to the ground and confiscated his phone. King was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

“Willie King was wronged when the officers stopped his videotaping and took away his cellphone,” King’s attorney, Richard Waples, was quoted as saying.“We want to make sure that in the future police officers understand that people have the right to video record their actions.”

King was subsequently found not guilty in a “bench trial,” at which point he filed a civil rights case against the police department and the City of Indianapolis, accusing them of violating his First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. His case was scheduled to go to trial on March 10, but charges against him were dropped as part of the settlement.

Police Chief Rick Hite now has two months to issue a bulletin informing his officers that they should not stop civilians observing or filming their actions in public, so long as the person filming does not interfere with their duties and keeps a “safe and reasonable” distance.

Morrilton, AR

#62675 Feb 27, 2014
These are the REAL THUGS only with guns, uniforms and badges. They need to be watched and watched carefully. Maybe ONE DAY the general public will trust them again. Until then the cameras roll.

Morrilton, AR

#62676 Feb 27, 2014
It's settled USSC law. Has been for a few years.

Perkins, OK

#62677 Feb 27, 2014

Oklahoma City, OK

#62678 Feb 27, 2014
Republicans Kill 13,000 Jobs In Tennessee With Anti-Union Vote.

Executives at Volkswagen met last night to discuss the closure of a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee after workers there voted to reject the formation of a worker’s council through joining the United Autoworkers Union (UAW). The closure of the plant will cost an estimated 13,000 jobs.

Following intense conservative campaigning against the prospect of workers in the state joining a union, Bernd Osterloh, speaking for Volkswagen, said that the company would look to other parts of the US for opening new plants in the future:

“I can imagine fairly well that another VW factory in the United States, provided that one more should still be set up there, does not necessarily have to be assigned to the south again.”

Osterloch also went on to openly attack the anti-union elements in Tennessee who he said were ultimately responsible for the decision to close the plant:

“The conservatives stirred up massive, anti-union sentiments. It’s possible that the conclusion will be drawn that this interference amounted to unfair labor praxis.”

Oklahoma City, OK

#62679 Feb 27, 2014
The Oklahoma Senate has approved a plan to cut the state's top individual income tax rate once revenue collections return to 2013 levels.

Well, the Republicans are really looking out for the wealthy aren't they...They plan to cut the state's TOP individual income tax rate...

Is that you? Bet not....

They want to cut their taxes while working up the anger for the working poor...you know the one's they don't want any help for them to get health insurance....call them sponges because they and their kids might need help with food.....but the poor working person is the bad guy....and that evil Obamacare.....but as long as they can keep you worked up about the gays and abortion...you never notice that they are raping the state of any prosperity.....

Poor Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, OK

#62680 Feb 27, 2014
If Republican economic policies were correct...how come Republican Red States are the poorest in the nation?

Oklahoma City, OK

#62681 Feb 27, 2014
BREAKING: Patriotic GOP Blocks Veterans Benefits Bill!

ABC is reporting that Senate GOP-ers have blocked the veterans bill from moving forward to a vote. The bill needed 60 votes to proceed, but the final tally was 56-41.

Although agreement on the need to expand benefits for veterans is usually a bipartisan issue, it was the amount of spending in the bill that Republican senators had a problem with.

Additionally, Republicans are still pushing for increased sanctions against Iran – a move that the Obama Administration and many international observers warn would be poorly-timed – and wanted to include a measure targeting the Islamic Republic with the veterans bill. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid previously blocked the Iran measure from being included.

“Shame on the Republicans for bringing base politics into a bill to help the veterans,” Reid said Thursday.

According to ABC News, the bill would have “improved benefits for veterans, including better health care and dental services provided by the VA. It also would have guaranteed post-9/11 veterans access to in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities in any state.”


Yeah they care so much about the soldiers...they want to start a new war.....if they can't.....nothing for the vets....they so love their hostage taking.

Morrilton, AR

#62682 Feb 27, 2014
""Yeah they care so much about the soldiers...they want to start a new war.....if they can't.....nothing for the vets....they so love their hostage taking.""

If these veterans would just die, then we would not have all the expense they cause.

Oklahoma City, OK

#62684 Feb 27, 2014
Inhofe thinks it's better for the US to be perpetually at war...

Top Republicans Call for Return to Cold War

Top lawmakers on the House and Senate Armed Services said Thursday that the world would be better off if the Cold War was still on—and if Obama wasn’t cutting the defense budget.

The current crisis in the Ukraine and the looming crisis on the Korean Peninsula would be much easier to manage if the Cold War was still going strong, according to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon and Senate Armed Services Ranking Republican James Inhofe.

“I look back wistfully at the Cold War,” Inhofe said Thursday at a breakfast meeting with reporters.“There were two superpowers, they knew what we had, we knew what they had, mutually assured destruction meant something. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Now we have these people who are not rational, not logical, they’re nuts.”

Irony thy name is Inhofe......."we have these people who are not rational, not logical, they’re nuts.”

Inhofe spent a whole year from 1958 to 1959 in the service...None of his kids or grandkids but....he sure want's your kids to serve...

But he loves war...he just hates paying for it...and paying for the ones that make it home....

Oklahoma City, OK

#62685 Feb 27, 2014
Correction: Inhofe served in the Army from 1957 to 1958...wonder why just one year...Elvis had to serve out the two....

Newport, AR

#62689 Feb 28, 2014
Agnostic wrote:
Correction: Inhofe served in the Army from 1957 to 1958...wonder why just one year...Elvis had to serve out the two....
Gays were not allowed in the military then.

Newport, AR

#62690 Feb 28, 2014
He is not called "INHOLE" for nothing.

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