Bow hunting cruel, women say

Bow hunting cruel, women say

There are 29 comments on the Plain Dealer story from Sep 23, 2006, titled Bow hunting cruel, women say. In it, Plain Dealer reports that:

Chardon Township- Two women who believe killing deer with bows and arrows is too cruel have offered to hire sharpshooters with rifles to thin herds in the Geauga County Park District.

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David Russell


#1 Oct 2, 2006
I have found bow hunting to be an extremely quick and humane way to control the deer population. I have respect for the ethical bow hunter and believe in bow hunting as a wholesome activity. While I share these women's concern for the humane treatment (and harvesting) of these animals, I feel their anti-bow hunting stance is ill-informed. Perhaps they have overly anthropomorphised these animals?

Also, I have often noticed the most outspoken (if uninformed) animal "advocates" have the unfortunate tendency to make villains of the humans doing the hunting, while ignoring the benefits of this wonderful food source and wholesome family activity.

I would hope these well-intentioned anti-bow hunters would consider studying the facts in a more objective way.

United States

#2 Oct 3, 2006
I have been bow hunting deer for quite a few years and i have never once have had a deer run over a hundred yards after shooting it. I am also a michigan deer hunter, and last november during gun season my dad shot a deer with his 30'06 and it went over five miles before we found it. That just goes to show how effective a skilled bow hunter really can be.
Rachel mi

Flint, MI

#3 Nov 3, 2006
Bow hunting is cruel to relationships!!!!! By boyfriend is OBSESSED with sitting in a tree at the ass crack of dawn to wait for an overgrown vegetarian to come along that he calls a monster and then shoots at it. He does this everyday at least once most of the time twice and it drives me nuts!
Jessica M

Saint Paul, MN

#4 Nov 4, 2007
Bow hunting is cruel -55% of deer shot by bow hunters are never recovered. Sharp shooting is just as cruel, and totally negates the concept of 'fair chase'. And hunting does not lower populations, if it did then the deer populations would have been controlled over 20 years ago! By only shooting bucks, you are ensuring that DOES will make up for the lost bucks, and increase the herds, not reduce them. If hunters really cared for and respected the animals they hunted, they would advocate non lethal ways of thinning the population, not kill the natural predators off, and purposely manipulate the herds so that hunters can have enough living targets to shoot.

Boca Raton, FL

#6 Dec 27, 2007
Bow hunting is not cruel if done at a reasonable range. I don't personally bow hunt, but my dad has for years. I prefer a modern rifle or flintlock rifle. Now, around here we have lots of Amish who bow hunt both in and out of season, and they take much too long of shots, injuring many deer. I shot a nice 8-point last year that had a healed-over arrow head in his neck. I'm sure the work of the local Amish.

Chester, PA

#7 Jan 23, 2008
this is my first year hunting and i shot a 5 point buck with my bow. it only ran about 30 yards.
Animal lover

Montgomery Village, MD

#8 Jan 6, 2009
4 words to investigate-Diminutive Male Genitalia Disorder.Check it out it makes a lot of sense.Also,I personally know a few hunters who are the most calloused,cruel,and sadistic group of losers you ever met.From-Pennsylvania the most redneck state in the USA.

Peakhurst, Australia

#9 Jan 19, 2009
Look people, ok. sport hunting is horrible no doubt about it. no reason to be done. but hunting small numbers of animals for food is alright, only if done in a humane manner. vermin control hunting is very important, this practice is needed to protect native animals and animals. again this is only acceptable when done in a humane manner. im pro hunting when done in the correct way.

the person saying all hunters have small genitals, mate why you making immature comments that have no real worth? lol if your going to be immature let me just add my partner has been hunting all his life, his entire family do it, they're very careful to kill only vermin, feral animals in a quick clean manner and lemmy just say, my partner, aint nothing small about him hahah it still weirds me out. so might i just ad that you are in fact, an idiot and probably some foolish left wing hippy, pot smoking welfare slob.
Truth Speeker

Joliet, IL

#10 Mar 3, 2009
I don't understand why are you suckers come back
to civilized world and do things like posting these blogs. you should be in the jungle running behing some animal aren't you?

Martinez, CA

#11 Mar 3, 2009
Everyone here is a funny guy. I love meat that I harvest with my own two hands and acing body that is usually worn out from a hard week to several weeks of hunting. Hunting might be easy for some and maybe you think a hunter just rolls out of his nice warm bed walks out his trailer and shoots a deer and thats that. Well, let me tell you it's nothing like that. I put on a 50lbs hunting backpack and disappear into the woods and am never seen again till I've returned with a empty quiver and heart of broken dreams. That's bowhunting for me. Now, is bowhunting humane? When has killing ever been humane. Do you cry about it when a mountain lion breaks a deers neck and takes 20 minutes for it to die? No you don't.
If you think that you can get rid of all hunting then you tree hugger's have one big problem in your way. All you tree hugging p'''y's need to realize you don't give the dfg money like all of us hunters do. We give them LOTS of money each year. Myself personally, I've given CA DFG close to 5000.00 for tags and etc. over the years. What about you? What have you given? By the way paying for campsites, parking, and permits well we pay that as well. Also, the money that is given to the DFG is in return spent on protecting wildlife and wildlife area's. So, take that and shove it up your high horse ass.

Troy, NY

#12 May 5, 2009
hey i think that hunting is a great sport and i just got into it, i am 15 and shot a 17 point non typical white tail out here in wy. he didnt even run, just took the impact of the arrow and bedded down right there where he died.
Jim Peters

Marysville, OH

#13 Jun 25, 2009
Jessica M wrote:
Bow hunting is cruel -55% of deer shot by bow hunters are never recovered. Sharp shooting is just as cruel, and totally negates the concept of 'fair chase'. And hunting does not lower populations, if it did then the deer populations would have been controlled over 20 years ago! By only shooting bucks, you are ensuring that DOES will make up for the lost bucks, and increase the herds, not reduce them. If hunters really cared for and respected the animals they hunted, they would advocate non lethal ways of thinning the population, not kill the natural predators off, and purposely manipulate the herds so that hunters can have enough living targets to shoot.
You are grossly mistating the facts regarding the number of deer lost by bowhunters. At most, 10% of deer that are struck by arrows are lost. And that is an very high estimate. Deer that are slightly injured by arrows typically heal... as opposed to deer that are struck by cars which typically die a slow agonizing death. Incidentally, while deer/motorcycle collisions are not too rough on the deer, they tend to cause serious physical problems for the motorcyclist.

Logansport, IN

#14 Nov 5, 2009
Bowhunting cruel? NO!! Hunting or sport hunting wrong? NO!! Why would we be able to buy a license? I'm the founder of the Bowhunting Rights Society. How would you feel if you get a call and it's someone who is close to you or a loved one or anyone for that matter and the call is from the hospital? They just hit a deer and totaled the car and came through the window at 60mph? The bottom line is there are Millions of people each year that are in car accidents with hitting deer. If we do not control the population it will get worse and a percentage of deer do not make it through the winter months and starve because there is not enough food for them to last!! Now to me that is inhumane!! Lets get our priorities straight!! If you don't like hunting or hunters then keep it to yourself!! I don't like things or certain organizations either. There has to be control!! I myself do not shoot Doe's I just can't? Why? Well I feel there might be a young one with it somewhere and really don't like to do it. I hunt for the sport of getting the "BIG ONE" I also eat Venison!! so I waste nothing!! Take away our hunting rights....then what? Thats like taking away make-up for women? No offense I like to see women look good but it's along the principle of it!! All the Anti-Hunters need to find a hobby!! Leave us alone. We are not out there shooting at you? We love the sport We love the Meat so all the anti hunters sit back and take a seat!!

Pleasant Hill, CA

#15 Nov 27, 2009
What is also worth mentioning is that the majority of people who hunt deer never get one. It is a difficult thing to do. Not from missing but just being able to see any. I have also noticed that everyone who has posted is not on the west coast of the United States. I just want to comment that even people in California hunt. Hunting in California is big just not advertised like some states. People who own bows/guns in California legally are proud to have our second amendment rights and are completely against excessive and unnecessary gun control. Another thing I would like to comment about is whether you are left or right winged, any person can own bows/guns and that should never change. Please refrain from categorizing like a left wing, tree hugging, hippie. I am from California. I am a Democrat. I am a very active environmentalist and conservationist. People call me a hippie because I have love for our environment. I hunt. There is nothing wrong with hunting and the reason a lot of people hate hunting is because all you hunting haters hear about are the people who are illegally hunting. Illegal hunting as you non-hunting people know it as is actually called poaching. Poaching and hunting are two completely different acts. This poaching is what makes it into the News and poaching is what everyone should really be against. Poaching and ill practiced hunting is what everyone should be against. Being humane while hunting is what a true hunter strives for. If you think hunting is bad and destructive and not humane I suggest you look into how Corporate America is treating the land. Look at all the factories in this country and how much they pollute and kill. That is in humane. Look at that and then tell me legal hunting is not humane.
TN Hunter


#17 Jul 21, 2010
I found this post doing a search..So here is my 2 cents..I am a woman and I have been bow hunting for 2 yrs and have killed 3 deer. Which all feel within eye sight(less than 100 yards). Bow hunting is not cruel...Bad judgement shots are..Why hire someone...I would come from Tn to take care of them and Im sure im not the only one...

Tecumseh, OK

#18 Aug 19, 2010
Bow hunting is not cruel. Factory farming and the insatiable fast food culture is cruel. Raising cattle and other farm animals in their own feces is not only cruel to the animals, but the humans who eat the ecoli bacteria the meat is contaminated with. Yes, killing animals for sport is slightly sadistic, but unconsciously killing thousands of animals a day to support a gluttonous culture is even more sadistic. There are still places on this earth where human beings must hunt to obtain sustenance. There are places in the United States where families would not eat in the winter if it weren't for hunting. Bow hunting may be slightly more 'cruel' than rifle hunting, but it's not as cruel as raising an entire nation of people on television and mass consumerism.

Tijuana, Mexico

#19 Oct 5, 2010
Bow hunting is cruel, Anything that is less then a clean and near instant death is cruel and when there are the alternatives to provide that to game animals and the hunters choose to use a slow,inaccurate and sometimes crippling method..YES IT IS CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!
Step into the 21st Century please..

Montgomery, AL

#20 Nov 12, 2010
I don't bow hunt I shoot my .243, but my husband does and has for 20yrs. It is definitely a skilled sport. He has never had a deer run and him not be able to find it. He usually hits and drops it right there, but if there's one shot but missing he has/will track it for hours and doesn't give up till he finds it. After all it is meat in our freezer. What is the sense in hunting it and not taking it home? I have to agree with Rob, we pay thousands of dollars to hunt; clothing, gear, memberships, licenses, equipment, gas, food etc. I would just like to know what the people who lack hunting skills or the interest thereof are going to do if the world as we know it came crashing down. What are you going to eat? The stores will not have electricity to refrigerate the meat. Everything will eventually expire. You will have to know how to hunt to survive. There are countries that don't have stores like we do to buy meat, they have to kill to provide for their families. Guess what?!!??!!?! They BOW HUNT!! Leaving the animal to die if you make a bad shot and can't find it....that is inhumane. If they are skilled hunters they most likely won't make a bad shot but if they do they will find it. That's why it's called hunting after all isn't it? Look try it you might like it....if not then leave us to what makes us happy and keeps balance. Much more humane than them getting hit by a car and left on the side of the hwy. BTW to RACHEL.....Maybe he does it to get away from all your nagging. I hunt, and started when my husband and I got married; I took time to be a part of his hobby and do something with him that he enjoys and makes him who he is. TIP...Usually men that hunt, and have wives/girlfriends that don't approve or complain won't last long in the relationship. You have 3 choices...leave, deal or join him. Chances are there are women like myself that hunt and out of millions I'm sure he would find one that will deal or join him. Besides I'm sure he does things with you that you like, like shopping and putting up with asking him stupid questions like does this dress make me look fat? Cut him some slack would's a primal instinct thing and just be glad you have a real man. Plus you have the opportunity to become a huntress and get closer to what makes your man tick. I love it! I wish I would have learned sooner, but I guess that's why I love my husband so much. He is the one that taught me to hunt, spent hours in the woods with me,...just us...being patient. It is very beautiful and relaxing. We go from sun up to sun down and spend all day in our tree climbers. My best friend of 15 yrs started with me so her and I go together too. It's definitely different but it beats sitting at home complaining!! Here's to all the Hunters and Huntresses out there!!!!! May you hunt many years and shoot many deers!!!!
left of right

Fort Saskatchewan, Canada

#21 Mar 14, 2011
I hunt to eat good "organic" meat (depending how close farmland is) and have been considering bow hunting, but now I think I might stick to a rifle unless hard times hit. Sitting and waiting 40 minutes for a large mammal to die from a good shot just seems excessive and unnecessary compared to a good rifle shot. I love practicing archery, but any living creature would certainly appreciate the quicker death.
Mike Williams

Orinda, CA

#22 Nov 28, 2011
Care to share your level of education?

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