Two Teens Dead In Fatal Joy Ride

One joy ride turned tragic for a Henrico County family. Police say 14-year-old Heather Moorefield and 15-year-old Robert Snead were killed when the Honda they were riding in was broadsided. Read more
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A friend

United States

#1 Feb 27, 2006
We will miss those two at godwin forever and will always be remembered
Britani Butterfuss

Midlothian, VA

#2 Feb 28, 2006
They had beautiful souls and wonderful hearts, they were the true meaning of HERO!

Auburn Hills, MI

#3 Feb 28, 2006
This is such a senseless tragic event-
Where were the parents and why did this happen?
I am confused by the term "HERO" in Britani Butterfuss post-the 4 students were in a car that one of the boys had taken from his mother's driveway without her knowledge, the driver did not have a driver's license...this make someone a HERO? Sneaking out of a house to get in a car and go joy riding-this is OK? There is no way to excuse their behavior-regardless of how they lived or what they did before this accident-they ALL made a fateful error in judgement that night.
Now the survivors, families and friends have to live with this.
Such a waste! Live it-learn it!

Danville, VA

#4 Feb 28, 2006
that comment is not needed at a time like this.

Auburn Hills, MI

#5 Feb 28, 2006
My previous post may sound harsh and unforgiving but what is it going to take?? Very sadly, there's an awful lot of bad luck. Good kids, like it sounds these were, have gotten hurt because of bad luck, being in the wrong place. Lots of good kids get hurt in those situations.
Adolescence is necessarily a time of breaking away, often breaking away from parents results in some rule breaking, and compounded with teens' sense of immortality, there is really not a very clear understanding of ones frailties. So the combination can be lethal.
It's every parent's worst nightmare.
That's the cliché.
That's also the truth.

San Jose, CA

#6 Feb 28, 2006
I tend to agree with SWEETPEA, the term "hero" is out of place in this tragic and senseless situation. The term HERO should not be used so loosely. I have friends who died fighting next to me in Iraq, I feel they are HERO'S because they gave thier life for this country, a cause, the freedom you and I enjoy today to voice our opinions about what we like and dislike, agree with and disagree with. These young children who passed on in this horrific accident should indeed be remembered, cherished by friends and family, and by all means mourned. I just can't give them a status as a "hero" though....sorry.

United States

#7 Mar 1, 2006
i agree , although it is the 2 letter of he students that died , there not heros they made a stupid desicion.
Concerned Parent


#8 Mar 1, 2006
It's another sinceless loss of young lives. God willing the boys who dissapeared on Sunday while canoeing will come home alive, but... I too wonder in both cases, where were the parents.

Who would allow 2 13yr. olds out on the coldest, windest day this year, in a tippable canoe in freezing waters?? I've made myself sick with worry. I too have a 13 year old boy who had gone out that day to play ball across the street. He came back moments later complaining of the cold and windy weather.
Fellow Teen

Richmond, VA

#9 Mar 1, 2006
As many of the others who have commented, i agree that what they did was wrong, "borrowing" a parents car with out permission and sneaking out, however i do think they deserve respect, they lost their lifes and all you can do is talk about how poorly they behaved, if someone who was close to these people saw this how would they feel, or better yet, what if u knew them and read this,This would completely break your heart to hear what people have to say about them!!

Auburn Hills, MI

#10 Mar 1, 2006
Sorry "Fellow Teen"-borrowing is not the term most parents would use when it comes to a "child" TAKING a parents car.
I'm a parent-and I can not imagine the grief the parents, family and friends are going through.
Do you really think everyone is talking poorly of the students? I’m sure all 4 of the students led exemplary lives and we’re loved dearly by all.
What we are taking about is "their" choices-did not 1 of them say "Hey dude-maybe we oughta just go for a walk or watch a movie"??
Fellow Teen

Richmond, VA

#11 Mar 1, 2006
I realize and understand what you are saying "sweetpea", but yes i do think you were talking poorly in previous comments! They are dead, and yes there descision was "dumb", "stupid","reckl ess" but we should respect them, and bless their time here on earth and pray for the families not make them feel even worse for not paying closer attention to their "children". And also I'm sorry you don't think Borrowing is the "term" you would have used, but it is what i used. and in ur previous comment responding to a comment by "Britani Butterfuss" she obvioisly knew them in some way and for you to tell her they were not heros was completely out of line! They were heros to her and you had no place to say the following "I am confused by the term "HERO" in Britani Butterfuss post-the 4 students were in a car that one of the boys had taken from his mother's driveway without her knowledge, the driver did not have a driver's license...this make someone a HERO?" Do you REALLY HONESTLY think that was necessary? They must have been her friends and she just went through a Terrible loss and you have made it worse for her and anyone else who knew the Teens!
~*Fellow Teen*~
Family Member

Charlottesville, VA

#12 Mar 1, 2006
I was at the Funeral today and I know her better than all of you she is a great kid and was peer pressured because she thought she was going to get in trouble like Pastor McDaniel said today no one was at fault she is not like that and it was the only mistake she ever made so none of you go running your mouth on here because you don't know what your talking about you didn't know her at all.
From Charlotte NC

Concord, CA

#13 Mar 1, 2006
Perhaps some other parent or child will make a wise decision because of this senseless tragedy. I remember what it is like to be carefree and young. It is wholly unnecessary and unthinkingly callous to judge others in their hour of grief. Celebrate their youth and life.

No parent should have to bury their own child. No sane parent would intentionally put his or her child at risk. Obviously if anyone of the family members had known, this never would have happened. This is at the end of the day just a very difficult and terrible event.

The kids are grieving and expressing themselves in a time of trauma. It would stand to reason that they might not be utilizing proper thinking in developing symbols to express themselves. But then again maybe they are choosing the right symbols.

“Although worshiped as a god, Hercules was properly a hero, frequently appealed to for protection from various evils. In art Hercules was portrayed as a powerful, muscular man wearing a lion’s skin and armed with a huge club.”

“HERO in Greek mythology, priestess of Aphrodite in Sestos. Her lover, Leander, swam the Hellespont nightly from Abydos to see her. During a storm the light by which she guided him blew out, and he drowned. Hero, in despair, then threw herself into the sea. Christopher Marlowe’s poem Hero and Leander is based on the story.”

My deepest sympathy goes out to the families and school body who have been so devastated by events this week.

May God hold you up and help you breathe, until the darkness of these days passes. The darkness and formality of this time will give way and the light and love you shared with them will return and fill you. Right now they walk next to you. You can feel them among you. But as you can let them go and they will go, they will still live on in smiles, and flowers, and moments, you know what they would say without them even being there. Peace S

San Jose, CA

#14 Mar 1, 2006
I can not imagine the pain of having to say good-bye to one of my children so unexpectedly. My heart truely goes out to the friends and especially family of these two young souls that now look over us. My only point in this whole forum is that there was a comment that they will always be remembered as heros. To the general public reading these forum's, they would not be concieved as heros, but simply as young teens that make a wrong choice (as we all have one time or another) and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong was apparently thier time to go. They might be considered as a hero to a close friend or family member for one reason or another, but more than likely, not to the average person reading this forum who had never met these children. From the deepest roots of my heart, i am truely sorry for the loss that this community, thier friends, and family have endured. I can not begin to imagine the pain this has put the families through, but I will pray for the passing of these children and the will for survival and persiverance of the families as they go through such a heart-wrenching loss that no one else ever wants to think about.
Family Member

Charlottesville, VA

#15 Mar 2, 2006
It is a horrible thought right now in this family and we certainly don't need people calling them stupid on this board. We don't need idiots calling them dumb because they don't know the real story.
Kissed by a rose

Concord, CA

#16 Mar 2, 2006
Exactly. The moderator should clean up this board.

Family members will eventually come to this site and I cringe to see what will greet them. The kids have already abandoned communicating here, and I can’t say as I blame them. I know one of the families involved and they are concerned, sweet, caring and involved with all of the members of their family. It is a tragedy that this site will not be there to offer them condolence and understanding. My deepest sympathy.

United States

#17 Mar 2, 2006
This site/message board is for everyone to communicate in any and all fashion-that the rules allow.
Maybe is a better forum for some of you to visit.

United States

#18 Mar 2, 2006
Where do you read anyone being called stupid?
Nothing has been posted that needs cleaning up-some of you must live in a fantasy world.
Godwin HS Parent

United States

#19 Mar 2, 2006
HERO is HEather and RObert.

San Jose, CA

#20 Mar 3, 2006
Family Member wrote:
It is a horrible thought right now in this family and we certainly don't need people calling them stupid on this board. We don't need idiots calling them dumb because they don't know the real story.
What is the real story?

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