I wish to inform readers about the dangers of Common Core, No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top that if not stopped will destroy our educational system and put unelected officials in charge of ALL our school systems as we currently know them. To introduce you to what is going on and the dangers of Chartered Schools created from thidiabolical plan to dumb down our student, I invite to read a series of articles written Anita Hodges, a writer for NewsWithViews.com entitled: ABOLISHING REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT THROUGH EDUCATION: COMON CORE, CHOICE & CHARTER SCHOOLS

PART 1 of 4

Link: http://newswithviews.com/Hoge/anita104.htm

President Barack Obama and both the Democratic and Republican policymakers have embraced the agenda. HR 5 and SB 1094 (the ESEA federal “choice” legislation where the money follows a child) will crush our Republic and usher the final blow. It will strangle budget-strapped cities and feed the privatized charter school spillover that will occur. Investors, especially those who will profit from this coming crisis, have been loitering on the sidelines, keeping their eyes on Washington policies and politics. And, we should do the same.

Therefore it is imperative we get this legislation defeated at the earliest possible moment by getting in touch with our Federal Senators and Representative.