tony wilcox ltd llc and gunbroker
Gunbroker Sucks

Grand Canyon, AZ

#22 Mar 16, 2010
As an FFL dealer, I won't allow sales through my business. If you dealers really want to put an end to their online BS, all we have to do is stop excepting purchases through their web site. Either that or make it so expensive for transfer that their customers won't be able to transfer the firearm. Private dealerships are in business to make money and you can't do so by accepting transfers from Sellers or buyers. We have the power as the FFL holder to put a stop to Mr. Urvans meddling in the firearms business. It's time to take a stand if you want your business to thrive. He had no FFL, and is not a firearms dealer. Nor does he support dealerships in general. He is a leach on the backs of hard working private firearms dealer. Think about your future in the business and it's not on behalf of Gunbroker or Steve Urvan. Take back what is rightfully and lawfully yours.

Colorado Springs, CO

#23 Apr 7, 2010
Tony Wilcox wrote:
I feel sorry for Mr GettyLeigh but I do believe he is confused about the facts and honestly believes that everyone is out to get him . He openly admits that he was removed from Gunbroker for failing to comply with Gunbroker regulations. A little thearapy and professional couchtime would do him some good . However I would like to thank the many happy customers I have had the pleasure of meeting through . As for Gettyleigh, If you where me would you sell this guy a gun?????
where did I openly admit I failed to follow the rules? It is Tony that is confused. It was gubnbrokers claims that I failed to follow the rules, because they were completely devoid of the facts surrounding why I was wound up to begin with. Gunbroker does not give a flying flip about buyers.
As for you all claiming that gunbroker is so righteous, the fact that there are sights like and speaks volumes. Both those guys are crooks as far as i'm concerned. Thanks for the continual bumps that are keeping this link at the top of the heap! How do you like me now Tony wilcox and gunbroker?

Colorado Springs, CO

#24 Apr 7, 2010
erhap if people would stick to their deals instead of being surreptitious this sort of thing would not happen. If Wilcox would have posted in the listing that he reserved the right to sell it out of his store and that he had it listed elsewhere, do you think I would have reacted this way? Bottom line the guy renigged on the deal. For him to attack my character, as if I'm somehow unstable, just goes to show he is grabbing for straws. tony wilcox gamed the system, and gunbroker sided with side that was feeding them ... is it any surprise? do you really think gunbroker is going to bite the hand that feeds them?

Colorado Springs, CO

#25 Apr 7, 2010
Gunbroker guy wrote:
I have used GB for years and only had a couple non payers with over 200 transactions.
too bad this is not a non payer deal. its a non seller deal the guy didn't want to sell it for the price it was auctioned at so he claimed it was sold already through his storefront. no where in the listing did it claim it was for sale elsewhere, nor did he state he rese5rved the right to sell it elsewhere, yet gunbroker sided with the seller anyway. gunbroker claims to hold sellers accountable in such instances, yet they do not stick to their convictions either.

Tony Wilcox is a liar and a flake, a disillusioned flake at that; he claims this deal never even happened. I live 1500 miles away from West Virginia, perhaps i got his name out of a cracker jack box. There is no doubt he is one of society's prize possessions.

Colorado Springs, CO

#26 Apr 28, 2010
I was stiffed a seller at gun broker the same way. The guy running the show over there has a bad attitude and could care less about the buyers. Like gettyleigh said, why would he support the buyers rights when he makes his money off of the sellers. From now on when it comes to buying guns online auction style, I recommend , if your shopping at gunbroker, you'll be disappointed.

Richmond, VA

#27 May 12, 2010
perhaps it is Geddyleigh who is confused...because who in their right mind buys a Ruger PC9?????

United States

#28 May 14, 2010

Since: Jul 10

Mechanicsville, VA

#29 Jul 27, 2010
As for Mr, Gettyleigh I dont believe a word he states. Mr, Tony Wilcox is located in Warrenton. Not Warrington . And that is in Virginia not West Virginia . If this did take place he would have left negative feedback for Mr Wilcox on gunbroker and after reviewing his feedback he did not. However for someone who hates Gunbroker why does Gettyleigh have positve feedback indicating he conducts commerce on a site he hates .

United States

#30 Jul 29, 2010
perhaps it is Geddyleigh who is confused...because who in their right mind buys a Ruger PC9?????


now there is a logical argument from the peanut gallery! I suggest you go try to find yourself a PC9 and see if there are untold numbers of them out there. for sale. I think you'll find its such a good gun that nobody is willing to part with them. Not to mention the mags are interchangeable. In ten years when its worth twice as much as theyoriginally sold for, tell me how bad of a gun they are. Not to mention that 9mm is a cheap and fun round to go plinkin' with. At the end of the day, you have nothing to contribute; get up off your knees, and let tony's wil-cox alone!

United States

#31 Jul 29, 2010
navair, your clueless, and your logic is rash. Unless you were involved, keep your ass-umptions to yourself. I had to call the schmuck at gunbroker to close my account. And there was negative feedback left for “crooked tony.” The schmuck at gunbroker wiped it out when he sided with “crooked tony.” As for the name of tony’s town, I took it straight from the internet; I could care less where his shop is, it is not as though I’ll be buying anything from him in the future. Nor do I advise anyone else to buy from him, or gunbroker for that matter. The schmuck at gunbroker and crooked tony colluded to prevent crooked tony from taking a loss on the PC9. Tony claimed he sold the carbine out of the shop, without posting notice that he had it listed elsewhere in his auction description. I won the item fair and square at $200 below MSRP. I don’t think he sold it; I think he lied so he didn’t have to sell it for what I won it at. You don’t really think I just pulled his name out of a hat, and decided to make it pick on crooked tony day do you? If that’s your belief, then you have bigger troubles than being a meddler in something you know nothing about navair; if you are not just tonywilcox just using a nom de plume. Mr. Gettyleigh, is tonywilcoxltd ’s pet name for me ... just look back through the posts ol’ crooked tony left, he uses the term quite often. BTW, thanks for the comment; I just love that you people keep bumping the thread back up to the top of the search list for tony Wilcox LTD and .

United States

#32 Jul 29, 2010
BTW Navair, if your going to throw the red herring in the argument, saying that the town tony is from is incorrect, at least be smart enough to to state that "gee, I wonder if he has the same tony wilcox"

then again, you really are just tony using another name aren't you now? The syntax of your idiolect is a dead giveaway.

Richmond, VA

#33 Mar 21, 2011

I'll bet you collect Brycos and Ravens too

United States

#34 Mar 22, 2011
Valmet wrote:
I'll bet you collect Brycos and Ravens too
I bet you got a "ring of fire" at the entrance to your colon.
THanks again for helping me to keep this post at the top of the golge search list for Tony Wilcox LTD and

Grants Pass, OR

#35 Jun 8, 2011
Have use gunbroker for years I am not a dealer jus someone who likes guns, gunbroker has been great, i do not have alot of money to waste on a bad transaction, but I trust gb to deliever the goods

White Sulphur Springs, MT

#36 Jun 10, 2011
gbreece ... Your clueless! Go fish! I suspect you have never dealt with gunbroken at all .... truth be told ... they never deliver anything. They never even see the items being auctioned, let alone "deliver the goods." P.S. gunbroken hasn't been around "for years."
Happy with GB

Libertyville, IL

#37 Sep 22, 2011
Watching Gettyleigh and Tony, et. al. fight over this is pretty funny. Getty, I'm sorry GB didn't work for you, but unless others have the same problem they'll keep using it. I've bought over 175 firearms on GB and had one minor problem with a seller, who sent my payment back when he couldn't fulfill the order. No cops, no calls to GB, just two adults working it out.

Was Tony's PC9 the only one out there? I doubt it, and you've wasted a lot of air ranting about it. GET OVER IT! And go buy it somewhere else, if you really want it and can do so. There are other deals out there just waiting for you, if you can get along with others. Personally, I'd block you, since as a seller I've had enough of whiners who don't understand that a customer may come in the door at any moment and buy an item, and I might not get to the GB site to cancel the auction right then. You're only peeing in your own soup, man.

You can either grow a pair and get on with life, for sit in Mom's basement sulking for the rest of your life. The decision is up to you.

I'm going to the range.

United States

#38 Sep 23, 2011
Happy with GB .... you bought 175 guns through gunbroker? I think you're full of it. Had you read through all the threads, you'd know the whole story. Instead here you are coming up for air off of the big gunbroker gun barrel for just long enough to try to discredit my point. The fact of the matter is that the gun was purchased long ago through without a hitch. Since then that is where I buy and sell exclusively. Gunbroker sucks so bad that they had to file suit against a guy who opened up a site named . Crawl on out from gunbroker guy's desk, and do a google search on complaints people have lodged against and leave the land of the lilliputians. I imagine you'll say next that the moon landing was a spoof as well. Its plain and simple, Tony wilcox ripped me off, and the owner gunbroker sat back and let it happen. Why anyone would want to deal with a website that allows sellers to renig on their auctions is beyond me. Nowhere did it state in the guy's auction that he was going to offer the gun for sale through his shop at the same time he was auctioning it. And if that is how you deal, then you are as croked as a dog's hind leg, just like Tony Wilcox. You think it is fair to put something up for auction, and then cancel the auction? You just be glad I don't know your gunbroker name, or I'd be making a horse's croup out of you as well. Essentially, on gunbroker, anytime a seller doesn't like the winning bid price if it is not high enough, then they can tell the buyer ... ohhh I'm sorry, I sold it out of my shop. Off you and the horse you rode in on!

United States

#39 Sep 23, 2011
google search

"I hate gun broker"

and see what you get.

United States

#40 Sep 23, 2011

United States

#41 Sep 23, 2011
happy with gb ... I suppose these are my words too ...

"Next time you shop at Gunbroker remember that these are people that will break rules, violate ethics, and just generally be worthless as long as they get paid in the process. They screw their customers and when you complain, they terminate your account. Sellers are welcome to screw customers as much as they want as long as they pay Gunbroker their commission. To GB the only important thing is $$$, not customers or service."

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