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Southfield, MI

#1 Sep 3, 2008
Hi my name is David. I am an old patient of
Dr Samar mokhayesh and she is by far the worst
dentist i've ever seen. Here are the reasons
why. Once she finished putting a composite filling in molar 31. She added too much filling
where some of it leaked between the front of that
molar and onto the next molar next to it. I tried
flossing between those two molars but it was impossible too. So i called her and explained to
her what she has done wrong. I went to her office
and had her take the access filling out. So on
my next visit with her. She worked on molar 18 and the molar next to it. Once again she trapped
filling between those two molars she worked on. Only this time she ruined the back outer surface
enamel of molar 18. I will never go back to this
dentist again.

Southfield, MI

#2 Nov 4, 2008
David again posting another review on
Dr Samar Mokhayesh. Dr Samar Mokhayesh
is a terrible dentist. She put composite
filling in molar 31. The problem was she
put too much of it on molar 31 where she bonded
molar 31 and the molar next to it together.
I couldn't floss between them. Had to go back
to her office and had her take the access
filling out. She repeated the same mistake
on molar 18 and the molar next to it. She
worked on both molars. She again trapped filling
between those two molars. couldn't floss between
them. That's when i noticed that molar 18
back occlusal enamel has been sheared down in
size. She trimmed the molar down severely where
it bothers me. I get discomfort, Sensitivity. It
just doesn't look the same anymore. I filed
a complaint to the MDA committee where they were
unconvinced that Dr Samar Mokhayesh did anything
wrong. I totally disagree with the committees
decision in rendering their verdict in favor of
my dentist. They would't give no explanation on
how they came up with their decision. Even when
i went to the peer review dental specialists.They
didn't have no idea what could have caused that
molar 18 back chewing surface to look this way.
The MDA committee are very stubborn people. Very
disgusted at the way they handled my case. I know
very well how the back of molar 18 looked before.
These are my teeth not theirs. The MDA committee
chose to close my case. I went for the appeal but
they didn't grant me the appeal. I am very
disappointed at the way the committee chose to
handle my case. They will find out soon. What a
very bad dentist Dr Samar Mokhayesh really is.

United States

#3 Apr 9, 2009
Perhaps the fact that the MDA (a very respected organization) dismissed the case is a sign that this David person really does not understand dentistry. The MDA will rule in favor of the patient if in fact they have a legitimate complaint! I have had no complaints with this office.

Oak Park, MI

#4 Apr 13, 2009
This person susan doesn't know my
situation with Dr Samar Mokhayesh.
I understand that i am not a dentist
but i do know whether or not a dentist
did something wrong on my teeth. I make
perfect sense of all this. I made my case
i stated everything that Dr Samar Mokhayesh
did wrong. Nobody should go to a dentist
who puts access filling stuck between their
molars. I know how the back surface enamel
looked before on molar 18. Dr Samar Mokhayesh
sheared the back canines off that molar. She
shortened it down severe. Who ever Susan is
she should stay out of my business. Because
the committee did my wrong because they had
explanation to all this. I got no answers
from them. They keep telling me that everything
was done correctly. The difference is i remember
the appearence of the back occlusal enamel on
molar 18. These are my teeth not theirs. It
turned out this way the day Dr Samar Mokhayesh
worked on it. She also does sloppy filling work.
I really regret going to her office and having
her work on my molars. I am posting these reviews
to warn other people about what happened. So
they won't make the same mistake i made.
David Arabo

Detroit, MI

#5 Feb 16, 2010
Hi I just wanted to express how disappointed
I am at the Michigan Dental Association
committee. I spoke to several staff members
about why my case was closed. I tried to appeal
it but my appeal was denied. They haven't giving
me no explanation on what Dr Samar Mokhayesh did
to the back chewing surface of molar 18. They
keep on repeated the same thing to me that the
committee board deemed the treatment acceptable
with no probable cause to why molar 18 the back
two cusp are sheared down to the point where it
looks totally different. All they been doing were
defending her throughout this whole complaint. I
am very disappointed at them for not helping me
out. I spoke to Grace and she tells me that they
did everything they could to help me. That's a
lie because if they did. This would not have turned
out the way it did for me. They would never return
my calls and my letters I sent them. They think
they know my teeth better then I do. They had
dental specialist look at that molar and they had
no clue what happened to it. That molar looks
dramatically different alot worse then before. I
lost so much respect for the committee for doing
this to me. As for that comment made by Susan on
this forum she doesn't know what she is talking
about because this did not happen to her. Don't
let her manipulate you guy's to actually believe
the MDA committee is a highly respected organization because that is not true.
jennifer smith

New Baltimore, MI

#6 Nov 4, 2010
I went into this office for severe pain and needing a root canal, they recommended a deep cleaning. They insisted upon the deep cleaning and said I DID need a root canal, but would have to make another appt. I was in so much pain, I agreed. They did give me a scrip for Tylenol #3, 5 of them. Upon returning for a 2nd visit, which I thought would be the root canal, I got the d.c. and that was it. I kept telling them how much pain I was in and insisted that the T #3, didn't do anything to help the pain and tore up my stomach. Again, I was given a scrip for the T#3, 5 of them, and given an appt for 3 months away. Now, it seems to me, if someone comes in knowing what she needs, for dental work and it is confirmed, it should be done. I will not be returning to this office nor will my large family. I DO NOT recommend this place to anyone. The finance department was rude and unprofessional. I paid in full, was shaking and crying and in a great amount of pain. I most certainly did not expect to be treated in a disrespectful manner. Please save you and your family from a lot of discomfort and anger, choose another office!

Bloomfield Hills, MI

#7 Oct 4, 2011
Dr. Samar is a great dentist, I had the experience with her about 5 years ago , she made a bridge for me when every other dentist wants to put implant, the bridge is still holding like new, she saved me agony and money. she was honest and professional.
I wish she had an office close by, I would take the whole family to her.

Detroit, MI

#8 Oct 11, 2011
It seems like this person Bashar is trying to
make Dr Samar Mokhayesh seem like a good dentist
such a liar My experience with her was a horrible
one. She did alot of damage to molar 18 she
shaved the whole back potion of molar 18 down.
also the side edges of that molar are thinner and
feels sharper. As she was doing filling work on
my molars she twice dripped access filling between
my molars I could not floss them. I drove back to
her office and made her remove the access composite
fillings. I totally regret having her touch my
teeth they looked alot better before then they do
now. I urge every patient out there not to go to
Dr Samar Mokhayesh she will ruin your teeth and
make it look very different. She will do extra
work to your teeth without telling you. I will
never referr anyone to her after what I been
through with her. Bashar and Susan are just trying
to convince you guys that Dr Samar Mokhayesh is
a well rounded dentist liars liars liars.
David Arabo

Union Lake, MI

#9 Feb 14, 2012
The MDA committee are such stupid people over there
I told you guys on this forum how the committee board
treated me very unfairly and took Dr Samar Mokhayesh
side instead of mine. This dentist should have her dental
license revoked after what she did to one of my molars and the
messy filling work she had done to my molars she worked on.
The staff there don't care what so ever about the patients. They
were being very smart with me over the phone and would hang
the phone up in my face every time. These people are very low
class. They won't tell me the reasons why the committee board
ruled in her favor and they certainly won't give me any explanation
on what she had done to that molar of mine. It's totally pointless
in having an organization like this that refuses to help the patients
out. I told them what did I gain out of it and their response was
the peer review is free. like I said in my past post on here this
dentist is an idiot that doesn't know what she is doing. She's
a big screw up when she works on your teeth. This dentist cannot
be trusted at all. I really wish I can rewind and not had her touch
my molars to begin with. Very bad dentist indeed do not use her
as your dentist or you will regret it.

Farmington, MI

#10 Jul 1, 2012
Having dr Samar mokhayesh work on
My molars were a big mistake. They looked
Why better before then they do now. Two
Times in a row composite filling stuck
Between the worked on molars. Very ugly
Job she did on them. Molar 18 the whole back
Part of it is shaved all down the sides of it are
Thinner it feels different. Mda committee were
No help to me because They did absolutely
Nothing for me. They just backed dr Samar
Mokhayesh up and telling me she did nothing
Wrong without explaining to me What she had
Done to it very bad job and I payed a lot of money
To this dentist and got bad results. The mda
Committee staff would not discuss anything with
Me about why my case was closed. They were
Getting smart with me over the phone and would
Just hang the phone up in my face very rude
And disrespectful people. This organization
Is a complete joke. Don't believe anything they
Say when they say they did all they could to
Help me. Because if that was the case they would
Have took my side. The mda doesn't bother or
Care about the dental patients. They just try to
Pretend that they do care. I hope some day they
Go through the same thing I went through in
Having a bad dentist work on there teeth. If they
Feel strongly that she did nothing wrong on my
Teeth then why not they go to her and have her
Work on there teeth. They will have a change of
Mind. Don't use this dental provider and don't
Go for help to the mda committee they will side
Every time with the dentist.

Farmington, MI

#11 Aug 4, 2012
Anyone who goes to dr Samar mokhayesh
Will be making a big mistake. She will tear up
Your teeth like she did to my molar 18 shavening
The back cusps bald and the sides of that molar
Is much thinner then before it feels sharp when
I lick that molar with my tongue. It looks really
Bad and doesn't look like my molar from before
Thanks to Samar for causing damage on it.
Mda committee were absolutely no help. Instead
Of giving me answers on what she had done
To that molar. They stuck up for her saying
She did nothing wrong to it. This organization
Dont care about the patients. If they say they do
They should have done something about this.
They talk the talk without backing up there claim
That she did nothing wrong. The staff there are
A bunch of losers when I spoke to them they
Won't even discuss my case with me. Saying to
Me its confidential. Dont bother going to them
They will take the dentist side no matter what.

Farmington, MI

#12 Sep 11, 2012
Susan tell me something how is my
Complaint not legitimate you seem to think
You know everything about my case. You
Need to stop sticking your nose in people's
Business because you don't know what happened. You can't even backup your talk
Just trying to make everybody believe that Samar
Mokhayesh is a good dentist. If you feel that
Way then you should let her work on your teeth
And you will find out the truth about her.

Farmington, MI

#13 Oct 5, 2012
Mda committee is the worst organization
In helping patients out when a dentist screws
Up on there teeth.They will never take the
Patients side no matter what. I went to them
Because my dentist ruined one of my molars.
And all they been doing we're defending her
Throughout my whole complaint. They gave me
No answers on what she done to it. They are
Nothing but jerks I explained everything she did
Wrong to my molar and they went against me
Unjustly. I left a few reviews on this forum regarding the dentist and committee board.
They didn't get to the bottom it dr Samar mokhayesh did the worst filling job because
She stuck access filling between my molars.
Couldn't floss. I advise every person out there
Do not use her as your dentist. She is the
Biggest screwup don' t let her lay her drill on your
Teeth she'll destroy them up.

Farmington, MI

#14 Sep 26, 2013
Bashar wrote:
Dr. Samar is a great dentist, I had the experience with her about 5 years ago , she made a bridge for me when every other dentist wants to put implant, the bridge is still holding like new, she saved me agony and money. she was honest and professional.
I wish she had an office close by, I would take the whole family to her.
Bashar you are such a stupid person to believe that she is a good
dentist. Let's see facts not just your opinion. If you saw what she
had done to my molar you will be in shock. She garnished the back
cusps on molar 18 and the side cusps are very thin and feels sharp.
Her filling work she did on my molars were done very sloppy because
she got lots of access composite filling stuck between the molars she
worked on. That happened twice in a row. She is not a legit dentist
and her dental license should be revoked so she doesn't ruin other
patients teeth. I will be praying for you when you continue seeing her.

Farmington, MI

#15 Oct 31, 2013
Susan wrote:
Perhaps the fact that the MDA (a very respected organization) dismissed the case is a sign that this David person really does not understand dentistry. The MDA will rule in favor of the patient if in fact they have a legitimate complaint! I have had no complaints with this office.

Susan mind your own business Why don't you explain to
everyone how my complaint is not legitimate oh you don't know
you talk the talk but can't back it up. Have you seen what she did
to my molar no you haven't you sound so stupid in your comments.

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