Rock Hill Public Auto Auction

Rock Hill, SC

#23 Sep 11, 2010
This place sold me a car that I couldnt even take home. It overheated as soon as i got on the highway the very first day i bought it. They tell you nothing is wrong so they can get your money I hadnt even parked it in my drivway yet and it's been 2 wks since I bought it. They are a bunch of crooks and anybody that works for them are out to take advantage of you DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE!!!!
Ben There

Taylorsville, NC

#24 Nov 3, 2010
the people wrote:
there is a new auction in town called the peoples public auto auction a 830 north anderson rd rock hill sc 29730 i purchased a car from them and they stick behind there cars they service every car and offer a ligit warranty. they even let us test drive the car before we went into the auction, so if your looking for a good car go there and they will treat you right.
Not my experience. The vehicle they sold us had problems and they keep saying they'll fix it but have not.

Indian Trail, NC

#25 Nov 8, 2010
My son bought a Toyota Camry at Rock Hill Auto Auction. It is a great looking car. He knew there was a buyer fee but he still felt like he got a good deal until they started adding up the total. It was a lot more than he had figured. They had a Warranty added on. He told them he didn't want the warranty. They told him he had to have it or they couldn't guarantee anything. He told them fine. Take the Warranty off and he would pay. They tried for a half hour to talk him into it but he said no. He paid and got the keys and the paperwork filled out. They went out and cranked up the car and it ran ok until they put it into gear and the transmission slipped badly. They made it to a friends house in Fort Mill. It was overheating and the A/C didn't work. The next day my son's friend had it hauled to a mechanic shop he trusted. They said the car's odometer which showed 80,000 miles had either been replaced or tampered with. They thought that the car probably had twice that many miles. They said the car had been hit hard in a wreck and had a lot of body work done on it. The transmission was in bad shape and needed an expensive rebuild. The radiator core was rusted and filled with plastic epoxy patches in an attempt to stop it from leaking. They asked to see the title and ran a search on it since the Vin number looked a little "funny" according to the mechanics there. To make a long story short the car's vin apparently doesn't match the title. The Rock Hill Police and SLED were very interested in the car and did their own investigation on it. We don't know what is going to happen but in the meantime my son has a car parked at his house that can't be driven, can't be insured and can't be sold.

Lenoir, NC

#27 Dec 27, 2010
I am looking for a used car for my daughter to drive...she just turned 16. I live in Hickory; depending on the deal I might have driven to Rock Hill. Thanks to all of you, I won't waste my time. I thought some of the prices were way too good to be true.
valley gal

United States

#28 Dec 28, 2010
Anyone that has a complaint about this or any other dealership needs to file a complaint form with the SC DMV . I had a complaint and reported it to the DMV and my issue was taken care of. If all these complaints were brought to the attention of the DMV this auto auction would be shut down and the owner would be prosecuted.

Charlotte, NC

#30 Jan 25, 2011
Thanks for this feedback... I was interested in a vehicle but not now....

Wilson, NC

#31 Feb 19, 2011
glad i read this at 5am before i was getting ready to leave to go there today.thanks to everyone

United States

#32 Mar 9, 2011
My brother recently worked for these crooks as a mechanic! They should really be shut down! This man is out to make money. He buys his cars from other auctions for as little as $50, turns around and has his mechanics "soup" the cars up just so they can sell! My brother even stated that he seen the guy put something in the engine to seal it up temporaily! There is a name for it but I honestly don't remember. My brother worked 2 weeks and quit, not only is the guy doing his buyers wrong, his is doing his employee's wrong! Lets just say he doesn't pay what he says he will. Also my brother tried cashing his first weeks check (what little he did get)and so many places told my brother they would not cash the check because the owner has bounced so many checks!! Don't ever buy from this guy or work for this guy!

Rock Hill, SC

#33 Apr 5, 2011
Any updates?
Saved me

Charlotte, NC

#34 Apr 9, 2011
Thank you for these reviews! I was looking to go here today, but the too-good-to-be-true prices had me checking for reviews, and I found yall.

I knew there was no way that these prices were legitimate.

Boone, NC

#35 Apr 28, 2011
I wish beyond wishing i had seen this before i went there. In a ramshackle economy, good small cars are hard to come by for affordable. I went there in hopes and came away with a RANK LEMON. It had no oil in it, 10 minutes into driving it lights start going off. I get all the fluids changed and checked, then less than an hour back to Asheville area it starts clunking and leaking excessive oil. A tow later to the nearest exist and i'm looking at having to REPLACE the entire engine. Basically another $2500 ontop of the 3000 (after all those fees!) i already forked over.
This place is TERRIBLE. When we contacted them to tell them how crooked they were, they said this could have happened anywhere, even with a new car. "Not their fault". B.S.- They knew.
Don't go to them!

Rock Hill, SC

#36 Jun 8, 2011
I can't believe these "crooks" are still in business! I don't "know" if anything has gotten any "better" since this was posted, I have NOT and will NOT ever go there again! I just saddens me to think they are STILL out there EVERY weekend ripping good honest folks off to make a dime, and someone hasn't went back and cleaned house! I KNOW they are Junk Peddelers, and as long as they can sell ONE car a weekend they will stay in business! Do not be that ONE buyer, folks!

Pontiac, MI

#37 Jun 12, 2011
Please people we need to find away to get this place shut down and I would like my money back!! I just wish I would've seen this post. I bought a 2004 Chevy Impala appeared to be a great looking and running while bidding on it...of course win the bid for 2900.00 driving it back home to char, nc check engine light comes on and car starts to over heat. Thinking it might be a cracked head..sob...I am a 23 yr old female and have a 2 yr old son, not a lot of money and really don't have money to put a new engine in It!!! I just wanted a good deal on a car. I am beyond pissed and will never never recommend anyone to go there. I am going to call a lawyer tomorrow but I'm highly doubting I can get anything out of it but I think if enough people would band together we may could do something..please let me know if anyone finds anything out email me at
Auction Bullshirt

Rock Hill, SC

#38 Jun 14, 2011
This the biggest eyesore in Rock Hill. Public Scam Lemon Auction!!!!! Ownwers a drug addict and a pimp!

Concord, NC

#40 Jul 6, 2011
I went there last week the first car I try to test drive would only go in reverse and the check engine light came on after I told them this they kept it on the lot and didn't sound too surpise the second one that I test drive and was running fine until I brought it soon as I drove off the lot it act like it didn't wantt to go and start making whining noises they said it was the transmission but wouldn't give me my money back but they swap me and I drove it from nc to ny back and forth no trouble so far but people that work there say they wouldn't buy anything from him and I'm thinking now you tell me.
Former employee

Rock Hill, SC

#41 Jul 30, 2011
Auction Bullshirt wrote:
This the biggest eyesore in Rock Hill. Public Scam Lemon Auction!!!!! Ownwers a drug addict and a pimp!
This website,(and all like it) are for the purpose of regular everyday people to get information about companies they potentially will be spending their money on. There seem to be a lot of "insider" posts (past disgruntled employees) etc. that you may see. I guess these things can't be helped in the world wide web and not worth commenting on really. All they try to do is sell cars that are priced as low as possible. Their business model deals mainly in quantity and that is why they have the auction format. If they can sell in quantity and make a little profit on each they can at least keep the ball rolling. The bottom line is they sell used cars. They are not crooks. They are not millionaires. They have this business because it is what they know. Places like CARMAX have become so popular because poeple are sick of used dealerships. But with CARMAX, you pay more for their service. If you need a car to get to work everyday and you don't have credit, what do you do? You go to places like Rock Hill Public Auto Auction. Come and talk to them before you make a decision based on sites like this...

Rock Hill, SC

#42 Aug 5, 2011
I think when purchasing from a place of business as this, common sense needs to play a big part..This is an auction/used car lot. They tell you to come and test out any car you would like Monday-Friday, just not on auction day, Saturday. However, I am a customer from the auction. We purchased a vehicle from there, December 2010, and are extremely satisfied. The car was for our daughter, who still loves it 8 months later! We found the manager and staff to very helpful and honest. You can't satisfy everyone. There will always be bad apples in the bunch.

Rock Hill, SC

#43 Aug 6, 2011
I recently purchased a car from the public auction. I arrived there on a limited budget and needing a car that day. I walked in and was immediately greeted with sales people willing to help. I came on a Friday, so I actually got a chance to test drive the cars. I chose a pt cruiser, which was actually out of my price range, but the owner was willing to work with me a little.I have been driving my "new" car around for several weeks with no problems. I see that people are putting some negative comments up here, but you have to remember, you get what you pay for buy a $900 car, you are going to have to expect to put some work into it. as for the property tax and such, that is pretty much standard, whether you go to a used car dealership or the auction. Do your research and come with plenty of time to look and you should be fine.
project truck

United States

#44 Aug 8, 2011
I bought an 86 Chevy c10 back in Nov 09 with the intentions of restoring it. Key is to do your homework before buying and know the value of the vehicle before walking on the lot. If the price or bid start low, EXPECT TO SPEND $$$$ ON REPAIRS!!! That is just the nature of the business. By the way, I pay $1000 out the door for that classic truck. Restoration is almost complete, so my investment was well spent IMO. Most c10 trucks that old in good shape go for $8-$10k min.

Rock Hill, SC

#45 Aug 8, 2011
I did my homework. I test drove the car I bought 3 times during the week and had no issues. I searched the web for similar cars. I ordered my own carfax. However, once the car was purchased and driven thereafter, it has been one nightmare after another. I paid $4000 and I have had to replace senoids, replace an engine along with motor mounts at $250 a pop, replace CV Axles, tire rod and this morning the air flow to the engine was rough and the car began to smoke. So "Mr Common Sense" above, while it was a good attempt at saving face, I think there are too many former customers with way too many similarities to think that we all lack common sense! Good Try Jerk!

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