Teaching Martial Arts in a local community where students can be positively affected by the impact of Sr. Master Thomas’ nationally recognized martial arts teaching systems.
1. Change a Life: Enroll your child in a Chesapeake karate, taekwondo a Mixed Martial Arts & Virginia Beach ATA Martial Arts Academy that teaches strong life skills and character developmental skills.
2. Top Fuel for Chesapeake & Virginia Beach & Virginia Beach students: provide and maintain balanced meals and diet to fuel a young and active child.
3. Know your child: what are his/her attributes & qualities. Try out a martial arts class and take part of your child’s learning curves.
4. Allergies: Remove annoying allergens from the diet
5. Physical movement: find time to stay active & know how much time is needed to burn off that energy. ATA Nationally Certified Changing Lives Martial Arts Chief Instructor Mr. Lathe Craft 3rd Degree Black Belt one of the highest ranking students of Senior Master Thomas states Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Students obtain physical fitness and self control through their Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Martial Arts training.
6. Down Time: Limit television & video games
7. Music: Utilize background music to calm –have them learn to play and instrument
8. Education: Provide strong mental and physical education programs that utilize techniques that work for your child.
9. Timing: when is your child best “learning time”?
10. Role Models: provide strong “Role Models” for your child. Parents of Chesapeake & Virginia Beach Martial Arts students enjoy having their children look up to their Instructors as role models & for guidance.
11. Excessive Energy: channel energy in the right direction; find that “special” physical activity their good at & no bench sitting
12. Goals: focus on short term goals & activities to keep your child focused
13. Perception: does your child perceive that his/her parents hold a positive image of him/her? This is an important one. Do they feel,“I can’t ever do this right”, or “I can never please them”.
14. Tasks-Routines-Learning: Utilize the visual aspect of learning with a “Hands On” approach. Let them “See & Touch” while learning. Simple flow charts, diagrams that they help create will help them stay on task. Utilize “incidental learning techniques”.
15. Leader: Yes! Your child can be a leader. Let your child lead another younger child & feel important. This is done many times in a Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts School to positively correct a behavioral concern.
16. Communication: utilize effective communication. This means we want to find what “clicks” for our children when communicating.
17. Therapy: There are many types of therapy, research all your avenues. Remember, it’s alright to ask for help.
18. Family Time: family time is important, knowing one has support in a caring and loving environment. Spend quality time with your child; pick a day each week that is family day.
19. Family Martial Arts: Chesapeake karate, taekwondo a Mixed Martial Arts in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake & Virginia Beach, Virginia believe in utilizing “Positive Life Skills” & “Positive Character Developmental Skills” that assist parents and their children on strengthening their abilities in all aspects of their lives. Senior Master Thomas states:“ATA Martial Arts Instructors aren’t Doctors, but we truly believe & have seen time and time again that children & adults can reduce & in many cases, no longer need the medication prescribed for ADD/ADHD. It’s about trying multiple options & there are many out there”.
20. Parent Education: Parents, please study hard & research the various options for your children. Ask your Instructor if there is something more they can do to help. Many times there is a small positive reward that can be announced in class for a positive action or accomplishment. Please remember, you aren’t in this alone & there are numerous amounts of people that can help. http://www.youtube.com/watch...