Little Buffalo/ County Rd 59

Proctorville, OH

#21 Jun 11, 2012
I don't recall none of this
oh yea

Chesapeake, OH

#23 Jun 12, 2012
It is A.J Day

Vinton, VA

#24 Jun 12, 2012
How do you know.its Aj

Chesapeake, OH

#25 Jun 12, 2012
its not Aj, hasnt stolen anything. If people out here are being robbed, file a police report bc getting your information from the topix site was your first mistake. File a report and the police will handle it. Anyone can get on here and say anything, it doesn't mean it's true. To "resident" you don't even know these people's names that are telling you all this, it could be one person writing under different names. This isn't the place you should have brought this too, file a report and let the law handle it.

Vinton, VA

#26 Jun 12, 2012
I did file a report! More than one and so did my neighbors.
oh yea

Chesapeake, OH

#27 Jun 13, 2012
chloe wrote:
its not Aj, hasnt stolen anything. If people out here are being robbed, file a police report bc getting your information from the topix site was your first mistake. File a report and the police will handle it. Anyone can get on here and say anything, it doesn't mean it's true. To "resident" you don't even know these people's names that are telling you all this, it could be one person writing under different names. This isn't the place you should have brought this too, file a report and let the law handle it.
you're so smart Chloe!!! I wish I was smart like toy. NOT!!!!!!
oh yea

Chesapeake, OH

#28 Jun 13, 2012
Excuse me; I meant smart like you!

Butler, PA

#29 Jun 13, 2012

Ardsley, NY

#30 Jun 14, 2012
I'm sorry for the victims who have been stolen off of an have to go each day wandering wut the person/people might get next or who they might try an take off of next, my parents an relatives live out that way an they are the most awesome kind, good hearted people an very respectful, an respected people, I'd like to say something that I know is a fact, my son a.j is a good boy he respects people an would help anyone out, of course he's had his faults along the way, but everyone does, but as far as stealing or taking from people that's just a pure lie, he lives with his dad an I in Chesapeake, he is very seldom on buffalo unless it's to see his grandparents, he don't get on this topix page because he don't like the drama an he says he knows he's not involved in anything of that kind, he works everyday, as long as it's not pouring rain because were he works on roofs, as far as Chloe goes she works for her mom everyday an wen shes finished working she's right Here at our house until it's time for her to go home to get sleep to work the next day, her mom owns a tree business that is very successful their on call 24/7 to help people wen it's bad weather or good if Ann the owner of the company who is chloes mother saw these posts she has the power of money to find out who is accusing of these monotonous slandering lies an she would would prosecute for slandering which u couldn't blame
her if it was ur children, the way to solve the situation would b to put up surveillance an that would tell it all an I'm sure the neighborhood has a neighborhood watch in that area, but my son is not a theif an would never go theive off someone's property or anything for that matter an Chloe would not steal off anyone's property if she needs something she has her own money or all she would have to do is ask her mother an stepdad, they have a successful tree business
their on call 24/7 to help people wen bad
weather hits an in good weather, I hope the
people in the buffalo area start doing a
neighborhood watch an surveillance that way the
kids or people who is taking from u an ur family that the right ones will b caught an b punished
It's jus ashamed that people work to get the things they need an want an work hard for it not for some low life thieves to jus take

Ardsley, NY

#31 Jun 14, 2012
I think it's ashame the person on here jus throwing names out there an accusing, i jus wander if u even have a conscience, i mean, telling lies on innocent people an not only that wen they have to go somewhere people look at them like their bad people jus because of people like to make up lies an cause drama, i really don't see how someone could sleep at nite accusing innocent people

Gibsonia, PA

#32 Jun 14, 2012
Ann knows these post are on here Nancy.
Secondly, if it isn't true then why care what someone says? It's 2012, people talk and it's part of life. Get over it.
I don't care who's doing it, I just want it stopped and my things back. Like I told Ann, I work for what I have. And FYI, nobody cares about her money. Jeez, is that all you people talk about?

Chesapeake, OH

#33 Jun 14, 2012
listen "resident" my brother hasn't taken anything off anyone. I find it VERY rude that you would even call our house asking those questions based on the information you got from this site. my brother found a new Samsung galaxy AT&T phone on the side of the road, BRAND new if he was such a thief he wouldn't have taken the time out of his day to call people in the phone to find out who the owner was, which he foud out it was someone named tj out this holler and he returned. you have a bad picture of my brother, based on the horrible things someone is getting on here and saying about him, saddest part is he is underage and being slandered like this. what would you do if he ended up killing hisself bc of the things that people now think about him out here? me & my brother fight like cats and dogs for the most part, but if you held a 5 minute conversation with him I guarantee your opinion on him would change. he has the biggest heart, and he would do anything for anyone, it hurts my feelings knowing that people out here think he's like that based on what someone who wouldnt even put their real name has told you. all I'm saying is before you start throwing out accusations and pointing fingers toward my brother you better have some more accurate information then what you got based off this site, if you took this to a courtroom and showed that this is where you got your information I guarantee they would laugh at you, this site is known for trash talking and for slandering people, everyone knows this. I hope you find whoever took your stuff, and when you do and it's proved not to be my brother you owe him a huge apology bc in the process of trying to find your things that someone stole off you you've ruined my brothers name out here.

Altavista, VA

#34 Jun 14, 2012
You obviously need to go back to school and learn how to read, I never accused your brother of anything, I simply asked but never said he did. This site was created for topics like this but not meant for stuff like this to start.

Chesapeake, OH

#35 Jun 14, 2012
no you didn't write anything accusing him, you called and left a message on our answering machine accusing him. you obviously need to learn to handle things a little bit more better then writing a topix about it, that was immature on your behalf. all I know is people are coming to our house now accusing him of stuff that my brother would never think of doing. the best way to handle this would have been to let the law handle it like any mature adult would have done. you've now made my mom upset with all this bc her son is being slander and his name is being trashed due to this, and she is going to handle it. we will find out who "mike" is that stated my brother was a their bc that is not the truth, my brother has money, he doesn't need to steal. maybe you need to come meet my brother since he is so much on your mind, come down and get your own perspective on him before you point your fingers.
JoAnn Plymale

Chesapeake, OH

#36 Jun 15, 2012
Ok People.I don't know about anyonele But Ann and her family have lived beside me for alomost4 years. Between us all that live in my house we have5 cars parked in front of our house.NOT ONE has ever come up missing gas. NOR has anythigelse ever come up missing. Daniel is a good kid. he works hard for whatever money he does have, You guys need to look other places for the theives.Leave Daniel out oof it.

I tell you what,If I were to go out of town I would haveno problem with Daniel House sitting.Daniel is not your theif! Look Else where!!

United States

#37 Nov 4, 2012
the apartment's (3) & (5) got broke into a few times's,i was in apartment 4 ,..thank god me & my daughter was safe the hole time

Columbus, OH

#38 Nov 4, 2012
chloe wrote:
this is the most ridiculous thing, i have read on the internet. clearly someone is trash talking me and my brother. whoever "fred flinstone" is, my mom has the money to track your ip address and don't think she won't. for one, for basically the whole summer my brother daniel has been on gardner lane in proctorville and for the past week he's been camping out at grayson lake with my grandparents, my brother hasn't been down this way to steal anything. you people can check the pawn shops, nothing is under anyones names. this whole forum is ridiculous, and don't think we won't get to the bottom of all this. come on down to our house, their isn't one stolen item down here, my family isn't like that. i have a full time job, so please tell me why i'd need to steal anything. i have my own money, i don't need to steal. just wait we will get to the bottom of all this.
If this post is true it explains all the robberies on Gardner lane and plum street and twnrd 154 this summer!!!

Chesapeake, OH

#39 Nov 6, 2012
actually, the person has been caught that was stealing all through out buffalo creek & big branch. i'm not going to mention his name considering he has children who are pretty hurt by all of this. but, no it wasn't my brother. near a month ago someone stole my 14 year old brothers brand new dirtbike straight out of our garage while we were asleep. the responsible for that is now in jail, and i'm about 99.9% sure he was the responsible for the rest of the robberies. drugs are the answer to all the questions regarding why he did it. but it was not my brother, this forum was from forever ago, why bring it back up again? save your breathe.

South Point, OH

#40 Nov 6, 2012

South Point, OH

#41 Nov 6, 2012
you forgot to add trina you accused of stealing 100 dollars was that you too

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