What do you think of Ben Coleman, pri...

Chelsea, MI

#45 Aug 16, 2010
To "MEE":
If you could have done such a fabulous job perhaps you should have run... or did you? Is this Kenny? You've currently got a group of board members, each one of them successful and dedicated to their mission to the school system.... I'm just sayin...

Winchester, VA

#46 Aug 16, 2010
can someone tell me why exactly oly ben is getting fired here and none of the teachers are in trouble and why exactly we have a lady that has breeched sealed tests in order to get higher scoring is allowed to be demoted but still keep her job, would that be because shes sleeping with howard. if the board really cared about cleaning house everyone would be gone not just the one guy that bennet has a grudge against

Acme, PA

#47 Aug 16, 2010
wondering in chesapeake wrote:
I heard he had something going with one of the science teachers at the school.
shit....he always had stuff goin on with mrs wilcoxson....i remember when i was in her class he used to rub her legs under her desk

Acme, PA

#48 Aug 16, 2010
he had a thing goin on with mrs wilcoxson back in the day b/c i remember him rubbing her leg under her desk..

Chesapeake, OH

#49 Aug 17, 2010
Bennett may have a grudge...but, just so you know, he didn't get to vote on whether or not Ben stayed. Also, they have to have evidence to get rid of someone. They can't fire a tenured person over hearsay. I have been told that they found things on his computer , in his email. They had been watching him for awhile. So, good for the board members who followed through with policy. It's Ben's fault for doing whatever he wasn't supposed to be doing at work. The telephone and email is recorded and looked at when needed as it should be. It sounds like he has been doing this stuff for years. Who knows what is true or not, but when there is this much talk, one wonders that some of it must be true. As for the other people involved, I heard that they are going to be dealt with too, but they wanted ben out first and foremost b/c this is a reoccurring theme with him.

Chesapeake, OH

#50 Aug 17, 2010
charles wrote:
Ask Dave Bennett he had an affair with his wife when they went to Church together. Now is that a hipacrit or what. His brother Russ done the same thing with an employee of his and still having an affair with her. She is a convenient store whore and his wife is still with him. I heard she has STD.
DING DING DING! We have a winner! The Chesapeake Witch Hunt has begun! The Bennett's are VERY dirty and have NO right to complain. Dave obviously wasn't doin his 'job' at home. BTW, I know this because he was married to a friend of mine prior to marrying Sherry Smart. He was mean, then, worse than mean now. Who the he*l elected him. Amazing what a little paint, a billboard, and a truck to drive it around will do, ehhh??!!!

Chesapeake, OH

#51 Aug 17, 2010
Yes, I know the first wife too! Mickey Jean was a real bitch and was sleeping around...ask her about that one. Tax paying citizens elected him and he ought to beat Ben coleman's ass for being his preacher, marriage counselor and so called friend.


#52 Aug 18, 2010
Well, school has started--does anybody know what's going on now? Is Ben Coleman still principal, or has the position been handed to Sammie Gue on a silver platter? Just like Rick and Kathy wanted--their son--A PRINCIPAL!!

Winchester, VA

#53 Aug 18, 2010
my kid said they told the students today that he had resigned

Milford, MA

#54 Aug 18, 2010
well i dnt like him very well nd he wasnt there today so he is odviously gone

Chesapeake, OH

#55 Aug 18, 2010
ben coleman i had him wen i went there n lets jus say hes a douchebag that loves mrs wilcoxin and i seen him n mrs wells n her convertible goin through pville n im glad that a**hole finally resigned so that way the little kids wont have to grow up n a boot camp like when i went to cpeake

United States

#56 Aug 26, 2010
thought he was a fine man and friend u people shouldnt judge him cause of his sexual problkems with his wiener.

Huntington, WV

#57 Aug 26, 2010
Whether or not Ben should have been disciplined or not, one thing is painfully clear after reading these posts. If the majority of these posts are from current or former Chesapeake students; my number one priority is too have a long discussion with district English teachers.
jus sayin

United States

#58 Aug 30, 2010
with all of this going on sounds like he needs to be fired and under no circumstances should a local "Good Ole Boy" be hired as his replacement. They only way to clean up the mess is to bring in someone that is actually qualified with experience and NO CONNECTIONS to the Chesapeake "yes people". I urge the Citizens of Chesapeake to contact YOUR ELECTED BOARD MEMBERS..THEY WORK FOR YOU! If they don't make wise choices for you and your families VOTE THEM OUT!

South Point, OH

#59 Aug 30, 2010
Ben Coleman is a prick and a sex addict.
He got Ramona pregnant when she was only 14 And now hes a pastor , wtf ? hes a fuckin hypocrite .
Hes a BUllY at CMS, I uderstand Discipline but he takes it to far. He talks about respect all the time but what he doesnt understand is in order to get respect you must have respect.

He is a piece of shit and im glad hes gone.

btw Dont even get me started on everyone else that works at cms/chs.

Ashland, OH

#60 Aug 30, 2010
Ramona wasn't pregnant by Ben Coleman at such a young age - it was another fine citizen in this area - Ronnie Cremeans (in and out of prison for years). Ramona's oldest child DOES NOT belong to Mr. Coleman, you idiots. Mr. Coleman has raised Royce, but she is not biologically his. What a fine example Mr. Coleman has set for his children, as well as all of the children in this outstanding school district (with a bit of sarcasm on the side)!

South Point, OH

#61 Aug 30, 2010
Yes , but at the time that ramona got pregnant ben didnt know that it was ronnies, thats why they got married. btw ben treated ramona like shit. bc why? hes an a*shole, thats why.

Ashland, OH

#62 Aug 30, 2010
Well the rest of the town knew it was Ron's when it happened, why didn't Ben? I never knew it was a secret. I thought Ben was just trying to the manly thing and help the poor girl out of a bad situation.

Waterloo, Canada

#63 Aug 30, 2010
Why don't you guys stop talking crap about Ben and leave him alone, if you don't like what he does then shut up! Yes he may have in the past had an affair, but NONE of you are perfect, no ones perfect, just forgiven. And its not Bennett that has it out for Ben, its Dr. Howard, ever since Ben stood up to him, Howard has had it out for him!!!! Ben resigned because he didn't want his family to get hurt again! And as to the way he ran the middle school, obviously it wouldn't be ran like a "boot camp," if you as parents would do your job at home and teach your kids right from wrong, so don't go blaming it on someone else when the fault at hand falls back to you for not raising your children like they should've been raised.

Huntington, WV

#65 Aug 31, 2010
I am amazed at the number of CES,CMS, and CHS employees that have affairs with other teachers and students parents. Come on people could we just stick to teaching and helping the students. This is the second principal who has been fired for either having an affair or letting one happen. Their is a teachers aide at the elemtary school that needs to be fired for having an affair with one of the students she was helping at the times parent. All the teachers that have had known affairs should be fired. If they didn't hire there own "Chesapeake Clique" and hire outside maybe the area maybe this would happen a "Little" less.

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