And the feeding frenzy begins. We are expected to believe that this man sexually touched students 207 times decades ago and all these now adults are coming forward now to say "yes, when I was a child this man touched me with sexual intent." Come on folks. Think back. Do you remember enough detail to bring criminal charges against someone and be able to say with conviction that the man in question had lust on his heart when he touched you when you were a CHILD? I recently went back to a small town, that has not changed in years, I had not been to this town in 9 years. Guess what? I got lost. I had remembered details wrong. I mean that I was embarrassed by how I had remembered the place. And that was when I was an adult. Recently and 9 years ago I was an adult. Now 14 people are jumping at the chance to convict a man based on memories that they absorbed while children and to swear in a court of law decades later that this man is a monster or had been a monster? Does not anyone else see the problem with this?
I hope that every one of those people are falsely accused of crimes that they did not commit. Everyone that throws stones should have to live in a glass house for awhile.
I also have a hard time believing that a man could touch 14 children with lust in his heart 207 times and no one has ever said anything till now.

Now is the age of Sandusky and million dollar lawsuits against Penn State.

Could past memories be reshaped for the chance of future dollars?